Girls, it is ok to have high standards!

I am so looking forward to the many bitter, salty ass males that will be commenting on myTake. If this myTake did offend you, can you place your complaint at You may or may not get a reply but hell, it is worth a shot.

So this take is going to target mainly males.

Girls, it is ok to have high standards.

So I was dating this guy for two weeks and to be honest, he isn't the type that I am used to. He was a supermarket worker, didn't have a dollar to his name, had no ambition, sex was terrible and he was a selfish lover.

And this is me: I now work with the Australian government, I get a paid a great wage, I have a car, a degree, 2 certificates, a nice little nest egg, a nice looking bank account and just placed a deposit for a house of my own. I am 27, I have my shit together. I am also attractive. So I can have high standards, right? So here I was , looking at him and I said to myself "Go ahead, Noora. Give him a chance."

You know, my mum was right about one thing. I am a beautiful, accomplished girl but I am also extremely desperate at times. Sometimes, I get lonely and I do want some dick to cuddle up to me every now and then.

So I gave him a chance, and boy was it a bad decision. After fucking three days, I paid for everything and I stupidly gave him money to borrow. I get paid a lot so it's change from the back of the couch for me. But still, I felt like the man in the relationship. I advised him to quit his job and at least get into the police force (he was the one that wanted to- basically, he just sits back and dreams without doing anything). You know I might as well be a lesbian because some of you trifling ass males don't know how to be a man if it sodomized you.

I sent him a text dumping him after a week- it's all he deserves. I wrote "Hey, I won't be able to make it tomorrow, have a good one and take care". He in turn wrote "Fine! Yeah, I will have a great one!" I didn't reply, being the dumpee hurts.

So ladies, here are the following reasons why it is good to have high standards.

1) They will never ask you for money

Trust me, you will feel like a man and you will not be comfortable with the change of roles. You will be the one paying ALL of the bills, and he doesn't have the fucking decency to pay quarter of it.

2) Your friends and family will be ok with your beau

You will never have to deal with your mumma crying and saying the dreaded sentence "Where have I failed you?", your daddy getting the shotgun everytime your princess fuckboy wants to go out to the bar instead of finding a job, your friends won't talk about you behind your back saying how desperate you are.

3) Never EVER feel pressured when some salty ass boy who works at fucking subway, with no dollar to his name to date him just because he has a "personality"

Your personality ain't gonna pay the bills, boo boo.

4) It is quite alright to expect a man to treat you nice

Dear men, when has it become not ok to spoil your woman once in a while? To pay for her meal? To maybe get her some motherfucking roses once in a while, or maybe get her a nice piece of jewellery once in a while? For example, I once had a boyfriend who spoiled me, bought me nice stuff. I in return bought him nice trinkets too. Then he hit me because I dress nice and he didn't want guys to look at me.

5) If your standards won't get you a man, well it is better being alone than with some trifling ass fuckboy who won't do anything for you anyway

Face it, you can get dick in every area code. What makes him so special? Bitch please.

So men, get your shit together, have some goddamn ambition, treat your woman nicely and buy her things every once in a while. We aren't expecting you to have a fucking ferrari or anything, we just expect you to have a roadworthy vehicle so that you don't bother us and borrow our vehicle. We expect you to own your OWN money so that you won't have to ask us to borrow some of ours. Don't you have any respect borrowing money from a woman?


Hope you enjoyed myTake. And ladies, I pray that you all get the man of your dreams. If you don't, don't resort to these fuckboys. Promise?


