Traits That Make You Instantly Dislikable


Traits That Make You Instantly Dislikable


Life is breathtaking when we spend time with the people we love... But it can be the exact opposite when we waste time with the people we hate!

Consider Jim Rohn's quote - "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with".

Are you surrounding yourself with likable people? Are you a likable person yourself? What are the traits that make someone instantly dislikable? In this myTake article, I will examine the negative characteristics that we should all try to avoid in a social situation.

Traits That Make You Instantly Dislikable

What are the benefits of being likable?

1.) People are more willing to help you.

Sometimes the small problems can make us feel very frustrated and helpless. However, most of them can be easily solved by simply receiving the help of others.

2.) A significantly bigger circle of friends.

You will never have to worry about feeling lonely since there is always someone to talk to.

3.) Increased confidence.

You will trust your capabilities as a result of being respected by others. This will help you tackle difficult tasks in school, work, family, and more.

4.) Healthy brain.

You will be more relaxed and will stop paying attention to all the other annoying things in life. This will also help you focus on your important priorities!

5.) Happier life.

"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone." - Orson Welles

Likable people have a easier time succeeding in all spheres of life. So what traits make people dislikable?

Traits That Make You Instantly Dislikable

Traits That Make You Instantly Dislikable

1.) Arrogance. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance.

Confidence is walking into a room feeling comfortable. Arrogance is walking into a room and shouting, "Guess what guys?! I feel comfortable!"

2.) Cursing. When you cuss, you are sending a message that you are not smart enough to express yourself.

Smart guy: "If you blame it on someone else, donโ€™t expect it to get better."

Dumb guy: "What you idiot? #$@& %@$&# %#$ !"

3.) Racism, sexism, and homophobism. Many people are proud to be a certain race, a certain sex, or a certain sexuality. Disrespecting someone else's opinion can make you look ignorant and self-absorbed.

Speaking of "self-absorbed"...

4.) Self-centeredness. Some people think that they are the center of the world. These people will be happy to talk about themselves, but will leave the conversation when it is about someone else. They could also be shifting every conversation to themselves.

Me: "Oh my god, I was in this horrible car accident yesturday. What happened was... *Gets interrupted*

Richard: "You were in a car accident? Oh my god, four years ago I had a car accident! What happened was... *blah blah blah*"

5.) Mean jokes. Jokes might be funny to some, but can seriously hurt the feelings of others.

"Why do black people have nice shoes and nice cars but not nice houses? Because they haven't figured out how to steal houses yet".

This type of joke is offensive to many black people who earned their things by working hard and contributing to their community.

6.) Negativity. These people will focus on all the negative things no matter what. They might start their sentences with "You should have ___________ ! ". Or they might say, "That is is not even possible!". Or might make you feel guilty by saying, "You never do ____ for me".

Nobody cares about your problems, but if they do, they're glad you have them.

7.) Know-it-all Attitude. These people will make everything a debate. Some traits of Know-it-alls:

Unnecessarily tells people about random trivia.

Inappropriately correcting people.

Being an overly argumentative debater.

Being intellectually competitive in conversations.

Being too blunt and abrasive.

Being overly skeptical and cynical.

Being too negative and critical.

Overthinking things.

Writing in an overly wordy, abstruse style because you want to show how smart you are. (Oops).

8.) Obliviousness. This trait can be extremely annoying when it is combined with any of the other negative traits. The problem is that oblivious people don't even know that they are being oblivious. Combine this trait with the "Know-it-all Attitude", and there is the perfect recipe for being dislikable.

9.) Gossiping. This person thinks that he or she will appear cool by negatively talking about others. They make things complicated and the drama will eventually result in bigger problems.

"You and your rumors have two things in common. You're both fake and you both get around."

Message to the GAG Community

I am disappointed when I find out that a very attractive individual possesses one of these traits. Personally, it is an immediate turnoff and I try to avoid them at all costs for my own protection.

