Dating a hipster

I already wrote about dating a geek and now I recognize that I want to talk with you about one more type of guys - hipsters.

As on one hand - it is nice to date a good-looking tatooed man, who is also trendy and able to discuss with you the new tendencies in clothes/music/gadgets.

But on the other hand.. Did you sometimes notice that he spends even too much time on his own appearance and his value in society? Me - yes.

Dating a hipster


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  • so you like dating pretentious douchebags. got it.

    • Lol, no) I`m just interested in - what girls think about different types of boys!

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    • Yeah, think u`r right, about giving the access to girls only) Anyway! Thanks for answering)

    • kinda wish you got more answers, though... also, for some reason, i just realized you're french so the hipster style makes sense :D

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