Why Men Love B*tches

Why Men Love B*tches

Have you ever noticed that b*tches always win? Though nice girls may be rewarded in the long run, a b*tch always seems to be a step ahead and gets the guy you’re crushing. It seems like a phase that will pass after high school or college, but when it comes to dating, men love b*tches and let me tell you why:

1. B*tches Are Confident & Confidence Is Sexy

She’s comfortable in her own skin and lacks insecurity, so she doesn’t need reassurance from the man she’s seeing.

2. B*tches Are Hard To Get

She knows what she’s worth and won’t settle for less, so gaining her affection will be a challenge for every man – Men love challenges.

3. B*tches Are Independent

She isn’t needy, and she has her own life to live. She won’t complain about guy’s night or why he didn’t invite her out on a Friday night. She gives a man space, simply because she’s confident and has her own social life too.

4. B*tches Are Mysterious

She won’t put her cards out on the table, so a man never knows how she really feels about him. This drives him nuts, so he keeps fighting for her.

5. B*tches Aren’t Boring

She’s unpredictable and hard to handle, so it’s nearly impossible for a man to get bored. A b*tch keeps her dating life exciting.

6. B*tches Are Dominant In Bed

As with every part of her life, she’s bossy. She will take control in bed to get what she wants. What man doesn’t want this?

7. B*tches Don’t Cry

She doesn’t show emotion easily, so drunken or jealous tears will be the last thing a man sees on a date with her.

8. B*tches Are Hot

Last, but certainly not least, b*tches care about their appearance. She enjoys taking care of herself and looking her best, so men will always feel proud walking in a room with her.

What do you think - Do men love b*tches?


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  • So what is even a "bitch" then? lol someone you envy enough to write a mytake on? I mean yes, I like confident strong personality girls, since I am that way, but no one likes an obnoxious bitch either.
    With definitions aside, great take.

    • bitches are the bitches we can not get (unless rich. model like)

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    • I think one thing people misinterpret about the term "bitch" is that a bitch isn't necessarily a "mean girl" - but rather they radiate strength. They know what they want and won't settle for less. They stand up for themselves, and some people may take that as "mean", but really they are strong, independent women that go after what they want.

    • Ok with your definition I love bitches then 😍😍😍!! Hahaha. Sorry for the envy accusation asker, my bad.

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  • 31.media.tumblr.com/...mc3gljW7dw1rj579lo1_500.gif

    A study from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, the University of Rochester, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign discovered that men found women who they perceived as "nice," and more responsive, more feminine and sexually attractive.

    In general men what a woman who is honest, straightforward, genuine, kind, attractive and respectful. Bitches are just for "pump and dump".

    • At least some women have been listening to us :)

    • Thank you !! No self respecting man wants an egotistical bitch , not even pump / dump for me , a real bitch will quickly collide with my no BS character & I'd tell her where to go !!

    • A girl been straightforward nice is hot. At least when it comes with self dependability too.

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  • I corrected it for you.

    "Why *Some* Men Love B*tches"

    Because I sure as hell don't. And any man worth his salt doesn't either.

  • I don't know that I love bitches. I like hot chicks, period. If they're bitchy, I'd be more inclined to deal with it, but it'd never work in the long haul. Bitchiness is never a positive quality, but you might tolerate a little in exchange for arm candy. But I'd much rather be with a hot chick who's chill to be around. I'd fuck a bitch, but I'd never wife one up. I can't coexist with bitchy broads, we'd clash too much and I'd bounce after like a week. I allow minimal aggravation in a relationship. If you irritate me regularly, see ya... nobody's hot enough to stick around for that.

  • I don't like bitches at all, I'm sure many other men don't as well, what you describe is not what a bitch is though.

    1. Confidence is sexy, but bitches are not necessarily confident, they tend to be cocky, some mix that with confidence, but cockiness is not that.

    2. No, a woman who respects herself and don't fall easily for one is the one who is hard to get. That's quite the opposite of being a bitch.