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  • This sounds a lot like a personal problem. Though I agree with having high standards I must agree with @kirah on her opinion. It's fine to want what you want. It isn't fine to expect to be catered to. Though your experience with men may be poor at best, most men probably have equally appalling if not more so stories to tell. I know I do. You may work for the government but did you ever think that "just wanting a dick to cuddle up to me" was an improper line of thinking? That seems needy and selfish. Exactly how does one be a selfish lover? Because you didn't get off? You realize that durning vaginal intercourse it is very unlikely that the female gets off? "He has no money" ok fair. No one wants a partner who can't sustain themselves. However, did you ever think he doesn't have a good job because there is something restricting that? Maybe he simply can't find a better one. You obviously know more about his career status than I do. But still. Having standards is fine. You're attacking men. That is the sole purpose of this take. You are attacking the men who haven't done anything with their lives. Fair. Did you ever stop to think about the men who have? Like myself. I am married and happily so. I gpwork for Activision Publishing as Server Management and run 2 of my own businesses. I make a 6 figure dollar a year. My wife? She doesn't work. She doesn't want to. Does that bother me? Yeah, it definitely does. She's an intelligent woman and very skilled. However I make enough to support us both and our respective hobbies and vices. So I push her to succeed in the world yeah. However I never judge her on what she hasn't done. That's not fair. You can't judge someone on something they haven't done. If you are going to judge someone judge them on what they have done. In short this is generalistic and very much sexist. The fact that your attacking men and women are calling you sexist should be a clue. You definitely don't deserve that editor title if you post shit like this. This is my opinion. You're a sexist woman and should be ashamed of this take. Now. I'm going to happy relationship that is perfectly imperfect. Goodbye.

    P. S: if a man can't ask his woman to borrow the car or help a little with the bills then neither can women. If I couldn't ask my wife occasionally to let me use her car because mine isn't practical for the task at hand then she can't ask for money, etc. Favours and gifting goes both ways if you don't give you don't receive. End of story.


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  • Well, I'm not a man but I'm most assuredly offened by this take. I don't have much respect for people who think they can disrespect others because they've been wronged in their life. I've been hurt by many people in my life and I don't like people all that much but I would never be this rude and disrespectful to other people like that. You can be hurt, you can be angry and you can even be bitter if you choose but don't take it out on other people. That's not right.

    So, let's go over this take of yours, shall we?

    Let's start with that guy you dumped. First, there's nothing wrong with working at a supermarket. I had a thing for cashier at our grocery store and I even left him a note, though nothing came of it. If something would have, I wouldn't have cared about him working there because I wasn't after his job or money. The thing I wanted most was to get to know him, all that other stuff is meaningless to me. So, I don't think him working at the store is that big of a deal. And, if you didn't want to pay for everything then you shouldn't have. Maybe this guy wasn't your type but the way you treated him was wrong.

    You think just because he what worked at a supermarket and borrowed money from you, that he doesn't deserve a proper break up? You think he only deserved a text message that wasn't even a break up? That is so beyond wrong, I don't even know what to say. From what I've read you've had people treat you badly in relationships and for that I'm sorry but why on earth would you treat someone as badly as people have treated you? That guy know matter what you think of him, deserved more then a cryptic text message that was more then a little unclear in it's actual intent and purpose. That's very wrong and I hope on some level you know that.

    • Second, I'm not sure why people think what they have and how they look somehow defines what they deserve but that's not true. What a person does, what they make, what they have and what they look like doesn't define who they are or even make them a good catch or a good person. I mean, if we go based solely on status and what the outside showed to the world. Ted Bundy had his quote "shit together". He came from a good family, he was well educated, was attractive and was even going to have an internship in Washington DC. So, I suppose to some he'd be the perfect catch. Except for that one tiny minor detail of him being a serial killer and rapist. My point of mentioning Mr. Bundy is, just because we have it all together or it looks that way doesn't mean we don't have hidden skeletons in the closet.

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    • Third, being as that you think very highly of yourself and think you deserve the best of the best. I would think a person who works for the government would be more eloquently spoken and not have the mouth of truck driver. I would also think someone who wants the best guy there is would not speak so disrespectfully of men or treat them in such a disrepectful way. I would also think someone who works for the government would be more classy and mature, instead of being crude and act like she's teenage girl. But, what do I know.

    • As for your points of why it's good to have high standards, I don't agree with any of that and even if you did have any good points they are lost on me because of your laguage, disrespect of people, thought process of what makes a person worthwhile or your idea of what a relationship is about in general and most importantly your immature pictures that involve phrases like "get a life loser" and statements made by you such as "your personality won't pay the bills, boo boo" and calling guys "trifling ass fuckboy".

      So, based on all that. Why would I take advice from you on relationships? And, how could anybody ever take anyone like that seriously? Most importantly, why would they? What actual knownlegde have you bistowed upon us women that we should listen to you, for any reason?

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  • Interesting take.
    I'm working on improving myself since I want a woman of substance. All around me I see girls and not women. I won't lower my standards just for some pussy either.

