7 Ways to Ensure Your First Date Isn't Your Last

1. Don't bombard with questions

Of course you will want to learn some things about him/her but when you have no clear response for your question, don't insist. You're not the police and he/she is not a criminal.

2. Don't act like you are having a date with your phone

If it is possible, mute your phone.

3. Don't act like a friend

Make the person feel special.

4. Don't praise yourself a lot

Don't make it sound like "I am perfect".

5. Don't talk about your past relationships

Don't talk about your past relationships as if you are talking with your friend. If you do, you will have nothing but a new friend.

6. Don't lie

Even it's a small one, it can lead to trouble in the future.

7. Don't be pushy at the end of the night

You can invite him/her home but when the person rejects the idea, don't insist.


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  • On #7, I doubt I'd even suggest it on the first date out of fear that the woman may assume that's what I was hoping for the entire night. I'd want to leave out the option (unless she brought it up herself) to be sure that she knew I was interested in her as an individual and not just what I might be able to get. With many women, there's a legitimate, understandable concern that they might be getting played.


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  • Solid MyTake. Totally agree!!!


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  • You take out your phone even once during a conversation over dinner, and I'm walking out. Unless it's a full-on emergency or you're a surgeon, there's zero reason for you to look at a screen during dinner. In the car or whatever, to check something quick, fine. But have some manners, please.

    Talking about past relationships is tough to avoid, though, especially at my age. ;) The conversation almost invariably drifts in that direction, and it can be very helpful, actually. You can learn quite a lot about the other person based on their past love history and they can learn a lot about you; both of you can emerge from that discussion with a much better idea of what to expect from a relationship.

    Oh, and girls, don't make it feel like an interview. Know that early scene in The Ugly Truth, that awful date where the dude was basically facing a firing squad? Yeah, don't do that. ;)

    • What if she wants to check what time it is on your phone, will you walk out?

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    • @Barrabus_the_Free I think I know you. With all due respect: you aren't looking for a relationship because you're done with women, so why would your opinion matter?

    • @Unit1

      I still Fuck, still hang out ('date', if they want to think that's what it is), etc.

  • Yup! That's a good take.

    Also the phones should not be used on dates except when it's an emergency or checking time.
    Other than that either date me or the phone.

  • I agree with all except the last. I have always heard you never invite them back to your place on the first date.

  • Great take - Right on the mark

  • Makes sense. What is "acting like a friend" (#3) supposed to mean in practice, though?

  • Agreed. Another one is don't force a kiss or any kinda physical contact. If it happens, it happens. From my experience, going in for a kiss when the person doesn't feel it will most likely make them not want a 2nd date for sure.

    I'm talking about when you hug by the way.

    Also, #8 don't talk about sex or past sex partners. That's also a big turnoff. I had that happen once where a girl volunteered her whole sexual history to me. TMI