A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate


Before I get started here I want to apologize for being gone for like 3 months. I had some personal things to deal with and it was either writing to hide or stop writing to handle it. My choice was pretty obvious. I'll not go into what happened here. If anyone truly wants to know what happened I will make a separate myTake discussing it all and explaining what happened. I'm pleased to announce that I'm doing better and writing on a more common basis is now possible. Especially seeing as I have until the 30th off of work. So without further ado let's get into the take shall we?

A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

So before I make my little list here I just want to say I can't speak for all men. I'm also not trying to advise anyone. A couple of these might be offensive to more literal individuals so I guess it's only polite to say *AHEM*


Alright. Now before you angrily type your comments calling me names be quiet. Those types of internet keyboard warriors get really mad at me because I'm constantly committing internet heresy by challenging their views and beliefs.

Alright! Everyone good? Good! Let's get into this now!

1: Let's start with the obvious and go with: Making us wait MONTHS for sex.

A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

^That picture was hard to find among the slough of porn


Now don't get me wrong. I understand the reasoning. You want to make sure it's not just a "roll in the hay and have a nice day" type deal. I do get it. It's just something you should disclose at the start of the relationship. Before the relationship is dedicated and exclusive that kind of thing should be expressed. That's just general courtesy. Same thing with the stance "No sex till marriage;" if the other person doesn't share that opinion it's not fair to restrict him/her from that part of a relationship because you don't want it. In my personal opinion, if that's how you want to handle physicality in relationships, you shouldn't date until you're ready for marriage. Though that's just me.

2: When you put extraneous things before the betterment of the relationship

A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

I can't speak for all guys but to me, there is nothing more unbelievably obnoxious than being the guy in a relationship and playing second fiddle to a TV show or a pet. I understand if there are kids involved. However, if I put my partner before my work and myself I expect the same in a return. I don't think that's an unreasonable expectation.

3: Saying you don't dress to be found attractive

A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

There's a good chance I'm alone on this one but it still is noteworthy. When a girl/women says they dress for themselves not to be found attractive it genuinely makes me upset. I don't like it when people are dishonest. With me or themselves. Personal honesty (being truthful with yourself about your own intentions and your own emotions) is a HUGE part of maintaining a healthy conscience and sense of right and wrong.

Now let me explain. When you dress in the morning (or evening), you dress in what you think looks good, correct? Well, what makes a girl look good? Baggy pants, greasy hair in a pony tail, and a dirty tank-top? Obviously not. What you find looks good on you isn't just anything. It's what you find pleasing to your own eyes. You can argue all you want but everyone dresses to look attractive. Whether or not you are trying to attract someone is irrelevant. You're dressing to be found pretty. Stop saying otherwise.

4: Claiming you have a good singing voice but you can't even keep tempo with the radio in the car

A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

Being a music artist myself I find this one very annoying. People think being a good singer or a music artist only entails have a good voice. That's completely untrue. There's also rhythm, speed, sync, wordplay, multi-syllable rhyming, pacing, a song needs to tell a story, mixing and mastering, production, and distribution. The main ones are: Sound, Rhythm, and Tempo (speed). If you can't keep rhythm and tempo you aren't a good singer. There's also key to factor in which brings a whole new topic into the mix. Then there's originality. There's more to being a music artist than being able to hold a high note.

5: Thinking twerking is dancing

A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate



You want to dance? Try actual dancing. None of this twerking, hip swiveling, grinding hip-hop bullshit. Actual dancing. Like two step, foxtrot, line dancing, slow dancing, and ballroom. You know REAL DANCING. Besides, a real gentleman would know how to dance. Being able to spin on your head is cool but with enough practice the fat man who lives next to me could do it. It takes actual skill and talent to dance. Being able to jump on the spot repeatedly and shake your ass up and down is just disgraceful. Thanks Miley.

6: Wearing too much make-up

A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

Let me be straight with you girls. Makeup can make you look better IF used in moderation. Giving yourself a second skin just makes you look ridiculous. If I can literally grab a handful of your face, you have a problem. Who cares about blemishes? You're a human being. You get zits. Congrats. If someone judges you based on how many pimples you have they obviously aren't a very nice human being. Needless to say, no make-up/little make-up is best. There's no reason to try to look like a barbie doll. Don't be plastic and fake. If you don't want to listen to this opinion then so be it. Though you'll come to understand later in life.