What are some other traits that instantly make someone dislikable? I would love to hear from youguys!

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Traits That Make You Instantly Dislikable
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  • Ironlak282
    Disagree about cussing maybe you'll be dislikable to prudes but who cares anyway. I do try to moderate who I swear around though. Intelligent people do swear and in fact I find it is a great way to express yourself. The whole only uneducated people swear is a stereotype plenty of smart people swear. Swear words work as great intensifiers since they are considered a taboo.
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    • I understand. Research shows that intelligent people who swear are more verbally intelligent than intelligent people who do not swear.

Most Helpful Girl

  • chintita
    nice take, i agree 100% we all should try to minimize these traits within ourselves.
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  • dragonfly6516
    The Victim. That one person who is always in some kind of crisis, but it's "never their fault". And they always want your advice on how to avoid it later, but they've got an excuse for every suggestion you offer them.
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    • Yeah it gets super annoying! Kinda similar to negativity in general

  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I agree with your dislikeable traits but on the likeable side they seem more for the extroverted likeable person, there are introverted likeable people who flourish in small groups of firm friends.
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    • That's very true! Some people prefer to have a small circle of friends for deeper relationships! Thanks for the input

  • Prof_Don
    I always taken pride in being naturally likable by most people. That's just my nature to be sociable and positive-minded.

    Unfortunately too many people take pride in being negative, unnecessarily controversial and hateful with their jealousy these days to be "cool".

    Hopefully the pendulum swings back the other way and being likable and friendly becomes the norm again. :)
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  • ClassicRocker
    I'm guilty of #'s 2 and 7.
    7 is all me I've been that way since I was a child.
    #2 is just a habit from time spent in the service.
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    • Hey, that's okay! Most of us are guilty of some of these!
      And yeah #2 seems very common. #7 is hard, especially for people who are intelligent. Just make sure to work on it and you'll be fine brother.

    • Same haha

  • Hasaboyfriend
    What would you call someone who is clumsy and never knows what's going on in their group until they tell them? Because I'm that kind of friend lol. Like I'll be doing something and they'll leave me alone until they realize I'm not even there following them and they'll have to come back and tell me what the hell is going on :p
    • I would say that falls into the category of "obliviousness" xD. but sometimes this trait can be cute and funny haha

  • raio81597
    Totally agree with this take. I've experienced all this here, yet I still don't hate anyone for it, they're just people.
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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Cursing - It can have that connotation, but cursing is an important social cue. I think it has it's place.

    Racism, etc - If it's genuine, then duh. But joking about that stuff is fine if not in a similar vein as cursing; it's important for establishing an informal, low-pressure, familiar atmosphere.

    Mean jokes - Again, same thing. Your example isn't a mean joke if no one gets offended or takes it seriously.
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    for likability, you forgot funny. everyone likes funny people... and the cursing thing isn't really that big of a deal. and mean jokes can be fine if they're funny enough. there's a difference between mean and racist/sexist... and again, those can be funny
    • besides that, everything else is pretty much spot on... oh, and don't forget relatability. people like others they can relate to. like, i like sports. i like science. i like people who i can talk sports and science with

    • "mean jokes can be fine if theyre funny enough" ehhhhh, it's funny for the person saying it, but the victim can be hurt. And by cussing, I meant the people who cuss way too much. cussing here and there is not too bad. And I never talked about "likability" in my article. i talked about some benefits of beinf likable.