    3. I'm not even sure how you concluded that.

    4. Oh, I tought they are bitches? OBVIOUSLY... Where is the mystery in that?

    5. They are hella boring.

    6. Many men don't like bossy and dominant women, a lot of me like to be the ones who dominate

    7. Ummm... Yeah, but they keep on bitching, don't they?

    8. Not necessarily.

  • I don't like bitches 😑😑

  • This is pure chick logic - men don't think the same as women, we don't go for bitches for the same reasons women go. for bad boys. The only reason men go for bitches is because they're physically attractive, it's not BECAUSE they're bitches that they go for these women, it's in spite of the fact that they're bitches, because they're so attractive the man will put up with it to fuck her. An average looking bitch won't be attractive to most men, only the desperate ones.

    • Accurate👍

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    • @KawaiiPie67 - they don't. They stay with these women despite the fact that they're bitches, either because they're hot, or because the guy is desperate and sucks with women and knows if he leaves he won't get anyone else.

    • I'd think to win over a bitch you'd have to be good with women. Since she rejects so many guys.

  • I find that when a woman says she is independent it usually means she has a lot of issues. I have never met a "mysterious" person before and have never heard that placed on a list of what men want, it tend to be more of a woman thing to want that mystery. Their is a difference between confident and a bitch, Confident is self assuredness, being a bitch is over compensation for the lack of self assuredness.(not unlike the male “asshole” who is overcompensating) They are frequently conflated and a lot of people can't tell the difference until it, pardon the phrasing, bites them in the ass. Honestly I don't like “bitches”, insecurity and self loathing are not really my thing. Women who are afriad of deeper levels of attachment and attempt to compensate their insecurities through being detached from others and sex just don't appeal to me. I find them more sad then anything and I don't mean that in a condensending way, I mean in that they have issues but are for what ever reason to afraid to adress them preventing them from being happy people. You don't hear people talking about a happy asshole/bitch for a reason, they are mutually exclusive.

  • I'd have to say I wholly disagree with this. Yes, #1 is true for both sexes. Both sexes want a confident partner, but more so women. If you took a poll of what guys are looking for in a girl, I doubt confidence would make the list. Girls on the other hand certainly want a confident guy. #2 Guys do not want a girl that's hard to get predominantly, that's something girls like though. I like easy to get. I want the least resistance possible. Since as the guy I'm paying for dates I want to know where I stand with this girl ASAP. I don't want to be taken advantage of. I also don't want to waste my time. I'm certainly not going to chase some girl. #3 Independant. Again probaly wouldn't even make the list of qualities in a poll of what do guys want in a girl. It is a good quality to have, but not one alluring enough for guys to end up dating bitches because of. #4 Mysterious. Again, I doubt many if any guys care about this. I want as little mystery as possible. I want to know exactly who I'm dealing with and what they're about ASAP. I'm outside of my comfort zone when facts aren't easily attainable. #5 Boreing? I like boreing. Boreing is predictable. Girls like drama not guys. Soap Operas are a perfect example. They're all about the drama. I hate drama. Sure I don't like boreing in the sense the girl is no fun, but not in the sense you're meaning it. #6 I like to be dominant in bed. Sure a girl can take the lead once in a while, but I prefer and probaly most guys too to be dominant, otherwise I'd feel like a total p*ssy. #7 Crying is generally irrelevant. I don't like girls who are over emotional, neither do most guys but one with a heart of steal is not for me. #8 Bitches are hot? There are pleanty of girls who are not bitches and are hot. Bitches are a turn off to me. I want a sweet girl not one who's going to bust my balls and nag me to death. Most people from both sexes care about appearance, not just bitches. I think what you did is apply the things girls like in a guy to guys, and equated those things as to why guys like bitches. If guys like bitches it's because they've been manipulated by them into doing so, not because of any of these traits. I've heard it said more than once girls like A holes. Although I don't fully agree with that, I can't number the times I've seen good looking great girls with guys who treat them badly. If anything girls like A holes because of many of the reasons on this list, not guys liking bitches. You've got it all backwards.

