I Beware Relationships

Hello and welcome! Take a seat you all.

Good! Now I want to tell you guys and gals why I find forming romantic relationships to be... I would say tedious and rather seemingly not even worth it.

I Beware Relationships

The idea of personal and romantic relationships between a man and a woman is sweet like sugar, spicy like chili, warm like the sun, inducing oxytocin and everything nice. I love it!

But ideas, theories and concepts often do not match practicability and in this case: personal, romantic relationships. To experience genuine love seems heavenly like a fairy tale or a nice bedtime story.

I try my best to not blame women but it's hard not to do so or else I can't deliver the message I want to deliver. Please understand, that here and now I'm not going to refer to women as a generalization but as in actual experiences (fortunately these did not happen to me but to the other unfortunate ones). If you are easily offended or can't take opinions or viewpoints different from yours, then quit now and do the next thing in your queue. And don't bother posting anything in response.

Below are the things, that make me dread from forming personal, romantic relationships. Brace yourselves now because shit is about to get realistically really real.💣

Insecurities - Control your boyfriend what he can do and what he can't do

I'm not a puppet. I'm a human being and i am no one's property except for my employer, who rents me and my services.

You guys and gals can probably imagine how one girl can be so insecure to want to restrict her boyfriends freedom what he can do and what he can't do. She would "prohibit" him from talking to girls, liking random photos of users, who have registered as the female gender, get upset over him watching porn, randomly looking at some random woman somehow "inappropriate" for her and the list goes on for kilometers.

Girl, get the fuck real now! Your insecurities are *your* own problem. You are the source of your own misery! Either deal with them anyhow or get lost.

Wanting access to everything. Wanting no privacy for her boyfriend

Here we go again 🙄 Another insecurity or a manipulation personality. This girl wants to have her boyfriends phone password, computer password, email password, facebook password (if available), debit card pin number, home keys, diaries, private messages, SMS, your contacts...

I mean what is all of this? These are my personal things, not yours! You are not my authority! Who do you think you are, some FBI agent?

This is asking for trouble and it reeks of trust issues from kilometers away. This kind of female ought to get lost too.

My personal privacy is very important to me!


This kind of female feels she's the center of the universe and thinks she deserves everything and she's the one, who matters on the planet.

There has been and will be life, sun, space and time before, during and after this female's lifespan.

And she's not the only entity, that "counts". We all are alive and we all are in the center of our own body. Or so it seems.

Or she expects just because she's a female all males going on a date with her should pay for her time and presence.



I Beware Relationships

This female does not get it her way and starts raging like a spoiled brat.

She comes up to her boyfriend and asks "Hey, do you notice anything?" as she assumes he will because she's been hours away at the barber to get a new haircut her boyfriend doesn't know about and he responds just honestly "Uhhh. No? Oh wait, you are wearing a new shirt?". He didn't guess, she gets mad and angrily shouts at him "OH MY GOD, NO! I I HAVE A NEW HAIR CUT YOU IDIOT!" or something of that sort and won't speak to him for the rest of the week.

Or the worst of that sort: She thinks smashing her boyfriends expensive device will get it her way.


I Beware Relationships

Needy like a child

This female requires you to

- Compliment her at least 3 times every day

- Call her every morning and night before sleep

- Assure her, that she's really the only woman you love and ever want

- Give her flowers every time you meet with her (can be plucked from the ground if it's summer)

- Wine and dine her regularly

- Always tell her how you feel

- Remember anniversaries, days since you two last talked, special occasions...

- Always give her massages

- Always kiss her when she expects you to and not kiss her when she doesn't want to but you always "should know" when to do it and when not to do it.

- Something else

- The list goes on

- And barely gets

- fulfilled entirely

- but at least you tried your best

- and still you either couldn't make her for the most part happy

- or it drains too much of your energy and time

- and possibly even your money

I Beware Relationships

Don't even get me started with social media

It's all fake! It's not real! It's nothing! This is the place where relationships often take an impact. The needs for likes, shares, taggings, posting photos online every now and then and their "relationship status" is extremely imbecilic! Yet many find a reason right here to start drama.

I Beware Relationships

Don't do drugs, kids!

And if she's not happy for just one day with you

She'll run off and does inappropriate things behind your back. Cheaty, cheaty.


That's too much work for so little reward.

But of course here's the much needed disclaimer

Like I said before: Not all women are like any of this. There, I have said it before and I have said it again. Is any more reassurance needed?

This is merely my explanation why I dread relationships. Any of you can shame me for that and I won't care. Shaming me for it does nothing other than pushing me further into my shell just from you.

And before you throw any labels at me: The difference between me and any of those "nice guy incels, Elliot Rodger reborns" that you might think is that I am not blaming myself or anybody for how things turned out nor do I hate anybody for it. I just strongly dislike the way things are seeming now.

