The problem with interracial dating


I DO NOT have a problem with interracial dating. I have a problem with people who date interacially for the WRONG REASONS. Below are some of the reasons. I believe a person should date someone because they genuinely like them.

The problem with interracial dating
I understand that attractiveness is the first thing we as people see, but that does not mean it's ok to date someone only because of their race.

The problem with interracial dating

1. Doing it because you are curious or have a fetish: You only want to date interacially because you feel dating is the only way to learn about their culture, or you have a fetish.

The problem with interracial dating

2. Because you know your parents would not like it. Newsflash, dating someone just because you know it will piss your parents off makes you just as racist if not more racist than them because you don't want to be with them because you truly like them, you just want to use them for your own fucked up agenda.

3. You want a mixed baby because you think they will have a better life or better genetics.

4. Racial Hypergamy: Thinking somehow you will raise your social status by marrying a different race from you.

5. Only curious about their culture: I guess this can go with #1 too. Only dating them because you are in love with the idea of learning about their race and culture but you don't like the person for who they are

The problem with interracial dating
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  • lucky9823
    I really like this and it made me question myself a lot. Thumps up to you! I hope more people read this.
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  • HereToProveMyPoint
    I disapprove...

    ... of the first pic because Norman Reedus is mine ❤️
  • TheWorldEndsWithYou
    I've seen many bigots do interracial dating for these reasons.
  • dev765
    This happens a lot so nice take :)
  • whitex94
    I have to agree with this list all the way