7 Advantages To Dating Older Men


7 Advantages To Dating Older Men

7 Advantages To Dating Older Men

1. He knows how to handle his family

It can be tricky introducing your significant other to the family for the first time especially if you’ve only done it once or twice before. Older men are well aware of their family’s dynamics, and he knows how to navigate through landmines and awkwardness when a new spouse is introduced. You won’t feel the pressure because he’ll be like a magician, handling the tough nuances without you even knowing he’s doing it.

2. He appreciates your youth

Confident older men want to keep in the now. They want to surround themselves with vibrant people because it keeps them youthful. When people approach middle age, it is easy to coast through life and be comfortable with what they’ve built for themselves. If a man is dating a younger woman, chances are he is looking to maintain his youth. You keep them feeling alive and inspired which, in return, makes you feel deeply desired.

3. Sex will be like making love each time

No more questioning whether or not he’ll hold your hand or introduce you to his friends. Sex will be intimate. He will kiss you, look you in the eyes when he’s inside you and tell you how beautiful you are. He will know how to touch you so that you enjoy sex just as much as he does. He will appreciate each time he gets to sleep with you because he looks at it as an experience, not an adventure.

4. If you are indecisive, he’ll choose.

Older men have been around the block. They know great places to eat, drink and socialize. No more walking around the city for an hour trying to figure out where to sit down for a good conversation.

5. You will never hear, “I have to focus on my career right now"

The older man is settled. He has made a career in this field or the other. He is free to focus on you, his interests and desires and, eventually, your mutual plans. How liberating would it be to be with a man who can focus on the relationship irrespective of whatever else is going on in his life?

6. He knows he is

You will know who he is and what he wants right from the get go. He knows what he likes and doesn’t like, but he is open minded enough to go with the flow. His ease and confidence will be a breath of fresh air.

7. He appreciates your depth

Older men genuinely enjoy good conversation. It is not an arbitrary dating ritual. He wants to hear about your career, ideas and adventures. It turns him on just as much as your physical appearance. So speak up on these dates.

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7 Advantages To Dating Older Men
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    What a joke? Is this supposed to be a satire?
    First of all, once jerk, always a jerk. Just because a guy is old doesn't mean he's learned manners.
    by the way, old mem don't appreciate your youth. They buy it and you pay with your insecurity. You want someone to make decisions for you? Learn how to do it yourself!
    Anyways, without going into details too much. This whole article reeks of insecurity. Remember, old men don't give a rat's ass about your youth. They don't have a clue how to handle their family. They are bitter, selfish, focused on themselves, and calculating. They have ex-wives and kids whom they finacially support. They either already have or will soon have health problems.
    On the other hand, young men are the exact opposite. They're sweet, caring, funny, and spontaneous.
    by the way, the title should read "I love money and pretend its about romance and respect".
    Is this still revelant?
    • Someone in their 20s can have an ex wife and kids. They can be a selfish asshole as well. So called older guys can be caring, funny and sweet as well.

    • Not every so called older guy have to support their kids because they could be grown, be in a relationship engaged or married and have a successful career as does their partner

    • Anonymous

      Have you been with older men?

Most Helpful Guy

  • godfatherfan
    LOL... wow, what a bunch of hooey...
    The ONLY reason a older man would be with a woman WAY too young for him is for sex. What guy doesn't want a blow job from a 20 yr old. It is a huge boost to our ego. That family he is introducing you to is laughing at him because they know exactly what is going on. He in NO WAY "appreciates your depth" because someone that much younger isn't going to say anything he cares about. Whatever you say he either won't understand or will be rolling his eyes thinking "good thing she can suck cock like a champion.". It is true we rock at sex because we have been having sex longer then you have been alive. But it is pathetic when any man is dating a woman that can break up with him and then date his son. Sorry, but you are delusional if you think he appreciates you for anything other then your body and sex.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Agreed 100%

    • oddwaffle

      Even though I support the sugar babies and such from an economic stand point, I do realize that the majority of older men would only date younger women for the sex.

      Why? Let's face it, young women don't have a lot of depth. Such things come with experience. That means whatever a girl talks about in front of an older, experienced man would be taken as a grain of salt because he can see through her.

