5 Helpful tips for men to navigate through dating


Now an unspoken agreement between men and women in dating is this:

5 Helpful tips for men to navigate through dating

1. Men entertains the girl

2. Girl enjoys man company and girl will want commitment

3. Girl will give out sex to acquire commitment.

For most guys women aren't that sexually attracted towards you and want you for what you can do for them. This is why so many women leave their man if he loses his job or stops entertaining her as frequent. The other guys who women are sexually attracted towards tend to be very specific, usually 6'0+ and good looking.These guys usually get most of the hookup/ONS sex from women in their prime years.

5 Helpful tips for men to navigate through dating

The problem with dating world today is too many guys are the equivalent of girls who give up sex date 1. This is to say they make themselves freely accessible (give out their resources) and thus the woman have no need to give you sex because she is getting what she wants. Now, when I speak of resources this can be anything from money, having a car and giving the girl you like a drop, helping her with notes or even companionship/attention. By giving her what she wants from you she has no need to give you sex because she got what she want.

Therefore here are some helpful ways you as men can get what you want.

1. Assume that all woman are replaceable

5 Helpful tips for men to navigate through dating

Women have a mindset in dating where they look at most men as disposable and easily replaced.This is why most of relationship are ended by women (e.g. 75-80% women initiate divorce) and women who very easily will drop her man for another male she deems better due to her hypergamous nature. We even see it in songs like Beyonce where she preaches that men are disposable and replaceable.

5 Helpful tips for men to navigate through dating

Many men however, are hopeless romantics who think the girl they like is the one, and end up getting totally used by her, attached to her or fixated over her when she is not interested. Men, must adopt a similar behavior to women. Treat all of them as replaceable and don't get too attach even if you are in a relationship with one.

So if a girl flakes on you, does silly mind games of hot/cold expect you to chase her while she wiggles her thumb on whether she wants you then you either drop her ass or put her in the back burner and go pursue other women. The tone of a relationship is set from day 1 of interaction (even before you become a couple), if you chase her then she will always have control and you will always be her little bitch.

2. Do not accept friendship if you want more and don't wait too long

5 Helpful tips for men to navigate through dating

If a girl has not shown sexual interest in you within a month of knowing her chances are you are in the friend zone and she sees you as a friend only. The thing most guys do wrong with women is they drag their feet becoming texting buddies with a girl, hanging out with her and basically like i said giving the girl what she wants from him free of charge. The girl therefore has no need to give you sex because your giving her what she wants and she will be happy with this arrangement.

As a man you need to make sure both of you are on the same page from day 1. Show her you see her as a lover by being flirtatous, touching her sexually when the need arise and even being so bold as just coming out and asking her if she wants to get fucked. The quicker you have your answer on whether sexually interest is there or not the better you will be as a guy. Waiting around and twiddling your thumbs texting a girl and building rapport by hanging out with her a lot is stuff that only works in romantic comedies.

5 Helpful tips for men to navigate through dating

It's better you get the answer soon of whether you had a chance than find out later after wasting so much time/energy on a lost cause. And if she hits you with let's be friends then you do not need to accept that if you want more; she will never change her mind unless she is really desperate or your value (looks, money, status) goes up significantly.

3. Match her interest level and never chase

5 Helpful tips for men to navigate through dating

The problem with a lot of guys who fall head over heels with a girl is they chase too hard often showing more interest than she is towards him. This is a bad thing for several reasons.

1. Woman's hypergamous nature results in her wanting men better than her. A man who chases a girl is signalling to the woman on some level that she is more valuable/better than you and therefore more often than not you get sent to the friend-zone. The only instance where this work is if the girl is sure she wants you from the get go.

2. Poor allocation of resources/time. The amount of time you put into this girl, you could have been allocating to other girls who would have been more receptive towards you and thus increased your success.

3. Being too eager shows to the girl you don't got much else going on in your life, if you can allocate so much of your time towards her.

4. Do not throw any money her direction on dates and make her pay for her share.

A couple years back a woman was on a dating site and she actively went out on numerous dates with men but not for the purpose of finding love/companionship. She used these dates to get free food at expensive restaurants in her town and even said she knew which guys she was going to fuck from the very beginning. Again, this goes right back to giving out your resources freely and women not needing to reciprocate with sex.

As a man you should not be spending a dime on a chick you just met, and should be taking her on inexpensive dates where she is expected to pay. If the bitch doesn't like it then drop her ass and find another girl, and be thankful you just got rid of a gold digger. The only time you should ever be throwing money at a girl is when you've fucked her and you are confident both of you want to have a relationship with one another.

