Why, In My Opinion "Be Confident" Is Not Always A Good Advice, A.K.A.: Why I Do Not Like To Share My Feelings


I won't say all of us, but at least most of us have been rejected. But while most of use can balance their number of rejections and acceptations, others just cannot "avoid being avoided".
I used to be very shy as a kid with strangers, mostly because I grew up as a left sided idealist in a very fascist town, so I've never actually felt part of it, even though even back then I used to have my charm once I got to know people, males or females. Growing up, I learnt to being more confident and to act like a long time friend even with people I've just met, because, once again, my conversation skills actually do the trick quite well.

But what I'm always afraid of reveal is to say to a girl which I like what I feel toward her; for this reason, I can't say I'm the most rejected man of history, but, as far as things are going right now, the percentage is 100% rejection for this guy. If I'm not wrong, I guess that would make 12 rejections in total. With 8 of those girls I'm still in contact as a friend, though, I guess that's something, right? Yeah...

So, what it is that can always assure you the rejection? Is it your game? Is it your style? Is it your appearance? Who knows! What you know, is that the other (or the same, if you are gay) gender seems not interested in smooching you, and this sucks. Yes, you know you can't live in your comfort zone forever, but you're always afraid to get hurt, to LOSE self-esteem.

Oh, come on, don't worry about it? What's the worst can happen? She/he will say no and you will move to the next person! It's not like she/he's going to beat you for having asked! Most people are very polite in rejecting someone, they know it sucks!


Why again I wanted to share this stupid thought, anyway? Ah, right... this has happened to me this morning.

FULL SIZE IMAGE HERE! -> https://oi64.tinypic.com/1zlrkhd.jpg

Why, in my opinion

Aaaaand after that she blocked me. How rude was to me for ask, uh? I am a nasty boy, am I not?

Now, of course rationally I'm just guessing this woman was just angry for something that has happened to her and she unleashed the Hulk (or at least, I hope this is the case), but still her words actually hurt me to death, and made me wonder if I actually did something wrong in the past or it is just that I'm not good looking enough. That could be, it's not the worst thing in the world. But taking such a bullet is not so easy, and it actually made me become a little self-conscious. That's why I said "I don't like to express my feelings." If I didn't I wouldn't have ever heard such horrible messages.

Why, In My Opinion "Be Confident" Is Not Always A Good Advice, A.K.A.: Why I Do Not Like To Share My Feelings
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  • aliceinwonderland69
    You came across insecure she seems stuck up which isn't a good combination. I do think tinder is a hook up site so probs only hot guys get lucky on there. Maybe go for another site.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I think that too, but to be honest, I don't think any relationship works if one of the two is not EVEN physically attracted to the other, you can't just have one or another thing, both physical and intellectual attraction are needed.
      Anyway, this was meant to be a question (which I then posted here: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1972246-do-you-think-be-confident-is-always-a-good-thing), sorry for the double thingy, I didn't know how to delete this.