      That's why I would never recommend young women to date older guys and expect anything more than a "fun" experience. You are doing it for fun and maybe money but mostly just fun and nothing more. It's nice to be treated like a lady and dine in expensive restaurants. They shouldn't expect more.

    • babylips14

      I have to disagree on this one. It can be said that LOTS of older men are what you just described. However, there are plenty of mature, independent, and intelligent young women who can and have been able to sustain serious relationships with older men for years! Even more so when they evidently have things in common with their older partner.

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  • Maik567
    This is so fucking stupid honestly, you talk as if "older men" was some kind of different breed who all shared the same qualities. You do realize that most older men used to be very similar even when they were younger. Like your "point" number 7, you think a guy like that didn't give a shit what women had to say but when he turned 40 all of a sudden he became interested in all that?
    • Anonymous

      Yes. Its called growing up. You'll be a different person at 40.

    • Maik567

      Some things will be different for sure but not all. Also then you should also understand that women grow up just like men, that's why most people choose to date people their own age so they grow up together, that's the most compatible arrangement over all.

      But no the kind of guys who only care about pussy aren't just gonna mature magically, it's usually the other way around actually where they become even more sexist with older age.

      If you think all older men are dependable, want young women, are great in bed, decisive, completely settled, confident and interested in deep relationships then you are incredibly naive lol. Just like you're naive if you think all young guys lack these qualities.

  • natured
    These are some Advantages my Man gives me as well, and guess what he is 1 year younger than me.
    So... I really don't get this...
    • Anonymous

      I'm not saying go date an older guy. I'm simply pointing out some advantages.

  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    Money, Money, Money.
  • RationalMale
    Sure, dating older men can be fun for women. The flip side of that coin is...
    1. If it works out, you'll be in middle age and he'll be a senior citizen. Your husband will look he might be your grandfather. Have fun dealing with a guy taking tons of medications, who literally can't keep up with you walking at the mall. upload.wikimedia.org/.../...las_2012_Shankbone.jpg
    2. if it doesn't work out, and you go back to dating men your own age, they're going to view you appropriately for someone who traded sex for the fun of a guy with status/money--a fucktoy. You didn't want to invest yourself towards being a wife/mother, instead you chose to practically be a sugar baby. Why would any man with balls ever respect you again? Or maybe you could lie about it and hope it never comes out. That's an excellent way to build a relationship right?

    • zagor

      Not everyone is incapacitated in old age. My Dad's uncle lived to be 92, and never took any meds. Up to the last month of his life he was gardening and doing his nature walks.

      Of course, he LOOKED every day of 92...

    • @zagor i'm sure plenty of 40 year old women would be proud to walk around with a guy who looks old enough to be a ww2 vet.

    • I just realized point 7 'appreciates your depth' LOL more like appreciates how deep you take it up the ass

  • normalice
    1. It's usually not the guy's family that give him 'flak' for a relationship. Usually. Although, this is partially due to the fact that contact between a guy and his parents tends to be at a minimum after their mid-20's or so.

    2. Be careful of this. Appreciation of youth and envy of youth have a subtle but potentially unstable distinction.

    3. No. I guess I'm not that old, but by no means am I above 'quickies' when in a rush. And while compassionate love-making is nice, I do need to simply have my way with a girl from time to time. Maybe that'll change when I'm 50. But I doubt it..

    4. This one is true.

    5. Only true if he's rich or retired. While it is true that 'focusing on career' isn't a line you're likely to hear, you're sure to hear "I have to go to work now."

    6. This is kind of relative. Some people don't become more certain, but rather more comfortable with uncertainty. However, we also remember our discomfort with it when we were younger, and assuming younger girls go through it too, it's easy to feign confidence is this regard.

    7. A little bit patronizing, but alright. Are you really a girl writing this, or an older guy trying to make girls want to date you? (we older men tend to be very suspicious of anything that favors us, by the way..)
  • NoLivesMatter
    When I am 42, I will be using 21 year olds for one thing and one thing only: sex.