    • Can't wait til you get to college ๐Ÿ˜‚. And yeah, I didn't read that right, but hey, whatevs... ๐Ÿ˜

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  • Luv2BRealExotic13
    I'm not oblivious, sexist, racist, homophobic nor am I a gossiper but ever othe so-called disliked trait I have and so do a lot of people. I'm liked just fine. I guess bc I make them funny.
  • Franklin11726
    For the most part you wrote it all. I cannot think of much else. Arrogance, racism, know it alls, are the worst traits. They kind of go hand in hand anyway. My landlord fits into pretty much every category. And let's just say, any added features, such as being a drunk, not able to keep a job because of attitude, failure to follow rules/company protocol, not drinking, amazingly enough. He is one of the guys that interrupts your story, EVERY time, uses the big word to attempt to impress people... we don't give a hoot that you were... WERE a teacher (yes he lost that job too because of child rape-some call it sex with a minor or non consensual... w/e the definition. he was twice her age! But, the point is I know people like that and well, I am not in a position to "get away" right now. Other than that I keep non unlikable people around me.
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  • kittykatbrat
    a1. I am drawn to egotistical arrogant people because I am one myself
    a2. I really dont consider myself to be likeable
    a3. Dislikeable traits in others to me = sycophants + conformity + shyness
    • I definitely don't consider myself to be like able either lol. I would rather be efficient and driven than "liked". I also feel like every contains these negative traits to an extent. People suck XD

  • DarkHumorRUs
    "There's no such thing as an appropriate joke. That is why it's a joke."
  • LittleSally
    Agree. Sad thing is - people forget this, and forget themselves.
    • Very true. We are so busy worring and stressing about things that we don't even notice our negative traits. Also, I forgot what it was called but it's a psychological theory where an individual under-estimates his negative traits while over-estimating everyone else's negative traits. It's hard to avoid all of them since we are imperfect, but I think practice will make close to perfect.

    • True. Mindfulness is very important.

  • serious
    Good take!
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  • John_Doesnt
    Am I dislikable because i have a bloody machete and hockey mask with me all the time?
  • skeptic007
    not to be mean
    but the truth is
    if you do not agree with them
    they will not like you that's how to it works
    • I'm sorry, I don't understand you.

    • skeptic007

      so im not homophobic
      but I don't agree with them
      so they hate me anyway even though I don't treat them bad
      just cause I don't agree with them that's how this world works son
      on top of that I have gay friends and care about them

    • If you make open minded, respectful friends, they wouldn't really get mad at you. they would respect your opinion. two people with different views can get along as long as they respect each other's perspectives

  • callofduties
    pc nonsense.
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  • Lillyness
    But I love gossiping
  • Pilulu
    I wasn't very likeable anyway.
  • Anonymous
    Any tips on being more likable?
  • Anonymous
    What is obliviousnous please !
  • Anonymous
    Well, I'm not homophobic, but I don't support. Does that make me not likeable?
  • Anonymous
    According to your list I am dislikable, which is very true at times. But I am also many other things, a loyal friend, successful (1%er), independent, confident, happy, satisfied... life is good. I won't though suck up, be PC, be fake, or many other things are needed to be likeable to many.
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    • Thats okay, as long as you work on your negative traits

    • Anonymous

      No, I am not working on them. I like who I am and I have been successful, including in my primary relationships so I will do without a long list of fake friends.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks though, you seem like a well meaning person.

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  • Anonymous
    Oh man, I hope I'm not any of these!!!
    I don't think I am, but I have, like, this FEAR of coming off as arrogant and being completely oblivious to it!
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    • Hahaha at least you're aware of it! sometimes we all come off as arrogant by accident haha.

  • Anonymous
    you can be that person but hide it and make you look like a innocent person
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  • Anonymous
    If 4) and 9) were true women would have a very small circle circle in general.
    • Haha I don't think we can generalize all women to have those two traits. A lot of women I know are not really self-cenetered. They are actually great listeners, considering the fact that women are much more socially intelligent than men.
      Actually, you might be somewhat right about number 9 - the gossiping. A lot of women do it even though they know it's a negative trait! I guess drama is too fun sometimes haha

      Thanks for the input :)

  • Anonymous
    I am very happy to say I don't do anything of the things that would make me disliked. Well, I do cuss some but I try not to. I think I get that bad habit from my father.
    • That's good! And our environment affects us, but I'm sure it will get better :)

    • Anonymous

      I don't really care about cussing. Yeah it's probably a bad thing but I can't really help it lol