20+ guys need to stop going after minors and minor girls Need To Stop acting Grown

20+ guys need to stop going after minors and minor girls Need To Stop acting Grown

Honestly some 14 year old girls are looking more like 21 or 23 these days but that doesn't mean y'all have to act like it. I'm fed up with these young chicks going after guys that ar 20-26 like seriously go graduate h.s first bitch! And guys? are you really not confident that you can get a girl your own damn age, are your minds that immature that you have to hook up with these 14-16 and string them along. Im especially calling out you craddle robbers who already have kids AND a gf/wife and than decide to go after that young butt. NOOOO that doesn't work for me and the rest of my ladies that have to deal with these teens trynna act grown. I PRAISE the men that actually make it work with ladies their same age or maybe a few years older. AMEN. you guys have morals. I'd like to hear from some of you guys that go after these girls and even upon finding out their real age still hook up. wait for these girls to have a mind of their own hopefully that at 18 but hey you can't always measure maturity by age.

Now on a calmer note if your an 18 year old young lady or your about to turn 18 in a month BRAVO for you, but keep all that nasty sexual shit to yourself until your damn birthday. Honeslty if you fall in love with someone 8 years older and they love you back than fine by all means try to make it work (hoping he doesn't have hidden kids all over the country and a wife).

But seriously us 20-24 year old women are getting sick of these nasty hoes that think their grown or can't wait to be. I remember being 16 and thinking "wow some of you guys/boys are sooo immature." but that didn't push me to pine after grown ass men with their own responsibilites to take care of. here's some suggestions for you gals: look for a guy who.....

1. Does NOT live with his mom

2. Does NOT have wife/gf

3. Does NOT have kids

4. Has his own place, a degree, maybe in college, good credit, HAS MORALS

5. Your freaking age! (if your damn minor date another fucking minor)

It's not rocket science. I know you can be easily manipulated i mean just look at the tyga and the molly o'mally w.e her name is case. People lie and thats why you need to have a good head on your shoulders and be cautious. I came off pretty angry because I am so ima leave this as ANONYMOUS and you people can have fun with this, or give me an honest opinion.20+ guys need to stop going after minors and minor girls Need To Stop acting Grown


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  • Have you ever seen the movie "The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer"? It's a 1947 film starring Cary Grant and Shirley Temple. In it, to save her from self-destruction a 16 year old's older sister hires Cary Grant to "date" Shirley Temple. He is very very against it. I believe at one time he says "I don't want to date a child!"

    So people, even in the 40s, this shit was gross.

    • Man Comment: I can't really say much about teens. I've had more 20ish women hit on me at my age then i did when i was 20ish. By no means do most 20 year old women like older men. But I guess maybe the qualities i have are ones that those sorts of women value.

      Maybe 20ish women liking older guys is a totally different scenario, but maybe not, so i'll chip in what i can.

      For most of human evolution girls by their late teens were having kids and being adults. The sort of guys they'd want to pair off with would be guys who seemed like adults not adolescents. Guys who were stable, could provide, protect, emotionally secure, wise, and good with kids. It would also be a plus if he was young and handsome.

      18 year old handsome guys with good jobs, good skills with kids, emotional maturity and confidence are not something our society produces very well nowadays! So then it comes down to which attributes they value -more-. If they value similar life experiences, they'll prefer guys their age.

    • Lady Comment: Teens are in that stage of life where they're wildly curious about adulthood and strive to be as mature as possible. Men around their age then to still be rather immature, or only interested in physical satisfaction. An older man seems more nurturing, and attentive than say, your neighbor who plays video games all day.

      Teenagers don't have a realistic concept of the world and aren't the best with judgement. Their priorities are easily skewed.

      Sadly, this is exactly how the scummiest of losers end up pulling naive little girls. When you're in high school, some 20-something with a junky car and a part-time job can look like a jackpot. It's easy to get over on someone who doesn't know much about the world beyond home and school.

    • I havint seen that movie but i'll look into it. my parents were a shirley temple fan so hearing this is bizarre. and i found two comments that were pretty helpful on this question similar to MyTake here on this website. two guys also posted similar questions like "why do woman go after guys in a relationship" and "why do young girls go after older guys". seems like this is a trend.

  • Kylie ruining it for people.. she went overboard. Im 18 so I prefer 20-22 NOT 25 like Tyga n shit.. and when I was a minor, I didn't really act grown at all. It's just some girls are like that. I actually look younger than my age people say..


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