Girls--Stop Griping about Male Standards. We're not asking that much.

I hear it all the time, and so do you. Men want perfection, apparently, Victoria's Secret Models. I wouldn't know since I'm a guy, but that's apparently what all of us men want, according to the ladies. We're oh so demanding and girls just don't have time with actual lives to meet our demands.

Girls--Stop Griping about Male Standards. We're not asking that much.

Ladies. Get real, grow up, and stop griping. Men don't ask for a whole lot. Let's break down what an attractive woman looks like, and how women so easily mess that up through laziness or stuborness.

Here's a few women who have graced magazine covers and been lauded as sex symbols.

Kate Upton. Good face. Long hair. Big breasts. Looks like she doesn't really work out that much, nor starve herself. To a part, she was lucky with genes. In bigger part, she's basically just taken care of herself. Simple reality also is though, with a different hairstyle, and just a few more pounds... she would barely get a second glance at the local Starbucks.

Speaking of which, another sex symbol who aptly demonstrated how easy it is to ruin your looks. Jennifer Lawrence. (Yes, I totally googled her nude pics at Celebgate)

In both pictures, she is clearly on her A-game and ready to be in media view. Yet a simple haircut difference makes her go from a sex symbol to just a pretty/cute girl, nothing remarkable. And that's with her plainly being made up and ready, not strolling down the street to a local store incognito. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton are plainly showing the importance of hair--ladies, keep your hair long, and take care of it. It makes a huge difference! Yet how many women decide to main their hairstyle?

Another prime example of how fickle looks are--Emma Watson. Recognized by men almost universally as a beautiful girl, even when she was jailbait. She also demonstrates that you can go from "beautiful girl" to "she's probably a lesbian" in just one haircut.

Weight is important, true. The flip side is--weight isn't that hard, unless you are of the few that actually has a medical condition. Guys aren't demanding victoria's secret bodies, and most guys would be just fine with this sort of body.

No, you all can't have breasts like that, but you can be in at a decent weight like that. (no, she's not perfect, but the vast majority of men don't require perfection.) We all have time for what we want to do--and if you want to be attractive to men, you can cough up $15 a month and hit the gym a few times a week. Combine that with eating decent and not stuffing your face, and fitness is not elusive, as all we gym going men know.

In short, ladies, stop griping about "shallowness" and better yourself if you want more, and higher quality, male attention. It will take some effort, but overall it's not that hard to polish yourself up and shine!

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  • Sure. Just have big boobs, a naturally beautiful face, a nice body and thick, long hair. That's not "much" at all. COUGH.
    If you weren't "asking that much" you wouldn't shun a girl immediately when she sports a shorter hairstyle for a while. You're contradicting yourself.

    • Emma Watson doesn't have big boobs... :p

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    • @skykidx1 can you chill?

    • I am chill just telling the truth. Fucking smile

Most Helpful Guy

  • Of course not. We just want them to be thin but not "too thin", to be sexually adventurous but not "too sexually adventurous", to have lots of curves without being fat or having "too much curves", to have long hair but not "too long", to be white but not "pale", to be fit but not muscular, to put make up on and look natural.
    That's not impossible and irrational, now is it?

    • "Fit" for her bodytype, not "thin".
      "Sexually open" to him and not other men, "aka not a slut".
      "Curves" not fat rolls and back tits.
      Race specificity is not a golden standard.
      And your muscular comment applies to the first statement. "Fit" for her bodytype. Not slender. So to summarize:
      1. Give a damn about your health as far as exercise and diet so that you are "fit" for your build. Because women come in different shapes and sizes.
      2. Have a similar level of sexuality as the man.
      3. Having tits and having an ass preferably, how much differs from guy to guy.

      One of these are completely in women's control. The other two are based on the preference of the guy. I get where you're coming from, but you're just pandering to the women on this post. The point to this article was to point out what guys are attracted to and that the "standard" that women have been fed elsewhere are lies. That's what he was getting at when he spoke about Victorias secret models.

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    • @rjroy3 I'm not in the mood to argue with womanizers today.

    • 1. Not a womanizer. You don't even know me.
      2. No one's arguing. You just immediately jumped to insulting me. So I thought I'd respond in kind.

      But it's whatever man. I don't care either way. Later later.

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What Girls Said 22

  • So what you're saying is that men don't care what women look like as long as we're thin, have long hair and big boobs. Surprised you left out the big butt trend.

