Experiences of My Interracial Dating Life as Well as Differences

Hello there, I'm just a young black beautiful & confident girl here giving my opinions on why I choose to date outside my own race. And why i go for Latinos and maybe why more and more black girls are doing the same.


Here you see that black men are ignoring their only chance of a relationship by trying to go with other choices as if they're even wanted..

(I guess rap music fooled them from reality)


Sadly most black men in America fall into the gang life and its fueled by rap music to be proud of it.

Growing up in a black community I've learned this and it became clear to me that depending on who you look up to will determine what kind of person you will be in the future.

As I transitioned to Latino culture with my boyfriend i noticed a big difference in gang life, where Latinos are less likely to live that life & are more likely to be more into their jobs.

And its because Latinos are in between rap music & Mexican music which involves family & dancing =)


It' s not that black men are dumb, it's that they are lazy.. My father & uncles are construction workers for several high paid skill trade positions and I often hear how they were the only black men on site, everyone else being Mexican or white.

Jobs play a big part in relationships and I often think to my self if its the reasons of so many single black mammas.

I still hang out with my sistas and they often tell me how their boyfriends never have money to eat out at restaurants. And how they often have to pay..

Knowing more about Latino culture, thats a big no no.. They are taught from young that a real man is a provider..

And it is why i love my boyfriend..


Latinos are more sensitive and less aggressive in arguments and are MUCH BETTER LISTENERS.. They will sit with you and talk about the problems rather than taking off..


I wasn't going to mention this because its obvious.

But reason #5 is that Latinos are so fricken hot.. And its weird because the media doesn't even mention them. Only latinas.. Probably because media runners are either run by white men or black men particularly hip hop culture.

But Latinos slay the dating game & most of them have nice cars..

Anyways that is my point of view

Please tell me what you think & be respectful (-:


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  • Flattered about the compliments... and that you notice us forever being ignored on the media, along with Asian men, with the brown haired white guy being the romantic lead all the time that subconsciously puts them in a good light.

    Though I have met plenty of educated black men. I was always involved in minority scholar programs and many of them were intelligent as well. Though some were quite liberal like white men in terms of family and sex overall. Meanwhile latinos and Asians emphasize strong family values. But c'mon. Black men and other minority men are already put in a bad light in the media getting roles that view them negatively.

    Posts like this don't help. Uplift your people. Not all us latinos are the same. I drive a car that works and don't spend much on things that aren't investments like a mutual fund, real estate, schooling. Perhaps you have a feud with the culture that resides where you are located but if I was a black man that was raised well reading this, I'd be offended.


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  • I prefer to date outside my race as well. I used to be super into white men but most in my experience felt entitled to any women and are pretty boring. Latinos/Hispanics have my heart now ahha

    • a lot of Latinos love black girls but most black girls date their own.. a lot of my Latinos friends tell me how bad they want a black girl

    • @BabyLaLa69 LOL I'm about to book me a flight to Miami just for that

    • Yess Latinos love black girls...

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  • Funny, I was gonna post my own Take about why I love Latinas. I'm black and I prefer women of other races myself, and when you speak their own language it's an added boost. I saw your graph above about the race of men women choose, and I can't agree with that. As a black man many of us get a lot of good reception from white women and Latinas. Are there ones who don't like us? Sure, but that doesn't stop many others from liking us either.

    I don't get why people keep pretending that interracial relationships between black men and women of other races is so rare or that those women hate black men so much. America is becoming increasingly interracial, and most of our half black children come from relationships between white women and black men. Most half black actors, actresses, and singers in Hollywood also come from the same relationships. It seems to bother people that a woman could choose a black man.

    • @LadyBug69 One other thing about the photos of those Latinos is that they themselves look hood and you think they're hot. I never get that about Hispanic guys. They want to look black with the clothes and the look, yet not like black people or even black men, the guys they copy.

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    • Latinos with that type of look may look goofy to you but to me and a whole lot of other girls they look deadly hot.. Honestly they look a lot hotter when i see them at the clubs dressing elegant..
      Yess I've seen some cute white girls with black men but really its usually the unattractive ones that i see the most.. I've seen waay more attractive white woman like my self dating latinos more that any other minorities..
      Honestly i think latinas date more their own men with white men as a 2nd choice but i may be wrong..

    • @Megan9969 Yep, that's the key. Girls like you would want those guys. And it's mostly your age group. Older females do not see any appeal in those types.

      You're not unattractive, but you're certainly not pretty enough for me to call 'attractive.' It's actually Latinos who date within their own race more often than Latinas do. I'm exposed to the culture, have been for many years, I speak Spanish and I have Latina friends, so I really could go on and on about this.

  • Lol... What? Way to disrespect your own kind. You're the type of black chick who always puts black men down and stereotype them because you date outside your race. I swear only black folks put down their own, when they choose to date outside of their race

  • Yess, i love black girls.. <3

  • Black women are at the back of the line when it comes to interracial dating. Sadly very few non-black guys go for them. Conversely white women have the least trouble finding interracial partners because non-white men recognize them as the most attractive. White women are the most sought-after.

  • Latino men are hot? Short and chubby is hot? OKKKKK


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  • Yess Latinos <3
    But my 1st choice is Italian men because im Italian

  • <3 i date Latinos on the pure fact that they are explosively HOT <3

    My boyfriend is Mexican/Brazilian and he's explosively hot

  • Latinos are definitely my 2nd choice after white men <3 <3
    I've dated many Latinos, i love them because they have soft attitudes and many many are cute

  • I date outside of my race for the same reasons. We immigrated t the United states and a lot of men from my country are starting to change our old fashioned views and opting for drugs. thus causing many of the women in our community to venture out. So I completely understand.

  • I prefer white men.

    • Yeah i like white guys too but they seem to be less fun in my experiences with friends..
      Are u white, black, Latina?