What's wrong with being average?

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What's wrong with being average?

I commented on a post recently. It was one of those how-do-I-look things and I responded as I usually do. Some of those things are annoying, of course, like the guys wearing sunglasses in every photo 'cause they're obviously cooler that a polar bear's ass. But some of those posts are girls who are upset because they had an argument with their boyfriend and he told her something stupid like "you're fat and ugly," so of course they want some reassurance that they are not really fat and ugly.

So I told her "Oh, he is an idiot of the highest order! Honestly, I think you are a 7.5/10, but if you were my girlfriend. the number would jump to 8.5/10!" That was a very honest response. She is a cute girl . . . and my girlfriend looks prettier to me than she does to others, so it was all honest.

Anyway, another G@Ger - let's use a fictitous username like IAmAnIdiot - responded to my opinion and said, "SHE IS FAT." Well, since it was in all caps, I knew he was quite serious. Why do people enjoy being mean? Human nature never changes.

Another user - let's call him AlsoAnIdiot - posted an opinion and asked, "Question is why was he dating you if you're just average?" Well, this girl was actually cute; she wasn't drop-dead-gorgeous-needs-an-armed-guard-at-all-times, but she wasn't average. But the comment restarted my brain and I asked myself, "What if she was 'just average?' What would be so bad with that?"

I tried explaining that if the only people who dated were the ones who were above average, more than 50% of the population would not date and the human race would start shrinking. Howeve, true to his username, AlsoAnIdiot failed to grasp this concept and replied, "He must've found her attractive enough to date. So either she was attractive at the time and became ugly later on or the guy was desperate so he went for any girl that would take him."

I want to celebrate the concept of average. Average means not ugly, not beautiful; not stupid, not genius; not too short, not too tall. The world is powered by these average people. They go to work, do their jobs well, have fun with their friends, get married and remain faithful, don't demand attention, and are very dependable.

I am above average in some ways but very average in other ways. Ladies don't turn to look at me when I walk into a room. I'm not the life of the party. But I am Mr. Dependable, Mr. Faithful, and Mr. Devoted Partner.

My current girlfriend looks average to others but she is beautiful to me, and she is a wonderful girlfriend. I could chase after beautiful women (if I was not already in a relationship) . . . and I am not intimidated by them . . . but there are so many other things that are important. I could fall for the Hollywood notion that only beautiful people have beautiful lives but I am not a sheep, I won't be told what to think and how to act. I am chasing after average women and I am happy.

When I hold my girlfriend in my arms as we lay in bed at night, I don't feel that I am holding "average." I am holding a woman who is very special, who has some wonderful qualities, who I think is beautiful, and who I hope will be with me the rest of my life.

I highly recommend that you go chase after an average partner. It may result in the best catch of your life!

What's wrong with being average?
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  • Lilac79
    Such a good take! Thanks so much for the way that you answered this girl's question, and the way that you defended her. If is was in her shoes, you would have been somewhat of a hero to me! I love that you were honest when giving your opinion of her, and not just saying she looks nice to make her feel better... and I'm glad you defended her over the comments that were idiotic.
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  • HighlanderTheOne
    Let's make an 'Average Day'. Let's make it on Monday.
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  • Prettygurl12
    Yay for average!

    I like being average, actually.

    I never get why people want to be 10's or whatever. Like... there are billions and billions of people on the planet. We can't all be above average.

    Average is average for a reason and obviously average does okay because average people continue to reproduce just fine lol
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    • I just looked at your profile picture. You look above average to me!

    • To you, but like you said, people are 10s to some and 2s to others.

    • Average girls have it easier then average looking men

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  • peachblossomluck
    I know this girl in her mid twenties whom none of the other "competitive " females find a threat because they think of her as a plain Jane. There is just something about her that makes her likable as a friend and the guys really like her. She is "Miss Average" and does better than a lot of them!
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    • Exactly! Average can be very attractive.

    • She is down to Earth and not stuck on herself like they can be I think:) No ugly ego getting in the way♡

  • AnOrdinaryGirl45
    I think both IAmAnIdiot's never actually had girlfriends and The Internet is their source of information.
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    • There are many bitter guys on this site, and it seems that they would rather relish in their self-righteous indignation than find a way to connect with the opposite sex. It is very sad that people can become so disconnected.

    • When your ugly like I am you'd understand why some of us are bitter.

    • @Touglyforfemales This had nothing to do with being ugly and being bitter because of it. The MyTake is about celebrateing being average. And my comment was referring to those two 'boys' who were being judgmental towards the woman who asked the question olderandwiser was talking about. They were not bitter, just rude.

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  • MissPoirot
    What a sweet take! Very insightful too. I usually fall for guys others see as 'unattractive'. We all look at things in a different way and that is one of the things that make life interesting.
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  • QuestionMan
    The problem with average is that it's just above ugly. There really is no excitement.
    Average people are sheep, the above average are the shepherds while the ugly are the gate used to close the pen. Yes each has a role in society but to accept average is to lower yourself to that level. It shows that you're not good enough for something great and that you're just willing to settle.
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    • There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be the best that you can be, but there are some things that we cannot change. A girl with an "average" appearance can only do so much with what she's got. An adult male with a 5 1/4" penis can't make it bigger. Everybody can't be a 9/10.

