Why Pick-Up Should Be Taught in Schools


Pick-Up is often stigmatized as this 'manipulative' practice of 'tricking' women to have sex with a guy. But it's really much, much more than that, and much different than that those who believe what it is. This whole art is really about men (and even women) learning how to be authentic to themselves to attract people that are right for them, for either sexual, romantic, or even platonic purposes.

Well...perhaps we should call it something different to help enunciate the overarching points I'm about to make. "Pick up" has become such a vulgar term that anyone who uses it seriously will be discredited by a lot of people. Instead, lets use the term Social Dynamics.
A lot of this will be more aligned towards guys, but don't see a reason why women can't apply these principles too.

Why should Social Dynamics (or Pick-Up) be taught in schools? Let's keep this take simple and create a list of reasons why with examples.

Why Pick-Up should be Taught in Schools

Reason 1: To Skew Away Creepy Habits

The one thing MORE creepy than a guy learning how to pick up chicks, is NOT learning how to pick up chicks.
- Owen, Real Social Dynamics

Here's a question for women. What's more creepy to you, a guy shadowing you as you're talking with your buddies, brown nosing awkwardly as he remains quiet and noncomunicative? Or a guy who intterupts whatever conversation you're having and puts forth an amusing, authentic vibe while introducing himself to you and your friends and fully interacting?
A lot of people who try to converse with others, especially to those they find attractive, often put out this awkward vibe. The reason? Because they don't have the experience or social skills to conduct a conversation. These people don't have the ability to calibrate themselves socially. Often also become afraid to just be who they are naturally since they fear rejection. Sometimes they're awkward even with their own friends, but when it comes to meeting new people it can be an emotional and mental nightmare for them.
It also prevents messages like these going about:

Why Pick-Up Should Be Taught in Schools

Well...gotta give him credit at least. We all started somewhere. Better to try and fail miserably than never to put any effort at all.
You also tend to appreciate behavior you'd otherwise think as 'creepy' when you're reminded of your roots. It's like observing a person who first learn how to play a video game. You want to make fun of him or her at first, but instead of being a dick about it you help them out and show them the ropes like a leader.

Reason 2: Developes Core Confidence and even Embraces Rejection
Fakeness. Yeah we all suffered through it, either being lied to or putting up a front to try to proove our worth. When you learn Social Dynamics, you learn how to just simply be yourself, as well as learn who you are in different situations. You own up to how you feel. Even when you feel nervous or shy, you learn to say "Alright. I'm nervous, I'm likely going to look like a fool talking to this cute girl/guy, but that's just fine!"
When you actually escelate more and more with the person you're attracted to and you get rejected, you'll learn that rejection isn't that big of a deal. In fact it can be a life saver. You realize it's better to be rejected for who you are since you'll know that you won't be wasting time with someone who doesn't see you as the awesome person you are. You will get rejected. A LOT. And that's okay. Because the ones who likes you for who you genuinely are will be worth the hundreds of rejections. Even in the night where you have people constantly rejecting you, you learn to say "Eh. No big deal. I'll just have an epic masturbation session at home. I mean I got porn to watch."
You also tend to realize that your personality and amusement is a much much bigger factor than your looks when it comes to attracting a person. If a short, balding ginger can score lots of hot girls, then you guys can too. Don't need the most amazing body, nor do you need to be rich. All you need is yourself. You are enough.

Reason 3: No More Obsession, No more caring for the "Friendzone"
How many of you reading this went through a harsh breakup? You felt like you're missing an important part of your 'self' in a sense, right? Or how about that cute person you failed to walk up to and say 'hello' because you felt too nervous. Do you regret not talking to them now, hence you could've possibly started an epic relationship with?
Almost, if not all of us went through this at least once. When you learn how to interact with people and harness your self confidence, you realize there are many more options in the world. That crush you've been obsessing with isn't all that great. You even begin to see the flaws in even the hottest people you meet. You realize they're human too, and you stop putting them on a pedestal.
Friendzone. You stop caring about it too. In fact, you learn to use it to your advantage to network and discover more people you'll find attractio to and try your skills on.
Instead of saying "I need a girlfriend / boyfriend," you learn to say "A relationship would be a nice bonus."
You'll also learn how to save money by understanding that you don't necessarily need to pay for someone in order to be an attractive and desirable person.

