Great Places - and Not-So-Great Places - to Meet That Special Someone

At some point, most people say to themselves, "I'm ready to meet someone serious." This rarely, if ever, happens on a Tuesday night at a strip bar, however. Meeting the right person not only involves the right person and the right time, but the right place as well.

So here's a list of places I think are great to meet the future love of your life and others you may want to avoid.

Hot Spots

Intramural sports

Great Places - and Not-So-Great Places - to Meet That Special Someone

I noticed some leaflets in a local coffee shop advertising co-ed kickball! FUN!!! I love this one. Firstly, there is nothing like healthy competition to get the pulse racing. Secondly, mutual love of sports + same taste for blue Gatorade = true love! Why not? But silliness aside, engaging in team sports brings people together. You will meet someone who is likely physically active, which is a good thing.

And even if neither of you is actually fit, you will meet someone who is open to trying new things and improving upon themselves. I believe in "A" for effort. You will also learn if this person is good and winning and losing, and if they cheat (if they cheat at kickball it begs the question, where else might they cheat...?). Plus, playing sports is fun and great exercise. Even if you don't meet a great partner you've gained a lot from this experience.

Dog meet up

Great Places - and Not-So-Great Places - to Meet That Special Someone

If someone kicks puppies they are a deplorable human being. This is a fact, not an opinion. So watching a potential partner with their dog is a great opportunity. You will see how your future mate treats a dependent. You will see if they are kind and gentle. Plus, people love talking about their dogs! You don't feel shy striking up a conversation with a supermodel if you both have a Pomeranian on the end of your respective leashes. In addition, you'll be able to get the first hand opinion from your four legged friend on your crush! Remember to bring extra poop bags and water!!!

Keep Out!

The Costume party

Great Places - and Not-So-Great Places - to Meet That Special Someone

Drinks! Music! People dressed liked slutty angels and kittens! What's not to like? I tried this once. I met a guy and he seemed awesome. His costume was funny and who doesn't like a man with a sense of humor? He was dressed as a plumber. Lo and behold, when we met up he looked way better in his plumber costume then he did in real life. Waaaaayyyy better.

I put dating someone you meet at a costume party on the list of things you only do once, akin to using Palmolive in the dish washer. I'm not opposed to a blind date, but having a general idea what your date looks like is a good idea.

Mile-High Club

Great Places - and Not-So-Great Places - to Meet That Special Someone

She is not Sandra Bullock, you are not Keanu. This is not the movie Speed 4. Meeting on any form of public transportation is a bad idea in my opinion. I mean, you get more of a background check from Tinder. And had it ever occurred to you that the person next to you might actually, say, want to sleep?

I was on a plane to Boston. A doe-eyed 23 year old sat next to me. He flirted uncontrollably, and I had no cash to buy ear phones. It was... uncomfortable. But not as awkward as when he told me somewhere over Connecticut that he'd recently broken up with his girlfriend and started crying uncontrollably. Save the flirting for the airport bar. Leave the people who are governed by TSA not to cause a ruckus alone.

Family Reunion

Great Places - and Not-So-Great Places - to Meet That Special Someone

Kissing Cousins is a big no-no. I don't care if she looks like Giselle. Even if you ARE from West Virginia STOP! Do NOT collect $200! Eat the watermelon! Do the three-legged race. But do not get drunk and try to pick up the chick/ dude at the punch bowl! You are likely cousins, our he or she has slept with one of your cousins, which will make it just as weird.

Truth be told, fate has a way of intervening when you least expect it. Hey, I met the father of my child on a blind date with someone else. So these guidelines are just for amusement and food for thought. Just be safe, be smart, and don't settle. Enjoy finding the right one, if that is in fact what you are looking for :)


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  • Yeah, everyone knows Friday night is the night to meet people at strip bars.

    But flights can be a good place to meet people. Just make sure they're single. On a flight people tell seatmates things they wouldn't tell their best friend.

  • Very good call on the venues to meet people


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