7: Claiming to be good in bed

A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

Let's be real. It IS possible for a girls/woman to be bad in the bedroom. This same thing goes for guys. Don't claim to be good in bed. I don't care if your past boyfriends told you you're good in bed. We've never slept together so I'm gonna think you're absolutely awful in bed until you prove otherwise to me. Fair is fair. Good sex is the best thing ever. However, bad sex? Falling down the stairs is better than bad sex.

8: Everything is your fault

A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

This one personally is a deal breaker for me. Everything is my fault? Not even gonna take a little bit of responsibility huh? Yeah... get the F*CK OUT OF MY HOUSE! DON'T COME BACK! A relationship is an EQUAL PARTNERSHIP. My problems are hers and hers are mine. When it comes to the relationship both parties are at fault. Not one. Whenever something in the relationship is wrong it's never just one persons fault. It's both peoples fault. That's how it works.

9: Uneducated

A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

I like to think I'm a smart person. I have a college degree, my diploma, and a full time job. I like to think I'm mature and intelligent. When I see someone who dropped out of high school it pisses me off. Then they try to justify it. No. You're an adult. Go back to school and get your diploma you lazy f*ck. There's no reason to be uneducated. EVER. If mentally handicapped people go to school and get the diploma so do you. You're just lazy.

10: Unemployed

A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

Girls, you expect your partner to have a job right? Well, you have to meet your own expectations, right? So it'd stand to reason that if a woman expects you to have a job she would have one herself, right? Oh no! You'd be surprised by the amount of women who want to be treated like princesses and have everything handed to them. I had a girlfriend once who threw a genuine fit in a store on me like a child because I refused to pay for something for her. I left her there with no ride home. You're an adult. Act like it. You want something? Get off your lazy ass, get a job, earn some f*cking money, and BUY IT YOURSELF! I have absolutely no time to teach an adult how to be an adult.


A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

I want to thank all of you guys for reading! I actually enjoyed reading this and I'm waiting for some really hateful comments. I'm excited to read hate comments for once. They should be mostly from 14-16 year old girls who are butt-hurt that I called out some of the shit they do. Though I don't care. As per usual I'm disabling anonymous comments on this myTake. If you can't own your opinion you don't deserve to voice it. If you have an idea for a future article feel free to let me know through PMs or through commenting. I always read every comment I get. If I don't reply it's probably because I don't have a reply but I assure you that I always read the comments. Anyways, I ramble.



A Few Things Girls Do That Guys Hate
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Most Helpful Guy

  • AleDeEurope
    Agreed with everything, except #4 cause I basically don't care as long as she doesn't sound like a dying pig.

    Another thing I would have add to the list, which is one of the biggest turn offs, is when women claim to be romantic... but they're not even a drop of romantic. Wanting a guy to be romantic, doesn't make you romantic, you gotta give some romance yourself in order to be one.
    "I'm romantic... but I don't do anything romantic :/ " the fuck? xD
    Is this still revelant?
    • Well, you'd know by now that's one of the absolute general truths about women, they aren't romantic creatures.

    • @legs_n_sheets Unfortunately, that's true :/

Most Helpful Girl

  • ElissaDido
    Ok, so guys hate it when girls make them wait for ex, but they also hate and slut shame girls with a high number of partners? That doesn't make sense.
    If you expect a woman to have sex the first few dates, don't complaiyif she has high number of sexual partners because it would mean that she has to spread her legs for every guy she dates even briefly and not wait for a committed relationship.
    Is this still revelant?
    • dontknow12

      Guys don't like sluts (unless they only want sex) and they don't like prudes either. Basically, most men just want that one girl who will put out for them and no other guy, but they don't want to wait forever either.

    • ElissaDido

      @dontknow12 I'm prude and Im sure many guys like it, maybe not in the US but over here they do

    • dontknow12

      There's nothing wrong with being a prude. It's just some guys think you won't be sexual with them so it turns them off, but then again maybe it is a cultural thing.