  • You can have the "standards" you want. It's your choice. It's your life. I respect that. I am sure there will be someone for you somewhere. I like how you want him to spoil you but you don't want a loser so you don't have to pay for him. You want the pros of gender roles but not the cons.

    This all sounds exactly like you really. Seriously, you are so full of yourself and entitled. I want this. I should have that. He should treat me like this. I have money. I am beautiful. He should pay for me, I shouldn't have to pay for him. I, I, I, me, me, me... BUT, I am NOT high maintenance even though I sound like the shape of my butt is only compatible with the seat of a Mercedes. Face it, you're a diva !

  • Jewelry is pointless expense, and honestly if you earn as much as you claim you do, you may as well buy the expensive crap for yourself. If we want to judge people's worth based on their financial status, we may as well say you should pay everything for yourself: don't you have any self-respect borrowing from a male?

    Anyways, this take is extra sexist and I will be out.

    • Spoken like a true fuckboy. 'Jewelery is a pointless expense'. It's a symbol of you working hard to spoil her once in a while. Is that not ok? Or are women only supposed to destroy their bodies to have children for you, cook and clean after you for nothing? Oh wait, we are supposed to cater to your worthless asses because we are supposed to love you for just the hell or it. And why in God's name did a female support this stupid statement?

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    • @lacorine197 I am mostly just surprised that the take owner actually went anonymous on this. I guess she crumbled under the criticism, eh, Fish?

    • yea some people just get worst these days

  • Everyone needs to have high standards. Yes, it's tougher to find the right person, and you'll feel lonely some days (you fetch for some dicks when that happens, I fetch for some pussy xD). But in the end, when you find that person, the wait is worth it. Obviously you gotta have reasonable standards, can't ask for a guy to be multimillionaire and you're just a cashier, he's not even gonna see you xD

    I agree with this take, with what you say about high standards, I have them too. I want a woman who's ambitious, one that has her shit together. I don't wanna be the one to pay all the bills and everything for her while she does nothing at home. I'm her boyfriend, not her dad/butler, if she's an adult, she can pay for her own shit and contribute. If then she's also a lady, and not an entitled woman, she'll get spoiled some times.

    I don't like the fact that you just refer to men when it comes to being someone, cause like I said, a woman can't have high standards for men, and then be a walking trash. She needs to hold herself to some standards too.

  • It's perfectly fine to have high standards... as long as she willing to accept the fact that there will be less choices to choose from.

    The more qualifications needed, the less potentials there are that will meet them.

    • Baby read my last text. I'd rather have no one than a nobody who will suck my resources better than a hoe sucking dick.

    • The mantra for many desperately ingle women. There's having standards, then there's having high standards.

      In my experience when a woman says she has high standards, it usually ends up being superficial bullshit that actually drives away great guys who have a lot of great qualities.

      I know a 33 year old doctor who only ever wants to dates doctors for example. They have to be older than her, earn more than she does, be tall, can't have prior children and have to be either white or Asian, nothing else. Her standards are superficial at best, and downright ludicrous at worst.

      There are nurses, technicians etc that would have dated her (not anymore). Perfectly good guys with careers etc, but she counted them ALL out for not being doctors. Silly superficial standards don't make you happy. And they create an unhealthy scarcity mentality that'll often ruin the relationship if you find the perfect one.

    • Again... you missed my point.

  • Maybe the Subway guy would have more money to spend on you if your employer weren't putting a gun to his head and stealing his money! Maybe he could afford a house if your employer weren't creating inflation (the most insidious and damaging act of theft of all).

    Very few government employees are doing legitimate work. Go and prove your worth in the consensual sector of the economy!

    • You totally missed my point

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    • I've been thinking about this post and it's actually rather clever, very true indeed.

