A Guy's Guide to Girls, Part 2: Where to Meet


So, for those of you just jumping into this little series please go read part one first..

As promised in part one, this time I will categorize people into a few main categories and tell you who you should be looking for and where to find them. This installment will be a little shorter than the last because this will just be a quick some up to get you guys rolling. The next one I'm planning on covering is how to approach physicality. We are all adults here (or at least most of us are) and we all know sex is a part of relationships. There's exceptions for religious folk and people who hold the "no sex till marriage" doctrine. So those of you who are in that group just skip over part 3. Without further ado let's go!

Where do I find my dream girl?

A Guy's Guide to Girls, Part 2: Where to Meet

This is hard for me to answer personally because everyone is unique in their needs and wants. As I stated in Part 1, take care of your relationship needs before you take care of your wants. To find your relationship needs it requires a bit of self reflection. Identifying who you are at your core. I break down people into a few base models. Of course not everyone can fit into one of these models but that's why it takes self reflection. Identify character traits in yourself and get as close to one of the models as you can. That's as far as I can take you though. After that it's all up to you.

Types of people:

The partyer:

"The partyer" is typically the frat boy/sorority girl. Though this category also includes people who go to the club every weekend and get smashed. This also includes the people who have casual sex or drink regularly/do drugs regularly.

The matches best suited for the partyer are other partyers. Persons who don't fit into this category and have a more serious outlook on life will likely find these people irrational and erratic. You may enjoy their company for a few days but you will quickly grow tired of their free spirited nature and their lack of dependability.

The commoner:

"The commoner" is just your average Joe. They get along with every body, they have a sturdy job, few vices, and are generally content with their life. They have a small aversion to change and are always comfortable in their routine. But beware, DON'T MESS WITH THEIR ROUTINE!!

The matches that will best get along with the commoner are the hypersensitive, and the rational. Persons who desire a bit more adventure or a little spontaneity will not fit well in a relationship with "the commoner" and will quickly regret investing in the relationship. "The commoner" will get along best with like minded people but will easily find themselves frustrated sexually or emotionally with others of the same model.

The intellectual:

"The intellectual" are the people who are always eager to learn. They always want to learn something new and when they don't, they feel like they've not done anything that day. They sometimes come off as a know-it-all but they always have the intentions of teaching others and helping them grow.

The people who will succeed in a relationship with this model would be the rational, the stoic, and the oriented. They always enjoy a mental challenge and prefer to solve problems when they become apparent rather than deal with them when they become a ground shaking problem. Like minded people will get along great. Though they would have to look past their demeanor and constant almost teacher like decorum.

A Guy's Guide to Girls, Part 2: Where to Meet

The rational:

"The rational" are just that. People who employ rational thought through logic to solve their issues. Level headed and calculating people who fall into "the rational" category will be in their element when presented with a problem.

People who fall into the categories: The commoner, The intellectual, The stoic, and The oriented; will find themselves at peace and happy in a relationship with "The rational" long term. Though prone to falling into habit and routine "The rational" is always open to trying new things but if they don't like something they will avoid it like the plague.

The hypersensitive:

People who fall into this category are not suited for anyone but other people in the category. I'm not gonna write a significant amount about this category because the name says it all. The hypersensitive are the people who everything is an emotional struggle. Everything hurts their feelings and they are very emotionally volatile, dramatic, and they enjoy attention and tend to seek it through means of argument or generally being a nuisance.

The only people who should even attempt a relationship with these people are other hypersensitive people. Others who try will only find heart break and personal destruction.

The stoic:

These are the people who lack the ability to show emotion. They are the polar opposite of "The hypersensitive" and they dislike each others company. "The stoic" are the people who see no point in having emotion. They think emotion is a barrier for logic. That's not to say they can't be romantic or sweet and kind but that you'll never see a person in this category cry.

These persons will be fit best with: The rational, and The intellectual. Though their lack of emotion may sometimes be frustrating their impeccable work ethic and ability to solve problems more than makes up for their lack of tears.

The oriented:

No! Not oriental. Oriented. These people have a goal and will stop at nothing to accomplish it. Whether that goal is to get a promotion, buy a Lamborghini, or start a family the oriented will fight tooth and nail to accomplish their goals. No matter how hard it is to do.

The people who are best suited to be in a relationship are: The rational and The intellectual. The oriented always makes the happiness of their partner one of their top goals and will do everything short of murder to ensure it happens. Though they can some times get their heads stuck in the clouds and need a rational logical partner to bring them back down to earth.

A Guy's Guide to Girls, Part 2: Where to Meet

Where do I find my match?

You've figured out which model you fit in now you need to know where to find your ideal match. So I'll list the same names I did up there and just a short description of where to find them as this take is long enough as it is.

Find your match at...

The partyer:

The partyer is always found on the dance floor. If they aren't there they're recovering from a hang over. Your best bet is to approach them when they go for a refill of their drink. The easiest way to get them talking is to pay for their refill. Free alcohol is something no partyer will turn down.

The commoner:

The commoner will usually be found at work or at a restaurant. The best way to get them talking is to just approach them. If they're alone they probably would like someone to chat with. Although if they are with friends it's best to leave them alone. They're people of habit so keep going to the same place at the same time and you're likely to see them again.

The intellectual:

The intellectual types are usually found at libraries, colleges, their work, or in internet cafe. The easiest way to get them talking is to challenge their intellect. Ask them a philosophical question.My personal favorite philosophical question is a theorem called "The Trolley Problem" or mention a book. "The origin of species" or "The art of war" are good ones to bring up. If they seem to be a poetry buff bring up Edgar Allen Poe or William Shakespeare.

The rational:

The rational will typically be found at work but can occasionally be found at educational institutes or libraries. A good way to get them talking is to ask them to help you solve a problem.