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  • RachelBrigs
    " if the other person doesn't share that opinion it's not fair to restrict him/her from that part of a relationship because you don't want it. In my personal opinion, if that's how you want to handle physicality in relationships, you shouldn't date until you're ready for marriage. Though that's just me."

    No one makes you wait. If you can't handle waiting exit the relationship.
    • Facts!!!

    • skykidx1

      I likeu

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  • pooper89
    Making a guy wait for sex is making sure you don't get used!! How am i supposed to know whether you're intentions are genuine or not? Some guys are really good at playing the game and women must safeguard their sense of self decency and reputation
    • Facts!!

    • skykidx1

      Every last friend i had who was a girl who didn't wait for sex like i told them too got cheated on but the one's that did.. Guest what? they didn't tet cheated on or dumped

    • "How am i supposed to know whether you're intentions are genuine or not?"

      By using your brain... Players are ridiculously easy to spot, most of the time women just CHOOSE to ignore the obvious warning signs. Plus, you don't have to wait months to flush out a player and if you do wait months you'll also be flushing out serious guys who start to wonder whether you're actually into them.

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  • adviser962
    First off? Kudos to you for braving the piranhas of this site lol. But I just wanted to say that by and large I agree with you on most of this. The parts I don't agree with aren't really a big deal so I'm not gonna mention them. I wanted to add a couple things that I don't like if I may.

    1) telling me you're upset but then refusing to talk to me about it. I hate it when my girl texts me and purposely tells me she had a horrible day or is really stressed but when I try to help tells me that she can handle it on her own and to stop trying to baby her. If you don't want help why did you bring it up?

    2) hiding me. I've had a few girls that told me they love me or that they are serious but then as far as their friends and family know they are single. I've had one girl I dated for two months and then found out that she told her parents I was a friend from school need Alice. Refused to tell anybody we were together. It just irks me because if you're serious about the relationship why are you going out of your way to deny it?

    Any feedback you have on mine would be great as well. Thanks in advance. Again... awesome take!!
    • Anonymous

      Your points are definitely valid. I wish I would've though of them.

  • RedRobin
    As long as you're not holding girls to higher standards then you hold yourself to there's no reason any of these things shouldn't piss you off. Like if you dropped out of school don't get pissed off at your future girlfriend/wife if she dropped out too.
    • Anonymous

      I'm a huge stickler for meet your own expectations. So I can do nothing but agree with you.

  • ginny_weasley
    1. You can't say you understand why girls make guys wait for sex and then say you will drop a girl if she acts that way. Bottom line is a guy can't hold off on sex for however long to show his girl he is serious, they shouldn't be dating and sex obviously means more to him than she does.
    2. Meh. Understandable
    3. I don't know why you are upset about this probably because I have bigger shit to worry about and it's the same with number 4
    5 and 6 understandable
    7 guys claim the same thing
    8 and 9 understandable.
    10 getting a job is hard. If it was me, I would be lenient but at the very least they should have goals, ambitions, and applying for jobs not living on moms coach.
    • 1. All he said is that you should disclose whether or not you want him to wait, so that he have to make it an exclusive relationship if you aren't exclusive to him either. It's very much an equal contribution from both sides.

      10. I think it was implied that if you don't have a job, you shouldn't be asking him for money all the time.

    • @Nobodycares fair enough, but he can't complain if she is making him wait while he feels they're sexually incompatible but he hasn't broken up with her.

      Wanting someone who isn't always asking for money is fine but he had better to do a bunch of cheap or free dates.

    • If he feels they're sexually incompatible, then that's an entirely different can of worms, lol.

      And well, don't you think it's nice if you didn't ask to be treated to a nice dinner, but he decides to do it one day? If you don't openly expect something of a guy, you give him the freedom, and that's when men thrive.

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  • WillowTree
    I'm just here to address #5. "Twerking" as we know it originated in West Africa. It is similar Mapouka, known as a dance of JOY and CELEBRATION that requires strict isolation of muscles to perform correctly. But certain celebrities turned into something sexual for shock value among western audiences. It IS a real dance. A cultural dance that's been around for centuries but removed from it's original environment to be sexualized by outsiders for entertainment. Adding a video because I know no one is going to look it up. I'm leaving now:
    • burlen

      Brilliant! 👍🏼

    • skykidx1

      O wow

    • burlen

      @WillowTree I couldn't have agreed more. It amazes me so-called twerking has gained so much attention in the West with no due credit paid to its origin.