  • The issue I have with this isn't that you would want these standards, in fact you are biologicly driven to such, its that they seem to apply only to men. Did you act like a woman in your relationship? Because from the sound of it you act like a man. So in that regards isn't it a little hypocritical that you would expect men to act like men while you yourself do not act like a woman? Again I fully understand the reasoning behind what you are saying its the lack of reciprocation that I find to be off putting. Don't demand that men act like "men" unless you are willing to act like a "woman". Don't take this the wrong way, I am not offended, its just that you act in a masculine way (gloating about how great you are your job and your money all things that are characteristic of male behavior not female) while expecting men to treat you like a woman (while not exhibiting any overtly feminine characteristics yourself). Perhaps thats your problem? That you expect men to act like "men" but you yourself don't know how to act like a woman?(Again this is not meant to be insulting but it is apparent you are bitter and have relationship issues.) The fact is a man doesn't seek a woman out that he has to compete with, men compete with men every waking moment, he seeks a woman out because he doesn't have to compete with her. By actin as a man you are likely increasing the odds that these "real men" won't want to be with you. Its hard to treat a woman like a woman when she refuses to act like one. Again not meant to be offensive, just speculation based upon the limited data provided.

  • Interesting take - As you predicted when I read the responses it became enveloped in a quagmire of negative discussion quite frankly I gave up after a few because I felt it was getting nowhere. My view is that dating and relationships are all about the personalities of the people involved. You and I may have differing ideas about who our ideal partner would be but that doesn't stop us having our own standards about meeting this person. Society should support you and I in achieving our ideals.
    I have absolutely no problem with you, I find you very honest and upfront about what you want and they are qualities I appreciate even though I may not agree with some of what you say.
    In conclusion what can I say, I agree with one of the responders who says how you phrased your take may have lit the fuse. It is obvious you are as very intelligent, articulate young woman who from what I see has a lot of good qualities. I don't know maybe if you presented your case less forcibly and let it be known that you are willing to discuss your views constructively, it might get you further.
    I am not speaking from my high horse here, I am speaking from experience for years my debating tactic was throw in the stick of dynamite then go in guns blazing for the fightback from other people. Now in life I think of two opposing sides in an argument and how small each positional area is and there is an awful lot of middle ground going to waste that can be used constructively.

    • Quick clarification - "Willing to discuss your views constructively", not a comment directed solely at you but all participants in any future debate on your views,

  • Great take! I agree, no one lower your standards, instead raise your own appeal and status! 😁

  • 27, single, bragging about her accomplishments.

    Oh yeah, you're going to make a great 30something year old unmarried career woman. You're even blogging early, so that'll help with your bitter blogs about toxic masculinity and girl power.

    • And why does it matter for a accomplished career woman to be married? What is a husband going to do for me exactly? Lol

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    • Thats your problem right the whole "what is he going to do for me" attititude he's going to be there. When you need him thats it.

    • Need him for what? What is a gold digging fuck boy going to do for me when he relies off my money just because he saY's three irrelevant words? Boy, get your stupid argument in check

  • Yeah its ok to have standards, but the sun doesn't rise and set outta your crack.

    So turn down the ego some, lady.

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    • Carry on.

    • couldnt have said it better

  • very very true!

    It is perfectly accetable and logical to have stndards fitting your own level! You're what i'd describe as high middle class, and it's perfectly okay for you to require the guy to be at least decently off! You're simply asking for an equal!

    by the way, your standards aren't high. They're perfectly reasonable. Obviously to a poor ass fuckboi it'd seem high, but yea, we know how those guys are. High standards would in my opinion in your case be demanding a millionaire or a ridicolousy hot guy.

    good take, i'd say. Maybe a bit case sensitive, but that's not really important to your point.

  • If you want to talk about standards, how about the fact that someone who has supposedly earned Editor status posting an inflammatory, sexist diatribe like this and having it *promoted* by the site? And then attacking anyone male who dares criticise it and calling them 'fuckboys'? I bet the site's advertisers would be delighted.

    • she's female they get away with a lot of crap on here.

    • I agreeπŸ˜• . Seems stuck up to me. My boyfriend is in the army does not make a lot of money and yet i am proud of hjm.
      Her mistake is this
      True love is soul to soul
      Love is not physical
      Love is not bought and neither is respect.
      I love my boyfriend he loves me.
      And we respect each other.
      This take makes me mad

  • This was a very unusual take. The title caught my attention, and I thought I was going to enjoy a good read but then the drama queen personality came along very quickly and I was confused at why the myTake turned into a blood letter. Half of those gifs were very immature for your age, needless to say.

    I'm not sure why you said you felt like a man in the relationship. Do you mean that men have to pay for everything or something?