5. Always talk to other women and have a plan B,C,D....etc

5 Helpful tips for men to navigate through dating

Women are flakey and constantly talking to multiple niggas while you are courting her trying to win her over. Thus, as a man it's most effective not to place all your eggs in one basket and go after 1 girl no matter how special you think she is. Hell, you showing her you have other options beside her might even work in your favor because she sees she has competition, and that you don't need her per say. Women as a gender are sexually attracted to men who do not necessarily need them but want them in their lives.

In addition this mindset should be kept even when in a relationship with a girl. Now, i'm not saying to cheat but from time to time show her that you are still desirable and can get other women by flirting with other women in front of her so she doesn't take you for granted. You got to make her feel lucky that you choose her to be your girl not that she choose you because no one else wants you.

5 Helpful tips for men to navigate through dating
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  • pnl86
    As a starting point, a good and well-written take, but guys have to be careful when digesting this information.

    There is a danger here in committing the same kind of error made years ago when researches thought that "marriage" "CAUSES" men to "earn more money." Correlation doesn't equal causation. See: www.columbia.edu/.../...than%20Unmarried%20Men.pdf (women simply "select" men who earn more money as partners, and as a result, more of these men are "married," and so, you end up with a strong correlation of married men who out-earn unmarried men by as much as 50%).

    It's just like women who think "playing hard to get" is going to suddenly/magically get men to be more interested in them, because "men go crazy for women who ignore them." No! Women who are incredibly attractive and desirable have men go crazy over them (first). (Thereafter,) because "so many men" are going crazy of them, they simply don't have time to give attention to "every" man who is going crazy over them. But it's "not BECAUSE" these women are "ignoring" these men that these men are going crazy over them.

    Similarly, I couldn't help but notice the two first pictures you used. It made me think of something I saw a while back:


    I mean, look at how attractive (masculine) one man's face is, and how less attractive (feminine) the same man's face is. The way women respond to a man who has all the proxy information of high testosterone is completely different. You can't just have the guy in the first picture adopt the same dating strategy as the guy in the second picture, or these guys:



    It's not about the body, it's about the face. It's about the body in the sense that you can't be fat or totally out of shape, but you don't need to be a body builder to be a masculine or attractive man.

    Any guy who has experience high school and college as an attractive man knows how women respond to them, and knows what a woman who is genuinely sexually attracted to him looks like and how she behaves.
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    • pnl86

      The guy in your first picture probably never has (and never will) get the same reaction from women (end of story). I don't think it's right to feed average or below-average guys this sense of false hope or sell them a dream... like if they just behave differently towards women, they're going to get a different result. That's just not true.

    • pnl86

      I work with unionized contractors, and they're actually a good analogy of how the bargaining/negotiation happens between men and women. I have one client that's a plumber. When he's dealing with a large GC or Owner that can feed him tons of work, he shuts his mouth, signs whatever paper they want him to sign, gets on the job, does the job, and waits 180 days before getting paid a single dollar. In that bargaining dynamic, the GC/Owner has more power, and so the "Sub"(contractor) caves and submits to what the GC/Owner wants. In return for submitting, the Sub gets awarded the bid/job. That's the unspoken agreement / social script you're talking about. (1) Ask me on a date, (2) Pay for date, (3) entertain and impress me, (4) wait and be patient, and (5) if I'm convinced you're patient and you really love me, I might just let you fuck me. Unfortunately, that's the only dynamic these guys have available (I feel for them, but it's not right to sell them a false dream).

    • pnl86

      Same plumber trade, only now, they're dealing with a small GC or Owner. The GC wants to please the customer and show the GC can turn over good work, or the Owner wants to create a true Class A building, but can't otherwise attract quality trades to do the work. So, this plumber submits a bid and looks like a fucking superhero white knight saving the day. The owner/GC is excited simply because this super-competent plumber is actually interested in doing the work. Now, it's the GC/Owner who signs whatever paper the plumber wants (or else they don't get this plumber to do the work). That's the case for a lot of residential jobs. That's what happens w/ good-looking or wealthy/high-status guys. (1) You have to show me (the guy) sexual comfort/interest, (2) Entice me and show me you're flirty and sexually fun, (3) don't make me wait, (4) maybe if I like you, we can turn what we have into a relationship or something serious.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Guys, please don't listen to this. The same amount of men do these things to women as women do them to men.
    I insisted on paying this past weekend for a guy and I to play arcade games together, just so I could spend some one on one time with him.
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  • TheDevilInside
    I feel like people who think this way should just stop dating. Looks like you will never be happy anyway. You clearly don't see women as your equals, as an equal human being that you can talk to. Might as well get a dog and a sex doll and you'll be happier. That way you don't hurt any woman who is too naive to see your bitterness
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    • TheGOM

      Just as you don't see men as equal. Your being offended at these notions that you use in 100% reverse is a solid indication that the statements above are true.