I can clearly see why many people prefer singlehood over relationships.

That concludes my article! Hope you learned something and enjoyed reading it! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


Most Helpful Girls

  • I don’t see the issue honestly. If you are in a relationship and a person acts in ways you dislike, you can discuss it. If that doesn’t work break up. Then you are just single like you were before the relationship. No one is forced to stay in a bad relationship. To not date bc it might get bad seems like a not great plan. You try and if you don’t like you leave. What is the issue really?

    • It sounds this easy but there is an aftermath post break up. Not, that it bothers me.

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    • Thank you! That sounds interesting.

    • 7d

      You are welcome 😊

  • I dread them cause I’m insecure 😂 and have a fear of being cheated and played like 3/4 guys before my current man. I have no intentions of controlling anything besides my emotions.

    I do expect boundaries though. And no, when a guy tells me he wants to be with me and marry, some things don’t need to be private. I’d you need to hide your texts from me, youretypically hiding something from me which is a trust breaker.

    Even my boyfriend said it. “I was hiding something”,... HE HID STUFF FROM METHAT WAS IMPORTANT and the only reason why he told me was because I found clues and contradicting things he said. I had to question him myself.

    Which leads to insecurity. When you have a feeling that something isn’t right... but the whole world tells you to not look at his phone cause that’s invasion privacy... you start to feel crazy. Like I’m positive something is happening but everyone told me no. Only later, I find out I was right. By looking at his phone dammit.

    They say insecurity is pure crazy... sometimes it is!
    But sometimes it’s because of your partner that you feel insecure. Or sometimes it’s just your past.
    Sometimes they’re just crazy lol

    But I can speak for myself when I say that my insecurity was caused by someone else. And anyone who tells me that I’m crazy (nobody has people have for th emote part told me I had a right to feel the way I did) for feeling insecure or needed to see a therapist... can seriously fuck off because I’ve done so much hard work to help myself and am making progress.

    • You were with a liar. I am not a liar. Lies are fairly easy to spot generally. It happens commonly. I hate liars as much as you may hate liars.

      But when I say I got nothing to hide, I tell the truth. Ironically as it seems that does not mean by a long shot that my privacy is for the show. Some things however are just meant to be that: Private. It takes a ton of trust to consider letting a partner into certain private stuff.

    • Ooh ok that makes sense. I’m the same as you! I don’t have anything to hide. Well besides emotions not gonna lie
      And I wouldn’t say that it’s easy. Some people are good at lying.

      I was with a guy who showed no signs of being unhappy with me. He always kissed me. Hugged me. Told me he loved me. He was there for me when I told him one of my siblings ran away. We never fought. I never asked for anything as a matter of fact. I thought we were solid. Later my brother told me he cheated on me with my brothers girlfriend.

      Another guy... well technically he was my first boyfriend. I didn’t know he lied a lot until when we had another girl try to get involved in our relationship, a few girls came up to me and told me about their past with my at the time boyfriend. I didn’t know any better though. I was proud of myself later though cause he wanted me back years later and I genuinely liked this guy so much that I tried to settle as a friend. But he wanted more and it hurt when I rejected him twice.

      And the guy I dated before my current boyfriend, he basically played me. He helped my hand and kissed me... then kept flirting over text but never made effort to see me. When I told him that I didn’t want to be part of it anymore cause it was clearly going nowhere, he apologized, asked to try again, I gave him a chance, and he only made no effort to see me. Unless he was in town to pick up his sinling, he wouldn’t.

      And 2/3 of these guys were dorky guys... and also barley attractive... SO HIW THEY MANAGED TO FIND ANOTHER GIRL... I don't know 😂 but yeah ;-; that’s my life.

      I’m literally just a cute girl who is trying in life. I have never had bad intentions. And yet I get this 😐 oof.

    • Bad luck. Sorry that it happened to you.
      Rest assured you rid yourself from the trash. There's lots of it. Finding the quality mate is finding a diamond in a big pile of cobblestone. In any case it was their losses. They seem like losers to me. It's a common thing. Even I saw it myself (in college specifically).

Most Helpful Guys

  • You're welcome to stay single indefinitely. Unless you have other ideas? Some stay single but they do hook ups and shit. I'd go with voluntarily and indefinitely celibate and stay out of all things RELEVANT to dating, relationships AND sex altogether. Prioritize and focus on other things instead.

    "The difference between me and any of those 'nice guy incels, Elliot Rodger reborns' that you might think is that I am not blaming myself or anybody for how things turned out nor do I hate anybody for it. I just strongly dislike the way things are seeming now.

