You are doing it wrong! Reasons why approaching has not worked out for you

This myTake was made for straight guys but can apply to women and the LGBT community too who approach people. Here are some reasons why approaching has not worked for some people.

You are doing it wrong! Reasons why approaching has not worked out for you

1. Sneaking up behind them or approaching them in a creepy predator like way

OK you can't be mad if you scared them away before you could say hi when you took the jack the ripper approach to it. Also if they are by a pool or sitting on the train alone at night breathing behind their neck is not the best idea.

2. You pass them a note with your number on it, but you say nothing at all and you make no effort to introduce yourself

Seriously why should a person put in the effort to call you when you don't even say anything but give them your number and walk away?

3. Approaching them while they are on the phone

4. Too aggressive and pushy

Assertiveness is fine, but when it's obvious the person has no interest and she tells you, you should back off. Some people approach with this sense of entitlement and they do not realize that it comes across as scary, intimidating, or too aggressive. Even if you meant well, it's best to move on because there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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What Guys Said 2

  • These are all valid points, but it all boils down to how 'hot' the guy looks. If he is really attractive, girls tend to overlook some of these points and give him a chance. But if he is just another average dude, even the most appropriate, respectful approach will usually NOT get him a date with the girl.

    • Yes this is true. I had an unattractive guy give me his number without saying anything and I threw it away after I left the computer lab

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    • Approaching does not guarantee a relationship though. I have been ghosted by all types of guys before

    • But you need to be commended for attempting something which most girls wouldn't even consider!

  • Because you refer to it as "approaching", as if we're animals preying on each other.


What Girls Said 1

  • I only see straight guys doing this.

    • Then you haven't observed gay guys in action.

      (Not taking a shot at gay guys - just suggesting they're about the same as straight ones... except probably with a better success rate)

    • The mytake was made for straight guys but I only added it can apply to other grades so that I don't hear any complaints that women do this too

      Also, I agree mainly straight guys do this

    • Oh, I misunderstood I thought u meant it as for women and gay guys. No wonder I was confused.