    As for weight, women's bodies aren't like men's. We have more fat and it's a lot harder for us to lose. Even thin women look kinda soft

    And that used to be ok, but to look as tight and toned as Kate Upton does actually require a lot of work for women

    That aside I agree with what you're saying is not that high of an expectation, I just don't think it's true. Anymore.
    There's a lot of research that shows seeing prefect bodies everyday in the media, even knowing it's fake, men and women hold women's bodies to higher standards. I think there's a good sized group of men that believe all women can should look like some instagram model with a massive butt, chest and tiny waist.
    I mean even in the short time in which you have posted this men commented saying they find this or that celebrity disgusting, when they're clearly above average.

    • That's not what Kate Upton looks like now. She actually hasn't looked like that in a LONG time.

      Those women you posted before are way thinner than Kate. I would say there's a bigger problem with the media trying to delude us with what certain celebrities look like rather than standards and stuff.

    • @statgirl123 well I think that IS what she looks like in the picture he choose. She might have gained weight since but I think in the picture he linked she looks very toned and thin. But then of course his picture is heavily photoshopped so who knows.

      And I totally agree there's an issue with the media deluding what most celebreites look like. But you know that's kinda their job. For example candice swanepol for VS and in real life

      That just underlines my point that most men are used to photoshopped perfections and have no idea what real look like, which shifts their perception of the attractiveness of real women. Again there's research on it. Good news is, men know those images are fake. Bad news is, it doesn't matter, it still sets the standard for what they expect women to look like

    • I think Candice looks way better in real life than in the photoshopped picture. I also prefer thinner figures. Anyways I don't pay attention to the media, it's a joke. Women should find their own idea of beauty and aspire to that instead of what the media tells us.

  • So all we have to do is have big boobs, be thin, be blonde, long hair, light skin to be beautiful?

    And here I thought it was hard!

    Fellow ladies who have small breasts, aren't thin, have short hair, have straight/wavy hair, and aren't light skin, well, let's get to it! Let's go get boob jobs, lose weight, grow our hair, perm it straight, bleach our skin because men don't ask for much!

  • Haha Yeah... your point is the opposite of what you wanted to make it. Irony at it's lamest.

    • He was pretty clear. In response to the idea that "men want perfection" he said that's false. All you really need to fall under men's standards for being attractive is: 1. try to be in relatively good shape. 2. Long hair is preferred.

      Then gave 2 examples of why it's true. One being a slightly out of shape selena gomez. That's far from perfection, but many guys would be happy to be with.

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    • @aliceinwonderland69

      Lol specifically said a "slightly" out of shape selena. Ie, carrying a little extra bodyfat than normal over looking at her best. Most people feel like they're not in as good a shape they would like to be. For example, getting winded walking up a staircase. Get to the point where that doesn't tire you out and that's pretty good shape. I don't consider that an exceptionally high standard.

    • @aliceinwonderland69 but hey, let's not flood her notifications. Respond on my comment if you want to keep talking

  • Women as a whole don't bitch about men having standards. These are all pretty reasonable; be in shape, take care of yourself, etc etc. Good advice, that's what most people are attracted to. But really, this isn't what women bitch about. What a select few do gripe about is a perceived notion that men only want Victorias Secret models, or giant F cup boobs with a 24 inch waist (almost never naturally gonna happen). Most sensible people know that most men don't want that. Unfortunately, the loudest people in the world are rarely sensible.

    However, if this is supposed to represent the whole of men's standards for women, then those standards ARE incredibly shallow. Physical appearance is important, but if that's the only thing you look for, then you ARE shallow.

    • It's quite simple, really. Looks create attraction and make us interested, and personality either makes us like you, or has us mulling over errands and such 10 minutes into the date.

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    • I did read it. The way it reads is a common way people deliver insults so they can still claim they didn't insult them if called out on it. Maybe that isn't how you meant it, but that is how it sounds.

    • @heavensgift2girls The only way that would read as insulting would be if the reader was actively looking for insults in it, or if the reader fell into the category of people that I described as shallow. If that's what you got from it, that's a problem with your comprehension, or you're part of that group of people. I don't know which, and frankly I don't care.
      If I wanted to insult someone, I'd be a hell of a lot blunter than that.

  • Sure just have big boobs not too big because they will sag eventually
    Sexually experienced but not a slut
    Innocent but not a prude
    Dress modestly but not like a nun
    Dress sexy but not too sexy
    Thick hair but not like Mia Thermopolis before she found out she was royalty
    Smart, intelligent person but not too s art don't want to surpass your boyfriend.

    We can all tell blond with big tits is your type but honestly I think this girl looks better than most guys with short hair.
    And Jared Padalecki is pulling off long hair. My how the tables have turned.