    Here I am, a guy who is not bitter, nor salty, but yet disagreed with this take completely. It could have been better, it just sounded too entitled to life. Sorry :]

  • Pretty ironic that it's you that's coming across as bitter :D :D :D

    • probably bitter that her 'amazing' self can only end up with a guy like 'that' lmao

  • of course it is totally okay , you can do whatever you want , i dont even know u ; p

  • In the same token, it's totally fair for guys to have standards as well, physically and mentally, I'm ambitious skydive and am social plus attending college so I expect a girl of substance,

    On the physical I have a condition that makes me shave my head bald at 20 but do have a great face and eyes that get regular compliments along with s slender build, and my standards on looks are still high, to me I only am interested in slender girls with great faces. Don't like to number but 7-8 usually is what I go for to give an idea, and I wouldn't lower that for the world.

    I don't see an issues with your take as long as you realize there are plenty of girls who wrongly villainous men for having high standards when it's more a human thing

  • This really says more about you than the guys you date, doesn't it? Do you walk under a flock of pigeons and get upset when you feel wet on your head?

    If you are a catch yourself, then be smart and only date decent guys. If you are attractive, physically fit, have a decent job and a nice car... then don't date bums!

    If a guy is 25, only has a high school diploma, and has a bright future of working $8 an hour retail for the rest of his life... then no, he's not a catch.

    At the same time... if you are a fat, bitchy woman who talks about how she "don't need no man!" and works a $10 an hour job, and you're holding out for a handsome tall guy with a college degree and career plans... get used to being single!

  • Having high standards is fine on 2 conditions.

    1. Those standards are not ridiculously unrealistic that would not be met by a significant number of the population.

    2. The girls/guys who have these high standards are also measuring up themselves. Otherwise it's just hypocritical.

  • Its ok to have high standards, but dont get too cocky and think you are better than everyone else. I have high standards, but I know that if someone isn't as good as I am I can still give them respect for the hard they are putting in. Yes I agree if someone is lazy or doesn't work hard enough for themselves that that should be looked down upon. Not because you are degrading them, but it reinforces them to take positive action.

    Also I dont understand why you felt obligated or felt that you needed to give that guy a chance. If you knew he was gonna be like that, then why bother. There wasn't any pressure for you to date a guy like that. Only the pressure you put on yourself.

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  • Yeah, people deserve those alike to them - if you work hard to get everything you want and deserve, why shouldn't you have a boyfriend who does the same thing - tries as hard.

    Lowering standards is one of the reasons for divorce.

    Being satisfied alone - much better than being miserable with another person.

  • Ha all these bitter guys getting butthurt now of course, not surprised. So according to some of you, its okay for a guy to rely on his girl and always ask for things, but if a girl expects something from a guy, she's a gold digger! (another negative word made just for women) and this mytake isn't even about her expecting a guy to do everything for her. its about having standards high enough to go for guys who are as equally successful as you instead of a guy who will just live off of you and who are just straight up losers (i noticed some of you are outraged by the way she dared to mention he's bad in bed, because how does she even know, has she had multiple sex partners? is she comparing? does she actually care about how a guy is in bed? what a judgmental hoe!!! but all the guys who care about how a girl is in bed, there's nothing wrong with them its natural and normal for guys to judge a girl). and HOWW dare she say men should sometimes give us gifts? omg what a typical lazy golddigger!!! smh -_- what happened to chivalry and true gentlemen. we don't expect you to shower us with gifts for no reason, we do the same back. Just as she mentioned, she actually has a job and obviously has her shit together. and some of you are just not on the same page, stop bitching about it and do something about it instead.

  • This can go for guys too. I will def be a lot more picky after my 1st relationship ended in heartbreak because I lowered my standards and let someone into my heart that didn't belong there. This guy was completely unambitious and very lazy. I was hoping that one day he would get inspiration and figure out what he wanted to do in life. He never made the slightest effort. I don't need a rich man, but I do want stability where my man will want to have a job that he enjoys and isn't a close to min wage job. The guy doesn't have to have his future completely planned out, but he needs to make an effort. Yeah I also worked a min wage job, but I kept researching about going back to school (I know all the requirements, programs etc) and right now I am moving to a more professional job. He gave me an illusion that he was determined. When i do talk about marriage to a guy I won't be swept off my feet I will question him and ask "how are we gonna make that happen?" Lowering your standards will end in a broken heart or a life, even having kids (which would be very sad).

