Why American Men Should Try Dating Women From Other Countries

Dating is a tough game for men. It's always a gamble to know if she's interested in the first place, and if she is then you have to court her with no guarantee of success.

Before I begin this MyTake, this isn't a take to back American women. Many of them are very nice and good people. I'm bringing a perspective to men who may be struggling to date women in his current area.

Advantages to dating foreign women

-More traditional: Lots of men are aware of how feminism has changed the modern American woman. She is more independent, less domestic. Many foreign women have not been exposed to this yet, so they have a more traditional view of how to be a woman.

-They're taught how to treat a man: This will be controversial, but every foreign girl I've ever dated keeps bringing this up. They're taught how to treat a man and take care of them. American women are taught how to be independent from men. I believe this creates a rift between the genders since men are still taught how to treat women but not vice versa in the country.

-You can learn a lot: My Spanish has improved because of dating Central American women! Nothing is better than learning from a native. They can teach you how to cook their local dishes, which are usually amazing.

-Their sexual past is usually not as bad: This is probably the most controversial point, but it's much more common to find a virgin or a girl with a lot less sexual partners in foreign lands. Many countries still frown upon women sleeping with random men.

-They're more eager to please men: In the United States, many women just expect men to please them and do everything for them. Women in foreign countries actually want to impress you with more than their bodies. They will cook for you, clean for you, give you gifts. This is one of my favorite things about them.


-Distance: Obviously if they're not US citizens, it will be very difficult to meet foreign women since they can live very far away.

-Cultural differences: I think this is the hardest part of dating foreign women. They WILL think differently than you. If you're not accepting of different cultures, dating foreign women is NOT for you.

-Some could be taking advantage of you: There's always the risk they maybe using you for American citizenship. I tend to date women who are well off in their respective country so it's less likely they take advantage of you. In my opinion American women do this also so it's not exclusive to foreign women.

Regions of the world I recommend to look

Central and Eastern Europe: Italy, Scandanavia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, ETC. They are traditional and VERY beautiful.

Central and South America: Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuala, Bolivia. Exotic and very good to their men

Asia: China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, India. Extremely traditional and LOVE foreign men.

Africa: Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Libya. Beautiful women who love foreign men.

Why American men should try dating women from other countries


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  • No it's not. It's not a gamble to know if the girl is interested. I always know if the girl's interested before I even talk to her. It's a gamble if you go to some random ass girl who's never even laid eyes on you. Yeah it's a gamble then. But ultimately it's only a gamble if you choose for it to be. You don't have to court shit. Are there some females who want to be courted? Yeah. But there are some who don't too. There are some who just want to be treated like any other human being.

    Let's talk about your so called "advantages":

    First of all it's clear what kind of guy you are, and hey by all means that's fine. If you want a pet female who's a virgin and solely dependent on you then fine. I'm sure there are American women who are into that kind of thing. Not my kind of thing (solely), but hey you're a different kind of man than me.

    So with that said most of your advantages are all the same and can be placed under the same umbrella...



    I already described what that is (a female that's more of a domestic pet than human being). If that's what you like then I don't know maybe foreign women is what you want. I don't have a lot of experience with foreign women, so I don't know. I do know there are American women who are into that though I imagine it might be rare. However, I won't assume that foreign women are automatically traditional. Even if that's true in my case it's not better.

    So it depends on the kind of guy really. The problem might not be the woman. It might be the man. It might not be that she's "independent" as to why the man struggles in the dating world. Could be other reasons. Still I guess it's a logical option to look into for some men.

    Let's look at your "disadvantages":

    Yeah foreign women taking advantage of your citizenship has to be the biggest disadvantage. I've heard plenty of stories about that, and hell I even know someone who contemplated doing that who lives here in the USA. Which takes me to my next point.

    Trivia time: What country has the most immigrants? Yep. USA.

    So while if you want a "true" foreign woman then yeah obviously you should travel, but there are a lot of foreign women right here in the USA. Now maybe some of them are "converted" into what you dislike over time, but I imagine there are more who aren't than any other country too since again immigration is the largest here.

    • Cultural differences are a disadvantage, but apparently you don't have to be foreign to have cultural differences with someone. Yes you can look towards interracial couples, but also again you're obviously a "traditional" person (or at least writing this for "traditional" men) and apparently there are American women who aren't this way. So I'd say there's cultural differences there. In other words no matter where you go as an American there will probably be people with cultural differences.

      As far as regions you literally listed everywhere except Australia and Antarctica.

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  • I think the problem with American men is that they want and feel entitled to the most beautiful women of other cultures when those women are heavily protected by their men. Some American men feel entitled to women of other cultures and that causes many fights and hatred with that culture towards Americans.
    That Asian woman is stunning.

  • Thanks for the kudos RE Estonian women, but honestly young Estonian women may not be as "traditional" as you may imagine. Nice thoughts though:)

  • lol. foreign women aren't traditional. Lol, south Americans are known to sexually liberated and have many sexual partners. Asians, are only going to be with you for money and status. And they all have many sexual partners but dont talk about it. East European are the same as south American women.

    • American women do these things you posted, foreign women don't nearly as much

    • TF, have you been overseas. Asian women have sex, a lot of sex its just taboo to talk about. And believe it or not Asian women wear the pants in their relationships. South America and Europeans consider American women prudish.. lol

    • American women are very loose and bad wife material

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  • That sounds like a massive pain in the ass. The women here haven't gotten that bad yet that I'd think it'd be better to go out looking for a foreign girl. They're almost there though so this might be some solid advice to give to my little brother. By the time he's at the age ready to settle down I'd imagine it's gonna be pretty bad.

  • All valid points though I actually like the cultural difference it allows me to learn, adapt and become more cultured myself. Might be a tad difficult but I'm alright with that.

  • While feminists brag about liberating women from patriarchal homes, they don’t seem to mind the fact that women are now enslaved in corporations where they are worked to a point of exhaustion. It’s clear to us that feminists are more concerned with destroying families for the sake of their ideology than they are with promoting women’s welfare.

    The vast majority of today’s women have bought into the false promise from feminists that they could have it all without any consequences—we merely want to tell women to be realistic about their life choices. Women must know that there is a price to be paid for opting the Sex and the City type of lifestyle and that they must choose between motherhood and career. As they say: Don’t shoot the messenger.


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