Why Do Girls Like Mysterious Guys?/My Advice To Girls About How To Make Themselves More Desirable/My Ramble

To me that makes no sense. I am an open book about everything and in a relationship I tend to turn woman off very quickly because of it. I try my best to be nurturing, supportive and understanding. Traits I think are actually valuable in a relationship. Mysterious? How can that possibly be a good thing? You are just getting to know the person how can it be a good thing to not know as much as you can about that person? Not know every detail about their life that they feel comfortable sharing with you. I think this is very important in knowing if you are compatible together. Down the road how can it be a good thing to be with a guy that hides things from you, as mysterious men are sure to.

Why do girls like mysterious guys?/My advise to girls about how to make themselves more desirable/my ramble

I guess it might be comparable to guys liking girls to dress fashionably and wear makeup when first meeting them? I guess that I might do this a tiny bit. So alas I cannot totally judge. If I do this a little bit, then the average guy (looking at most of my friends and the gag community probably do it a lot more) Which is another point. I would say I want them to take at least a little bit of pride in how they look. I think for me as a guy I do like a certain level of care that I want them to have in the beginning.

1.) I like all types, but dress/act in a way that fits who you are. Not someone who you aren't. This is a great example from fashion.

Not dressing like a "fashion model" confusing

Dressing like a "fashion model"

i get it and find attractive.

2.) have some distinguishable trait that identifies you as a girl if you want to be seen as a girl. Maybe it's a necklace, maybe it's a hoodie that is purple, maybe it is a tattoo that is of some female goddess, maybe it's a muscle crop top that fits to your feminine figure, maybe it's hair that is combed. A girl that you are not sure if they are a guy or a girl they are so gender neutral, for me is unattractive. It might be a bad thing on my part as a prejudice, but I would want to be able to figure out who I am dating. Whether it is a guy or a girl.

Here are some girls who know what I am talking about.

Hijabs are beautiful symbols of feminity and modesty. If you are a modest girl be like this.

If you are a little bit of a flirty girl, yet want to feel classy. Wear this kind of shirt. Pulling your hair back and perming it is also something you can do if your like that.

Some nice booty shorts if you want to be portrayed as a sexually confident woman

Or if your anime be anime!


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  • So, resemble a female XD

    • The female equivalent of this v


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    • I believe that is a male but you have made your point lol :)

    • I googled "gender neutral woman". Google it yourself.

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  • Mysterious is a difficult word because you can interpret it in many ways - I don't believe women like guys to be mysterious in the way that's standoffish or closed up, it's more about having your own thing going on (not so common as it turns out) and not putting her on a pedestal!