3 Reasons Why Girls Who Are Innocent In Love And Sex Are Better Than Broken Girls Who Are Experienced: A Brutal Opinion By Yours Truly.


The butthurt misconception.

I want you, just for a second, to look at any question or mytake on this site where this issue is addressed. If you do there is a near certainty that a woman will have made a response such as the following:

Admit it, the only reason y'all want an innocent girl is so she doesn't know y'all are trash in bed and y'all cocks are limp noodles.

Something to that effect. While this is has some truth, it is only SOMEWHAT true. Sure, every guy wants to feel like a sex god but the truth is that innocent girls have better things to offer to a relationship than girls who have been through emotional rollercoasters.

They give relationships their all.

3 reasons why girls who are innocent in love and sex are better than broken girls who are experienced: A brutal opinion by yours truly.

This is by far the biggest reason, so Imma give it to you first. Girls who are more innocent on the subject of love aren't held back by memories of past heartbreak. Therefore, when they are in love with a guy, they put their heart and soul into the relationship. They don't hold back. I mean, sure there's that beginning stage of the relationship where you two are still getting comfortable with the whole thing. But after that initial wall is broken, a guy may soon find himself drowning in her unbridled affection. This is a beautiful feeling, and one that a girl is far less likely to give a guy if she's constantly restricting herself due to memories of a hurting past.

They don't make excuses for any offputting behavior.

3 Reasons Why Girls Who Are Innocent In Love And Sex Are Better Than Broken Girls Who Are Experienced: A Brutal Opinion By Yours Truly.

Well, at least when they do, they have good ones. This kind of goes with the first reason. Since broken girls are more cautious when it comes to relationships, they tend to be a lot more snappy and distant. When innocent girls get like this, they will often apologize later and/or give a good reason as to why they behaved in such a way. When a broken girl behaves like this, they will use the same excuse again and again and a-fucking-gain. One that involves her past and how she's still scarred. Now girls, us guys are nothing if not compassionate (note: this excludes the guys who just want to hit and run). For the first 3/4ths of a year, most guys will be pretty accepting and forgiving. But keep it up past that and our care factor will go down by about 100%. You may say, "but my boyfried/husband has been understanding of this for years." Sorry I'm not sorry, I guarantee he's faking it. No guy wants to hear a year and a half into the relationship, and for the billionth time, that you've been ignoring him all day because you got a black eye by your ex five years ago.

They don't bitch about how only "real men" can handle them.

3 Reasons Why Girls Who Are Innocent In Love And Sex Are Better Than Broken Girls Who Are Experienced: A Brutal Opinion By Yours Truly.

I've seen this waaaaaay too often and it needs a mention. See, broken woman will often try to weed out less serious men by adopting this completely repulsive attitude wherein she will act like a complete snob to all the men in her vacinity under the claim of being a "strong, independent woman." Whenever a guy refuses to date one of these women, he is called out as some variation of the word "coward." What these women refuse to realize is that this method is NOT attracting strong men and is, in fact, scaring them away. "Real men", as they put it, have far too much self respect to put themselves in a relationship where they are constantly going to get sass simply for the sake of defensiveness and fake pride.

Because innocent girls have no reason to be like this (not that women who ARE like this have any excuse for it either), they don't, which is a massive relief.


So I hope that this clears up a lot of the confusion. This has always seemed like a one sided issue to me, especially here, with the politically correct side winning. Men here are always attributed to our massive egos and how that is somehow the cause of our preferences in women. But when you look hard at it, there's really no question. I'd rather be with someone I can love with everything I have and someone who loves me with everything they have without being confined to the borders of past relationships gone wrong.

3 Reasons Why Girls Who Are Innocent In Love And Sex Are Better Than Broken Girls Who Are Experienced: A Brutal Opinion By Yours Truly.
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  • Cookies_AndMilk
    Thank you! I always tell the guys to go for girls that have fathers in their lives. A woman with a good relationship with her dad has more than likely been protected and guarded over like her life depended on it. Father's care for their baby girls because they don't want them to become like the women you've described. They want their daughter's innocence to be saved and I'm grateful to have had both my dad and my grandpa be so active in my life. I've never understood how women can be so guarded and afraid to love. The most beautiful thing a woman could possess is a beautiful heart!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • hellionthesage
    I would concurr. Fewer barriers to break, fewer people to be compared to, less drama and more likely then not, happier relationship and a relationship more likely to last (according to statistics the more partners a woman has the more likely she is to divorce/cheat less happy in the relationship (which means less happiness for the guy etc.). Not what women want to hear but I do think its true.
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    • But why should partners only count when U fuck them? Bad Romantic experiences, like when you finally found out the other person doesn't love you back and nvr did, can leave really deep scars.

