Under 18 boys: 12 things not to do and to do to get the girl!

Nowadays younger generations are finding it harder and harder to find love.

Here are 12 things that you should and not do to the girl you like.

All that be a gentlemen your mama told you. Forget it.

I bet she is already married to a jerk husband Or she is a single mom and your dad was and is a jerk.


1. Never give a girl you like full attention. It's a turn off to them and she can feel overwhelmed. Girls like mystery, they like a guy who is rarely around.

2. Money. 💵 It's simple you can't date, marry or wife a wife without money. Guys. You are just temporary. Girls can easily replace you for a richer guy. He may not have your gentleman qualites but he does have money and your ex.


3. No romance crap. No mushy I love you and I miss you crap. It only works in the movies because 1. The guy in the movie is rich 2 and he is more attractive than You 3. The guy has a higher status than you.

Under 18 boys: 12 things not to do and to do to get the girl!


4. Make fun of her by being direct. Girls are weird. I love girls but they are Weird. when they are mad at you it really means they like you.


5. Don't text/call her everyday. Give her time to miss you and to get mad at you.


6. Get her mad at you. If you get her mad then you aren't friend material therefore the friendzone is exempt.


7. Get fit. Girls like a physically attractive guy. We are in an era where fitness is the new cooking. Women spend more time at the gym than in a kitchen. If you are fit she will love you and spend time with you.

Under 18 boys: 12 things not to do and to do to get the girl!


8. Give her only 1-2 compliments within every 6 weeks. Girls like to be showered with compliments just not too much where it gets boring & predictable. Plus by not giving her compliments she will work harder for you to notice her.


9. Be direct. Let her know how you feel and what you want.


10. Dress to impress. Don't dress like a goth or a peacock. Dress with class. Get hair cuts change your style from time to time. It's shows you got style and money. Did I already mention that girls love money?

Under 18 boys: 12 things not to do and to do to get the girl!


11. Be confident. Through smarts body and speech.


12. Drama. Cause problems. Girls love drama. Girls love to talk and share stories with their friends. If your just a gentlemen and you don't challenge her or is Mr. Goodie 2 Shoes. You'll get dumped and she will swap you for an abusive guy so she can share stories with her friends.

So under 18 boys. I do this because I care. I was like you who was dropped for a tall dumbass.

Girls will not tell you this info. They will lie just to make themselves and you feel good.

Girls love a challenge. They will disagree with me but at the same time respect me for not being a push over. And they won't be calling me a friend.

Peace guys.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Kids do not need to find romantic love, they need to find THEMSELVES. So honestly I think dating and relationship advice for people under 18 is unnecessary.

    Also... this is terrible advice. I work with kids all the time. I don’t think you understand how girls are and what they really think. A lot of this stuff wouldn’t be beneficial in the long run. Young ladies of TODAY wouldn’t really put up with that macho act.

    And there are many different kinds of teenagers. You cannot tell young boys to dress classy for the sake of attracting girls because a lot of girls don’t really care about that! There are goth-like looking girls who would want to date a boy who probably dresses similar.

    Kids today are so diverse with their interest so why would you push guys into this cookie cutter macho image just because a few girls rejected YOU for someone taller?
    Why would you encourage boys to insult girls for the sake of attraction? Is it because you wish you’d gotten the chance to tell all the girls off who told you no?

    Absolutely terrible... smh... smgdh...

    • Unfortunately I can’t agree with you on the part that people under 18 shouldn’t be dating. Yes I can agree that people my age should be finding themselves however, in many cases it takes another to find yourself, to see who you really want to be. I also beleive that having a partner helps in the future, it allows you to experiment and see what your into and what you aren’t, so that when you’re older and looking for a serious relationship you understand what you enjoy and don’t. I also beleive that having a relationship at my age is important because with the world the way it is now, many people desperately need another to rely on, and to have take care of them. To talk with and express worries and emotions onto.

    • @Whaler i didn’t say they shouldn’t be dating.
      I said they shouldn’t “find” (like go out of their way to prioritize) romantic love.
      Love is all around, but being a kid involved in romance is unnecessary. Because most of those relationships fail. And I’m my opinion they fail because kids are still growing constantly on the move to self discovery. Most kids do not stay the same people.
      So no I don’t think kids need romantic love or advice about romantic love when it is a thing that is supposed to be built on a solid foundation. Most teenagers cannot or will not understand what that is since anything at that time can be fleeting. It’s just not something I encourage kids to prioritize.

    • My apologies, I misinterpreted what you wrote.

Most Helpful Guy

  • This is some of the worst advice I have ever received. I’m sorry to tell you. I’ve had plenty of dating within my life and all of it is opposite to yours. However I won’t demean the tips as it’s different for every girl. Depending on who you’re into, and what you look for everything is different. Girls I’ve dating or have had feelings for, we both looked for a person we could talk to about feelings, have deep conversations with, and who shared general interests. I’ve never been thrown away by a girl, nor have I been used for money by any either. Maybe it’s different cultures, maybe it’s different areas but most of not all of what you said doesn’t apply to me or any girls in my area.


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  • Could you please tell all of them to stop wearing their pants around their ankles and telling me I'm 'kinda peng'?

  • As a teen, I'd say that's very untrue. In fact, many girls of my age like romance. All you really need is confidence and approachability (if that's a word). Most importantly, be yourself. If you want to be funny, be funny.

  • "Nowadays younger generations are finding it harder and harder to find love." Um... that's objectively untrue. There's no such thing as "nowadays." There is nothing new under the sun.

    ~ Mrs Manson

  • this is laughable xD
    hahaha for real

  • So you are a phony.


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