  • Speak for yourself. Almost every last one of those points on you list was actually a negative to me--not a positive.

    I hate "confident", or more accurately--arrogant girls. I'd rather have a girl who is humble.

    The conspiracy that guys like girls who are "hard to get" is just downright false. I don't want a girl who is gonna play bullshit games with me. I want a girl who is genuine, and isn't afraid to express her interest in me.

    No, i don't want an "independent" girl. It feels good knowing that someone depends on you from time to time. Plus, i don't mind the clingyness--I'd like to do everything together.

    I don't want a "mysterious" girl either. Why would i put up with someone who is unpredictable like that? I want someone i can count on.

    To me, dominance of any way, shape, or form is a turn off. Being told what to do does NOT sit well with me.

    Lastly, its a good thing if a woman cries sometimes. It shows she has emotions like an actual human being. Its touching to know that she trusts me enough to be vulnerable and cry in front of me--and it'd male it easier for me to do the same. If my girl is crying, I'm gonna comfort her like a real man, rather than bitching and whining about it.

  • This is just some random guy's response to it all, but this is how I work anyway.

    1. I never really cared if someone is confident or not, to me neither is more sexy, insecurity or confidence. Cause both often are just illusions you have about yourself. One being more negative and the other more positive.

    2. I never been interested in the challenge part, but if anything I would say "B*tches" in general are easier to get really, but any decent woman I have met have all been called bitches by someone, so its not really any word that define or describe anyone really. But yeah a challenge to gain someones affections sound pretty damn boring to me.

    3. I dont know about that, but I dont think its wrong to just need someone either, cause honestly someone who is a social butterfly like this "b*tch" in example, she needs a lot of people, so she might be more needy if she need other people to have fun, than say a girl who is more of a loner, but may be more "needy" in a relationship. Which in either case, I would say the former are more needy.

    4. I certainly never met a "mysterious b'tch" if anything they are the easiest one to figure out.

    5. More like always boring, lol. Anyone I think of as a bitch is certainly very boring and simple.

    6. Dosent really matter to me, im more dominant by nature so with a dominant woman who if was at least okay with it, would become more of a power struggle, which could be fun, but in general I prefer someone submissive, cause in the end if im challenge I know what the end result will always be, but im also always respectful, so I would never push my dominance on anyone unless it was welcomed.

    7. Nothing wrong with crying in general anyway, but if u cry about every single thing then yeah it might be a bit much. But I think in general again, the reason these type of people dont cry is beacuse they have become so self centered and indifferent to other people, more inhuman really, and not in a good way. Which yeah, isent really attractive. I can love a broken soul very easily, but this is more like the path of a coward. The easy and simple way out, I rather admire the other ones who endure.

    8. If a "b*tch" qualify for all the things I think about or have listed, then there is nothing left about her for her to be considered hot. Which to me anyway, she wouldn't be.

    Overall, I would say good take still :), cause guys no doubt complain a lot about the other way around, think is needed for many to hear either way.

  • kinda true but bitches also ain't got thier shit together bitches cheat bitches most are too bossy and masculine and as a man i wanna be the one leading not the other way around bitches are crazy bitches want a man for money fame or some other need for them selves and i could go on as a man what we want is an attractive FEMINIE WOMEN not a girl but a women who makes us feel more manly

  • Lol you are only making it sound like being a bitch is the way to go.

    I wished the full ep would be uploaded.

    You didn't mention a whore needs a few drinks so she can act like alcohol was the problem (sneak mode)

    Most whores are not confident, they are unstable from the inside and have no real reason to tell you why they don't wanna be monogamic

    Being entitled as a whore does not mean you are one, it could also come from someones anger

    "Bitches are not boring" -depends

    "Bitches are hot" - depends, there was a ugly one dancin on my dick, couldn't even dance and tought she was the shit well forget about it.

