My take on relationships you must avoid being in

My take on relationships you must avoid being in

A relationship is not a soul tie or a bondage of egos or a possessive ownership of yourself by others or of others, it is a shared sentiment of dualistic companionship and combined individuals who chose out of their own freedom and volition and capability, to associate with one another for mutual gain and happiness.

The goal of a relationship is love and affection and happiness, not physical interlude, or financial bolstering, or even unified child rearing, or ego driven admiration and worship. Therefore: YOU SHOULD NEVER DATE SOMEBODY TOO BOOST YOUR SELF ESTEEM OR DATE SOMEBODY WHO BASES THEIR SELF ESTEEM ON YOUR APPROVAL!!! That is a soul tie and an abusive form of mental slavery and a form of idolatry and self hatred at both the giving and receiving end of this type of relationship: a relationship is a balance between two lovers and an intimation of mutual and trusted good will, not an ego or barbaric animal instinct trip.

My take on relationships you must avoid being in
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  • GoldenTulip
    Thank you for spreading these good words!
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  • Jjpayne
    It's a fair point 🤔
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

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  • etexbearkat
    Excellent post! Another thing that’s important in relationships, is not ignoring red flags. It will will end badly if a person does that.
    • I’ve ignored red flags (go read my post from earlier today), and it ended up being a disaster. I was pursuing a friendship I shouldn’t have, and it almost cost me my job.