  • Nice sexism. You only date guys with money? Talk about shallow. I'm sure that if you have time to write myTakes like these, you're probably not earning much money yourself. Let me guess, you're "traditional"? Get out of the 1950's, please.

    This entire take just reeks of sexism and "pay for my stuff". It's fine to have high standards, just don't come crying to me "where have all the good men gone?" when you're 40 and all you have is your cats. πŸ˜‚

    Now excuse me, I have to get back to my boyfriend who I actually love as a person, rather than loving his bank account.

    • Kirah. ... give me your bank account details for the purpose of transferring every single cent I have if you don't change your mind after 2 years. I used to think exactly like you. And I am an extremely stubborn woman. Extremely. You will look back on this and think that I was right. My take was mainly about guys who expect to live off a woman's expenses and not do shit for themselves. But you go back to your penny sucking boyfriend (I do hope for your sake he's not lile that and spoils you from time to time). If he doesn't, I can assure you that you will look at other girls and have resentment towards him build up and you will be thinking where your effervescent youth went.

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    • Hahaaha I love you, what you say is so true.

    • By the way, I don't know if it's been 2 years yet, but I didn't change my mind. Now, where's that money you promised me? :D

  • Sorry couldn't finish the whole take. As always you just go on and on and on about how great you are... so much better than everyone else. We get it, you're perfection. πŸ˜’

  • i stopped reading after the over praise you do about yourself...

    i mean its ok to have high standards, but whats not ok is to put down others to make yourself feel better...
    you're talking as if you pity dated him... & thats really awful of you to do so.

    • Same here. That praise was a complete turn-off from the entire take.

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    • Oh I didn't pity date him, I dated him because he had this trait called 'nice'. And yeah maybe I am a little bitter and angry... not above admitting that. I. am angry because why the hell do I have to have the short end of the stick when dating guys when chick's who are absolutely worthless cheating hoes get the best guys? That my friend, is the reason that gets my gears riled.

    • well they probably have sth you don't see haha. you might think you're amazing and stuff, but to the 'best' guys you might be the 'worthless' one...

  • I was really excited to read this because I do need to learn to have higher standards and not settle for less than I deserve but damn... this is some bitter self praising stuff.

  • All I want is a dude who can support himself. Main thing. That's it. Everything else is gravy.

  • "And ladies, I pray that you all get the man of your dreams. If you don't, don't resort to these fuckboys. Promise?"

    Great take by the way.

  • Well, you let yourself get used and claim you "have your shit together". People who have their shit together don't get used by men for money at the age of 27.

    You're also throwing around the "be a man" bullshit but how can you expect a man to treat you right when you don't treat yourself right.

    "Don't you have any respect borrowing money from a woman?" -Well don't you have enough respect as a grown woman to say "no" to something that you don't respect.

    I just think if you're going to make a point to others, then you should at least practice it first.

  • Chicks like you give women a bad name

    • And exactly how do I give women a bad name? Because I don't let people walk all over me?

    • Dear take owner, there's a difference between not letting people walk over you, and walking over people.

    • Sorry, I accidently downvoted when I was heading over to the up vote.

  • Why would a man want to take care of a woman who screams endlessly at the top of her lungs that she is "independent" and able to take care of herself?
    Surely she can buy her own jewelery and cars if she's so satisfied in demeaning men who make less money than her and refuse to satisfy her arbitrary materialistic urges.

    Men want to feel needed and cared for, there's no point in going for an egotistical "independent" woman who sees herself as a queen when there's tons of more feminine, loyal, and modest girls who are easier to please and more pleasant to be with out there.

  • Ehh, my boyfriend works at McDonalds and earns more then me, I don't expect him to support me, I have my money he has his, I still like to buy him things even if he rarely does for me, why you may ask? Because I love him. Money doesn't measure love. We've been together for three years, throughout these years I've supported him, I even sent him $300 "just because" he's asked to borrow money from me and I lent him close to a thousand, and I didn't mind, he paid it all back, and even though he works at a fast food place he's saving his money, I don't really think bagging someone for their job is fair, if you put your mind to it you can save even on low wage. Maybe I'm just someone who has no "morals" in your eyes, in mine I just see myself as understanding and loving. I hope you find your ideal man, good luck :)

  • So you want a man. Who has his issh together or at least is trying to. You want him to have ambition, respect. How is this even high standards? Its not like you were asking for a 6'4, Adonis body, chiseled face young brad Pitt lookalike. Now that is high standards that maybe a handful of men in this world will meet. And why is it whenever a woman is confident in herself she is cocky? Its like we are supposed to be the most insecure beings ever. Why is it when women have standards we are gold diggers? It's like we are supposed to like whatever looks our way. And if men don't like this raise your standards and I mean what a partner can offer that isn't physical. And shoot to always better yourself but if your happy in your life good !