    "Bitches are dominant in bed" - depends

    "Bitches are misterious" - ehh what's so mysterious about them. Does she have borderline or what

    "Bitches are hard to get" - yea keep that one In clinches

    "Bitches are confident" - I could agree on that one, even if faked I wouldn't notice.

  • i don't. they're not real... they're insecure... why do you think most find themselves in abusive, worthless relationships?

  • I think all it has to do with is that the "bitches" don't seem like they are disinterested in sexual behavior.

    I am not interested in them, though. Would never date a smoker nor an excessive drinker party girl.

    • Are bitches smokers or excessive party girls? I don't know any bitches that smoke.

    • Really often!

  • Not a fan of bitches. I'll let a more douchie man have her!

  • What a bunch of crap that's like saying women love douches.

  • Jeez, I hate when women come off like a fucking expert on the male psyche. You have no idea.

    Men don't love bitches. We are highly attracted to smoking hot women, and because smoking hot women are sought after so highly, they end up with an inflated sense of self-worth, and end up being bitches. Then the man gets tired of her shit and he dumps her, and this repeats until she's 30 or 35, or her looks start to fade, and her whole world starts to crumble. People start treating her like she deserves to be treated and suddenly the whole world is "unfair."

    Men don't love bitches. The women men are most attracted to just happen to be bitches because there are so many men attracted to them.

    And yeah, we love challenges, but that means building shit and achieving things, not solving the "woman puzzle." That shit is just a constant reminder that her human worth is so much higher than yours. Remember, if you have to work for her, you are nothing to her. You can be replaced overnight.

  • I'm a man and I dont like bitches. If you're a bitch, how wonderful for you, stay the fuck away from me. I dont need someone like you in my life. I won't want someone like you in my life.

    Oh, also, I've known plenty of bitches who dont fit a single one of these (not 100% sure how they'd be in bed tho...).

  • So, basically, bitches are to men what bad boys are to women. Both are independent, no-nonsense, "F**k you, I do what I want" characters that are somehow imbued with intrigue and mystery just by not giving a s**t and always being "hard to get."

    In other words, by the logic if this MyTake, both sexes are suckers that like to be played for fools, because ambiguity and mind games are fun.

    If bitches are as desirable as this author makes them out to be, then women with these qualities are the worst type of people. Like bad boys, they don't settle down (because, with so many men pandering for their attention, why commit to one person?), they flake on anything and everything when it suits them, and they are also most likely vain and superficial (this is just a guess, but because of their innate desirability, what proof is there to the contrary). All told, any girl who acts like or describes herself as a butch should be avoided like the plague. Everyone wants someone to challenge them, to not keep them in the same stagnant condition, but to help them improve. Bitches do not create a challenge, they instill instability and fear. Fear is not a challenge, fear is a deterrent. Some fear is healthy, it fosters a call to action. But, too much creates insecurity and doubt. Why suffer through that?

    If anyone agrees or disagree, feel free to comment.

  • lol i enjoyed this

  • Hell no to this entire take, if any men wants a bitch for a girlfriend then they must be a small minority. Also even though you describe what a bitch is pretty well, i disagree with 7. "bitches dont cry". I have yet to meet a woman with an attitude that wasn't also very sensitive, she might put up a strong front but these girls tend to make fuss about the smallest things and usually they end up crying anyway, and if they manage to hide it from the man they are seeing they still do it when they are alone or with their girlfriends.

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What Girls Said 47

  • bitches don't seem to like the guys that i like.

  • Some men may love to fuck a bitch, but trust me that is the girl he will never marry.
    They want a lady not a female dog or derogatory term kind of woman.

  • I don't think you should write about anything involving the male gender ever again because it's obvious you don't know what you're talking about.

  • Well this was stupid af.

  • All I see is Candice Swanepoel on your gifs, god she's stunning !

    But I don't care a lot about the "why men love bitches", I reckon they go more often for the nice and cute girls rather bitches.