    • Some things can't be changed while others can.
      Penis size is irrelevant as long as you know how to use it.
      As for physical appearance there's a lot a person can do to improve. The most common is going to the gym.

    • I agree that penis size is irrelevant as long as you have the minimum necessary.

      If a person is unattractive because of their weight or lack of conditioning, going to the gym is the cure. If a person has an average face, or an average build, or a guy is short, or a girl is tall. . . there ain't no fixing those things.

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  • ShepherdOfFire99
    I completely agree. You restore my faith. Need more MEN like you, not those boys.
    Anyways, I'm at peice with averageness x3
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    • With my specific averageness lol

    • You don't really look very average to me but it is always nice to see girls who don't think they're the hottest thing on the planet. That's a very attractive quality.

    • Oh no I'm rock bottom lol
      I agree. I mean, I can't stand people who think they're Gods gift of lust. Thank you very much for your kind words :)

  • orphan
    average works, that's why it's so common. all the mutations, exceptions, rarities, differences, etc... eventually are naturally neglected.
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    • And nature tends to follow the rule of regression towards the mean.

    • orphan

      well said, "gimme your money, just throw it in"

    • As Todd Rundgren said, "Don't applaud. Just throw money!"

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  • Pedantic
    Celebrating average! *Cheers with an 'average' beer*

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  • coconutelixir
    This was a sweet take... thanks for sharing. I never really thought about it, we don't really celebrate average enough. I think modern society has a heavy emphasis on the above average-beautiful... so average we may be but it's ingrained in most of us to want more so we may forget to accept what we are or accept it in disappointment due to comparison. A sizable chunk of dudes on this site are just so unpleasantly bitter. I want to have some sympathy having it rough, but there's no need to bring others down with them.
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  • MyUsernameRules
    For a girl to be average is fine. Many guys like them but for a guy to be average isn't that great. Not as many girls like average guys.
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  • Noxifer626
    I agree with you. Moreso, I think that what is average for one person may actually be far above average for another. A personal example is that I seem to be attracted to girls most people find average or even below average. But they really look good to me.
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  • martyfellow
    Ah well, the difference between average and beautiful with females is mostly make-up, expensive hair style, expensive clothes, having spare time to work out...
  • candyaurora
    Awesome take. I have read somewhere that majority of the humans are average looks wise, with a very few below and above them! So why hate the majority !
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  • lanternhill
    I just finished watching Sherlock, so here's a comparison:

    John Watson is (technically above but close to) average. He's very sweet and a dependable, wonderful man in many ways. He's attractive but not amazingly handsome, and quite intelligent but not a genius. (Okay, he's a doctor, so he's above average intelligence, but he seems to be what you're talking about).

    While many people admire Sherlock Holmes, it seems that the spectrum of average-and-mostly-average tend to lead more contented lives in many ways.
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    • Also, AlsoAnIdiot appears to be, uh, below average.

  • FrenchEmma
    I think average is great. If you're charismatic it's even better than a beautiful man/woman without charism
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  • foxsquirrell
    Perhaps nothing wrong, but you know, nothing special either, just average.

    Imagine, which would you rather be, a golden eagle or a crow?

    Or, which would you rather be, a lion or a bobcat?
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  • Beaver19
    To me I couldn't date what I see is average, and I honestly am turned off by the slightest bit of pudge in a girl, this comes from a military family and how much we emphasise working out and jogging and we detest how fat embracing our society has become. Anyway I always held to the idea 'never tell a girl she's beautiful if she doesn't look that way' sounds harsh but looks are a huge factor and its natural, numbering I don't exactly like as it is somewhat subjective but I'd say I typically go for 7-8 range looking girls, to me slender and s pretty face is all they need however that typically puts them in the 'attractive' category to most anyway, to me though romance is a very serious thing and something that I've never understood why others view average as acceptable
    • How much of the world do you think is average?

    • Beaver19

      3/4 I'd say, I think it's substantially higher thanks to the much higher rates of being overweight than before. but seriously out of a class of about 54 girls in it I would have dated maybe 8, however all the guys in my school agreed our towns girls weren't the best compared to smaller towns with larger numbers of attractive girls. At college though I'd say maybe 1/4 or /5 I would date, honestly that's not that bad compared to some, as I said to me slender+beautiful face is all I need

    • 1. Average is about much more than physical attractiveness. Some of those cuties you chase after probably have an IQ of 100. Perhaps they have average athletic abilities, etc. All of us are average in many ways.

      2. If 75% of guys are average and 75% of girls are average, what should that 75% of the population do about relationships, dating, mating, etc?

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  • YingKim
    I'm very happy to be average ^_^ I cannot stand guy that think I'm super special and beautiful. I need guy to see that I'm just average girl :)
  • SuitAndTie
    Great take indeed. From what I've seen from the people I know you're more likely to find something special if you're just average or if you're a 10 to one person but just average to others.
  • luckycharms7
    Ha I'm 5'6 so I'm seen as below average I have an average face though I guess ha
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