Final Nice Guy Take to Settle the Misandrist 'Nice Guy' Dogma Once and For All

" Not all nice guys are boring, ugly guys pretending to be nice to get with women way out of their league, for weeks, months or years, thinking that they are owed something. Some nice guys have been mistreated by certain women and have a right to vent their frustrations without all of this misandrist hatred and generalisations. "


Self-identified nice guys: take note. Asserting this again and again is the only way to beat the misandrist feminazis that keep on beating you down. Tweet it, facebook it, forum post it, blog it, make a meme out of it. In short get the word out.


Final Nice Guy Take to Settle the Misandrist 'Nice Guy' Dogma Once and For All

Let the world know that you are better than it gives you credit for. You are a nice guy, and you have style and no, you do NOT think women owe you. You are just fed up of all the stick you get for being a nice guy - 'beta male', 'ugly shy nice guy' and all this other nonsense.

Don't let this insidious, glib woman (Jenna Marbles) get the better of you:

Stop letting misandrist nice guy hater post stereotype nonsense like this:

All the genuinely nice and fed up guys out there, it's time to unite:

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  • I've never seen a woman be ugly to a nice guy only... ever. If she is an ugly person to everyone, I've seen that. women don't hate nice guys, they just don't fuck nice guys. Nice guys often have loads of female friends. And you can tweet, fb, hell... get a plane a write it in the sky. Women still won't fuck a nice guy. Nice guys are consolation prizes for a women in their 30's lol. I do agree with one thing though, men should stop being nice. It's funny, I "white knight" for my friends and family. I "white night" for those who need my help. I go out my way to help others when I can. But that shit fuckin changes when I'm approaching a girl. For example, I'm going out for drinks on Saturday with a friend I just met. First round on me! Get the party started. if I was meeting a girl or having a date... I wouldn't buy her a drink. she has to earn it from me over time. It's so crazy. Anyway...

    • 'women don't hate nice guys, they just don't fuck nice guys.'

      this is about it: it doesn't matter how attractive, how interesting a nice guy is, women still will not be interested in him.

      Maybe this will not change whether women will sleep with nice guys or not. If it changes people's perceptions then some good has been done, because people will stop telling nice guys things like "oh just be yourself", or "the reason women are not interested in you is because you think they owe you". if people learn to stop saying things like this and doing nice guy shaming, then much good has been done, even if women still will not fuck the nice guys.

    • a shame that this take was promoted but not featured.