Fish Don't Hunt


Fish don't hunt.

Many people treat finding someone to date (or hook up with, or have a relationship with) like hunting. They roam looking for what they're looking for. They see it and pursue. They ask for advice on how to 'get' the person they want, even though that person is showing no interest, or only lukewarm interest, back.

Think about fishing. Spear-fishing aside, you don't stalk and pursue a certain fish. You go where the fish are. You set out something attractive to fish. You wait. You see what you catch. You keep it, or release it and keep fishing.

Consider treating your dating life more like fishing. Stop pursuing those who aren't pursuing you. Be the best, most attractive version of you that you can. Go where the 'fish' are. See what you pull in.

Fish Don't Hunt
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  • Bluemax
    Very well said.

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