7 Reasons I'm Convinced My Boyfriend Is “The One”

7 Ways I Know My Boyfriend Is “The One”I have always been a serial dater and have dated enough boys so I fully know who I am, what I want, and what kind of person I am compatible with. He is more of a complementary match to me than an “other half.” We don’t complete each other simply because we are already whole individuals to begin with. We can do without each other, but we would rather not because we become the best versions of ourselves when we’re together.His mere presence instantly makes everything better,safer and happier!!!

My boyfriend is proud to be my man. He brags about it like it was the greatest honor he was ever granted. His eyes always sparkle when he looks at me.

1. He Makes Me Laugh

7 Reasons I'm Convinced My Boyfriend Is “The One”

I think that a sense of humor is so important in a relationship. If a guy can make you laugh, that means he can also make you feel happy, put a smile on your face and cheer you up when you're sad. Plus, it's fun to giggle and be silly together! Those ridiculous moments are some of the best moments.

How boring would it be if your boyfriend was dull and never said or did anything that made you laugh?

2. He Makes ME Better!!!

7 Reasons I'm Convinced My Boyfriend Is “The One”

A good boyfriend encourages you to be the best you ever. He lifts you up when you're down, he has your back during difficult situations and he pushes you to do what's right for you.He's happy for you when you're successful and he doesn't feel jealous if you have more than him.

3. He Makes Compromises

Compromises are an essential part of a relationship and if your guy is willing to make them, then he's a keeper. That doesn't mean he has to do everything you want him to do, it means that he'll work with you to figure out what's best for the both of you. And, yeah, occasionally he'll do things he doesn't really want to do.

4. My family loves him

7 Reasons I'm Convinced My Boyfriend Is “The One”

I'm only seventeen and both of my parents agreed that I was too young to date. My mom is one of the extremes. I was never allowed to date and if I ever told her about boys, she would freak out, start stalking me, go through my phone to find the boy’s number, and call him just to warn him not to do anything to her lovely daughter (ha).

So yes, I was scared. I was anxious to introduce my boyfriend to mom. .My mom was completely impressed by my boyfriend’s intelligence and kind heart. My dad loves the fact that I have a very smart boyfriend whom he can have a decent conversation with. When your family, who knows you very well believes that you two are right for each other, it just assures you even more that you have made the right choice.

5. He Respects My Decision To Wait

7 Reasons I'm Convinced My Boyfriend Is “The One”

He is an atheist and I'm a devout Mormon. My advice to all the Christian ladies who are abstinent is to never change your mind to accommodate your boyfriend's selfish needs and wants. You’ve been there before: You meet a guy that you like (or a guy that was persistent), you’re hanging out with him (like on a date), and at some point you feel compelled to bring up the fact that you’re waiting till marriage to have sex.

If his look reflects the thought: “urgh, seriously?”

Then he runs a mile away, cuts off all contact, and avoids you like the plague.

You should realize that he really isn’t worth any of your time if you aren’t worth any of his. You can tell from his reaction that he was much more interested in sex than in any kind of emotional connection. This often represents immaturity (and/or shallowness) on his part. You’re not just a body that can be used for his entertainment and pleasure. Some girls might be OK with that, but not you.

6. I'm proud of him

He is a full-time college student, varsity athlete with two part-time jobs.I love how hardworking he is.My heart swells with pride whenever I see him doing something he is passionate about like playing the piano or hitting a home run.

7. He is chivalrous!!!

7 Reasons I'm Convinced My Boyfriend Is “The One”He is 19 but not a typical loan indebted college student. He knows I'm a penniless teen and always insists on paying for everything. He always holds the door, pulls out my chair and treats me like a lady, not a dude.

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  • Wow, you are very lucky to have a man like that in your life. I wish you all the best and hope you guys stay together through the thick and thin.


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  • Does him being an atheist and you being christen cause any problems? Are you hoping he will change his mind.

  • You've dated that many guys at the age of 17? I didn't even have my first date until I was 18 lol.

  • " He brags about it like it was the greatest honor he was ever granted." that's only because no other girl wants him lol


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