  • 1. Confidence is sexy, but arrogance is not. Sure everybody wants someone that's confident in themselves but they also want someone who is humble and down to earth. Someone who can be confident in many things in life but still be able to admit they are flawed and do have a few areas of life were insecurity plauges them a bit. These girls that you are writing about, usually are over confident and arrogant and think they're so fantastic and perfect. And, no guy wants that. At least none that I've met.

    2. Yeah, men love challenges about just as much as women do. There's not many people be it man or woman, that actually like someone who's so hard to get it's like a second job. Hard to get is a nice way of saying "mind games" and nobody likes those. We can tie hard to get up in a pretty bow and say it's "a girl who knows what she's worth and knows what she wants" but it's just a girl who likes to play games. And, no guy is going to waste their time on someone like that.

    3. You know what independence really is? It's just someone who's self sufficient and doesn't need people consistantly to survive in the world, that's all it really is. So, what your talking about has nothing to do with indepence but more preceptions. Everybody in a relationship should be able to have things they do together and things they do alone, that's just common sense. These examples you gave though are not of women who aren't in independent but instead probably have a warped view of what guys night entails and so that's why they freak out. Those girls that are upset because they weren't invited out probably have the preception that if you don't spend every waking moment together, there's trouble in paradise. So, this is more about preception then independence.

    4. You better believe it drives him nuts, but not in a good way. There's a huge difference between having a bit of mystery and revealing enough but not everything at once and being completely emotionally detached and making him guess how she feels about him. Once again, this is just mind games and men don't like that.

    5. Unpredictable and hard to handle, huh? Yeah, I don't think a man wants someone who's consistanly unpredictable and constantly hard to handle. You know, guys do like stability thrown in there, not every man wants a wild child. Just saying.

    To be continued.

    • 6. It wouldn't be a GAG take without throwing something about being good in bed, in there. I know this might be hard for people to believe, but just because she has all these supposed quote " bad bitch" qualities, doesn't mean you can determine her bedroom skills. I would think that would be a try and find out from experience kind of thing, not a just stare at them and assume thing. Frankly, I'm not even sure why something like this matters to people but I quit trying figure that out long ago.

      7. First, I'm not sure why a girl who's on a date with a guy would just randomly cry anyway. Unless, she's emotional and can't control it. Second, again no guy wants a girl who is emotionally detached. Women hate that men aren't emotional and that it's like pulling teeth to get them to show they have feelings. I imagine guys would probably feel the same and don't want someone who isn't open to her feminine side and has hard time showing any emotions at all. No one wants that.

    • 8. I see, interesting. You know, women like this aren't the only ones that care about their appearance and likes looking good. A lot of people like to look good and care about their appearance. The only difference is, I do it for myself and not for other people. These women you describle, probably do it to get the attention of men and make women jealous and envious of them. And, there's nothing attractive about a show off.

  • Not to be a Debby Downer but... not really. 😛

  • B*tch, according to Merriam Webster:
    " a : a lewd or immoral woman
    b : a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse"

    Along with other irrelevant definitions (such as a female dog), found here: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bitch

    Everything that you are talking about is NOT a b*tch... that is an entirely different person altogether.

    A b*tch is someone who isn't a very nice person at all, which is why it is an insult and almost no intelligent man wants to be with one. What you are describing is an overly confident, self-assured, independent woman. You can be all of those things you've listed here without being a b*tch. Doing these things does not make you one, it's your attitude and behavior that does.

    Do you think you are better than everyone? Are you mean to people you care about? Or, hell, are you mean to random people on the street? Are you exceptionally spiteful and are you quick to get revenge? Do you act immorally? Are you overbearing and in people's faces? Or are you a female dog? That is a b*tch.

  • bitch better have my money
    ok srsly this take is... meh
    it s not even stereotypes... it s made up types.

    • Ahh, shit. I thought you were referencing AMD at first with that 'Bitch betta have my money' comment.