      Sociologists and anthropologists refer to such practice as cultural appropriation—that is, adopting or presenting a distinct practice, symbol, or ritual, or norm of an ethnic group as yours. It's the equivalent of plagiarism.

      As you pointed out, the dance goes by many names, including mapuka, nzengeh, balle á tere, shake-waist, etc. The dance is common in Benin, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, just to name a few.

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  • pixie77
    OMG... this was. an awesome MyTake. It was not what I was expecting. I was a little hesitant at first but you really seem to know what your talking about. I agree with you on most everything. It was a really interesting read! Thanks for sharing it! ;)
    • Anonymous

      It was only my opinions. If you agree that's fantastic but they're only my personal opinions :) thanks for reading!

    • At the same time. Dont even think about it! At your age.

    • pixie77

      What's that supposed to mean?

  • skykidx1
    First off let me just say you come off ass a ass but i love your take. 1. Girls making guy wait for sex is how they protected themselfs. If you as a man can't prove too your guy your not only after for sex or will dump her aftet sex then you shouldn't be even dating Anyone at all. Learn to respected your women. Everything else i 100% argee with and had have happened to me mostly number 2
    • Anonymous

      Does anyone properly read these? I know it's for self protection. I'm only saying DISCLOSE your want to wait at the beginning of the relationship.

    • skykidx1

      Ooo ok i got what your saying but my point is still made.. and my ex Told me from day 1 no sex till we get married.

    • Anonymous

      I had a girlfriend once who didn't want sex until marriage. We got along super great, we clicked beyond imagination, and in a year and a half we were engaged. Sadly the engagement didn't play out well. Though it was some of my happiest days.

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  • ikissedtheskyonce
    Its usually guys who claim to be good in bed and end up sucking according to my friends
    • Hey baby, I'm... average in bed. At least, I think I am. Care to prove me wrong?

    • rjroy3

      I'd imagine no girl would admit to claiming to be good, only to be bad in bed later. Much less tell their friends, "it didn't work out because I was bad in bed" lol.

    • Anonymous

      But this isn't a take about what guys do. It's a take about what girls do.

  • 19magic
    I can agree with all of them except dressing to impress. There are days I literally wear some random sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt with a messy bun/ponytail, no makeup, which generally means you see dark circles.
    • Dave20154

      please tell me you're not going out on days like that

    • Anonymous

      Whatever floats your boat sweetheart :) I was only saying my opinions :)

    • 19magic

      Occasionally yeah, I mean what's wrong with that anyway. I didn't say I'll go out the house without showering for days on end - now that would be gross.

      And sure there are times I do dress to impress, for my prom I have no idea how, but I managed to spend around 8 hours getting ready (not without many breaks).

  • lost_alice
    most of the things here are things that everyone do, girls and boys, of course not the make up but there are plenty of guys that say you won't be able to walk the other day because they are good in bed and in fact they are horrible
    • Anonymous

      These are only my opinions. I appreciate your input (and I'm dismissing you yeah. But because I have nothing to say. I do appreciate your input though:) )

  • Gommers
    7: Claiming to be good in bed...

    Dude, I've only been with 4 women, and yet only one of them was good, the only reason she was is because she had done porn and was a cam girl for a while before we started dating... The others, they didn't even know how to position themselves to make it good for themselves.
    • Positioning for cameras ≠ positioning for pleasure.
      This is true for ALL photography, whether video or still. Most people learn this by 7th grade, when they learn that smiling naturally makes you look like an ass in the school yearbook, and contorting yr face so that it actually hurts makes you look REALLY GOOD in the school yearbook.
      The same is true for modeling poses -- and the same is true for porn, too. ALL positions in mainstream porn would be absolutely AWFUL for actual pleasure.
      (By comparison... if you watch AMATEUR porn, *those* people are fucking in positions that actually FEEL GOOD. They also look absolutely horrible on camera -- most amateur porn is pasty asses and feet.)

