3 Things Guys May Do That Annoy Their Girlfriends


3 Things guys may do that annoy their girlfriends

I am writing this because even though I do really like my boyfriend, there are certain things he does that drives me insane (and not in a good way). Some of my friends have the same or similiar problems with their boyfriends and though I have spoke to him about some of these things, some still continue and drive me up the wall.

1. Taking forever to reply back (especially with no explanation)

This one is annoying because it makes us feel unwanted. It is understandable sometimes, I am not saying you have to message your girlfriend every second of the day and I understand you can be busy but it is very frustrating when we have to wait hours inbetween every message. Not only does this make us feel like you don't really want us there, it also makes us panic about other things. If we are in the middle of a conversation and suddenly you've dissapeared without explanation for two hours we may wonder why that is. Do you not love us anymore and are trying to break if of slowly? Are you busy talking to another girl? Do we annoy you? Do you want us to leave you alone? Are you just not that into us?

We go through all sorts of worries. I understand you guys have a life outside of us but at least tell us if you are going to take a while to reply just so we are not stressing. After all, you wouldn't do that in real life would you? I hope you wouldn't. Imagine a couple in a house together having a conversation and then one of them leaving out of nowhere:

Bf: Hello

Gf: Hi, come in *opens door*

Bf: How are you?

Gf: I'm good thanks, how are you?

Bf: I'm good thanks

Gf: How is work?

Bf: Not bad, got a day of on Wednesday, what about you?

Gf: Oh cool, I have Wednesday and Friday of, maybe we could do something.

Bf: *Gets up and walks out the door without saying anything*

Imagine the boyfriend then later returning like nothing happened:

Bf: *comes back inside 2 and a half hours* Yeah sure, do you want to come over wednesday?

Do you see how annoying that would be? Now if the boyfriend gave an explanation or at least said he had to go for a bit before leaving, it would have been perfectly acceptable. See that scenario SHOULD have gone more like this:

Bf: Hello

Gf: Hi, come in *opens door*

Bf: How are you?

Gf:I'm good thanks, how are you?

Bf: I'm good thanks

Gf: How is work?

Bf: Not bad, got a day of on Wednesday, what about you?

Gf: Oh cool, I have Wednesday and Friday of, maybe we could do something.

Bf: Sure, hey sorry but I have to go now. Sorry I couldn't stay for long but I promised my brother I'd go out with him for a bit today. I'll come back and talk later.

Gf: Okay

Bf: See you later *Walks out of house and returns a few hours later*.

Do you guys understand what I am saying here?

2. Ignoring us for video games

Don't get me wrong, I've nothing against video games and I am fine with my boyfriend playing them as much as he wants - I'm not going to stop him if that's what he enjoys doing. I just find it irritating when I am visiting and would like a hug from him or something but can't because he is on his video games. Last time I was at his house I remember really wanting a hug from him but he was on his laptop so I just rested my head on his shoulder instead. He seemed to smile when I did that and pointed it out but then told me I might want to move because he was going to play one of his more voilent games and didn't want to swing his elbow out and hit me or anything. I could hardly hug him if he was in the middle of a voilent game with a controller in his hands could I? I never did get my hug in the end and kind of wondered why I was even there since he seemed more interested in playing his games anyway. I know I am partly to blame since I could have just asked but was too shy to, but what is the point of me even being there if he wasn't even going to make a move?


3. Telling us what to wear

I don't mind this if I actually ask your opinion or you're just suggesting something, but if you are straight up telling me what to wear then that is a different story. There is a difference between saying "I think you look nice in a dress and flats" and "Wear a dress next time we meet up and no boots please" and the second is what my boyfriend once said to me but has since apologized.

What we wear is really up to us, as long as it's appropriate there should be nothing wrong with that. You probably wouldn't like it if your girlfriend demanded you wore a suit everytime you met up with them and weren't allowed to wear your favourite shoes.

I know not all guys do these things and some girls are guilty of doing them too. I am just trying to point them out to the people that do do them so they can understand how the other person feels and possibly try to stop doing them.

I know from this it may sound like my boyfriend is not a very good one (And I probably sound a bit annoying myself!) but that is only because I am looking at annoying things he does in this MyTake. I will write another one at a later date about things boyfriends do that I love too and thank you for reading as I know this was long, I am sorry for any grammar mistakes.