    • @KawaiiPie67 What do you mean? Like non sexual romantic relationships?

    • Like... when you have a really deep crush on someone, and then they turn out to be an ass.

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  • kendott
    Great opinion but I hate how black women are constantly portrayed as sassy tbh
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    • Yes, i agree, it's just like protraying everyone judt on the basis of a few.

    • Anonymous

      Yea I was waiting for this. I chose these for their effectiveness in getting the point across, not the race. I hope you know that.

    • kendott

      I just find it quite disrespectful, whether it was you intention or not, to pick black women's pictures that enforce a well known stereotype. A mess.

  • Poppykate
    Can we hear amen! That last one rings true. How often do you hear women say that only 'real men' can handle them. I often find these women scary and stay clear of them. How many men do the same because they just don't want the drama!.
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  • Wanderingheartbeat
    So do you think the combination of an "innocent" woman and a man with "experience" would be good?

    I'm just curious; I've never been in a relationship or had a boyfriend (but I read tons of material in it, etc. And had boys that courted me that didn't work out).

    Most of the time, innocents girls end up getting married to innocent guys (well in my culture lmao) so they both don't really have experience.

    Also don't experienced men also sometimes bring up their past? A few men I've spoken to always talked to me about their ex... and at times it can be nerve wrecking (especially if they compare you to her) but being polite enough to just listen to them and ignore it is what I usually do.

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    • Anonymous

      Yes. For an experienced guy, bringing out a part of a girl that she never had experienced in herself before can be really fun.

    • Why is it fun?

    • Anonymous

      It's fun to see progress.

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  • Dulcedulcexoxo
    O. k o. k.. while I'm, more the innocent girl. I have to ask what about the girls who have been scorned by bad fathers, fathers who abused them, treated them like crap or just absent? This isn't the woman's fault but the male figure who wasn't there or didn't treat his daughter the way he should. or a male figure who took advantage of her? Now, what about the men these women have been in relationships with? Do you they get off free without being held accountable for their actions? Women don't act that way because they want to , they act that way because someone thought the woman feelings didn't matter and didn't respect her. Or what about the guys who get into relationships are emotionless, they don't open up or they are looking for side chicks? Come on women aren't " damaged " by just being in relationships they get that way somehow.
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    • Anonymous

      One: I was talking about the girls who are damaged because they have a reason to be (I. e. bad fathers or bad boyfriends).

      Two: No, its not their fault that damaged girls got what they got. But am I going to give one a shot just because of that? No.

    • Right, you can do that. My point is why not call out the men who damage them as well.

    • Anonymous

      Of course. Damaging a girl to the point where they become that broken is inexcusable.

  • Stacyzee
    I disagree with how you are painting innocent girls as some saint.
    Although some innocent women may not have any past trauma, they may be scared to advance with you when the love grows strong.
    She may run away when things get too intense which causes a issue.
    If innocent girls are so lovely, why is it that many of their relationship ends?
    Whether people want to see it or not, innocent girls can eventually get their hearts broken and become "those broken girls" so to speak.
    Innocent girls... also don't always end up with innocent guys.
    And although she is viewed as "innocent" because of her lack of experience, that does not mean she does not have issues elsewhere.
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    • Don't be jelly

    • Stacyzee

      Poor defense

    • pavlove

      lol they are so insecure that a woman having slept with literally anybody else in life causes them intense pain

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  • John_Doesnt
    I'd rather have the broken girl anyway, because I think about the long run. The innocent girl is eventually gonna get her feelings hurt at some point anyway because that's life. It's easier on me to have a girl who has already dealt with it and is experienced enough not to go berserk again.
  • KawaiiPie67
    Oh my god. No one is broken because they had a bad/no father or a bad boyfriend.

    FYI, U can be broken from romance that nvr worked out, way more than if U just fucked someone and they didn't like you.

    Everyone has issues in their lives anyway. No one's perfect, and U can be abused in dozens of ways by people.

    I've nvr had an abusive boyfriend and my relationship with my dad is cool, so by the standards U wrote in this take, I'd be an innocent girl. I really, would not want to date a guy like U.

