A Promise To Your Heart, Guaranteeing You'll Be Loved By The One You Are Meant To Be With.

A promise to your heart, guaranteeing you'll  be loved by the one you are meant to be with.

The Guarantee I promise to you here is true and everlasting of the love you were meant to have. It is simple yet almost seemingly goes against everything your mindset lies to you about.

The lies are these: Try harder to prove yourself for another and that will pay off at the end. Or go out there and seek for someone at any length showing your determination no matter how far out of your comfort zone. Showing yourself as available. Do not give up. Be funny and polite, although those do help are a requirement to be a descent human being.It is not the formula needed to "FIND" the love of your life.

Finding the love of your life is not just my promise of proof, but more importantly it is our Creators promise to each and everyone of us. Each person has a one at a time soul mate that we are meant to be with. A person that is perfectly designed for us. As if we wrote down exactly what we needed in a relationship and handed those designs to a production foreman and built that person as you asked with far more qualities than you knew exsisted. Love that you never felt before and it is effortless and the greatest feeling of content. Wouldn't that be amazing? Are you ready for this? You can have this promised love as soon as you get out of your own way. Our biggest dilema and lonily outcome could only be blamed on ourselves. So I have some suggestions that you are not allowed to snear at until you have tried this simple solution.

First I will give you a quick run down of my experiance. I wasn't a particularly attractive person in my younger years I kinda grew into my looks as I age. Yet had many girlfriends that had some nice times life wasn't a total disaster. I had an ego that was falsely built up that ruined a lot of oppertunites on my part and others had helped destroy on their part. I wrote that off as there's plenty of fish in the sea. I misused alcohol and drugs and that plugged me into bad decision making lol. Lets just say my experiances had not brought me into any desirable love to keep around. My mid 20's got a woman pregnate and BOOM married three other kids popped out of nowhere,lol. 13 years later found myself divorced, sober,and starting to date after significant time dateless. I seeked and searched and tried all I could to meet women at any level taking all the advice and trial and error I could from online dating sites to meeting people out and about, friends hooking me up, Uhhgg nothing worked. I had dated over 20 women during this time. You'd think one would have been right enough to bring that love I was desiring. Lot's of play time and so good people but love? Nope not one person that was made for me. Some of these turned into relationships that we failed to force to work. Breaking my heart.

"KEY WORDS" forced- work - seeked-decision making-our parts: None of these words speak to the the most beautiful word that I know today." EFFORTLESS".

I was in my own way and after some pain of losing these hopeless relationships I was frustrated and began to think myself doomed. I did a lot of trial and error and I was convinced that someone was out there, Just had to be. I knew it deep in my heart that it was not anybody I knew yet. That was obvious.I need to try something differnt so I thought long and hard and knew i had tried to find and seek and mold a potential meet or date, for the goal of a relationship. My intentions were great my actions were all wrong. Ineed to figure myself out and get clear. You hear it all the time advice to find yourself take up your hobbie etc.. Well that is kinda the deal we need to do is shut off the mindsets and focus on yourself. So I did, I did not look for anybody nor did I expect that maybe today I would meet someone. Out of site, out of mind.

This is what we all need to do: Effortlessly ASK your creator the for that desired longlasting loving soul mate that shares that same desire of love to feed your soul as you will. Believe that you deserve and that it will come into your life. Now with asking once and keeping that belief without any doubts sneaking in, " just believe it". Invision it as if you have already Received it. Just try not to think of the details and whom it might be just know this effortless gift is on it's way. Then focus on just breathing and relaxing and living your life and be open to intution guiding your day, your thoughts and maybe that hobbie. Using the talent that God gives you is the best way of thanking God!

Back to my story: I did just that. I got out of my own way. I stopped forcing any and all things I was trying to force. I almost felt like I was cheating life by not thinking so much and controlling my life. Life way easy and amazing things were happening. I turned my hobbie into a business, very little profit but it was great having that reconition for doing something I love to do. Effortless was my practiced mantra. If it was hard or uncomfortable then I knew I was forcing it. It was about a year of not looking that a simple conversation started with a person totalling unimportant or anything greatly meaningful. Just kinda crossed paths and it was innocent and motiveless. And it sparked messaging and then phone calls and before we knew it. BOOM my heart was beating faster our connection grew stronger. I wasn't forcing it nor expecting anything just magnet and steel was powerful each and everyday and my mind automaticly was slowly possed as it was for her. "I was well aware of my past so I just let it ride". Our attraction became fused like i never knew was possible. We decided to meet to see if we had what we thought. Effortlessly we met effortlessly we allowed to just let it be what it was and we proved these feeling were the love we asked for. Today we are living together and we will be married very soon. The love is like no other I knew was possible. In each and every moment together we effortlessly just live and love and be. The happiest I have ever been she was made for me and I for her.

It works by staying out of my way. I am blessed bt effortless actions. Intutition.

I have proven that my thoughts are designed to kill my peacefulness and the great design of the promises God provides.

So my advice is get out of the way. Stop thinking!, ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE !

thank you and God bless youe desires.


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  • Lies, there is no girl for me at the moment and I don't know if there will be

    it's a shame because I'm good looking, have good intentions, and I've grown a lot over the past 2 years. What a waste of genetics and humanity if I end up with on one

    • That doubt right there is the reason your experience has been fruitless. Doubt is the killer.
      We cannot think about it as wanting it to happen on our time. Please Sir realize you are only 20? So too young to give up.
      You must just only "believe" and the rest will work it's way out. For the benefit of the rest of your life.
      This is "the SECRET" and the promise of power of. ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE !

      It works on everything not just love.

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