3 Things Guys Do That Their Girlfriends Like

3 Things Guys May Do That Annoy Their Girlfriends
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  • krash2002
    I must start off by saying, I'm sorry that you're boyfriend is a jerk to you for making you wear certain outfits.

    Per your issues currently,
    #1 - This truly depends, and I think you're seeing it in the wrong way. Now, if a guy is playing games with you. Then I'll agree that it can be very annoying, but texting and talking in person is absolutely 100% two completely different things. Unless you're both in the same house, or room and your're texting just to be funny. However, on the contrary to it all. If my wife texts me right before I head off to a meeting. Then of course; I'll text her back, but I'm not going to reply to her again while I'm in a meeting. Texting is just a convenient want to communicate outside of our face to face interactions. Combing the two can be troublesome.

    #2 - Some guys prioritize video games, and I do as well. Though, my wife knew I was a gamer from the day we started dating. She's known that when I'm in the middle of a video game. That it's where my attention is going to be, and will be until I've reached a certain point. Now on the flip side to it all, I am very considerate of our time being spent together. My gaming does not cause us to cancel our plans, postpone, or take away from us eating dinner together every night during the week. If his video games are interfering with your relationship, or set plans. Then it's time to talk to him about it.
    #3 - This is just wrong of home. Tell him to go F himself, and that your a big girl who can dress herself.
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you. I understand he doesn't owe me all his time and he has his own things to do but it's not like he has to go to meetings and things. If he's at sixth form I don't mind so much about him taking a while to get back, it is just when he takes hours without letting me know "I may be a while".

      I did play it back to him once and took 2 hours to reply without explanation and he didn't like that at all. He asked me "How long?" and wanted to know what I'd been doing so I told him and admitted it was partly because he had kept doing this to me even though I had talked to him about it a few times prior and wanted to make him feel how I did. I think he forgave me but I knew he was mad at the time. I t

      Again today, he took 3 hours to reply with no explanation so I called him out on it. Turned out he was playing a game and chatting to mates on Xbox. I told him he could've let me know and then I would leave him alone although he said I don't have to leave if he's on Xbox. I did remind him

    • krash2002

      You're right in allowing him to see how it feels. If you're waiting on him, and he knows that you are. Then he's obliged to inform you of how long he'll be. That's just common courtesy, and I'd let him know it's not acceptable. It only takes 5 seconds to text, "Hey, sorry playing with some friends. See you around 7".

      My wife and I have an agreement, and that is to always text one another when were going to be more than 30 minutes late getting home in the afternoon during the week. Sometimes we get caught up in work, or we have a deadline that causes us to have to be at the office longer than expected. Thus, if we know we're going to be late, regardless of having set plans or not. We text each other to inform one another, and then let it be. This has solved a lot of our problems about communication and really helped our relationship. Since I'm one who will get lost in my work, and won't look up from my computer until it's 3am in the morning (Workaholic).

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like a sensible idea! I have spoke to him about it many times to just let me know, I told him yesterday just a simple "I'm talking to m8's on Xbox so may be a while" or "I'm going out with family soon, talk later" will do and tbf he did put "Ok, m8 on Xbox gta heist to let u know" and that was fine, today he took a while to reply a few times again though which is annoying because I only spoke to him about this yesterday but then he says his phone and wifi is playing up.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Pfft. Try having to deal with him taking literally 5,6,7 hours to reply (or never replying at all, even if it's an important message), getting upset when confronted about it and insisting he's just really busy and he's still interested. Actions speak louder than words and right now, having such poor contact with me is putting a damper on things
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    • Don't make them to break up. If she'll also start doing these things, what will be the difference left between them?

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  • MaskedSanity
    "it is very frustrating when we have to wait hours inbetween every message"

    This tells me you have nothing else to occupy your time with. Get a hobby or a job and then you'll understand why there are several hour gaps in between messages. Busy people don't give two shits about such petty nonsense.

    "Not only does this make us feel like you don't really want us there, it also makes us panic about other things. If we are in the middle of a conversation and suddenly you've dissapeared without explanation for two hours we may wonder why that is. Do you not love us anymore and are trying to break if of slowly? Are you busy talking to another girl? Do we annoy you? Do you want us to leave you alone? Are you just not that into us?"

    I'd appreciate it if you didn't voice this melodramatic bullshit on behalf of all women. Just refrain from using "we" when it's very clearly you being insecure.

