Dating on a budget


This is something I see a lot on GAG. Someone (mostly guys) will claim that they don't have the money to date. That dating is expensive and that they will only date sometime later in the future when they have more money to spend freely. Well, I'm here to tell you that dating doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, you can date without spending a single penny. And here's how.

1. Go on walks

This is probably the easiest and least expensive date option there is. All you need is clothes appropriate for the weather and you're good to go! This is also a great opportunity for you to explore parts of your town or city that you have yet to see. Plus, it's healthy. When I got to know one of my guy friends, we used to go on long walks all the time. I think the longest walk we took was over 6 miles. It's a great opportunity for you to get to know each other and just talk. And since you're constantly moving around, your conversations remain pretty private.

  • Want to bump it up just a little and spend a small amount of money? Get some ice cream, or a cup of coffee. You can sit down on a park bench while you enjoy whatever you decided to buy.
  • Want to make it extra cute? Bring your dog, or his/her dog, and take lots of cute pictures together!

Dating on a budget

2. Hang out at the beach

You don't necessarily have to swim or anything (especially since it's getting pretty cold right now). But on a nice day, you might as well go to the beach and hang out. Maybe bring a ball that you can kick around, make up your own games. Make it extra romantic by watching the sunset together.

Dating on a budget

3. Go mini golfing

I guess this depends on where you live, but where I live, mini golfing is pretty inexpensive. It's fun, a nice way for the two of you to get a bit competitive and playful, and yet again a very good way to get to know each other. And if you have a more busy schedule, you don't have to worry about spending an entire day on a date, since you can get through a mini golf course within only a couple of hours.

Dating on a budget

4. Grab a cup of coffee at a cozy café

This is a pretty basic date idea but still worth mentioning since it's so cheap. It's also a great way to support your local cafés (i.e. NOT Starbucks). If you want to make it extra cute, you can share a piece of cake together. Good opportunity to check out exactly what your city has to offer in terms of coffee and desserts.

Dating on a budget

5. Go on a picnic

It doesn't even have to be outside. If you already know each other pretty well, you could invite your date to your place. Light some candles, put a blanket on the floor, prepare an easy meal and voilá. You've got yourself a little picnic date. You don't have to spend more than maybe 20 bucks at the grocery store, and most of this is stuff you probably already buy on a regular basis. All you need is some bread, a mozzarella salad, fruits, maybe some chicken, the beverage of your choice and a simple dessert, like cookies. Bonus points if you bake the cookies yourself (I recommend these chocolate chip cookies, they're insanely good). It's fun and a bit creative, especially if you do it inside. You can bring a deck of cards with you and play a few games. Easy.

Dating on a budget

And that's that. What I'm basically trying to say is, you don't have to go to expensive restaurants or spend lots of money on going to the movies, showering your date with gifts etc. There are lots of cute things you can do with your date that involve spending very little, if any, money. You don't have to be rich to go on dates. The important part is that you're getting to know each other better. And if your date gets cranky because you don't have the money to go on expensive dates, then maybe they're not the person for you. I know I would love to go on/host all of the dates I listed above. They're simple, and you get to do something small and fun together. Just perfect.

Dating on a budget
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  • Bandit74
    Yeah, I've never really understood why anyone would want to spend tons of money on expensive dates for someone who you really don't know yet. I think you should only start spoiling someone AFTER they've agreed to be your partner. Otherwise you're just setting yourself up to be used for free food/movies etc.

    It's this mentality that if you put in the effort and do X, you're garanteed result Y. They think it nessesary and that by spending lots of money on a girl she will be impressed and it will improve their odds of getting sex or a girlfriend. Which is funny because even if they do get a gilfriend or get sex with this method, there's guys out there who are just as successful, if not more successful, who didn't spend any money or do half of the shit they did. From what I observe, the guys who sleep with the most girls generally don't spend any money. They don't rely on impressing them with money, they attract/entertain girls with their looks and personality alone, so that spending money isn't even required. They have the ability to entertain a girl more on a free walk through the park than the other guy can on an extensive date at a fancy restaurant.
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    • Anonymous

      I agree wholeheartedly. And if a girl is so stuck up that she can't even go to the beach with you without somehow feeling cheated, then she's just dating you for the wrong reasons. Going on cheap dates is a good way to dodge those bullets. If things don't work out after a few dates you won't feel like you've wasted any money. It's a lot more fun to be entertained by thoughtful conversations, rather than a plate of gourmet potatoes and steak.

    • Bandit74

      Exactly 👍

    • Monsters

      Yah you can't buy love anyhow

Most Helpful Girl

  • xHoneyxBeex
    I really like this take. Dates don't have to cost a lot of money. Personally, I would just be happy hanging out with the person and talking rather than really going out to "do something" and spend money.
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  • Bluemax
    To this I might add visiting a museum. Many are free and those that charge often don't charge a lot.

    I spent the day with my friends, a married couple, at a local travel museum. The wife really liked it and they even paid for my lunch (rather thoughtful to pay for the third wheel, I think, even though I offered to pay for both of them). I think the whole trip for the three of us cost around $18.
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    • Anonymous

      That's true. Many art exhibitions are free too.

    • jacquesvol

      I was going to write the same: a museum.

  • lePoivre
    Oh, how nice it must be to believe that everyone lives near a nice, warm ocean... The only "beaches" here are ice-cold reservoirs or lakes fed by melted snow. But I know what you mean. I'll take the liberty of replacing "go to the beach" with "go to the pool if it's summer or go sledding if it's winter" for those of us who live in such climates.
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    • Anonymous

      I live in Finland, there are no nice warm beaches here this time of year. You can go to the beach (or lake, or puddle) in cold weather as well, as long as you bring the appropriate clothes.