      The only way in which I could imagine this even *slightly* being a thing, would be if you were REALLY into the over-the-top blowjob visuals and she'd gotten super good at those. In that case... OK yeah.
      On the other hand, if you actually think (professionally produced) porn would HELP a woman "know how

    • to position herself"... I worry.

      Also... last time I checked, cam girls didn't do any fucking on camera. Hm? How would that help with positioning?
      With dirty talking -- which is probably the single most underrated skill in the whole sexual canon -- hell yeah. But, positioning? When there's no partner?

    • Gommers

      @redeyemindtricks It's terrifying that I'm 26 and I"m sure that I had more sex with the ex cam girl than you've had in your entire life. I know what I'm talking about here, and I'm not talking about positioning for view.

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  • Unnonymouse
    As someone who is passionate in singing and dancing and has been complimented by many people on both (Just stating). I really agree on the twerking and 'I can sing' ones. I also find it really unattractive (not only in a romantic way) when people can't spell words properly. I don't know if this is just me, but I see a handful of people typing "I should of" instead "I should've" and it really gets to me. That last rant isn't directed on at girls, just people in general.
  • Christine26
    So your saying all women do this ' I don't think so your wrong about a lot of that stuff, your a guy what do u know? Haha what about all the stuff men do that are way worse everyone is different
    • Anonymous

      I never claimed all women do these things.

  • GoodGuyGregGGG
    Eh eminem dropped outta high school and is worth millions

    Seth rogan never finshed high school

    Jay z never went to college i think

    You think beyonce cares about rocket science

    Are they all stupid?

    Creative vs book smart school smart
    Not everybody wants to be Einstein
    • rjroy3

      Difference is that all of them were working. He pointed out being bothered by people that both didn't finish highschool and don't work. Laziness.

    • Anonymous

      There's two types of smart. Book smart and street smart. If you dropped out but are working to support yourself? That's fine. If you have an education but are struggling to find work? That's ok too. Happens to us all at some point. But if you're a drop out AND unemployed and you aren't making an effort to get an education or find a job? You're just lazy.

    • No he straight out said u have to go to college and get a job.

      It wasn't one or the other.

      Thay was my point to him.

      I totally get what ur saying

  • BubbleBoy69
    She only makes you wait for sex. Aesthtic bros and Chad get it night one.

  • Kslal
    Don't you know girls hate takes when guys say there are things they don't like about them? Are you ready for hatred comments from them?

    And I will tell my boyfriend I am against sex before marriage. If he doesn't agree to wait then ge can fuck sluts who open their legs no matter if the guy respects them or not.
    • Anonymous

      I am ready for the hate indeed in fact I'm looking forward to it. But girls make these lists all the time. Turn about is fair play.

    • Plus thats why there's other ways to please. Toys :)

  • Unit1
    I agree, this is a very good list!
    I especially loved number 1 and number 10!

    "I have absolutely no time to teach an adult how to be an adult."
    This is one of the best quotes I have heard!
    • Anonymous

      Feel free to quote me any time bro 😆

    • Unit1

      I got downvoted by a gold digger or a religious prude, who waits until marriage and hides it or someone, who isn't an adult in the mind yet. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Anonymous

      I think there's some girls that are just scrolling down and die voting everything 😆

  • Rocket_Queen
    First of all... I don't understand why people are getting bent about number 1. I have no problem telling a guy "I'm not gonna hop right in your bed". In fact, I said almost that same thing to my husband when he asked me out on our first date. I told him "I'm not gonna have sex with you so if thats what you want just save us both the time". Here we are happily married and sexing for years.

    Also..."Saying you don't dress to be found attractive"... this is my favorite point!😂. I seriously see this soooooo much on gag. And I mean, I get it to a degree. But let ME be honest. I like what I like and it isn't the woman norm. Not a little black dress and heels gal, but I do like what I like and I enjoy looking good and I enjoy when you catch someone watching you walk by. I want to look good. And when someone thinks I look good it is indeed a little boost of feel good.
    • Anonymous

      It's really annoying when women say "I don't dress to look pretty!" It's like then why do you dress like this? It doesn't make much sense to me :/

    • Lol I agree! I mean I wear what I wear because I like it, but I like it because it looks good. I don't go out every single day in sweats and a tank top with a messy bun because it doesn't look so hot, but wayyyyy more comfortable than my other outfits.