    No need to blame somebody else, well, except maybe the shitty system and the way how absurd this world and reality is. Just let other people do their own thing. The shittyness of how the way things are now, I wouldn't expect it to ever change for the better. Nobody needs a relationship anyway, well not to live and breath, so you'll just be fine.

  • Luckily my girlfriend and I are the opposite of everything mentioned above. We're not insecure nor controlling. If she's going out with friends, she lets me know when and who she's with. I do the same. It builds and maintains trust... and we both do this without telling each other why we do it, because we have a silent mutual agreement that it's a healthy practice. We don't really hide anything from each other out of choice. She can use my phone and I can use hers if we want, but we don't really generally ask each other for that. We respect each other's boundaries enough to not ask for access to social media accounts. We respect each others space and definitely aren't clingy. Anyways... I can go on, but you get it. There are girls that are perfect for you out there. I was lucky enough to meet the perfect girl for me.


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What Girls Said 9

  • Sounds like you only were in toxic and bad relationships. Learn about them, set boundaries right away and always that is really important communicate with your partner.

    • I have not been in relationships myself. However I have witnessed plenty of others relationships. It really makes me question how did they two even got together in the first place while I haven't had any girl shown any interest in me.

  • I'm don't do any of that except I do play mind games but not even that much, I am needy for attention sometimes. I like to have my space and I expect my partner to respect me so I give them the same respect. Everyone is different and not everyone is for everyone.

  • I just found the thumbnail for this amusing

    How many women does it take to grab a lightbulb?

  • That’s great! Do not ever enter a relationship of any kind with women. You will be so much happier ☺️💕

  • so sorry to hear... not all girls/relationship is/should be that way... one should NOT be in that kind of relationships...

    I was in 3good healthy relationships... married to one...

    the most recent, made me like the girl you decrcibed...
    it takes two to love, create, support, bond, respect, trust, committment, and lust for ea. other... and a few other to have a fulfill romantic relationship... once trust or anyone one of the major area is gone... the relatoinshp will suffer.

    sounds like you or those you shared are not ready for adult relationships...

  • 7d

    This list goes both ways. In the past, I had bad relationships due to dudes acting crazy. I am happy though, I am in a secure relationship now!

  • These only happen in toxic relationships.

  • Blue anons can be in relationships?

  • ye fuck relationships


What Guys Said 10

  • Very good points here. I thought about this stuff too. That's why I've never been on a date or kissed. Too much risk and no long-term gain. Especially these days. Who can prove that I can't be happy on my own? Nobody. And nobody ever will. The safe zone is the best zone unless it messes with your life. Since relationships are not necessary, staying in the safe zone is totally reasonable.

  • 7d

    Seems like you only wanted to focus on the negative of relationships. What would you do if your family and friends were in a happy relationship, happily engaged or happily married? If you want to stay single then that is your choice to make.

    • 7d

      I'd wonder if they are truly happy or just posing as being happy. You know all those facebook n twitter photos they upload online to publish their best moments? That's the peak points of their relationships. But have you wondered of the bigger picture? When they have fights? Especially over something trivial or unimportant? Or when they can access and do anything on all of your accounts?

      This seems like terrorism to me. It's like having someone putting a gun behind your head and tell you "smile now with me and don't fake it! We'll take a selfie and put it online".

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    • 7d

      You said "I can't be happy in a relationship for reasons listed in the article." Guess you will never try again if you have or just never try to begin with. I have been rejected many times and had relationships end horribly. Did I give up? No. If I did I would not be with my wonderful girlfriend that I am with.

    • 7d

      I said these reasons make me dread relationships. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  • well i told my girlfriend that im 1 year together now
    since the start if you will try to change me , or you will tell me what to do and what not to do
    expect me to read ur mind without saying whats going on

    then well i will leave as soon as i see those flags
    we are still together :)

  • I dated a lot of girls who pulled this shit before I met my current girlfriend, who does none of this shit at all. If you're finding yourself consistently ending up with these girls then you need to look outside your little bubble and ask yourself why.

    At the same time, after a while you tend to pick up on certain red flags that might give you clues to how she'll be later on down the road and if she'll be the type of girl who will pull this kind of shit on you.

  • Whoa boy sounds like you needed a shoulder to cry. Now i don't avoid relationships but in all honesty i don't much out of them except the physical aspect and emotional support , most women my age can't teach anything i don't know and don't really interest mecuz they lives consist of home-coffee-home routine and social media and no hobbies or any sort of argumentation capacity so yeah

  • Well that’s revealing. Keep a copy of it with you and hand it to every woman you meet, you will never have to worry about forming an adult relationship ever.

  • 7d

    The people described in this post are girls, not actual women. A true mature woman is a valuable blessing. Nothing at all compares to her.

  • Interesting. I can't even get one.

  • 7d

    I feel you bro

  • Splendid


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