      Oh well, upvoted for reminding me of AMD.

    • @Nuqood I didn't get it :/

    • AMG*, and he's a rapper; dw about it.

  • i like the gifs

    • Thank you @Cocochanel!

  • I really don't give a shit what men like. I am not going to be a bitch or complain about guys liking them. If the guy I like loves 'bitches', then he is not the guy for me!. Also sweet, kind and considerate girls can also be hot, not boring, hard to get, and independent. 😉 Also, A woman that is mysterious is often a woman who has issues that she is hiding- who has time for that crap? I think that we as women need to do ourselves a favour and just stop worrying about what men think!.

  • Nah, I know some needy, insecure, boring, ugly, whiny, vapid, easy bitches.

    Just like you can't explain every 'good' girl in one MyTake, you can't explain all the bitches in the world.

  • I don't think I agree with your description of a bitch. Almost everything you said is a good quality to have that doesn't make you a bitch it makes you a strong woman. However I do agree any good man would want these qualities. But any person even a real bitch would fall in love and show her cards at some point. Would get jealous. Look like shit one day. Everyone cries at some point, this doesn't stand for bitches or strong women. Sometimes having a good cry makes you strong. I'm not a bitch and definitely like to be dominant and dominated. An actual bitch might show some of these characteristics but guys and people in general get tired of their shit and leave them. A bitch is someone who will do you wrong. You put bitch in a good light. Were you trying to?

  • all of the above can apply to nice girls as well. I think it depends on the motive if all the above to drive someone nuts or torture them just to get their way and screw with their heads and emotions that you can absolutely definitely call a B****, but if a female naturally good looking, confident without the need to be assured by a man every 5 minutes, fun loving, sexy, looks after her appearance, respects others privacy and space, values her emotions and her time and hence won't soap over just anyone, stand firmly on her feet and gets on with what life throws at her... but still kind, gentel, feminine, generous and genuine, has empathy and lots of other good qualities combined with the ones in this take... that is just a good woman in my opinion

  • Insecure people could easily call them Bitches.
    I hate this term, but yes they are rough girls. But, remember! there are guys as well who behave like bitches

  • Fuck no #6. "Bitchy" women are the best subs, because you're actually, like, conquering something WORTH conquering. Ya dig?


  • Bitches are the female version of jerks. Why people want to be With someone Who can treat them like trash.

    The reason: we sometimes confuse behaviours related to control, dominance and coldness With confidence and assertiveness.

    I can accept That one needs to care first of self, both physic, spiritual and psychological, and to focus in the self-steem. But That doesn't mean to look to ofend or act bad with everyone.

  • YOU SHOULDN'T CALL THIS WHY MEN LOVE BITCHES... BUT "WHY MEN LOVE FABOULOUS WOMEN ;-) " CUZ hell yeah i'm fab! haha and I am not a bitch... But I definitely am all of those points.

  • I wouldn't say that men, in general, prefer "bitches." Maybe some do, but certainly not all. A lot of the traits you listed also are not exclusive to "bitches." Many different types of women can possess those traits.

    • I agree with what you are saying. "B*tch" has become a term thrown around lightly in today's society, but has changed from meaning necessarily a "mean girl", but rather a strong, independent, confident woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. A b*tch is basically a girl who doesn't let people walk all over her and demands the respect she deserves :)

    • Yeah, I've heard that description used for it as well. I personally still use the traditional meaning of the word (not that I go around calling women that anyway though Lol). But thanks for clarifying what you meant :)

  • Great take- not sure if the type of girl you're describing is necessarily a 'bitch' though. There's a different between being a strong, confident girl and an actual 'mean girl'

    • I agree with what you are saying. A "bitch" isn't a mean girl, but rather a term given to certain females by society - she's a girl who knows what she wants, won't settle for less, and stands up for herself on whatever her beliefs are. Though her attitude can be perceived as a "bitch", it doesn't mean she's a mean girl out to hurt others. She's just independent, confident, and strong!

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