The Appeal of the Gangster Way


I'll start this off by saying I was born into what many woudl call great privleage. This is admitattly a take from an outsider's perspective, but I've seen countless examples of how "gangster" "thug" and "hood" time tend to approach dating and what I feel works.

The Appeal of the Gangster Way

Regardless of race of the girl or of the guy, there's a fantasy mystique that's been attached to a culture built around not having even the average household income in the States. There's something alluring and comforting even to girls who are no longer or have never been part of this culture or community. There's almost a dark fantasy built around a culture that gives up ideas of "class" for ideas of "swagger." There's a primal, sexuality and rawness to them that seems to appeal against the better judgement of the more well to do and while this is usually rare in practice given the separate social worlds they tend to exist in I do see more and more crossing over especially when it comes to hook up culture.

Confidence, Danger, Lack of Pretention

The Appeal of the Gangster Way

The first is the most obvious. While rich guys obviously tend to be more arrogant overall, "hood" guys tend to be more confident when it comes to themselves as indviduals not as a part of their "group" like the affuluent do.

The second is obvious as well. There's a danger to getting sexually or romantically involved with some from a lower social economic background. For one, you're not "supposed" to usually and people make judgments which you can see for yourself furthing strengthening the belief that this person deserves your love and attraction. In other words, things are more sexy when they're forbidden, misjudged, and tabboo.

The third is a bit more subtle. There's a rawness we look for in everyone we meet which becomes obscured when you're told you're this, that, and the other. You start to believe you're someone other than just yourself and then you start acting like how you believe "such a person" would act.


The Appeal of the Gangster Way

There's a lot of reasons we could come with why these three things are often seen as givens when it comes to someone of such a background, but I'm more curious to go deeper than most do about it to find the truth behind the curtain. My reason why for "hood" guys and even "hood" girls tend to have these three in excess?


If a gangster is too depressed to go to work...he doesn't eat. If a thug doesn't believe in himself there's no helpful guardian figure in their life or well paid therapist to tell them to believe in themselves. They're on their own. If they want that girl at school every one wants but they're dirt broke they have to have confidence becasue that's the only thing they own. Confidence then naturally arrives from need.

The Appeal of the Gangster Way

They have to be ok with danger because danger is honestly around them. Police obviously don't police their areas as well as others, racial profile them, and drugs are riddled throughout most low income neighborhoods. Given this it's no surprise they're convincing at pulling the bad boy act and for the girls it isn't hard to see why innocent polo wearing guys are thrilled by a woman who doesn't blind at the sound of a gun shot and it's not a surprise why she can be so calm.

The last one well of course is being born without anything obviously makes it easier to become one with the Earth around you. You can't really be materialistic...what materials would you have to obsess over to that degree? Instead you let go of the things that don't matter because, again, you don't have a choice. You don't own anything frivlous things...any luxury. You've lost pretention becuase you never gained it.

Doubtless this pisses some people off because of the obvious generalizations, but next time you get mad the broke guy got the girl consider that he just didn't have a choice but to develop such a personality and also consider that you can develop those same traits if you want but the difference is you have a choice.

The Appeal of the Gangster Way

The Appeal of the Gangster Way
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  • bluenose1872
    Only daft teenage girls like hard men. After a while they want fuck all to do with you Unless your making good money. Half of the guys I hang about with are in jail for long sentences, dead or on smack. There's nothing glamorous about it. By the time a lot of kids realize that they've got a record and no chance of a normal life and can barely leave their area for fear of getting murdered. It's a dark life. You think your the toughest cunt around until you meet really evil bastards and you realize your a babe in arms. Once the team gets older and starts settling down you end up looking for your buzz off drugs and drink. Anything lo relieve the boredom. Then one day you're getting kicked half to death by the next little bunch of fannys wanting a reputation. Some life
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Most Helpful Girl

  • TayTay21
    I don't admire thugs and gangsters in the least. They are criminals, deviants, and miscreants all, and that's not any kind of life I would want to be associated with.
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    • pavlove

      lol taylor I respect your right to judge others

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  • peachblossomluck
    I pretty much had to sink or swim my whole life so while I keep my hustle legit, it's pretty much up to me and only me. I never really had a support structure.
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  • ArchDruidMordred
    Gangsters today are nothing like they were back in the 20's.

    Them Al Capone types.. now those were REAL gangsters.
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    • Hell yeah. They actually had balls, they would walk up to you, tell you they were going to kill you and then shot you in the head. The gangsters we have now are pussies. They jump people they dont like, talk shit all the time like a bunch of punks. Gangsters dont exist anymore, there just oversized babies with attitude issues.

    • Amen. You put it perfectly.

  • NoClueFrau
    I liked the psychology behind them. Having nothing but the "confidence" and no "pretensions".
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  • Phoenix98
    There's nothing attractive about wannabe gangsters or actual gangsters of today, they're a disgrace and a stain upon society, criminals and scum.
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    • How would you know what they are? Ever met one?

  • Anonymous
    No appeal to me at all. You are disdaining the system because you can't beat it. That's childish and doesn't make you any less of a loser. You are just a loser with a pose.

    Take the system on and beat it. Don't hide in a pose.
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    • They're not all posers mate. The tits that do the posing don't last 3 seconds on the streets. Most of those guys have no chance at a normal life. The old school always tell the kids if you've got the brains and the opportunities don't ever join the gangs or pick up a weapon. It's a one way street. Problem with this world I'd the finer things in life are dangled before us all like big carrots on sticks. Very few of us have the opportunity to actually get them. There's a lot of money to be made in the underworld. It's one of those places that need an invite though. You need to smart or hard or both and you need to get noticed. The your only as good as you reputation. One stain and you'll go missing and never be seen again. It's like a cv and has to be flawless. Crooks aren't all scum like people think. Some of them are the most morally reputable people you can ever meet. The real scum are in office and run businesses. They hide behind officialdom. To scared to stand toe to toe with a man

  • Anonymous
    Those chicks in the photos are licious
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