    • Amen! People always tell me that I am picky, but in reality all the girl needs to do is meet the same standards as the ones wanted from a guy in this take and I'm good. Sadly so many people don't do shit with their lives and screw around so not many people meet my moderate standards which makes them seem high. by the way confident girls are the only ones that me and many other guys like.

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    • So there are no biological differences between a male and a female? So these biological and hormonal differences play no part in how gender roles are created? That's my point. You pointing out that gender is a social construct and sex being biological is petty. That idealogy isn't necessarily true. It's a theory driven by the feminist cult. Lol

    • @SteeloEm1 Lol, learn how to read my friend

  • This is great. I love it. I do want to say that when people have high standards, I think they should be able to live up to their standards themselves. Obviously, you're doing great, but if Mr. Subway sets high standards, I think he needs to meet his standards. You see what I'm saying? Otherwise, it is just stupid.

  • I agree an just had a break up with a fuck boy , he never bought me a thing or took me out. Also never wanted to use a condom. An was so disrespectful I feel a bit broken an fragile right now. He literally told me to stop texting so much an said I will never get a boyfriend an he feels sorry for me. He seemed so abusive in the end. I can't stop crying

    • @nuqood. Here you go. A great example. And babe, I am so sorry you experienced this. I pray your heart will heal.

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    • I agree yeah. That's not me at all. You don't know me so make assumptions all you like. Crazy how people online actually think they know a person fully. You need a life dude. Didn't meet anyone on tinder I would never use such a site thanks. I like to meet people in the real world unlike you. Said nothing about saving me. I make my own money an look after myself. I don't think I am entitled at all. Judge all you like , but remember your just a stranger making jabs due to boredom zzz @nuqood

    • @Nuqood thanks for naming this anon myTake writer as @starfishlover :D

  • People are freaking paranoid of rejection from someone they approach. I can understand the concern of weirdos, but you're going to meet those types regardless, and they tend to prey on the shy, not the assertive. From my experience, although I hate the initial adrenaline rush, its ENORMOUSLY satisfying to walk away from a social encounter that I had the courage to initiate, even if it goes south. If we did that more, maybe we could meet that one guy/girl that lives up to our standards.

  • I somewhat agree with this take. I don't like role change either but sometimes you have to to make things fair. I also agree with @QuestionMan. If a guy has money to his name, is confident, lives by himself, has a nice house, car and good personality then he's going to want someone who's similar. I've noticed that some girls who want that are not on that level. I think most guys who have all that would want someone who is attractive, confident and probably has a good paying job as well (she would less likely be dating him for his money and would be independent). I'm not saying that people can't have high standards im just saying that you have to accept the consequences or what you get in return. I'm also just saying that girls who have dream guy goals should at least work on their life as well because I'm some situations dating can be like a job interview so it would only help you if you were to work on your 'resume'.

  • People will often shame you for having allegedly "high standards", when all you do is just holding others to the same standards you hold yourself to. You do you.

  • You're right there is nothinng wrong with having standards that are high. However, if you are just gonna throw a man to the curb because he doesn't make as much money as you, your "standards" need to be re-evaluated. Honestly, I want a man/ woman who respects me and others. Yes, he/she has to be ambitious, but he/she doesn't have to a millionare. It seems to me your head is so far up your ass you can't smell your own sh! t. You want a bunch of materialistic sh! t, and that's not what a relationship is about. I understand that men (and women) can be assholes. Believe me I experienced it too many times. However, the zeroes in there bank account doesn't measure the character of the person. Personality may not pay the bills, but it sure as hell will make you happy in the relationship. I understand that settling is bad, but as long as I get jewlery, shoes, and materialistic sh! t it's fine right?

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