The NEED For Screening Dates


So you've learned how to get a date with relative ease. It may not be with a 10. It may not be with a girl you've wanted to ask out for a while and have finally found the nerve, but you can talk to girls alright and with a combination of friend groups, Tinder, and a general comfort around strangers of the opposite sex you could go out with one or two girls a week as your schedule permitted and you should, but while many guys hold the mentality of "hey she's a hot girl" or " I can change her mind...that's what game is" the reality is you probably won't change her mind shouldn't have to. There really are plenty of fish in the sea and the fact that you spend time with Victoria, let's say, means you may never meet Katy. This needs to be your mentality--that you can do better than what only makes you kind of happy.

The NEED For Screening Dates

So now hopefully I've started to convince you not to waste time with a girl just because she has or would say yes to your advances. It's not your fault if your advances aren't James Bond smooth--it's your time too. So here are the screening tests I believe ever man should use of women.

1. In Love With the Ex-Boyfriend

Surprisingly common if only because these girls are usually trying really hard to convince themselves they aren't. A lot of times the girls won't even want to have sex even though there ex is out having a ball and having the time of his life. Note: Girls who are with their boyfriends or just broken up and he is begging for them back are actual super easy targets for casual sex and not bad to date either if the ex isn't a psychotic. In any event, my strong advice is that you should first find out if this is the girl you're talking to and if so move along.

2. Never Available

Some girls will say yes tentatively. As in, they would like to but they are not free this week...or next week...or next week until you find out they have some secret reason for always saying they'd like to but can't. Usually it's because they enjoy having someone to talk to and are worried/embarrassed that they can't or don't want to because they're already getting their D from somewhere else and you're more of a fun guy to text and talk with/friendzone without him knowing that's what happened.

The NEED For Screening Dates

3. Stage Five Clinger

This is one of the more difficult to turn down because she'll usually do a lot of freaky stuff and, let's admit it, it's nice for a girl to tell you that she's in love with you even though it's been only a month or two. Yet, screen test for clinginess and over emotional dependence. No one even someone looking for a long relationship should have to endure this.

4. Insecure

Again, I know a lot of guys would like a nice insecure girl who needs him to play night in shining armor and then she will be all his. I absolutely believe insecurity is the source of all evil in dating so if she posses this dark quality a lot (we all do a little) it will come to bite you in the ass in a major way. One way could be you ignore her or god forbid insult her in a heated argument...she'll probably be in someone elses bed later that week. Insecure girls tend to have a lot of fall out boys ready to take the mantle. We men tend to have a sixth sense for smelling the scent of insecurity on a woman and turn our attention straight at her and so an insecure girl seldom is wanting for attention.

Insecure girls tend to have a lot of fall out boys ready to take the mantle.

So SCREEN THESE GIRLS BEFORE YOU DATE THEM and you'll be shocked how little you get screwed over in dating.

The NEED For Screening Dates
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