    There is absolutely no compatibility between older men and younger women. Older men will only use you for your looks and won't form any sort of emotional relationship with you.
    • Anonymous

      Do you man

  • CoolSky01
    older men have jobs, money and are looking for easy sex
    to them you are a young fuck doll simply put, you have no depth that they care about, you have nothing interesting but the ability to suck dick like a champ , thats all you've got to offer and they like it , the moment he gets bored he will find someone his age.

    you like older men casue they can give you stuff, you dont care about stabilitiy you care about money
    • babylips14

      I think the same can be said about 90% of guys in their 20's. There are older guys who are just as what you described, but the vast majority of them date younger women because that's just who they prefer. Most aren't even into women their own age to begin with. It all depends on what type of younger woman he's dating. If the girl is some immature, gold-digging hoe, then yes, he's probably just as immature as she is and or is probably just using her. If she's a sophisticated, smart, independent, mature young woman, then I doubt that's the case.
      I personally like older men because most (not all) tend to be smarter and more mature. A lot of guys your age think the same way about older women.

    • CoolSky01

      @babylips14 i will make it easy for you since everyone has explained it but you seem kinda thick.

      Older men want to fuck you simply put, you have a young ass and a young body and a 50 years old man is more than happy sticking his dick in his willing 20 years old girlfriend, you have nothing more than sex that you can add to their lives.

      younger guys dont value older women the same, they know older women know more about sex and thats why they wanna be with them , to have sex and move on, you seem to complicate things way too much.

      older men want young sex and confidence, younger men want experience and new sexual "moves" its really that simple, dont over complicate it and claim older men value your "Depth" they couldnt care less.

    • babylips14

      You must be really inexperienced if you believe that every man walking on the planet has the same mentality and same goal.
      "Older men want to fuck you simply put, you have a young ass and a young body and a 50 years old man is more than happy sticking his dick in his willing 20 years old girlfriend, you have nothing more than sex that you can add to their lives."--- Like I said, it depends on the guy and the girl. Not all older guys are aiming to stick their dick in a 20 year old's hole for fun. Re-read my response.

      "younger guys dont value older women the same, they know older women know more about sex and thats why they wanna be with them , to have sex and move on, you seem to complicate things way too much."---There are younger guys who value older women because they are more mature than 20 year old sorority girls. Not because they are obsessed with the whole MILF facet.

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  • _rachelle_17
    Im dating an more mature guy who is older than me and its great... Except when he is ready to have children and your not ready and feel young still or he is ready to settle down with and get married and your not ready or like I'm still in high school
  • bloodmountain1990
    Just because someone's older doesn't mean they're more mature
  • windfall2017
    I can't fathomed being with chicken skinned wrinkly guys
    • Anonymous

      I guess you're not getting married then or being with anyone when you get older?

  • Takyua
    Yes. I like older men more then younger men. Because they know what they want more. Also, they are mature at this age. Then their younger self. I don't have to worry about certain things I did before. When it comes with older men.
  • Dingsbums
    I'm surprised u didn't say older men usually have more money.

    5. Now that he has a career he is busy too

    7. It's probably more like the girl appreciates his death/ wisdom while he might get bored having conversations about serious things with her

    Well just some input. I don't want to bash older guys it's fine with me but u have to look at every person individually. I'm sure there are mature young guys and I'm also sure that there are older guys who don't "make love"
  • mae_kookie
    but the guy is way to hold to date her tho
    like in the pic~
    • Anonymous

      Its just a picture. There are a lot of young women who date older men.

  • candyaurora
    I for one can never understand the logic and the charm of dating/marrying older men. I personally feel that dependant young women, who have no opinion of their own, go for guys much older than them. I have personally experienced the older guys to be controlling, demanding, inflexible and considering themselves always right just because they have spent more time on this planet and I dont care how much money he makes. The cons outweigh the pros in my opinion.
    Ofcourse exceptions always exist.
    • singlebee

      What if the guy is just 2-3 years older than you?

    • @singlebee around 5 years age gap is okay in my opinion.

    • singlebee

      Okk I get it

  • 3timesaday
    Money is the only reason young women like older dudes it's obvious. Older dudes will understand that it's the only reason these women like him. So he pumps and dumps. I don't feel bad for these woman it's just karma.
  • being old doesn´t make aguy appreciate you more. you´re as likely to have a selfish douche as with any younger dude... the only "real" advantage is them being financially secure.
    • They are not always financially secure

    • @MysteriousDarkness no i agree but it´s more "likely" to have found your place in life as you´re older. most hilarious was poing 2. xD obviously he "appreciates your youth, cause every man is a dirty pervert that likes young chicks xD that doesn´t change as you age.

