Is using a matchmaker worth it?


Is using a matchmaker worth it?

So lately I realize that I have a hard time finding anyone right now and I am thinking "oh god if I barley find a normal person now then I'm scare of the future for myself" because I feel like I might not find Mr. Right. But then I decide I am sick of online dating and I want to try something different. The first thing that pop up in my was a professional matchmaker. I then went on my journey of exploring matchmaking and decide that maybe it's a good idea from what I found out from my research. I want to share what I had found and hopeful it helps you find out if matchmaker is right for you. My advice is not for everyone, and I have bad grammar and spelling if that happens in this mytake I don't care.

Pro: The options are only limited to people who want what you want

I will start off by saying this: the pools of dating in your matchmaker agency is limited but everyone wants one thing: long term relationships or marriage. Here the deal with online dating I had made a mytake before on this issue is that even though the options are endless but the problem is there many options and not enough options for long term relationships or marriage. Have you ever notice that on free or dating websites in general people who want sex,just hookups,or assholes are more likely to join these sites then anywhere else? why is that is because everyone is online now a days if you step outside online chances are you have better time finding someone. Matchmakers on the other have will have a list of clients but the catch here is that everyone who attends a matchmaker wants one thing love, chances are people who just want hookups,sex, or rude in generally are probably not going to pay a fee to a matchmaker service. So easier to avoid these type of people from online and if you tried of online dating maybe a professional matchmaker is for you.

Pro: Matchmakers will only pair you up with someone you searching for the search for someone becomes easier

The whole purpose of going to the matchmaker is to make dating easier for you. Having a matchmaker they mostly pair you up with someone you desire. Dating becomes way easier now having someone on your side to help you search people you can connect with. The problem with online or doing all this on your own is you don't know who right for you. The matchmaker on the hand will have a idea what your looking for and can get better results with the information they can give you from other people and the information you shared. Even though there is a price fee but if you know that 1. you more are going to meet people who want the same thing and 2. you have someone who is doing research and searching for people that suitable for you then why not? plus from my research avoid agencies that have big fees like $15,000 chances are they scamming you and only matchmake with physical looks not personalities wise.

Pro: its safer to use a matchmaker then online or real life

Worst case of being matchmake is that you get brutally murder and never see your family and friends but guess what!. Matchmaker agencies will have a lot of personal information on their clients so if you told a friend you went to this agency and you end up missing after a date then the agency will have no problem giving police information they have gotten from the person that murdered you. Sure the person who murder you can have fake information but agencies need real bank infomation so if they try to give a fake bank number it easy for the agency to call up the bank and ask if this is correct if its not then they have the right to refuse services. So if anything happens your matchmaker agency will have information on the person so they can charge and arrested. Online or on your own chances are you not going to ask for I.D,Sin number etc etc personal information so if something happens you can go to the police and get them in charge if case they do something (rape,assault you etc) or if your friends or family need that information to help you get found. This safely reason is perfect for those who are scare they meet someone who is trying to kill them from craiglist. (craiglist killer hint hint).

I know I haven't post any cons I decide I might do cons in a other mytake I just want to look at the pros of a professional matchmaker and not all matchmakers are good people there are scammers beware do reviews on agencies and pick one that is right for you. Plus not all matchmakers are right for everyone but maybe you should consider it as a option.

Is using a matchmaker worth it?

Is using a matchmaker worth it?
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  • 9mfeo
    I think that using a matchmaker can be very lucrative for some people if you find a reputable service. From some brief Googling last year when I was bored, I found out that many matchmaking services advertised on TV are actually scams. If you can find a reputable one in your area, go right ahead! But avoid LifeMates like the plague, as they are the worst scammers of all.
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    • Anonymous

      Exactly! and don't pay $15,000 I heard from my research chances are they just find you matches basic on looks not personality wise.

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  • Sexualchrist
    Why is that stray finger looking down at the male finger's arse with a big smile on her face?

    Even finger women are more attracted to men who are already taken hahahahaha!
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  • dudeman
    lol no matchmakers are a scam for desperate women. remember ashley madison how there was not many women on the site. same with matchmakers they are a lot of women and not really many men.
    • Anonymous

      Don't make false claims that you know nothing about. But I just ignore since your trolling.

  • tenchu11
    Match maker match maker... had me thinking of fiddler on the roof
  • coolbreeze
    Nice take. It was very informative.