    • I tried to pull off the Padalecki hair. It's about the same color. Didn't work, at all. -.-;; Damn his Godlike jawline. DAMN--IT!

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    • It matters, because it proves the point. All the attractive, short haired women you post are going to be models. Proving the point, that it takes a gorgeous girl to look attractive with short hair.

      And so far... over 44 men and women have cared enough about my opinion to comment. XD

    • Aww you think you're popular that argument reminds me of bitchy, preppy middle schools girls.

  • The only time I would get mad at a man's standard if it like basically typical sterotype of woman and they not that attractive themselves. Like how are you going to be picky if you not a 10 yourself? that's annoying with both genders.

    • The difference is exactly how you measure value. It is annoying. Everyone has a different idea one what their worth is.

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    • No, why would I? :/ I'm just a little bit blunt, not an-ass kisser.

      Well that is okay. Everyone has opinions and are entitled to it. Good for you :) have a nice day.

  • I'm so sorry but as a bisexual girl I actually think the "hair examples" you've brought look way better with the short hair than with the long one. It just draws so much more attention to their pretty faces in my opinion, I prefer short haired women all the way👌🏻

    • Other than that is was a good take 👍

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    • It's incredibly fashionable at the moment too. Kinda hipster tho..

    • I'm kinda stopped wearing them, as of 2008.

  • Yeaaaahhhh no. If I must give up having short hair permanently, then I'd rather be single forever, thanks. No fleeting chance at sex and/or love is worth never being able to fully be myself.

    [Same to you too, guys and gals. Don't give up your fashion sense and hairstyle for good if they're not just a fleeting fancy. The right guy/gal won't give you up over such trivialities.]

    • See, this is what I'm talking about. Would not even change a hairstyle to make yourself immensely more attractive. This is the sort of selfish, narcissistic behavior you want to avoid, lads.

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    • There might be good reason, depending on how you look lol

    • Ok, fair enough, maybe I'm ugly to some people. But, again, I've fought too hard to like and accept myself. Sorry, but I'm never going back to being utterly dependent on the whims of another person again. If that means being single for life, so be it. I'm never going to be afraid to eat or look in a mirror again.

  • I see where you are coming from. Actually it's my goal to be thinner than those girls anyways and I already look like that. My problem with 99% of guys being picky about women is that they are out of shape themselves and just hypocritical. Nothing wrong with wanting a model girlfriend if you look like a model yourself though.

  • It's a good thing I don't even give a shit about what guys "ask for" anymore xD

    • There's two types of women. Those who don't give a shit about what guys want, and those in loving relationships. :D

  • What standards? Males do not have any. Apparently you are all automatons who can not think for yourselves -- which is how you are able to constantly talk for each other. Totally interchangeable.

  • I don't understand why so many girls are mad. It's not like they're trying to date you so why take it personally? lol.

  • I think you might have proved the opposite of what you intended to. There is another rational male on the Internet. Maybe you've read his blog?

    • I don't think so. My point was that it's not hard to look decently attractive--you don't even have to be in amazing shape. (see kate upton.) Also the simple importance of hair was another point--Emma Watson and JLaw.

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    • Kate's boobs are too big.

    • @zagor Way to prove men aren't fussy! Lol

  • This is laughable. Men do not want less than a Barbie Doll, and its a fact that men care more about looks as they are visual and its a never ending game. The last line is pathetic, I can say the same to all you guys, grow a 6 pack and then we'll talk. lets see how many men actually have a nice bod compared to women? They are not even that good looking as women.

    • I would comment that if men don't want less than a barbie doll, 90% of men would be single... and that it's far easier to be at a healthy weight than it is to get to 7% body fat and build muscle... but I'm sure a 16 year old already knows that lmao

    • They settle, thats the thing because they themselves are ugly.
      How about stop cribing and telling women what to expect?
      ya, as if age matters. I could get 60 year olds who would agree so there you go

  • we can see your type is long blonde hair haha, emma watson looks amazing with short hair so i don't know what you're talking about. j-law wouldn't get a second look, she's pretty average looking.

    • That's part of the lesson. Girls might think Emma Watson looks amazing with short hair, so they emulate it. They need to realize that some things girls think looks great--will just kill your looks for men. So if you want a date, pick the style men find attractive, not women.

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    • well okay then, i wouldn't. i'm aware of what guys like and it doesn't mean i'll conform to it, if all beauty was the same then we'd live in a boring world.

    • I would say that beauty is exceptional by definition, like excellence.