    • @genericname85 Are you saying every guy that is attracted to women as he ages will want a lady who is much younger than him? That is not always the case. Look at me I am 34 years old and I do not want anyone else because I am filled with joy being with my girlfriend that turns 47 this year. In a week we will have been together 3 years and 8 months

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  • Zumber
    I'm 48 and lucky enough to look in my early 30's. My other half is 28 Chinese industrial chemistry student and very very Beautiful. She appreciates my maturity and I appreciate her full stop.
  • nevermoregirl7
    Sometimes. I went on a date with a man that was older than my dad. it was really weird. But I do consider him a good friend. He is the only guy to really get classic films
  • JoyGirl
    I am good... lol
    Well, done on your myTake, tho. :)
  • xxmamichulaxx
    You should have included the con's/disadvantages of dating older men too;
    -Some are only with you because you're hot and they have something nice and young to show off to their friends, or they have some weird thing towards much younger girls
    -Depending on how much older they are, he might be in diapers by the time you hit 40
    -Can't do as much fun/adventurous things like hiking, going to amusement parks, playing sports
    -More baggage then average men your age (ex wives, kids of various ages, etc)
    -his friends and family will most likely be distrusting of you and assume you're with him for a certain reason
    -weird stares , explaining he's not your father/grandpa but actually your boyfriend
    -you can end up as just easy sex, majority of older men dont want to marry and be serious with much younger women
  • Vanjasper
    The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune. Old saying, but true.
  • Unit1
    "5. You will never hear, “I have to focus on my career right now"

    The older man is settled. He has made a career in this field or the other. He is free to focus on you, his interests and desires and, eventually, your mutual plans. How liberating would it be to be with a man who can focus on the relationship irrespective of whatever else is going on in his life?"

    And that is the obvious giveaway, that only women, who want to date men, who are readily established instead of pushing their man into that direction like a healthy relationship would work. Those types of (lazy) women any smart man will NOT date.
    • Unit1

      It is also one of the key reasons why women choose to date old men.

      I may be young now but nothing stays forever the same. Not saying, that I am waiting.

  • capturemyheartnow
    Older men know one thing which is most important to them. They need a women who is most fertile to bear their children because as they grow older their sperm count and the mobility of their sperms go down. So they need women who are most fertile to bear healthy children for them. Women's wombs are so designed that they have an ability to reject inferior sperms. So that they can allow the most healthy sperms to break their eggs and make the child grow. To get this great outcome they are ready and willing to do anything that a women needs to be happy. Since they are well settled in life financially , they can be worthy providers for their family. They can act in mature ways due to their wisdom knowledge and experience , to make the women a part of their family , and give her due respect for her beauty , and make all her dreams come true easily.
  • Darknut123
    You can be like sid. He as a 10 year plan
  • MysteriousDarkness
    What is the minimum have difference we are talking about because if he was born one minute before you he is technically older.
  • TrollG0D
    When I'm older I will only date younger. Can't imagine being with someone in their 30s. Ew.
  • Marinepilot
    I think it's ok. Contrary to what the man hating feminazi;s say. As if their oppinions matter. They don't !
  • zagor
    Not always true. I suspect some older men are like 22 year olds with bad knees.
  • Eternallylucky
    Sounds like a suga daddy, you're talking about.
    • Anonymous

      Speak for yourself ma'am

    • What if they have erection problems and bad breath?

    • Anonymous

      You're 38 , tell me from your experience.

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  • funexplorer
    I like it and agree plus he takes his time to please you and thinks about you.
  • John_Doesnt
    All I hear is "Money, money, money".
    • LOL.

    • Totally agreed!.. .
      Young women want to be with old man 'cause of money.
      Old men want to be with young women cause of sex. 😂😂

  • BillieJean1070
    I can see this happening.
  • cinderelli
    ''Older'' is fine with me.. but not ''Old'' lol..
  • vishna
    How old are we talking? A few gray hairs or AARP?
  • JustCallMeLeon
    Hmmmmm ok.
  • Browneye57
    Ah, very perceptive. Nailed it! :)
  • datgirl
    Lol two words: no thanks.
    • singlebee

      What if he is just 3-4 years older than you?