    • @TheGOM annoying newbie. Tons of you guys are popping up lately

    • TheGOM

      Heh, I'm not new. I've been here far longer than you, just got tired of my old account.

      Just because you don't like a fact or objectively based statement doesn't mean you get to emotionally react as though you're right. At the end of the day, you're still wrong. A sad, sad, wrong little girl.

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  • Maypai
    I need to correct a few things when I'm interacting with guys that I like. When I use "Awww" it's because I'm flattered. Not because I want to return to the friend zone. I also found out that guys don't like to be called cute and I'm not too happy about that. It makes sense as to why my crushes think that I'm "friend zoning" them.
  • AriadneSky
    i dont have sex unless i want sex. i dont have sex to get commitment,.

    also of you think women dont like sex, whats the point of asking her if she's interested in it.
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  • TheGOM
    Actually very good information.

    Any guy looking for real advice, women aren't magical gods and just as easily as they can replace us, we can replace them.

    Be honest with yourself and you'll see all of these points to be entirely true.

    Good post OP.
  • samhradh_leannan
    Your "unspoken agreements" are completely bogus. That may be the case sometimes but it is by no means a rule. Many girls wait to have sex until they are already committed, for one thing.
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  • Idonotgivearatsass
    Come back to me in 30 years and see if you still believe the same thing... in the mean time, go crawl back into your bubble and stay there, the world needs less of your type giving real men a bad name.
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    • TheGOM

      Come back when you're 30 years younger and tell me if women are the same now as they were when you were younger.

      You won't.

    • @TheGOM
      Actually, I don't need to, they're pretty much the same now as they were then... it's only peoples perceptions that have changed.

    • TheGOM

      Except you know, societal expectations and a distinct and drastic decline in self respect and respect for others. Third wave feminism isn't anywhere near the validity of first or second, and we live in a time where a woman can cheat and be a hero but a man can be less than satisfactory can legally be considered unfit to see their child.

      You know other than everything about women, they're just exactly the same as they were 30 years ago.

  • TheInvisibleMan
    I have a problem with 1 and 5, its impossible for me to find even ONE girl who may be interested in me. And even if I could, how could I have the attitude women are disposable or how could I text other girls? Even one girl being into me is science fiction, and these things require multiple girls
  • Tarvold
    Good Take.

    I'd add one more. The game doesn't end when she becomes your gf/wife. The game never ends.
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    • The game does not end if she becomes your girlfriend, but if she becomes your wife, it's GAME OVER.

  • FunnyWeird-O
    omg... this is so bad, dudes never do this. It's just like a fq boy manual...
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  • Tdieseler
    Loooool... omg... where have you been all this time... good Take. Lets school these boys...
  • bloodmountain1990
    I agree with number 3 and 5.

    I don't get attached easily early on but sometimes it's inevitable. And by attached I don't mean in love, want to marry, etc but more or less just see a lot of potential and wanna work it out. That being said keeping it 50/50 is important because if you text too much and don't let them come to you then you come off as needy. One girl I had a lot in common with got me attached but I kept my cool around her because I didn't wanna be that guy.

    Regarding #5, it's important to keep your options open until exclusivity is mentioned. Not that it's about getting with as many women as possible, but more or less just reinforcing the "don't put all your eggs in one basket" motto. Even if I wasn't showing too much interest, from my experience, if I just focused on one girl and it was early on, it'd be really disappointing if it didn't work out and can affect your confidence.
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  • IceCubedude
    this works best if you are rich or good looking, but yes you are right i had to learn the hard way that its better to be clear, have options and stop treating girls like queens cause most ain't worth it.

    iam texting two girls atm who are into me (my friends say quite a lot ) my two friends were telling me iam dumb cause iam not texting back fast everytime one of them sends me a message, iam not asking to meet them every 5 mins (we're at college) or showing that iam super interested in them, i do talk to them, text them, ask to meet, but small and slow doses of attention spread over a week not a single day, i reassured them that i know what iam doing.

    the same guy who was telling me i should compliment them and chase them told a girl she is pretty after knowing her for two days and she ghosted him.
  • Centurion20000
    Solid take
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  • CoffeeCaramel
    Haha this is so bad and inaccurate omg
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  • haythemmaamri
    good take
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  • lumberman9
    You bring a lot of good points this is well made
  • Anonymous
    Yeah I am wondering whether this is true as women don't seem to do what they say or suggest they want? Even sweet girls or female friends are giving mixed signals or weird signs where they act less innocent to guys they view less highly. Almost as if you are punished for being a decent guy?

    Can u help me out on 2 questions about female sexuality?

  • Anonymous
    ok cool
  • Anonymous
    This is solid.
  • Anonymous
    good share
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