Guy-Girl Friendships & Modern Dating

1. Guys & Girls CAN Just be Friends.

It is also possible that one has hidden feelings for the other, or that even both have hidden feelings. You have to ask to find out for sure, and if they're a good friend, they won't mind you asking.

2. Girls Can, Should & DO Ask Guys Out.

But girls, make sure the split is 50/50. If you initiate the first date, let him initiate the second. If you tell him you're interested, let him ask you out if he is interested too. You text him first sometimes, but make sure he is texting you first half of the time too!

3. When It Comes to Paying for Dates...

The one who was asked the other person out should offer to pay for their half, and if the one who did the asking insists on paying for you both, let them do so! Conversely, if you did the asking, you should pay for both of you!


Most Helpful Guy

  • A guy and a girl can be friends ONLY if one (or both) of them are not available for a relationship. Otherwise, one of them is likely to fall for the other sooner or later, and will be left disappointed because the other person doesn't reciprocate these feelings and consider it as only friendship. And more often than not, its the guy who falls for the girl, and has to go through disappointed because by the time the girl has already buried him way too deep in the friendzone.

    • Thanks for sharing and I understand how you have come to that conclusion

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    • Ah yes, you're probably about a decade older than me whereas I'm still trying to get accustomed to this kind of thing!

    • Yeah, experience teaches humans a lot! :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I have a good friend and he's a guy. I was going through a rough time with some of my female friends when I first started talking to him and we've just kept talking. I for sure don't like him, and I know for sure he doesn't like me. We talk about our crushes get advice from each other lol! We talk almost every day through texting...

    • Thanks for sharing :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • While I agree with #2 and #3, I strongly disagree with #1: a straight guy won't ever be friends with a woman, unless she's absolutely ugly. Basically a woman wants to keep an illusion not all men want to put their cocks in her, therefore in her head she develops "a friendship" that basically is one-sided friendship that's oblivious to reality.

    • I disagree. I am currently good friends with a guy who I am in love with, and he knows how I feel, but he only wants a platonic friendship with me. He has told me that I am attractive and about other girls that he likes, including another girl that he asked out and who rejected him.

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    • @molan

    • Naturally that goes without saying.

  • I agree completely with what you are saying.

    • Thank you :)
      I believe this answers a lot of questions I see on GAG frequently.

    • Yes it does definitely

What Girls Said 1

  • I agree.. When should guys always do the first move? I don't mind asking a guy out if I really like him. But I think most girls hesitate to make the first move for the fear of rejection.

    • That is so dumb what you said about far of rejection cause that is so excuse cause guess what? Guys are afraid of rejection too

    • Guys and girls both fear rejection.
      Some girls use their gender as an excuse to not have to overcome that fear.

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