Interracial Dating: Dating for the Right Reasons


Dating Outside Your Race for the Right Reasons

Interracial Dating: Dating for the Right Reasons

I'm sure we've all heard:

"I don't date people within my own race."

This often stems from various issues whether it be self hate or fetishes. Either way, when choosing a partner, it should be for the right reasons. If you do ever decide to date outside of your race, here are some dos and don'ts:

Reasons Why You Should Date Outside of Your Race:

- Because you love / care about who the individual is as a person, not what color their skin is

- Because there are wonderful people inside and out of every race

- To show people love has no boundaries

- There's an honest emotional connection

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date Outside of Your Race:

Self Hatred / Detachment:

Interracial Dating: Dating for the Right Reasons

The above is the Brazilian painting "The Redemption of Ham" by Modesto Brocos, depicting the process of "cleansing" the race in Brazil. Many people don't love themselves as they are due to constant reinforcement about everything that's wrong with them so they try to detach themselves as much as possible. Unfortunately, this won't make you feel better about yourself; it'll only feed a lie you're telling yourself and the pain within.


Interracial Dating: Dating for the Right Reasons

Don't get me started on the amount of people I've met who date people outside their race simply to make their parents mad. Just don't do it. It'll end in more pain than gain.

Mixed Baby Fetish

Interracial Dating: Dating for the Right Reasons

Yes, mixed children are absolutely beautiful, but so are non mixed children. Your child will be beautiful regardless. Kids are a responsibility, not an accessory, so we shouldn't be trying to breed a certain look, especially since mixed kids don't always look mixed.

When You Date Outside of Your Race for the Wrong Reasons:

Interracial Dating: Dating for the Right Reasons

Dating outside of your race for the wrong reasons often leads to an even larger problem than what you began with. Doing it to detach yourself from your own race won't remove the internal pain you've been hiding but feed the flame because you'll still be reminded everyday of who you are. Doing it for revenge might cost someone their life. As for babies, not all mixed babies are cute.


If you're going to date someone, do it for love! Not for something petty and/or


Disclaimer: This is not a take against dating outside of your race. You should be with whomever you choose to be with and feel connected to.

Interracial Dating: Dating for the Right Reasons
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  • Gommers
    "- To show people love has no boundaries"

    This is just as racist as any reasons you mentioned below it for reasons not to date someone outside of your race. If you have an agenda and the connection isn't there, you're a racist. Even if connection did develop but it started out as a show of openness, it is racist. It's called benevolent racism and it's the worst kind of racism out there. Almost every white woman in america, with a small grouping who understand how race plays into our interactions socially, is a benevolent racist; doing shit under the guise of helping when really it's a show of disguised condescension. When you do things to help people of other races but don't do those same things to help people of your race you're supporting a self perception of superiority and needing to help those less fortunate than yourself because of that superiority instead of just enjoying what you've earned.

    Like it not, that's worse than actually just having and honestly stating, without remorse, that you don't like someone of another race. At least, then, there's an opportunity to remove race from the conversation. But to pretend that you're not racist and making the claim that you're helping because it's what you're supposed to do because of your privilege, well that's closed doors all around.

    Peace. If anyone has a problem with what I say, please feel free to confront me on it.
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    • Wow that was amazing.

    • That's exactly why it irritates me when liberal social justice people talk about race, almost every one of them acts exactly the way you describe.

    • kxera

      I actually agree. When I wrote that I wasn't confident in this reason, but I included it anyway. You're so right though. If you have a point to prove or are only doing it to achieve a goal, then it isn't genuine. Great response! I'm glad you commented, correcting me on that.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Cccgala
    Great Take!
    In other parts of the world, especially in countries that are "homogeneous" in ethnicity, interracial dating is a way of ascension from lower class to the upper class. That should not be a reason to date inter-racially, in my opinion.
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    • ChiiRAG

      Well in my country if u just talk to someone outcasted u r gonee... i wish i was in us of a

    • kxera

      Thanks, and yeah, i've heard about that!

    • HereIbe

      Does that mean that someone who is of the upper class "descends" or "degrades"?

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  • RationalMale
    Reasons to NOT date outside your race:

    1. You have loyalty to your people. You're not someone who will ditch your men or your women to have children with another group.
    2. You value your heritage. The genetic heritage of groups, such as European whites, took thousands upon thousands of years to create such beauty and intelligence, a combination of genetics and environment creating such a people.

