My top 5 first date faves!


I'm not into the whole "dinner and a movie" thing. You don't really get a chance to chat while watching a movie, and dinner often feels a bit forced to me.

My top 5 first date faves! What are yours?

I like doing active things because it's kind of an icebreaker. You get to see more of your date's personality when he/she is trying something new or out of his/her comfort zone.

Plus, if things get awkward you have something else to focus on instead of sitting silently together at the table, anxiously waiting for the check to come.

My top 5 first date faves!

I've created a little list of my favorites. Because lists are fun. Yay!

1. Indoor Rock Climbing

Or actual rock climbing, if you happen to live near mountains and you + date are feeling extra bold.

My top 5 first date faves!

2. Bumper Cars

Channel some of that nervous energy into racing (and beating) your date!

My top 5 first date faves!

3. Bowling

So maybe I'm a dork, but I love to bowl. Especially cosmic bowling. Perhaps with a cocktail or two.

My top 5 first date faves!

4. Batting cages

Multiple opportunities to whack a ball. What's not to love? Plus, one of you can "teach" the other.

My top 5 first date faves!

5. Skydiving!

Dream date!

Okay, so maybe this one is a little ambitious. It does take planning, extra dough, and you have to be completely sure your date is into it (and not just saying he/she is to impress you).

But it's a great bonding experience. If things don't work out, at least you did something memorable!

My top 5 first date faves!

Once I find a fellow adventurous dream dater, it's on!

My top 5 first date faves!

So, what are some of your first date faves?

My top 5 first date faves!

My top 5 first date faves!
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  • chrisbigman
    Yeah, I'd agree to all of these. Skydiving is expensive, I can speak from experience. But I'm surprised a girl would want to go to a batting cage. Usually that tends to be more of a guy's activity. But, hey! If she's open to that, then let's go swinging!
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    • Anonymous

      Batting cages are so much fun! Even if a girl isn't especially sporty, it breaks them out of their comfort zone and they may even recognize a skill they didn't know they had!

    • Sounds good to me!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Marshmellowking
    Zoo in spring, beach date during summer haunted maze during fall, and walk and snowball fight in winter.
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    • Ups for the beach + snowball fights

    • Anonymous

      Great ideas!

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  • DarkHumorRUs
    Movie then dinner:
    1) chat on the way to the movie, then in line and before it starts
    2) get to be close to each other, get physical etc.
    3) go to dinner after, have something to talk about, and you can stay as long as you want
    4) maybe even come up with something else to do

    I don't see how that's a bad idea at all?
    • Anonymous

      Not bad. That's why it's a "myTake," we all have our preferences. :-)

  • godfatherfan
    So how exactly do you chat and get to know each other Skydiving on the first date? that has to be the worst idea ever... or right up there anyway. and who pays for that first date? the best price I have seen for skydiving in the Detroit area is around $150 each.
    Rock climbing? I am not climbing up any wall even if I could.
    bowling is more like a 3rd date kinda thing.
    • Anonymous

      Mentioned above, but you can chat through the training beforehand! And it's also a huge bonding experience. I did mention it was pricey. As for rock climbing and bowling, I just like active dates. Totally cool if it's not your thing!

    • Good selections. just depends on the people. i SOOOOO want to do skydiving. one day. Maybe once my youngest hits 18. I had a cousin who had a fiance die when his para shoot didn't open. slammed to the ground in front of her...

  • SilenRose
    In a perfect world these would be fantastic. But unfortunately we tend to deal with people who only agree ti impress their date when they actually secretly hate it or will stop participating further down the line.

    It'd still like to meet a guy who is into all this stuff.
  • OpenWine
    All but 4 are good ideas, I feel a bit bored when I think about normal dating ideas like coffee, movies and so on.

    Having a bike trip would be cool

    Ice skating is a classic one

    Long time since I last played table tennis would be cool

    Any home games like monopoly, chess (maybe include wine and/or friends)

    Sled surfing in winters or making snow sculptures haha (rather not cause I only think of pervy sculptures)

    I don't like routine stuff
    • I love table tennis!!

    • Anonymous

      Right on.

  • kittykatbrat
    My five faves
    *Naked @ his place
    *Naked @ my place
    *Semi naked on the surf coast
    *Totally sweaty + dirty with aching muscles on all day mountain hikes
    *Deserted steam rooms and/or dry saunas
    • james_mark

      Naked hahaha? you up for that from the first date whoa!

    • @james_mark. If we are both crazy-sexually-attracted, like dude, what am I waiting for :)
      ie: Upfront serial dater right here.

    • james_mark

      hahah ya ya, Let's go dating :3 you sound like an open minded girl!

