The effect Race has on Dating

Many people think that love is blind but the reality is love is not blind and your entire attraction to someone is not just your natural preference. The media and the culture you come from heavily influence what you find attractive. In this take we are going to look at each race and how culture, media influence heavily affects their prospect in dating.

The effect Race has on Dating


The effect Race has on Dating

As it stands now , whites have far reaching outlets in the media in many different forms such as billboard ads, magazines. films, television shows, all seem to tell people that white is the ideal beauty. Even in films white men are portrayed often as having an equal balance of masculinity and intelligent and are often the leaders. While white women are portrayed as ideal beauty and damsel in distress in many films. This therefore make whites the most desirable of all races, and give them a distinct advantage in dating. Now this isn't to say that being white will make you an instant hit in dating but it let's you get your foot in the door, a lot more frequently compared to people of other races. So basically what i'm getting at is being white helps you a lot but you still need to bring something more; it's like height alone for men doesn't get you a date all the time.

Also factor in that many Asian cultures pretty much idolise white people and place white skin on a pedestal and in some cases consider them more noble/honest/decent people just from being white. There was even a female gager from Trinidad who got played by white men for sex because she thought white men would treat her better than men in her country.


The effect Race has on Dating

Hispanics are a diverse group of people that can range from looking white to passing for black. Now, they have many beauties and they have comparable unrestricted access in dating compared to white. However, they aren't quite up there due to their race having a low social status. Now, to explain this let's look back in the 90's and early 2000's when Blacks weren't paired up as couples in films they would often pair them up with a Hispanic person as a love interest despite everyone else having white love interest.

Example -

The reason for this is despite Spanish beauty, media often portray them as having low social status by portraying them as gangster, cleaners, low paying profession or if they do have a good job they are taking orders from a white person.

I theorise the reason for this is due to Hispanics having a good relationship/strong connection which black as many Latinos and black tend to grow up together in impoverish neighbourhoods and be on fairly good terms with each other.

So while many Hispanics have beauty/handsome people their low social status can possibly hurt them sometimes in dating or lose out to a white person.

In terms of culture influence right now, many Hispanics seem to want to date either other Hispanics or whites. This could be due to media influence and also possible the Spanish community wanting to manoeuvre upward in social status by getting with a white person.


The effect Race has on Dating

When it comes to social status, and society Asians are like the race no one has a beef with. They are often hard working, smart and don't contribute that much to crime in Western cultures. Social status for Asians are very much comparable to those of whites as many high paying professions are dominated by Asians today.

The effect Race has on Dating

However, in terms of dating they have one of the lowest values due to heavy media slander portrayal of their race in the media. While white men are often portrayed as having right balance of masculinity and intellect often in films both Indian and Asian men are often portrayed as being bookworms/nerds and less masculine compared to men of other races. Also spark the social myth that Asian men have smaller penises than men of other races and this pretty much kind of puts the nail in the coffin of an Asian male sex symbol. Hence, why many Asian men in order to be given a chance by white women often have to make tones of money and play on their ability to be providers.

In terms of Asian females, they are often seen as being less feminine than women or other races due to lacking more frequently curves,big boobs and butts compared to women of other races. In addition Indian women are often seen lower than white person due to having darker skin tone even if they do bring this to the table.

However, with the recent rise in feminism many white males are taking advantage of their social status/race to date Asian women;as you can see with the ever increasing number of MGTOW going to Asia/Caribbean countries to get GF/wives. So while Asian men may not be getting a boost right now, Asian women seem to be doing pretty good in dating at this time.

In terms of culture influence, Asians tend to suffer from putting whites on a pedestal and often will date a much less attractive person as long as they are white. You can see plenty of this in England where many Asian women who are attractive are dating much less attractive men.


The effect Race has on Dating

Black have it pretty bad in dating. Not only do they have contrasting features to whites which diverges them away from what society says is beautiful; with blacks who are lighter skin and having Caucasian features often being considered by attractive. The media goes one step further by completely stigmatise them with negative personalised stereotypes.

For black women this is done by stereotyping them as being angry and combative. While for black men this is seen by stereotyping them as being cheaters, abandoning women constantly when pregnant and being dumb. Lastly, blacks are often seen as being poor and low status, compared to all other races with many people often questioning how a black person is able to afford something nice for themselves. For example police offices who pull over black person driving a nice car because it is too nice.

Blacks are at the bottom in dating and evidence of this can be seen by how many people on tinder, dating sites and in real life refuse to date a black person. In addition, many escorts make it clear that they do not take black customers and emphasise on that race alone. Many people will right you off as a potential mate right off the bat just for being black.

Many black women and men therefore suffer from self esteem issues and often tend to date out of their race so their kids can be less black. We see evidence of this where many black celebs had black partners before coming famous but soon dumped them to get a white trophy wife/husband or some have made it perfect clear they only date whites exclusively.

However, on the flip side. Black men are often portrayed as more masculine, have larger penises, and cool compared to white males and for this reason many women will go for them for short term relationship as studs. While for black women, no such consolation is ever given for them which is why black women have such a hard time in dating.

Mixed Race

The effect Race has on Dating

In a study done it was found that mix race people were second in attractiveness to white people. Mixed race people are lucky that the media can''t hammer them down with a stereotype other than having identity issues. They are instead often stereotype based on what race they look closest towards. Meaning if you are born to white parent and black parent but look mostly black then people will stereotype and associate you with black traits (see Barrack Obama). If you show features of both races then you get the compounded effect of both races. A personal experience of this is a guy I know who is born to a white mother and black father. He has traits of both white/blacks in him but is very light skin. Now, this guy has an easy time with Indian women and has girlfriend who is Indian but she would have never gone for him if he was full 100% black male.


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