    I always wonder about white girls who date black. There is almost always one or two things present with every white girl who dates out. Either they have heavy daddy issues, or they are damaged goods. Observe next time you're out. Most white girls you see, particularly with black men, will have bad facial piercings, be obese, and/or have done something horrible with their hair. Like a self-gelding of their natural beauty.

    Also, as dating is a zero sum game, it is in the vested interest of any group's men to discourage/prevent the loss of their women by however they see fit. That's life, evolution, and survival of the fittest.
    • kxera

      Your reasons don't make sense. You can very much value your heritage and support your own while loving someone else. Genetically, we are truly more alike than different. We are all apart of the human race despite cultural differences due to skin color and geographic location. Love shouldn't be based off of skin color. To think that you couldn't love someone while also loving your own people is ridiculous.

    • The Nazis were very interested in preserving their genetic heritage. We all know how that turned out.

  • monthsmays
    I think that, if he/she says something like "I only date people my own race" or "I have preference...", well then stop talking to this person, stop trying to understand why he/she hates you! Stop embarrassing yourself, for fucks sake.
    Drop them! The life is too short and the ammount of people in the world is too big, to give a shit about their ignorant and sometimes racist "reasons". Move on!
  • dipta
    Except maybe for this one:
    - To show people love has no boundaries

    You don't have to show people anything, just be true to yourself.
    • kxera

      I agree. You're so right!

  • menina
    Nice Take!

    Interracial dating is still a taboo in many countries and to many people. But it's becoming more common.
    I agree with all of the reasons you mentioned.
  • mermaidrocketship
    Love this. I've always been surrounded by more white people than black, but I've never thought that I should be with a white guy because I hate myself. It's just been a matter of who's around the most. I had one black friend who refused to date a black guy or anyone more than tan because she thought dark skin was ugly. She was a black African, super ironic.
  • ManOnFire
    What the right or wrong reasons are, are for the individual to decide. Your idea of them isn't going to be enough. I date outside of my race because I relate better with women of other races. I don't really care for the way my own women act and look, and I get along much better with women of other races.
  • JensonStatement
    to my opinion, i don't care but something that will vanish is the culture and racy thing. If htis will go on there will be no more negros or whites and so on.

    I like to date outside my race because the're some things i don't like in my race and especially my countries.
    • Afrochick


    • @Afrochick
      it should have been black people but the streetslang is coming up sometimes you know.
      htis should have been this.

    • kxera


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  • Zombie_Killer_Redux
    This is racially skewed and biased as all hell, It might as well have been called 'white men can eat shit and die'.
    Besides that, It's brilliant and all true.
  • TheTruthHurtsImSorry
    Thank you. I really wish people understood this more.

    You should also do a take for those that only date within their race for the wrong resons.
  • HereIbe
    "Because you love / care about who the individual is as a person, not what color their skin is"

    Sort of okay, but not right. Sorry, I DO care what color my wife's skin is, because I LOVE HER. That means I also LOVE the color of her skin. I don't love her "despite her being black". I don't love her "even if she is black". I love that she is black because being black is part of who she is. Interracial love in this racist society is not and cannot be "color blind". It must be color aware and EMBRACE the other person's color, not pretend to not see it.

    "Because there are wonderful people inside and out of every race"

    Yeah, so what. There are wonderful men besides me (probably, I guess). That doesn't mean it's a good reason for me, who has no inclinations toward men, to start dating men.

    "To show people love has no boundaries"

    Total bullshit. TOTAL BULLSHIT. What kind of stupid politicizing attention whoring is this? If THAT is why you are dating someone, you are an evil shit who only cares about attention.

    "There's an honest emotional connection" [or you are looking to see if there is one].

    The ONLY valid reason, at all.

  • teyanna
    I totally agree, you are free to date anyone you want and in addition dating should be fun, you get to know different people, societies and cultures which makes you a better person.
  • Theodorable
    Date whom you like. Who ever is nice to you, who you love, and who is loyal. Screw what other people think. It's none of their business. People should learn to mind their own business.
  • vishna
    Yessss. That mixed baby fetish and mixed person fetish is so wrong. Date for love, the feelings, nothing else. :)
  • Saoirse_Nua
    I agree with all the right reasons - Wrong reasons seem a bit extreme then again I don't live in a particularly mixed race environment and one last observation all babies are cute to their parents.
  • Intraluminal
    Life's too short to be with someone for the wrong reasons. I agree with your take.
  • AlwaysBelieving
    Interesting take. For the most part, I find few Asian gals attractive. Both my parents are Thai and I don't look like it. People have thought I'm from other places than I actually am.