Reason 4: You're prepared for that "One"
You want to be ready to meet the person of your dreams? Then you'll have to learn how to get good with all people first. When you have enough experiences with those you have attraction to, again you stop putting people on a pedestal and thinking they're so perfect, especially acknowledging their flaws.
You learn not to feel nervous or impeded by the presence of one you're extremely attracted to. You'll know they're the one when you don't have to fake an act to attract them.

If you don't get over your obsessive habits, you'll only push that 'one' away from you.

Reason 5: Helps Develop Discipline and Personal Responsibility
You are the only one responsible for your happiness. And learning such skills require great discipline. You need to continue going out regularly, approaching those good looking guys and girls you have an eye for. You learn to go after what you desire, instead of waiting for the universe to bring it to you. It's scary. It's intimidating. But the reward of going through the grind will eventually lead to enjoyment, and thuse you'll become a better person on top. You'll learn to have control and power over yourself and your livelihood. You'll learn how to stand your frame in the cases of adversity. You stop becoming a victim of circumstance since you learn to take control of your own personal surroundings.

Reason 6: To give shy and Introverted People a Chance
These skills come much more difficult to introverted and shy people. In fact, these types of people often are more intimidated to study these skills on their own. When they realize others are trying to learn these skills, they understand that they are not alone, and likely will feel more encouraged to pursue studying these useful tools.

Reason 6: It's not just for getting laid
Learning Social Dynamics can help you get that job or start that business you like, or even help you get that raise you felt you always deserved. It may also help you connect with awesome friends and keep out people in your life who drain you. It's a social tool that helps you get the most out of all your relationships, from romantic to platonic.

Conclusion: Why should Pick-Up (or Social Dynamics) Be taught in school?
It's a life skill that's often forgone. Even those who strive to learn it are shamed for it, labeled 'pigs' or 'desperate.' However, these life skills are too important to neglect from our lives and should be taught in schools. It helps people prepare for their future by teaching social skills that can affect their love lifes and their careers. It pushes people to be responsible and take action to go after what they want. It teaches core confidence and makes men and women feel comfortable for who they are. Because of all this, it deters creepy and unwanted behaviors and reduces obsession of others.

What do you guys and girls think? Still going to hold onto those stigmas that society put onto you about pick-up? Or are you willing to explore and entertain such ideas instead?

Why Pick-Up Should Be Taught in Schools
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Most Helpful Girl

  • kaylaS91
    I don't think that attempting to teach how to socialize will go over well as becoming part of education.

    Socializing is something you learn through experience. You can say that there are guidebooks and such that give tips on how to socialize better, but the fact of the matter is that there are so many variables that are constantly changing like the individual's religion, race, political stance, gender, and how firmly or not they believe in all of those as being significant, to name a few. It would be nearly impossible to give students of that sort of course a good idea of how to navigate and seamlessly transition through all those sorts of things. Being socially adept is a learned trait often times, yes. But learned as in through actually socializing and some natural trial & error. Not through sitting down at the library and powering through 'socializing for dummies'.

    Same goes for teaching how to 'pick-up' successfully. That's a very fluid type of thing. I don't believe that there's a magic set of pick-up lines that or techniques that will work with every single person of the same sex. Again, how well approaches to picking up a girl/guy go involve so many damn variables, it's way simpler to just get some confidence and increased skill through practice.
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    • Out of curiosity, so does that mean women will be become practice objects? I agree, you can't teach this in school. But a guy needs to learn and go out and do it but he needs to approach, date and sleep with many girls in order to do so. I approach many relationships as practice only.

    • kaylaS91

      @Scrambledagain That in no way means women become practice objects. For one, we're human so becoming objects is a moot point.

      Sticking your dick in as many women as you can will in no way help you learn how to approach them better. All that will do is get you a bunch of STI's, at best.

Most Helpful Guy

  • ArchDruidMordred
    Interesting how you brought up how pick up can be used to improve other parts of your life as well. When you put it that way I think it should be taught in schools.
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  • DarkHumorRUs
    Or they could just have a required class called "Relationships" that teaches everything from friendship to romantic relationships to marriage, and probably with Sex Ed included.

    And I know the perfect place for it--in place of fucking PE classes!
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  • jacquesvol
    How about learning to behave in a civilized manner?

    • Not really relevant given the semantics of the video. A handful of guys in one of the largest populated cities in America, over the course of many hours of a woman walking.

      Regardless, "learning to be civilized" is what I'm alluding to in my take here, but taken to a more advanced level.

    • jacquesvol

      With the same aim: so that guys get laid.

    • ... and learn how to get that promotion at work. Or lead a group of people. Or learn how to simply be comfortable being themselves around others.

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