    Your comparisons of texting vs real life conversations make no sense. Text messaging is casual, there's no urgency, otherwise you/he would call instead.
  • lovelyleelee
    My main pet peeves are not listening, not knowing how to balance your video games among other things, and I used to get annoyed by the first one, but now I think that showing a lack of interest in things as far as a relationship goes takes the place of that one.
  • redeyemindtricks
    Girl what? When my man tells me EXACTLY what I'm gna wear, when we have a "date night" to ourselves? Sry but that's just hot af.
    Our 10th anniversary, the boy packed my whole suitcase for me. Surprise getaway. (He told me to pack my own cosmetics/travel kit, obvs... lol) I mean, I dunno if the boy played with dolls or some shit, but, he sure can dress a girl up sexy.

    I mean, if he tried to tell me what to wear to see a client, or something, that'd just be max weirdness. LOL
  • bloodmountain1990
    I've known girls who take forever to text back and sometimes will take days to respond. It goes both ways.

    I think the whole texting part of mind games is such bullshit whereas a guy you have to wait sometimes on purpose to text back otherwise you're seen as clingy or too available. I mean I'm not saying you have to be texting and in contact 24/7 but in a regular conversation that's face to face, you don't wait minutes to reply.
  • YourFutureEx
    #1. Realise that we are 'guys'. We are certainly not that romantic as compared to you. We have our goals, career (I know you also have this but there's a difference), interests like watching sports, news, video games, YouTube, netflix, hanging out with buddies etc. Tuning up our PC, searching for latest gadgets, testing smartphone and various other random things. WE NEVER IGNORE YOU BECAUSE WE ARE TALKING TO ANOTHER GIRL. We aren't that talkative. We love it when our girl has a fixed time to talk.

    #2. A little bit from #1. But he's asshole for doing this. (My apologies in advance)

    #3. That depends. We have some fantasies you know. But yeah, I know, it's disgusting to wear what you don't like.

      " We are certainly not that romantic as compared to you. "

      oh such a foolish statement.

    • @KENKONG Exceptions are always there. I cannot represent every guy on the planet. But take an example of an average guy with an average girl.

      And keep in mind, romance ≠ love or care


      Take in mine that nearly every poetry, music, love story, has been invented by men. Men are the romantics. Women are the pragmatics who mask as romantics.

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  • Cookies_AndMilk
    1. My boyfriend is not the best texter in the world which is something I don't always mind because we usually never text. I'm the kind of person who would prefer a phone call and even though he hates talking on the phone we spend all day video chatting or speaking on the phone.
    2. Sometimes he does leave me for video games which I do understand. The majority of his time is spent with me and if he needs a break every now and again it's okay. It might be annoying in the moment but video games are awesome so I at least understand.
    3. He never tells me what to wear unless he's specifically requesting something he really likes like my hair in a pineapple or this particular white dress I own. With that in mind I still prefer dressing modestly with respect for myself, my boyfriend and the people around me.
  • Araya
    Lol. I understand those and agree, even though I tend to do number 1 as well.
  • starlight1
    I truly agree with this bc my boyfriend will do the same take hours to reply or days to reply but you can see him so active every minute on social media. It does show where the girlfriend stands!!
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    that's bull. i have girl friends that take forever. my best friend took a month and a half to reply to my message. still usually takes at least a day to reply.
  • ManicMadness
    I sometimes take forever to text because I didn't know or was really busy,

    Videogames, just wait for him to be finished with them to get a hug or ask if you can join in. *shrugs*
  • SamuraiWarrior
    Games for me is life im a hardcore gamer, my ex was a gamer to i was with her for 4 years
  • sp33d
    Another reason why I don't bother with texting, facebook, instragram, tumbler and who knows what else.
  • RomansToPhilemon
    Well, I find girls flake out on texts more than guys. Like way more. And it is very annoying. For point two, I wouldn't chose a video game of a girl. That's pretty dumb. I guess there are guys who do this? And for the cloths part. I mean, if a guy doesn't find something attractive he should tell the girl. Why would you want to continue to wear something that turns the guy off?

    And on the other side, if I was wearing something that she didn't like, I wouldn't wear it anymore. It's not that big of a deal. It's just cloths. Wear things that attracted the your partner. Why be so prideful?
    • Mekkalyn

      I think there's a difference between telling a girl that he doesn't like it when she wears X and telling a girl what she needs to wear. It's like "I can dress myself, thank you"

      A woman isn't going to take kindly to a guy who commands her to dress a certain way. But if there was something that was really annoying that a girl wore, you should certainly point it out and she should keep it in mind (by maybe not wearing it when you are around)! But don't tell her to wear something specific because it just comes off as controlling and annoying.