    It's the facial features that get me going. It just turns out those facial features are mostly found on white gals.
    I kinda felt like I did it because I felt a connection but I also did it to piss off my parents, regardless of the reasons why I did it... I choose to love him forever and that is what really matters.
  • Marinepilot
    I've done it. However I will tell you that if a white girl has a mixed baby with a Black guy, most white guys will not have anything to do with her. I know that's messed up, but prejudices die hard. I've seen girls disowned by their family for
    this. As liberal as Jews want to be, just let their little Princess date/marry or get
    knocked up by a Black guy, They'll disown her soooo fast. Which is hypocritical
    as they claim to be. Jews are such hypocrites.
    • SmokemJay

      There are idiots on both sides of the color spectrum...

  • reixun
    Wow that painting is deeply twisted, she's praising God that her grandchild is light? Very twisted, she wants to be "ethnically cleansed"
    • menina

      It represents the reality of Brazil during a certain time. Sh'es praising God because her grandchild will have better opportunities and a better life because he's not black.
      It's twisted yes, but that's just how things worked at that time.

  • Sunflower19
    I'm happy that I date outside my race for the right reasons. :)
  • VomitV
    It's wrong because whites are diluting their genes and making disgusting mongrel spawn.
    • HereIbe

      So, little boy, why do you adore incest?

  • Phoenix98
    I agree.
    • kxera

      This is a bit irrelevant to the post, but hey! I haven't seen you around in a while.

    • kxera

      Oh and thanks!

    • Phoenix98

      Really? I'm on everyday lol.

      And welcome ^^.

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  • BruceTrails
    Im always dating outside my 'race' but thats probably cuz there aren't many asains where i live😁 also mixed babies are soooooo cute!
  • Jan1ssary_
    Nice.. but I don't support it anyway, especially with races my own race fought against.
  • RainbowFanGirl
    Love this take.
  • ADFSDF1996
    Nice take.
  • jacquesvol
    Good take.
  • UI_Vegeta01
    Dating outside your race is like shooting yourself in the head. Avoid all other races.
    • HereIbe

      We get it, you're an inbred loser who advocates incest.

    • @HereIbe Suck on my dick you fat pig

    • HereIbe

      How, ADORABLE! You're coming out of the closet and admitting your extremely strong homosexual attraction to me. Sorry, but I just don't swing that way. Don't worry, I'm SURE you'll find a nice man who will be happy to spend many hard, wet, steamy nights with you.

      It's so sad that you're still an inbred loser who advocates incest, but at least now you're no longer hiding your homosexuality.

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  • AudiMagic
    Great Take!
  • Pilulu
    *claps* good job.
  • Adigelunar
    nice post..
  • zagor
    I don't get the Brazilian painting...
    • mutedaisy

      The Black grandmother, is sending praise, because that her black daughter had a child by a white male, that has white features. At one point, Brazil took part in importing Europeans to decrease there African population. There are several countries that have done this.

    • @mutedaisy You're right, but the black mother has a mixed daughter who then had a baby with a white man. Thus the drastic skin tone difference between the mother and daughter. It's supposed to be racial "cleansing" so the praise is given because the newborn is essentially white at this point.

    • menina

      @Relentless_Hippie , @mutedaisy The grandmother is also happy because the baby will get better opportunities in life because he's not black.

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  • Anonymous
    Meh- Preserve your race. There is almost always one or two things present with every white girl who dates out. Either they have heavy daddy issues, or they are damaged goods.
    Once you go black- white/others won't welcome you back.
  • Anonymous
    Im still surprised to this day that peope would want to have a mixed race kid because hey think they'd look good... I just don't get how someone can think like that.
  • Anonymous
    Almost everyone dates out of their race these day starting from top to bottom:

    1. Racial fetish

    2. Self hatred

    3. Boost social class (Whites are on top and blacks are at the bottom).

    • Anonymous

      4. Green card status.

    • Kkaos

      'Almost everyone'? Cool, mind sharing some research? Perhaps you've conducted some yourself? Maybe you've spend the past few years flying around the world interviewing every interracial couple in existence and almost all of them conformed to your list? Tell us more.

    • kxera

      Oh yeah fetishes are a big thing. They gross me out like no, please stop.

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  • Anonymous
    I agree.
  • Anonymous
    Reasons Why You Should Date Outside of Your Race\

    Genetic diversity produced healthy offspring
    • August00

      But have you ever met a mix kid, there assholes. Never met a mix I liked.

    • You dont have to date outside your race for that lol.

    • Anonymous

      @Blitzkrieger no but it certainly doesn't hurt.

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