The Myth Of The Guy Who Can't Get Laid

You probably have heard it before in a different way: terms like forever alone, the nerd, the guy only has one night stands with the hot guy, girls can get laid anytime they want. The Myth of the guy who can't get laid

I would like to address some myths that some men like to portray about the man who can't get laid or get dates.

Myth #1 - He is usually a virgin: I know some guys who say that they cannot get girls claim they can never get sex. So to say he can never get laid is an exaggeration because not being virgin means you did have sexThe Myth Of The Guy Who Can't Get Laid

Myth #2 - He treats all girls with respect: Which really means, "I treated all the girls I found attractive nice and I treated unattractive girls like sh*t" If a guy says he treats all girls with respect, then he will eventually meet a girl who appreciates him. Every girl in the world is not a ungrateful bitch. Unless the guy is literally trying to get with girls who he knows will treat him like shit. The Myth Of The Guy Who Can't Get Laid

There is no reason why a guy cannot get at least one date if he shows respect or even laid. No one is saying a guy has to date a woman he finds unattractive but a smart guy would think, maybe she has attractive friends I can meet.

Myth #3 - He is a mommy's boy who still lives with his parents: yea I know plenty of guys who say they can't get laid who have their own place

Myth #4 - Girls only want a guy who drives a nice car and looks hot: lmao are you serious. When I use to take the bus I saw average looking guys with their girlfriend on the bus. I have seen plenty of guys at the bus stop with their girlfriends The Myth Of The Guy Who Can't Get Laid

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  • haha! So true! I like the train and the bus more time to talk!


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