A Guy's Guide to Girls, Part 2: Where to Meet

The hypersensitive:

The hypersensitive are in one of two places. In the bar drinking their sorrow away, or at home worrying about dying alone. The easiest way to get them talking is to share a sad or depressing moment from your past and ask them if they've ever experienced something similar.

The stoic:

The stoic can be found mostly anywhere. Your best bet to get them talking is to comment on something in the news or to point out how stupid people can be. That should get them chatting with you.

The oriented:

The oriented are usually at home, at work, or accomplishing some personal goal. Your best bet to get them talking is to ask about their long term life goals. Oriented people always like receiving advice on their goals and how to accomplish them.

Anyways guys! That's all I have for you today. I'll be back in a few days with part 3.




For those of you sitting here thinking to yourselves "What the hell Jarhead! This all vague situational anecdotes!" let me say something to you. These are sociological models. People are too diverse to fit into just one. I should've specified that at the beginning. You just pick one that best suits who you are or who you want to be. Other than that it's vague because I can't rightfully go through and categorize people on an unbiased level because in order to segregate people into particular categories in a fashion that would be proper cataloging I'd have to go the route of stereotyping and that's not the point here. The point of this part is to make you think and self reflect to find your needs. It has nothing to do with actually finding your partner. For those of you able to read between the lines you'd see the deeper meaning to this whole part. Anyways, I just thought I'd clear the air on that for you. Because I know if I don't @redeyemindtricks is gonna jump down my throat about the logical fallacy of assuming people won't just surface read.

A Guy's Guide to Girls, Part 2: Where to Meet
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  • DaniJ
    I really don't fit into any of these very well... I think there's another category: the hopeless romantic. One who thrives on tradition and emotion, but also a peace keeper who doesn't search for drama like the hypersensitive seems to. Led by emotions primarily, but easy going enough to make *some* rational decisions...

    Definitely not the partier (obviously)

    Too selective for commoner... Makes only a few good friends, tends to come across as shy, and connections that are made are very strong.

    Too emotional for the intellectual or rational, and more level headed than the hypersensitive.

    Not stoic at all, and not exactly oriented either... More of a dreamer then a get-things-done kind of girl.
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    • Anonymous

      I think the concept has been put across adequately. Though this take is meant to be for guys I'm glad you managed to learn something about yourself whilst reading it. But it's supposed to trigger self reflection. Which for you it did. And because of that I am glad.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Chico_brah
    Sorry dude I'm not taking your advice on women lmao. I don't think you have any real experience with women at all judging by some of your posts on here, and your awkward profile pic. I think you have a long way to go.
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    • relaxrelax

      im thinking the same thing
      he is over complicating it

    • Anonymous

      I don't recall asking you to. You don't like what I wrote then don't read it. Why you gotta spread hate bro?

    • Anonymous

      @relaxrelax Sociological models are always over complicated but I never asked anyone to take my advice. I only offered it. Whether or not people take it is their own choice.

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  • redeyemindtricks
    ... except basically everyone in the entire world is going to fall into more than one of these categories.
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    • Anonymous

      I told you not everyone will be able to fit into one of these models. You just have to pick the one that best suits you personally.

  • FýrdracaDócincel
    I find that intellectuals can also fit very well with other intellectuals. Back when I was dating her, my ex and I would spend hours talking about ethics, philosophical stuff, random facts that most people would care about, etc.
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    • Wouldn't

    • Anonymous

      I meant to imply that you will always fit with like minded people. I guess I should've been more specific.

  • RedVulcan
    Well. I guess you made some of those up on the fly, and I don't really agree with the depth put in some (the partyer or commoner) and the two sentences put in the others (the stoic). I do agree with the concept that you need to find like minded people and that people can be broadly divided into large categories, so really no big problems with the mytake.
  • FatherJack
    Stoic & also oriented ( this site is good to gauge female POV for future info products , women are polar opposites to men , so good to get this input ) with a caustic sense of humour too , the hypersensitive whiners will have the piss ruthlessly taken out of them by me & similar types , I actually LOVE being the target of this same humour , I find it funny !!
  • whyisitso
    I think you should only write about where to find these different type of guys. Not about who fits whom. I feel sick about this, these categories sounds so weird to me.
    I am an highly sensitive person and I really don't understand why I would fit with a commoner. And why did you later say they fit with only other highly sensitive ones?
    I am a party person too; but not in the sense of drinking and hooking up, I am really just enjoying dancing and having fun! I would fall in a bunch of other categories too but the point is: this myTake sounds very vague.
    • Anonymous

      It's because people are too diverse to properly fit into a model. How a commoner fits a hypersensitive person but a hypersensitive person doesn't fit a commoner is because a hypersensitive person isn't an emotionally stable person and a commoner is. Commoners will want like minded people but hypersensitive people will need someone who is stable. Though again, you can't fit into one specifically. If you don't understand how sociological models of personality traits work then don't criticize. You pick one best suiting you.

    • whyisitso

      But how come a commoner could be with a hypersensitive person if the hypersensitive person can't be with him? And also it is not "hypersensitive" it is "highly sensitive". If you are going to tell me you know better you should use the right terms and make some sense.
      Hypersensitivity means: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypersensitivity

    • Anonymous

      You need to quit being overly literal. And never mind. Arguing is pointless because you have no interest in actually having a debate. Have your opinion. I don't care. I refuse to vindicate you by arguing until I'm red in the face. So take your vindication by knowing I'm dismissing the argument and you as a person in your entirety by saying: I don't care. Blocked

  • Adigelunar
    bGood post
  • moviedude714
    Hip hop way of the world
  • MoreThanFriends
    Sup bro?