  • i think there's a discrepancy of what men drool over and glorify and what they realistically will look for and take and that discrepancy is amplified in the heads of women

  • Lol. What an ass hole.

  • My hair never grew past my bust.

    What then?

    • You don't need hair down to your butt. Basically as long as it's shoulder length or longer, you'll look a lot more attractive than if it were short or pixie.

  • Yeah. But actions speak louder than words.

  • Well apparently women's standards for men are more realistic based on looks (since most men are average) since that seems to be the only thing you give two fucks about.

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What Guys Said 19

  • The point you are making is going against you. You are downgrading woman. Personally I find woman with short hair attractive, and woman with small breasts I find that they are more humble. And weight does not matter. Look at JenJennifer Lawrence with the first pic to the left she looks like a pornstar and the other she looks like a humble cute girl. Woman are beautiful not just by beauty but by personality.

  • This is a catch 22, not all ladies are the same. Yes keeping yourself in shape in good and healthy for your body and appearance to attract a man. But even with a marvelous looking body, you could have a bad character and morals. You will attract the attention you want from guys, you may not attract the right type of men you are looking for. You present eye candy for a one night stand, or present proper beauty with character, integrity for a long lasting relationship. There is a difference.
    Most women on these covers of magazines I wouldn't dare because most pictures are edited to the point of being fake and phony. I'm around women with character, integrity, personality and inter beauty.

  • hmm.. i don't think you've picked very good examples and seem to have missed your own point a little..
    emma watson is a very pretty girl and would be with any haircut (within reason, lumps of dog poops and such would indeed be a turnoff) so i'm not quite sure what you're trying to say there.
    it might have made sense to pick public figures that aren't famous specifically for being part of the world glamour and good looks.

    looking "perfect" is the most important thing when it comes to looking at women on the internet, or ogling them across the bar. but when it comes to who you're going to spend time with and grow to care about it's ultimately character that plays the biggest roll.
    this is of course not to say that looks don't matter, cause they always do. i am more likely to impulsively want to get to know and be liked by very pretty girl, and first impressions are important, but not unmoving.
    i still remember the first time a saw the only girl i've ever truly loved, it was the first day of collage were all at our seats lookin' around half listening to the teachers induction and she came in late, and when i first saw her.. i thought she looked like a total arse.. aesthetically not at all my type and she just looked really stroppy, i was much later to find out she had good reason to be. so i wasn't really attracted to her at all, infact there was another girl in the class that was totally my type, but as time went on and we got to know each other, she became the most beautiful person in the world, and that's not a romantic exaggeration, i mean there was literally no one i found more attractive. so i guess what i'm saying is that keeping care of your apperance and being the best of yourself is important, but when it comes down to it, it's companionship that's important.. unless you just are a totally shallow douche.. well, i've not sleapt for a couple of days so i'm a little delirious right now and have no idea what i've said or if it makes any sense.. meh.. post

  • Most of these girls you posted are disgusting. In fact the hottest girl you posted on here is Gina Corono. Emma is hot. The rest aren't attractive at all.

    • If you think Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Selena Gomez are disgusting, I would love to see pics of the women you date.

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    • @rjroy3 And you ugly too lol.

  • I think the problem is because these women don't match up with even reasonable standards so they want to rip you apart now. Since you didn't write some nonsense about intelligence being the most sexy trait or some other PC crap, they will take it as on opportunity to twist your words to make it sound like you don't care about anything other than looks.

  • Excellent take. And we should also note that most men don't require women to be funny or otherwise charming or to have great career prospects either.

    • Actually, why not? Your future partner should have a personality that interests and attracts you. Her being capable of contributing financially should be important too, unless you're really rich. Especially if you intend to have children.

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    • @Nachtmeerde I don't consider that to be a problem.

      Trust is sometimes justified. But, faith, which is belief in the absence of evidence, is never justified.

    • How so? From what I can see, selfishness drives indifference towards human suffering. It drives economic inequality.

      The problem with always relying on evidence before trusting someone is getting that evidence. There will always be imperfect situations in life where trust is demanded or required before you truly know someone. For example, dating, friendships and hostile situations.

  • Wow. Jennifer Lawrence sure did have a lot of nudes of herself on the cloud. Seriously. Her nipples are quite unsymmetrical. Quite unsymmetrical indeed.

    Emma Watson looks like a transvestite. The most supremely over-rated woman on Earth.

    I would not be fine with that sort of body.

    I totally agree with the premise of your MyTake. But you got a bit too specific, ending up failing at generalization.

    • Way to prove men don't have high standards.

