Are online dating profile (Screen names) important?


Are online dating profile (Screen names) important?

Everyone has one… that obnoxious dating profile name. It is the elephant in the room when it comes time to set up that profile. You first try cool names but soon find out everything cool has been taken. What now? You get so pissed that you end up with crustynuts2222forever. These profile names you would think don’t matter much but you would be surprised on how many people go looking for you once they pass you by.

You really want to make the name memorable but try not to get too clever or sexy. You may think that name is cool but in the end it will end up just being CREEPY. I would say 75% of the time people that are online browsing profiles are in a hurry. When they do have some time to concentrate they will remember you and think that you will just pop back big deal. They soon find out that for some reason you don't appear in searches or matches. They could do a username search but can’t think of what you had for a screen name. This is an issue and comes up a lot. People have regrets of not messaging you and try to desperately find you again with no luck.

Some people get too creative and make the name sound cool but so impossible to remember. C00Lhandlukeoo1 ….this name is cool but were those zeroes or O's? Damn it... I can't remember. So don’t be so quick to throw up that dating profile with just any name. Take your time and make it memorable… your future date will thank you later on down the road. Below are a list of some funny online dating profile names I have seen online. For more funny names .... check out this website.


Are online dating profile (Screen names) important?
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    curious what you think of mine?
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    • pavlove? if thats it then you got yourself something that someone can remember and easily spell.

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