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  • GuitarPlayerMan
    For first dates I really love to pick up lunch or dinner then drive to a park and sit and chat while eating our food. Or we can get dinner then go on a hike or something like that. I really love being outdoors and being in nature I feel is a great way to get to know a girl and you have privacy if you need it or you can just enjoy the scenery while eating your food together and chatting.
  • Destinee7
    I'm over movie/diner dates too. I love trying different things:

    museums (not the boring ones... the fun ones)
    amusement parks
    poetry cafe
    soft rock or smooth jazz concert (maybe not the first date but still cool nontheless)
    art festivals
  • Bluemax
    I might suggest a picnic and a hike. I'm also partial to museums.

    That being said, I'm with you about the whole movie thing, but I find dinner (or any other meal) perfectly acceptable. You get to talk with and know that person.
  • bubble_tea
    Rock climbing sounds rather dangerous when you have a huge weight difference between person 1 and person 2.. but otherwise it's a fun activity for two, and everything else I'd be up for, except I would rather drive go-kart than bumper cars.

    I think my ultimate first date would be going on a scavenger hunt to see how well we work together as a team... and how well he is at riddle solving and map reading lol.
  • loveisbeautiful
    I've never been on date but if I ever go on one, these won't be on the list. I mean, there's nothing wrong with these things, I guess but I believe they are better suited for people that are already together as opposed to people just getting to know each other. Like, there's never going to be a day I go rock climbing or skydiving. I don't even like riding in a regular car, so bumper cars would just freak me out lol. I've been bowling, I find it kind of boring and I don't like using shoes used by someone else.
    The batting cages would be a nightmare because I'm don't like sports anytime I've played one and a ball is involved it finds a way to hit me, so I'd be too scared to do anything lol. So, none of those would ever work for me.

    I'm not sure what I would like as a date but if it's first date it would be something where we could get to know each other better. After that, we'll see what we feel like doing.
    • Anonymous

      And that's totally ok! It's all about what's comfortable for you.

  • james_mark
    Great ideas!
    I would like Hiking, Billiardz club , Cycling, or even take her to tango dancing nights :)
  • WhatTheHellAmy
    Skydiving sounds amazing, but I rather do that kind of things alone.
    I bungee jumped and I did it alone, dating and doing something like that doesn't sound fun on a first date.
  • springocelot
    yes! anything but dinner
    it can even be something as simple as grabbing some ice cream while walking around the city
    dinner is only good once you know you'll get along with the person
  • meatballs21
    A quiet bar or coffee shop, so we can have a drink or two, a small snack, and decide if we want to have a second date.

    All of the above are at the very least second dates if not third or more. I'm not letting someone I just met belay for me while rock climbing! Where are you going to find *just* bumper cars?
    • Anonymous

      Google, my friend. But bars and coffee shops are nice too. :-)

  • Smile24-7
    Amusement parks. ROLLER COASTERS!!!
    • Especially awesome when on gear :P

    • Anonymous

      Roller coasters are THE BEST.

  • Nahidpie
    I like this post

    Well done Lauren
    • Anonymous

      Why thank you!

    • Nahidpie

      You're welcome

  • Femdomina
    I like the ideas :)
  • BertMacklinFBI
    bro you left out minigolf
  • ChocoLada
    I like all of these places :D
  • Anonymous
    yeah cause in the crashcars and skydiving its the perfect environment for discussion... . if any crazy woman told me to go with her skydiving i'd salute her kindly... .
    • Anonymous

      Skydiving has a training period where you can chat beforehand and, of course, the plane ride bonding. And bumper cars are interactive, in a physical sense. :-)

    • Anonymous

      y... eahh right dear... . byeee!

  • Anonymous
    So disappointed sex wasn't on here.
    • Anonymous

      Ha. Sorry brah.

  • Anonymous
    one that a girl will take me on
    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
    Great ideas, and very original except for bowling :P Skydiving is my dream but it's too expensive :/
    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I mean, you'd think jumping out of a plane should be free, right? :-D

  • Anonymous
    How about... no dates? Dates suck!
    • I actually agree with u and can prescript most dates loooong b4 I go on them.
      Sometimes crazy random sex is best :)

    • Anonymous



  • Anonymous
    I think this is a good mytake but if you are going Rock climbing or sky diving or bowling or bumper cars over and over again with different dates it will get boring after 3 or 4 times
    • Yeah that's why you don't date a bunch of people and only go out when you already like someone or at least that's how I am

    • Anonymous

      @Nicolás25 that's how I am too but not everyone is that way

    • Anonymous

      True, but the average person doesn't go on a ton of "real" first dates, you know? Sometimes you'll agree to meet up and chat, but I think of first dates as something special that's planned with someone you truly want to go to know. Not just someone you met at a party and are like, "meh." Ya know?