    • @aliceinwonderland69 Oh, don't get me wrong. I would bone Jennifer Lawrence in a heartbeat. I'm just talking about the ideal body. Unsymmetrical nipples aren't ideal. Humans base attractiveness on symmetry, after all.

      And I mostly hate Watson because everyone loves her so much, in addition to her rampant, viscous feminist stances.

      Men have standards. They just have standards a lot lower than women. Exactly how do you define what is high and what is low? If I say I have any standards whatsoever, are you going to say they're high? It's about in contrast to women. And, in any case, I have higher standards than most men. Even if I did have high standards, that doesn't prove that all men have high standards.

      Are you saying that women don't have high standards in contrast to men?

  • really good my take

  • I like the way you choose pictures of conventional beauty and sexy bodies to explain your standards aren't that high.

  • I agree 100% great take.
    The hair part especially. Long hair is beautiful, women should grow it out, not cut it to look like a dude.

    • Women should do whatever the fuck they want with the dead protein that grows out of their scalp.

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    • This argument is over semantics lol.

      He is using "should" as in "it would be better if"
      And lumos is looking at "should" as in "should be expected or required".

  • I liked your MyTake. Apparently all the bitches who commented somehow made this something that turns them into victims, haha. Losers.

    But I also like personality not just looks. You could be the hottest girl on the block but no decent guy would like you because of your shitty personality. I honestly despise Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence. Why? Because Lawrence is a whiny bitch who is the highest paid actress in Hollywood, but says that because male actors who have been around longer than she has are being paid more, that she's a victim and that she's being discriminated against. Watson is a bitchy Feminist who thinks women are too stupid to fix their own problems and expects men to help women all the time, and supports an ideology that's misandric. Those are automatic turnoffs.

    So yeah, I love a girl who I'm physically attracted to, but also a girl who has a personality.

  • Gina Carano on the end lol. Nice

  • I love how you made these great points and had examples for your position, and women STILL accused you of being too selective.

    Girls, as a male, I can confirm that all we want is Not overly put of shape bodies and preferably long hair. Literally anything more is bonus.

    If your complaining that guys o ly like JLaw and Kate Upton because they have big boobs, you're more superficial than us, so please stop telling us what it is we like.

    • and guys accused him of not being selective enough, disproving his point

  • Just because you are on a cover of a magazine doesn't mean you are good looking.
    If you have low standards, that's fine but I'm certainly asking for more.
    It is really not that hard to settle for better than an overweight average Jane.

  • I completely agree with he fact that a lot of women seem to overestimate the expectations/standards of most men. But the rest of this mytake doesn't do a great job of explaining that, and your expectations do actually seem to be quite high.

  • i didn't even read your take, i jusr came here for those pics XD

  • How do you like this take? Very nicely written!

    I agree. by the way, the two women on the left on the Victoria Secret's picture are so hot. They also happen to be very down to earth and friendly. Now those are sexy women.

    Hadn't heard of the 2nd. Yes I agree with your point. I guess if she's nice, she's something, otherwise she's not that special in my opinion.

    Emma, is a gem. I agree, long hair suits her - it's very hot. Tbh, I'm not sure Hermione was meant to be that hot, but damn girl.

    Interesting point on JL as well.

    Yes nice points. It's like when women say they want a man who is strong etc. So who's judging whom eh?

  • You forgot to add the hipocrasy of women who insist a male have a laundry list of qualities to meet which are much worse than the male expecting a female to simply put a little effort into her looks.
    Women set the bar for men at such a ridiculous high that they will shut down 99% of men who try to talk to them just for the simple act of trying to talk to them. Unless he fits her preconceived mold before hand (Or has obvious money, fame, or power), he is pretty much given zero chance to even speak.

  • Male standard:

    1. Dont be a cunt
    2. Don't be crazy
    3. Don't be a gold digger and be a decent human being.
    4. Go to the gym wants in a while and be thin.
    5. Be a nice person to us and others.

    Female standards:
    1. Have a nice face
    2. Be taller than me
    4. Make more money than me
    5. Wear nice clothes
    6. Be social/popular
    7. Have a nice place

    • You forgot
      8 have a big dick
      9 don't be a wimp
      10 have a good education

    • Men don't want a girl with a nice face, who wera nuce clothes, are social, educated and with a nice boobs and butt? Wow I never knew only women looked at physical traits. Guess that's why all the guys are heads over heels for ugly betty.

    • @MaiNameIsSunshine Nah. A girl could have a sub par face and alright body and guys would be fine. Women are the ones who put empahsis on social, education and all that other BS.