Need Some Summer Date Inspiration? 6 Fun Ideas for Couples

At one point or another we all get tired of doing the same old thing during dates. Dinner and a movie or going out for coffee can be boring after a while. Here are 6 date ideas to help provide some inspiration!

1) Visit a festival or carnival

Carnivals and festivals are great because they naturally allow you to interact with a person. It takes pressure off of trying to make conversation, and instead allows you to learn about the other person by doing activities.

There are also plenty of free festivals, so even better if you are on a budget. Many opportunities to appreciate free live music, culture and get to know your date!

2) Plan an outdoor adventure!

The summer season gives us an opportunity to explore the great outdoors. What better way to do that than to go camping or hiking for the day? Camping and hiking can offer challenges, which can also give you plenty of opportunities to get to know your date. You can work together to set up camp, or plan a hiking route. Encourage each other on difficult parts of the trail, or even work together to cook some smores.

Try something new like Kayaking, fishing or archery. Plenty of camping parks offer activities for campers, and if you don't want to camp out you can always just go for the day. Plan a picnic and have a day full of fun activities.

3) Outdoor movie night!

Bring the big screen to the outdoors. Hang a sheet, and if you can borrow a projector. If you don't have access to a projector, you can even take a tv or laptop outside (if you know it's not going to rain!). Set up a cozy viewing area, get your favourite snacks ready and pick some of your favourite movies to watch.

Or if you lucky, maybe you live near a drive in movie theatre! Grab some snacks, blankets and pillows and go see a movie outdoors. I've try to go to the drive in at least once a year and I feel fortunate to live near a drive in!

4) Water fun in your backyard!

Get your play on by setting up some fun water activities outside. Have a water gun or water balloon fight. Or you can get creative and create some sponge balls out of sponges and elastics. Cut the sponges lengthwise into strips, then attach with elastics. For an even greater challenge, set up some hiding spots!

Have a slip and slide or a sprinkler? Set those up to play in! Or if you have a kiddie pool you can dip your feet into the pool.

5) Have a BBQ, backyard picnic or potluck!

Plan out what you are going to cook and head out to the grocery store to buy the ingredients. You can pick out favourite foods and work together to prepare the meal. Maybe pick a favourite recipe and share why it is your favourite. Maybe it's a family recipe, or perhaps one that is inspired from your favourite restaurant?

For even more fun, you could invite more couples and make it a party! Everyone bring a dish and plan some fun party games as well to go with it!

6) Plan a road trip!

Have you both got the travel bug, but are low on funds? Plan a road trip with your date! Make the best of the cheesy touristy attractions around you. Do some research and plan out one's to go and see. Plan a route, and pack your car full of supplies.

Visit some quirky stops. Sometimes the places which most people wouldn't normally go have the best stuff! Don't be afraid to take chances and visit some small towns. You never know what you

could find along the way!

7) Plan a romantic getaway!

Have a friend who owns a cottage or condo? Find out if you can use the space for a weekend and plan a romantic getaway with your date.

Even if you get to stay at someone's apartment in a new place, it can still be a fun experience. Take a chance and explore your surroundings. Try out some cool cafes or restaurants nearby. Take in some local culture. Many cities have lots of cool nightlife downtown.

Hope you enjoyed this MyTake! Some of these ideas can be used during other seasons as well. What are some of your favourite date ideas?


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  • I'm old enough to remember going to a drive-in to watch E. T.

    ... yeah, that's right. I confess. :P

    • Oldie! Haha
      Seriously that's actually pretty cool. My parents remember drive in movie too.
      They have both seen ET but I haven't

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  • My boyfriend and I have done all of these and more this summer. We both loved having a water balloon fight\ hide and seek in the woods.


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  • All of this is... su-su-summer date summer date sadness for me.


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