5 quick tips on dating Men over 30 for Women under 30


5 quick tips on dating Men over 30 for Women under 30

1) We Trust You to live your life. If you want to go out and party or hang out with your friends, go for it! We don't get jealous like we did when we were in our 20's. The only thing we might ask you to do is check in with us once and let us know your doing okay.

2) We aren't big texters. Meaning we don't like answering a stream of texts from you. We put in a full day of work, with people we don't like going on and on about office politics so by the time we get home we just want to relax. If you want to talk give us a call so we can chat but fumbling around for letters and emotiocons is annoying. We'd much rather hear from you than read 20 texts.

3) Going out together is fun. Going out with friends is aggravating. We'd rather just hang out with you but if you want us to meet your friends could we try and keep it under an hour please. If you want to meet our friends that's fine just understand that life get's really busy and stressfull for everyone and it could be a while for schedules to open up. Case in point, I haven't seen my best friend in seven years.

4) Don't get mad if we ask for some alone time. We aren't cheating on you and yes we are still very much in love with you. We've just learned the value of taking time out of our busy lives for ourselves. Also don't be afraid to take some time for yourself as well.

5) Laugh. Don't make it serious all the time. Enjoy our loving teasing and we will enjoy yours. (Just let us know if we get close to crossing the line)

5 quick tips on dating Men over 30 for Women under 30
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  • wingattebaby16
    Wow! This is good.

    Did you talk to my boyfriend or what? LOL

    Him and texting are so right on! He would rather talk to me on the phone, instead of me sending him cute sexy texts!

    All I can say this was really right on!
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    • Don't know you Boyfriend but I've seen you around the site before. A lot of these MyTakes seem way too long. I was just trying to boil it down to the 5 shortest points that I knew of.

Most Helpful Guy

  • AlwaysBelieving
    I so agree with this.
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  • Stacyzee
    This take is a huge generalization.
    Sure, this may be the way you view your future younger girlfriend.
    But there are plenty of 30 year old men that are insecure (that easily get jealous), that cheat, and do a whole bunch of immature things.
    What I have found in my life... the older you get doesn't mean the more mature you become.
    There's even men in their 50s and 60s that are disloyal.
    Disloyalty and jealousy has no age.
    A woman when choosing a man (of any age) should look at the person as an individual and then take things from there.
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    • Stacyzee

      And the men that agree with this take are all over 30, so they of course remain bias.
      But anyone with common sense will say, this is a huge generalization.
      You should have personalized this take more according to what you have to offer a younger woman has a man over 30. Then I would have enjoyed this a bit more.

    • Sorry Pervertedjester, but I'm afraid that from what I have observed and experienced, Stacyzee definitely knows what she is talking about...

  • bombamboum
    I disagree with this my takes. I've been with older men and yes they are advantages that you don't have with younger men but the one you give are not good ones at all. My boyfriend is my age and I could say those five facts about him
  • Moose2coolvargas
    Don't tell them your they say the eyes are Windows to your soul, they are pretty. Or there's just something sexy about NY women.. happened to me and the girl hasn't spoken to me that well in over 6 months, I doubt she will ever again. But I pray every night she can look past it
  • girlinthemirror
    Do u say we for billions of dudes over 30 on tjis planet?
    U better say Me, not we...
    Every one is different
    • I believe the term "Mytakes" implies me over we. But if it makes you feel any better I made these as broad scoping as possible from a lifetime of input from men I've talked to. I kept these short and to the point not expanding them to avoid personalization. Save the bit about my friend. And while you are correct about everyone being different, I believe these represent the core of every man over 30 who have dated younger women. You are welcome to disagree if you so choose, but I would venture that any man over 30 wouldn't disagree with these 5 entirely.

  • GreatnessPersonified
    Thumbs up.
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  • Zorax
    Great take, I support the ideas :)
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  • lost_kitten
    Nice mytake good to know.
  • Anonymous
    This guy sounds good but not all older men are like that.😊
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  • Anonymous
    i hate being male at times.
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    • Why's that?

    • Anonymous

      I hate being valued, defined by my career and finances

    • Why? Better than being judged for how good you are in bed, how many kids you can safely carry and pop out in nine months, or if you can keep a man! Only these days it's also the 21st century so you really shouldn't MIND being judged by your career! That's a good thing! Don't you WANT to be recognized for your accomplishments? What you have acheived? Lets say a Bachelors or Masters in a field that you are proficient at?

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  • Anonymous
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