  • WhaChaChaKing
    A lot of people dress like shit so number 3 doesn't always apply. Sometime I dress just to feel comfortable and sometimes I dress to impress.
    • Anonymous

      You dress however you like dear. I was only stating my opinions.

    • "You can argue all you want but everyone dresses to look attractive" sounds like you're stating a fact.

    • Anonymous

      It is a fact really though. I dress to be attractive, you dress to be attractive, we all do it.

  • Dudeman1234
    What? You hate twerking? Huh? What kinda man hates it when women shake their ass?
    • I think it's quite trashy :/ I mean, it's visually appealing, but I personally don't wanna see my girl twerking on the dance floor.

    • @AleDeEurope Yea, that's a cultural thing. In carribean/african culture twerking is the norm. To say that's a general turn off for mean is a bit if a stretch

    • Yeah, that makes sense.

  • Botchie
    2, 8, and 10 are hands down the most important. All of these are true, but I cannot emphasize 2, 8, and 10 enough. They are the reason my last relationship didn't work out. I think Communication should be up there (unless I'm blind and missed it). But if ladies expect us to be forward with our feelings, they should do the same. We aren't mind readers just like you aren't.
    • Anonymous

      Amen brother. I'm surprised how everyone is getting so bent about the dressing one. I was expecting the make-up one or the sex one. But a lot of people are getting uppity about the dressing one.

  • JohnDoe3000
    I didn't expect 1) to cause such a shitstorm, and what kind of relationships do you guys and girls have anyway that you wait so long before you have sex because it seems to be a common theme on GaG? And how would waiting for 3 months instead of 3 weeks with the same person decrease your notch count?
    • Also I'm completely with 9) and 10). Too many lazy spoiled princesses who couldn't point out Syria on a globe... Of course they all want a cultured, educated, well-off man... It's easy to just ignore them but it's a damn shame they make up such a large percentage of the total dating pool.

  • Library
    I would never go out with a girl who does any of these things. I would drop her at the spot.
  • YourFutureEx
    #4 & #5 were new points. I don't think they're really any kind of issues. But I agree with the rest of them.
  • Jager66
  • anonman32
    the only thing im gonna say is that if girls hold off sex from a guy they should not be surprised if he emotionally or physically distances himself from them. or if he watches porn instead.
  • foxsquirrell
    If she makes me wait too much for sex, I will justify paying a sex worker for sex. A few weeks I can understand, months and she is risking - that is if she cares about me at all!
    • Prof_Don

      I'm not waiting a whole month before ANY type of sexual play! That's just ridiculous.

    • @Prof_Don You mean you demand it before?

    • Prof_Don

      I'll be patient for a month, if I make a move and she resists EVERY time, i'll stop seeing her.

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  • lazermazer
    Welcome back sir, great take. I would not leave someone without ride but I don't know what happened with you.
  • Dipsy
    It's actually a sad world that you have to warn or give disclaimers beforehand..
    • Anonymous

      Welcome to the life of a writer on G@G bro.

  • NajemEddine
    my list
    -bitching 24/7
    -being controlling
    -asking doesn this make me fat / is she prettier than me
    -acting like u knowme very well
  • CorvetteGirl
    Well at least I don't really do anything like that. ☺️
  • MysteriousDarkness
    2. WhIn you put extraneous things before the betterment of the relationship,
    There are guys like this when it comes to sports.
    4. Claiming you have a good singing voice but you can't even keep tempo with the radio in the car,
    There are guys who could not sing good evin if it was to save their own life.
    7. Claiming to be good in bed
    There are guys who think they are gods gift to women when it comes to sex just because of the size of their cock sothey don't do much,
    9. Uneducated and 10, Unemployed
    There are guys who are uneducated and or unemployed. They think they can just coast through life and still get what try want.
    • Anonymous

      But this take wasn't about guys.

    • Doesn't matter. It goes both ways

  • Emmdk
    Yes, i agree with all of this. Very good mytake
    • Anonymous

      Why thank you :)

  • puertoriguesa
    Till marriage.
  • blondfrog
    This was actually pretty good.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you :)