      Like wouldn't it get annoying to you if I constantly said "Wear that blue shirt and blue jeans with the white tennis shoes tomorrow." Not even a question, a command. And I did that all the time, every day. I think it would start to grate your nerves at least a little bit.

      But if I were to ask you sometimes "hey do you think you could wear the blue shirt and blue jeans that I love you in?" it would have a better response

    • @Mekkalyn Yeah, I do agree with that. I think I am the least controlling person on the planet. I'm just like, do whatever you want! But I don't mind telling my g/f or w/e that I don't find something attractive. She is still free to wear it/do it. And honestly this never really comes up for me b/c I'm not going to ever date someone who wears things I am not attracted to.

      I remember a past love wanted a tongue ring so bad and I was like please don't get one. I find them so unattractive. So she never got one. But after I broke up with her like a year 1/2 later she ended up getting one lol. I know it's not cloths, but same principle.

  • DizzyAster
    This should be retitled:
    "3 things to make sure I lose my man."
  • ArtDent
    i wish texting was never invented.
    • mikemx55

      Please make it happen! So I can reinvent it and get rich :D

    • If it didn't then girlfriends would just be calling us all day asking us "wyd" constantly

    • ArtDent

      @Dragonstarterplus no they wouldn't. I was around before texting. It wasn't like that at all.

  • LittleSally
    I get it. I can relate. =)
  • littlemermaid89
    agree with the first one. Totally hate that.
  • Joc4Position
    Girls do that first one.
  • ConsultantIsBack
    Lol, video games
  • Anonymous
    I was waiting on my ex to reply back to tell me the time to meet him...3 hours later and still nothing. I saw him liking posts on Facebook, so yeah that made me angry. The last one is a bit annoying but hasn;t really happened to me.

    The 2nd one, I'm a gamer so I don't mind. I don't like being blown off for games, though. If he played 5 days of the week, at least one of the other 2 days I'd like to hang out together. Good take, I agree with most of this!
  • Anonymous
    1. Taking forever to reply back. Girls do this far more with guys they don't think is hot. FUCKING HYPOCRITES.
    • nemer26

      It's a game both sides play. I don't do it, because it annoys the Hell out of me, just like ghosting. Technology F'in sucks.

    • @nemer26 yeah, I will drop a girl quick if she takes forever to respond. That's high school type shit.

    • Mekkalyn

      I think, perhaps, guy start it off when they are younger (middle/high school, maybe even college) and then girls start doing it. I know that when I was in high school almost all of the girls would complain about a guy not texting them back fast enough and how they instantly reply (or within a few minutes)... and then flash forward a few years and those same girls are doing the same thing they were getting mad at guys for doing.

      That's just my perception of it, anyways :)

  • Anonymous
    1 has been a bit of a problem in my relationship. She's a med student with a very demanding schedule so I try to be patient, but at times I feel I'm being ignored.
    • Anonymous

      Aw she is probably just busy but I can understand how you feel, hopefully you will get time to see eachother more.


      Lol at my take owner trying to justify her behavior but demonizing men for the same thing.

    • Anonymous

      @KENKONG I'm not "demonizing men" for the same thing. My boyfriend just goes on games, he can tell me if he is busy. This persons girlfriend is a med student so may have a more demanding shecudle. If my boyfriend was a med student and took ages to reply, yes it wld probably still be upset a bit but it would be more understandable. If his girlfriend was just on games or something then I wld agree she was being unfair

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  • Anonymous
    girls do #1 and it annoys us too and for #3, Just like you need time to go do your girl things with your girl friends we need time to do things by ourselves or with our guy friends. all our time isn't dedicated to you.
    • Anonymous

      I can appreciate this, all I'm saying is to please just let us know if you are going to take a while to reply, just so we are not stressing or thinking you are ignoring us.

    • Anonymous

      Some times I don't replay fast simply because I forgot because something catches my interest and I see the text then bring it down so I can finish reading or watching what it is and I completely forget about texting.

    • Anonymous

      My boyfriend sometimes does this when playing games. Wld be good if u can try and remember tho or it cann make u feel ignored. I have even told my boyfriend to tell me if he's playing a game so then I'll leave him alone as I understand he doesn't always want to talk but he tells me he does

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