    • datgirl

      @singlebee that's fine. I'm talking about guys that are 10-20+ years older. My limit is 5 years max.

    • singlebee

      Yeaa I understand

  • starbucksjr69
    Sounds like a fetish
  • Anonymous
    Um, not every older guy is "settled" with his career, nor know where to talk nor knows how to take care a family. There are older men who don't have a good job, never been to a newly opened fancy restaurant, or divorce his wife becauae, let's say, he has another woman out there. Stop going into a big circle to justify that you only like his big bank account? It's always a trade. He like your youth (your point #2 even admitted it) and you like his money (kinda is your point #5 since his career settled, he must have saved some fortune). Everybody is happy.
  • Anonymous
    Well, some guys maybe lol. I know some that are not like this at all. Some people don't "mature", even with age. Goes for both genders as well.
  • Anonymous
    Don't understand all the hate you're getting here unless the younger guys are just jealous of older guys getting the girls they're interested in. Lol

    My boyfriend is 30 and I agree with the majority of your points. I don't agree with the one about careers because my boyfriend works 7 days a week because he's saving up to open his own business. But my boyfriend still makes time to see me even if he's exhausted from working all day (and I work late, so part of it is my schedule too ). I think one of the best things about dating an older man that you left out is he's learned from his past mistakes, so he knows what he wants and how to handle difficult situations. They tend to be much more serious and looking to settle down as well. They tend to be more interested in marriage than younger guys

    Yes there are some older guys who use younger girls for sex, but girls just have to be smart around these guys. It will be obvious if he wants a relationship or just sex because an older man who wants a relationship will be the most supportive and engaged boyfriend you've ever had. Not only will he actually talk to you about serious subjects, but he will be there to provide for and protect you as well
  • Anonymous
    By "older" do you mean middle age, or do you mean actually old, like retirement age?
    • Anonymous

      Middle age.

    • Anonymous

      Then I pretty much agree with you. Also, if he stays in good shape, he may want a younger woman thinking she would be more interested in doing something physical, like a sport, bowling, riding bikes, hiking, etc. Or even hoping she is a gamer or something else fun.

      Another reason could be he wants a family (kids) but doesn't want someone that already had them with someone else.

    • Anonymous

      Would you agree with those too?

  • Anonymous
    I'm not $aying she's a gold digger.
    • Anonymous

      ... but she not messing with you.😊

    • Anonymous

      This is true (;

    • Anonymous

      Cause I wouldn't mess with her.

  • Anonymous
    There is a lot of truth in this. Good take :)
  • Anonymous
    Do you ever question WHY guys like that are hitting on you instead of women near his age?
  • Anonymous
    Someone has been reading too many fantasy novels.
  • Anonymous
    5. You will never hear, “I have to focus on my career right now"

    translated into:

    "HE HAS MONEY!". That's literally the only thing women care about in a man.
    • GrumpyGoo

      True but not all women. XD

    • CoolSky01

      @GrumpyGoo no not all just the ones who can afford to, if she comes from a shitty family and lives in a shithole any guy who can rescue her from that shithole is good enough he doesn't have to be rich if he is decent enough.

    • GrumpyGoo

      @CoolSky01 Lol, you got 9 blue up-votes + 1 pink one and 3 pink down-votes. :P :P XD

  • Anonymous
    I'm not sure if I agree. Don't get me wrong, I'm very popular with men twice my age, I don't mind the attention and I definitely wouldn't rule having sex or a short term relationship with one out, but a long term relationship? After all, I eventually want to settle down, have a family and that might be a challenge, since most men that age don't want to do that anymore.
  • Anonymous
    Only in GAG the word "broke" is an insult... only here.
    • Anonymous

      Omg you have two accounts. Lol

    • Anonymous

      No, I always post anonymously and if I commented under his post my name would appear. So I made a separate post.

  • Anonymous
    There needs to be one for disadvantages of dating older men.
    can't preform
    overall health problems
    set in their ways
    not wanting to try new things.

    If you do get married some one who is like 25 years older... think about that you may be taking care of an old man wearing diapers when you are still young.
    This could be said about younger men and older woman also.
    • Anonymous

      That's gonna be my next Take. And I'm sure all the people who are hating will love it.

    • Anonymous

      You any dating age difference has advantages and disadvantages.