Girls, stop getting mad at us boys for wanting lots of sex.

This shouldn't take too long.

It apparently needs to be said, judging by some plebeian comments I often see on GaG (i.e., "not all girl/guys are the same! how dare you generalize even though I myself do it all the time!"), that when speaking about generalities and generalizations, we are talking about the overwhelming majority of whatever you're speaking about, not. literally. each. and. every. single. person. on. the. face. of. the. Earth. There will always be exceptions to ANY rule when speaking about sociological matters. However! in many cases, they are outliers. An exception is NOT the rule, or disproof of the rule. If a Bell Curve of people, 66-70% or so think a thing, then we can comfortably say that "most people think X thing." I'm surprised that needs to be said, but apparently a lot of people out there have never taken any statistics or sociology courses.


Girls, stop getting mad at us boys for wanting lots of sex.

So something I've noticed many times on GaG,

or elsewhere online, and when (unfortunately) hearing girls talk about sex in person, inevitably, is that they get flummoxed at guys for various things, right? We're guys-- we're terrible. We know. How dare we guy around all day, guying all over the guy. We're the guyest guys who have ever guy'd. Guys just SUCK man. We're the WORST. Truly awful. Because, you know... we consider sex to be important and one of the driving factors in life. We don't seek relationships enough, or if we do, we just want sex. Everyone knows that right? And sex is baaaaad, unless it coincides correctly with what the girl wants too, to the utter utmost tee.

Many girls seem to get mad at us guys for wanting a lot of sex, including on the first date (read: not EXPECTING sex on first date, but WANTING sex on first date; they're not the same thing), or just more than they do. But herein lies the problem-- girls still want it. What's the sense in getting frustrated at someone who wants the same thing you do, just more of it? I don't get mad at girls who want the same things I do, even if they want it more badly. It only makes sense to be vexed at someone who you think has their priorities way out of whack *if you don't share the same priorities.*

Girls, stop getting mad at us boys for wanting lots of sex.

Do you want it or not?

You can't have your cake and eat it too. Those who claim that girls want sex as much as guys, you can't make that claim (you really don't want it as much though... you only think you do, but that's currently beside the point) and then get mad at guys who "only want sex," whatever the hell that means. Yeah, we want sex. Yep. You got it. With every single hot/pretty girl we see, all the time, everywhere we go. And... so? So what? Again, so you may not want it as much, but you still want it, so what leg do you have to stand on to criticize guys for wanting it too? "Guys just want hookups," which is hilarious that that's allegedly supposed to be a criticism of some kind, or... something; I'm not really even sure. That's like me getting annoyed at girls for just wanting to go out to eat all the time at expensive restaurants... when I also very much enjoy that experience. It's low brow crap.

It's dumb, and makes you look dumb, even if you're not.


Thanksssss. Hugs and kisses.

Girls, stop getting mad at us boys for wanting lots of sex.
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