Dating a Foreigner: Possible or Not?


Suppose you meet a lovely foreigner at your university or work. Or you are on holiday and meet that gorgeous crush. What are your chances for a date or even a relationship?



1. The language problem.

Dating a Foreigner: Possible or Not?

Unless you only want a quickie, you need a mutual language; otherwise it may be a boring date. Body and hand language are quickly exhausted unless you both are trained in it. There are about 6800 main languages in the world, so the probability of you knowing the correct one may be low. Of course, you have the leading languages many people know, but realize that English occupies only the second place, preceded by Mandarin and closely followed by Spanish, Hindi, Arab and Russian. So start studying.

2. Cultural differences in public.

Dating a Foreigner: Possible or Not?

If it's a date in your own country, it's less a problem if your partner is aware, but if you are abroad, study again. Depending on the country, certain things are not done on the street. For example, in some Asian countries, intimate touching is considered inappropriate on public places, even a gentle kiss. I many Arab countries, don’t even dare taking a picture of a female. Also respect the local dress code. In some countries it does not matter if you show up in sport clothes at a date, in other countries it is expected that you dress up (a bit or a lot).

3. Personal differences.

Dating a Foreigner: Possible or Not?

Girls realize that in certain communities, men are expected to take the lead and expose macho behavior. Men realize that in certain communities, it's normal for girls to take the lead and expect to be treated on an equal base. Same for paying the bill at a date (one party or split). Check before you act.

4. Control your hormones.

Dating a Foreigner: Possible or Not?

If it's a university or work relation, OK, it can turn out to be long-lasting. But on holidays or abroad, realize that it may just be a one or few nights out and after that it's finished and remains a nice memory. If you don’t want the hormonal hangover after an explosive holiday love, control your hormones. Enjoy, but don’t believe in dreams (if they come true, the better of course, but let it be a surprise).

5. The foreigner will remain a foreigner.

Dating a Foreigner: Possible or Not?

This is not meant to be negative. Suppose there is a click and you get a relation. Even if you or your partner learn the language and are accepted by the community, speaking will always reveal an accent and lack the tiny differences that native speakers can put in words. Even within the same language, dialects will keep showing up. Try to use it in your benefit.

Dating a Foreigner: Possible or Not?
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  • davisgirl89
    My best friend is from Saudi Arabia and he and I have never really dated. That being said I understand his customs so it doesn't bother me much because he wants us to get married at 30, once he finishes his master degree. For us it's a lot of working on communication and understanding that we have ever different backgrounds. Even when we have disagreement I believe that the biggest thing is understanding forgivness. I am not sure about others but when you love someone it doesn't really matter where they are from.
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    • Xfitchick

      Hope you will be happy with him. And yes the cultural difference between the US and SA can't be greater, but you both have a positive attitude.

    • Thanks. He is am amazing guy! 😍

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  • ElissaDido
    Nice MyTake!
    I've never lived in my country of origin , and have always been a foreigner, so I always think about this topic since most men I meet are foreigners too. It's weird somehow, since I'm only used to hear my language being spoken by family members, whenever I meet a guy from my country I feel like it's my brother or cousin --"" .
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  • btbc92
    It is very possible. But you have to already be prepared for the cultural differences right off the bat. Not everybody is mature enough for such a relationship.
  • Purpshuk
    Good take! Putting this in the perspective of dating Japanese men within Japan as a "Gaijin" (Foreigner).

    Finding a date is relatively easy for me, actually I find it easier in Japan then in my home country of Canada. I would say because a lot of Japanese men are curious in seeing what it would be like dating a foreign woman. The current person I'm seeing rarely speaks English, so gives me a reason to study Japanese harder. I've been on worse dates where only google translate was used so I can let that slide.

    Dealing with misunderstandings is as easy as whipping out a translator and apologizing (usually I am the one to do so) for not being good at the other's language. It can't be helped really so no reason to argue over it.

    One thing I have to deal with is how often I get looked at with my partner. Japan is kinda reluctant on PDAs, and I find myself lucky to find someone who is fine with touching in public, hell, he actually tries to get as close to me as much as possible which is weird for here, I am pleasantly surprised to say the least. But of course, that come with what the general public thinks. For example, on the train this week I decided to rest my head on his shoulder, he took it well and started patting my head. Everyone else on the train looked like they saw a ghost. Especially *gasp* an interracial couple? Madness! I still remember the stink eye that one elderly lady across from us gave.

    Always positives and negatives for any relationship, wether it's interracial or not. But overall I agree with this take!
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    • Xfitchick

      Like your story. Good and well written example.

  • Mustachekitteh
    #1 is not a problem at all if they speak perfect English, which is the case with my boyfriend who is Portuguese. His English is so perfect that if he came to the USA, nobody would think he's a foreigner. Which is what happened when he traveled to Scotland, the taxi driver was extremely impressed with how well he spoke English. :D
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  • Jxpxtxr
    My dad is Irish, my mom is half German/half French - my cousin is half Korean and half Irish & two other cousins are half American & half Irish - so I guess my entire family proves that it can work :D
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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Yeah - I agree it can be more difficult to date a foreigner but as you say if there is a connection you will probably work harder for it - Also there are some who are more attracted to foreign people and feel more in step with them - I think in reality if its right, its right and if not it is a struggle which could be said about any potential relationship.
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  • LadyBug69
    I had sex with a guy in cancun Mexico and the sex was so good it was traumatizing lol..
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  • Jan1ssary_
    I had foreigner girl friend few years ago, we didn't have problems except her clothing style. She was wearing slutty and it was making me mad, cause other males were looking so we had arguments. It was all good, and its good thing to experience in your life.
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  • howzit2015
    My father was a Spanish immigrant who met my mom, who was dutch. I think it can work
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  • meatballs21
    I was with a Welsh girl for over a decade. I was the foreigner.
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  • jameson187
    My sisters husband is welsch. Again they live in NYC so it's not like he's a foreigner anymore.
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    • Xfitchick

      Does he still has his welsch accent or did he get rid of it?

    • jameson187

      He still has it. He refers to pants as trousers, hates the royal family and bloody is the worst word you can say according to him. He's been here since maybe the late 90s - early 2000.

  • Unit1
    I'm a german and I was dragged into a different country when I was 15 (not iceland). Dating foreign people is possible and potentially worth it if it's not temporary like vacations.
    The bad thing is: This place is too different for me to bother even dating.
    • Xfitchick

      what country?

    • Unit1

      It's not Iceland but I'm not telling the internet that.

      (Even if it was completely out of my own control, I do feel ashamed of it)

    • Xfitchick

      How can you be ashamed to be in another country. It may not fit you, but thats all.

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  • Zorax
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  • luisnunez
    I guess, it is possible as long as the foreigner can speak the language where he is living at the moment.
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  • RedThread
    It can work if people have long term plans together and it's not just a temporary situation.
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  • Kenniesh
    All the point stated out do play a major role... if the chemistry is there, it can work out well but if not...
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  • NajemEddine
    if he was from the middle east run like hell from him :p
    kidding it depends on u and him
  • zombiebabe
    :o sounds true
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    it's worth the effort
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  • ChadThundercawk
    somebody had a nice casual fuck on holidays.
  • Anonymous
    I want to fuck a Hispanic foreigner <3
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  • Anonymous
    I'm from the netherlands. My wife is British.
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