    U said in ur comments you're experienced with sex but U don't want your ideal girl to be. that's the real reason U wrote this. U don't sound very stable to me.
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    • And not just U. I read the opinions that agree with you... How stable honestly R the people who believe in all of this stuff? Like, there need to be all of these rules or they just don't believe that U can have a happy life. I think that's such a strange way of thinking.

    • And, guys R the ones who can go around fucking anything w/o needing any emotion. Whether he's a virgin or a player, What if he cheats on or is dishonest with me?

      Those risks U mentioned have nvr stopped me from dating guys, any guys. So if a guy wants to judge girls like that when they R not doing that to him, that's totally unfair.

    • Oh and lastly the people I've met who've been really abused before, don't go around bragging about it. If u srsly met girls who talk about past abuse constantly and say they act badly because of that, then I'd totally agree with u they were unstable.

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  • itsallover
    What makes a girl who has been in relationships before 'broken'? Who says it's always the guy who 'damages' her? It can go both ways.

    This take is just full of huge blanket generalisations.
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  • Anno_Domini
    My fiancée and I are both inexperienced virgins in our first actual relationship. I wouldn't trade her for an "experienced" woman no matter how good the sex might be up front. We have the rest of our lives to explore our sexuality. There's no hurry.
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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    I disagree completely, i have found that the girls who have been through more in life are more raw, down to earth and not willing to live in a fairytale like a majority of naive girls today. I think it signifies maturity, more willing to call them a woman then a girl.
  • ArtDent
    Yep, each encounter leaves a mark and makes them that much more cynical
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  • starbucksjr69
    Yeah man. This is my type of girl. I always go after girls that aren't like those ghetto girls. And I'm dating a beautiful one right now so I feel really lucky. Our relationship is so good we poop together. (It's long distance relationship lol)
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  • kaylaS91
    Somewhat true in theory but not all that true in reality.
    When I met my boyfriend, I was somewhat 'experienced'. Not really sexually but I had had my fair share of bad experiences with guys in my past, undoubtedly leaving me emotionally broken. I was also innocent/naive af.

    That didn't make me love my boyfriend any less. Sure, perhaps initially I was more guarded but after we'd been together for 2-3 months and broke down the walls I'd put up, if anything, I loved him too much. I put all in for him. That's still true to a certain degree, perhaps not quite as much any more as I realize it's never good to lay down ALL your cards on the table.
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  • theegreat017
    Now of course there are are exceptions to this, but in general i have to say you're very right. Innocent girls are way better than others. They are not like other girls and man, every girl should learn something ot the other from them.
  • PrincessTashaaaa
    I agree, to an extent. Basically, wide eyed and innocent girls mostly will think their guy to be the whole world. Unless she's been exposed to bad make figures while growing up.
    More experienced girls aren't really broken. They just know what men are like. They know that sex and love are two different things to men. They know that they're not and never will be their man's whole sexual world. They know that the majority (not all) men will leave her or find fault with her as soon as he sees a more appealing body and they know that men are only as loyal as their options.
    With the majority of the male population being like that, a girl HAS to be a certain way until she validates for herself that the one she's with is different.
    A girl who doesn't know much about men aside from movies and her friend's relationship highlight reels, will stupidly believe she is the only woman her man could ever be with.
  • DizzyAster
    A. They are inexperienced, not innocent. Wrong word.
    B. I like my girls with experience and no hangups. I don't want simple misunderstandings to ruin a relationship.
    i have had my share of heartbreak but i always seem to have amnesia when i fall in love. i can't stop my affection from pouring out. people tell me i'm too naive.
  • Bandit74
    Even if a promiscuous girl told me I was the best sexual partner she's ever had and meant it with all her heart I still wouldn't want to date her.
  • superchill_gurl1
    Why do you guys always try to take a girl's virginity but wish them to stay virgins...
    • Anonymous

      As I said before, it's a lot like how some girls will date assholes to make them nice, same goes here.

    • What do you even mean?

    • Anonymous

      Okay, you know how some girls with date "bad boys" to try to bring out the good in them? There's a certain appeal in taking an innocent girl and bringing her out of her shell in the relationship.

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  • supernerd99
    That goes both sides dude.
  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous
    So don't be that ghetto girl (any race)
  • Anonymous
    That's cool I'm a innocent girl, so men don't just like independent women and all :)
    • Anonymous

      Be independent. Just don't be a drama queen with an attitude.

  • Anonymous
    Amen bruh. Amen. There are exceptions to this, there always will be. But this really sets the score.
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