  • Mesonfielde
    I thought minigolf was way more expensive than it is.

    This might be the opportunity of a lifetime to actually have some fun without having to spend tons of cash on it.
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  • Aeon_Flux_21
    I like to challenge things like this.

    -Walks? You get colds and germs walking around. The real world is boring and I hate nature.
    -Hang out at the beach = HATE sand and getting wet. Bunch of filthy people hang at the beach. They give you germs
    -Go mini golfing = Boring
    -Grab a cup of coffee = I can make her this at home
    -Go on a picnic = Nature, bugs, germs

    Lumos it's better to invite a girl to your house, make her a TV dinner and watch a dvd.
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    • Anonymous

      Ok negative Nancy, be a boring germaphobe who lacks any sense of creativity.

  • Starfishlover
    If you want to go on a date on a budget, perhaps you shouldn't be with that person because guess what... when you two move on together, you will have bills to worry about. Just saying.
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    • Anonymous

      Dating is not the same as being/moving in together.

    • I am the type of person that thinks ahead. I do understand this but I am just saying that if someone was to be with that person, it would be agood idea to be in a financially stable position before you do so.

    • P. S- at the risk of sounding like a gold digger, why are you encouraging men to be so cheap?

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  • BaileyisDarcy
    My boyfriend and I just go out for waffles. Individually we spend about twelve dollars, but I'll often insist on paying for him.

    I'm the one who suggested it so I'm the one who pays. Makes sense to me. Of course he does what I do when somebody else pays for me. He does the whole you don't need to do that and I'll do the yes I do. And it goes in circles until I pull cash out first and hand it to the waffle man.
  • Darkfairie17
    I love this take! Simple yet really romantic and good ideas for dating that don't cost a whole lot of money. I've done all of these and I can say that I had a good time on all of these dates. Sometimes it's nice to go on a walk and explore or go on a picnic.
  • oneconfusedgirl803
    Art galleries usually have free openings with wine and snacks. Just about every museum
    Has a free day once a month. The farmers market or a street festival are free/cheap and give you people watching.
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  • Prof_Don
    I totally agree. Too many dudes worry about impressing, the idea of dating is to spend quality time together! ;-)
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  • mistysfun
    totally agree.. it's not written that you have to go to a five star a restaurant slice of pizza is really great... simple things are just as good if not better at least it is for me
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    • DeltsBrah

      Yeah agreed. Gym too is nice - go to the hot tub or swimming pool.

  • TheGuyFromMiddleEast
    The downside, your date must be into you so that she will tolerate the basicness of these dates. If you're trying to win her attention or something, these are not useful.
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  • TheDevilInside
    Such a nice take! All the ideas sound great!

    Might i add that when you go for coffee, you can go search for Cafés in your area that is unique, and ask your date if they want to check them out with you. I had a date at a café that also serves as a small boutique. You can buy the clothes and accessories they hang there as decorations.

    Or if you're both quite athletic, you could go for a bike ride together.

    Or if you have a monthly ticket for the public transportation in your city, just hop on and get put wherever you feel like inspecting the area. Or just ride it til the last stop, and then take another one and let it bring you to another corner of the town. It would give you tons of time to chat, while watching the sceneries, people watching, talk about the city, etc. Just remember, no PDA! Except for hand holding. Which in itself is actually cute, because you get to know the person you're dating without any sexual aspect cloudig your judgement.
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  • ElvenMr
    "Budget dating" lol Sorry it is just sounds funny.
    Good ideas tho.
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  • Prilee1992
    Have never been go to picnics before, since im living in a city, driving 50km++ needs fuel LOL
    • Anonymous

      You can have a picnic indoors, like I said in the take.

  • Hal2002
    Very nice take.

    But I don't see that working for most, if you are under 30 something.
    • Anonymous

      Why wouldn't it work?

    • Hal2002

      I have don't have any kids, but I spend a lot of time around friends and family with teen and twenty something kids and going by what the girls want and expect when they date.

      They want excitement, they want to go where they are seen and they guy better have the funds to take them where the lights are shining.

      How that song go, she don't want no broke nigga.

    • Anonymous

      I have only met a couple of girls like that in my life, and those would be called attention whores and gold diggers where I live. None of my girl friends expect a perfect meal at a 5 star restaurant with the spotlight on them.
      But if a guy wants to date a girl like that, then that's his problem. I know for a fact that plenty of girls, including myself, would be more than happy to go on cute and cheap dates. If a girl only dates a guy for his money and for the status, then she's dating him for the wrong reason. And if a guy has to constantly take her to expensive places because she'll throw a fit otherwise, then maybe he should take a hard look in the mirror and ask himself if that's really what he wants.

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  • clampfan101
    An excellent Take! I very much agree! :D
    As for walks, some couples might even find doing it in the rain/snow while sharing an umbrella a bit romantic. :)
  • thedevilwithin
    Also love museums (mostly free for the main parts):)
  • Gommers
    To quote Manson Monroe "If you can't handle me at my poorest, you don't deserve me at my wealthiest."
  • RedThread
    You're a lifesaver lumos.
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    • Anonymous

      :D you can do these things with your potential girlie.

    • RedThread

      Absolutely although I may spend a little extra at first ;P

    • Anonymous

      If you have the money for it, feel free! :D

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  • Thanks for mentioning not going to Starbucks.
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    • Anonymous

      No prob :P Starbucks is pretty expensive anyway so there's no point in trying to advertise it here, since this is a mytake about cheap dates after all.

    • Yeah, I agree.

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