Leading People On Is NEVER Unintentional

I don't care what you say but to me if you lead someone on and then you claim that it was unintentional then step back because I'm about to slap the shit out of you. I'm sorry but I just can't can't can't deal with people who say that they broje someones heart unintentionally. People who make it seem as if they were incompletely unwary of their actions, people who act like they never had a.brain to begin with so oops I broke his or her heart by mistake I wasn't aware. How the fuck can you not be aware of the things you do let alone do to others??? You're involving another person's heart in your "unintentional" behaviour and then you expect them to understand how you didn't mean to lead them astray...You didn't notice what you were doing???oh come on bullshit! sorry But this is not meant to disrespect anyone I'm just tired of seeing people having every pathetic excuse in the book to escape the reality of having to admit your wrongs. NO ONE wants to be wrong...I get that, that's part of human nature but please try to keep your "unintentional" shit to yourself if you know that it's going to lead to.someone having a broken heart. It's not fair to anybody especially to yourself. Mabye I got this whole wrong but it will never change the fact that... "It was unintentional to her or him" will be forever the most annoying phrases for me.Leading people on is NEVER unintentional.


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