Things guys hate about being guys


I'm a girl who got some help from really kind guys. This is what they said:

Things guys hate about being guys

10. Jail

It's easier for a guy to end up behind bars. Girls go to jail too, but let's be honest, jails are full of testosterone. (I know girls have testosterone too)

Things guys hate about being guys

Things guys hate about being guys

9. Yes sir!

Guys gotta be soldiers, it's unfair that they must die for their contries and most girls don't go through this. This is a guy's job. Men fight more wars than women.

Things guys hate about being guys

8. Don't cry, u faggot!

- Hey hey, what are you doing? Are you crying? Are you gay?

"Boys don't cry, Real men don't cry" What kind of bullshit is that? Yes, they have dicks, but it doesn't mean that they're not humans. Guys should show emotions as much as they want and be real men.
More emotional suppport for them, please!

Things guys hate about being guys


- Babe, can you help me with this? I can't open this jar. I'm a girl and I'm not strong enough.
- Honey, my dick doesn't give me superman's powers.
- Oh, okay. Well, can you repair this?
- You think I'm a plumber?
- Gosh!! Is there something you are good at?

I have to be honest, I always ask for help when it comes to streght stuff and it's unfair because not all guys know how to handle tools, come on, it's not just their job.

Things guys hate about being guys

6. Stereotypes

Guys are harassers, rapists, drug addicts, brute, cheaters, violent, the drunk ones


Things guys hate about being guys

5. You're the guy, you have to pay

Justice is to pay what you had. But hey, girls have pussy, they can't pay, let's take our wallets out and pay for the whole thing.
Girls, we can make money too, let's be fair and pay for our things, let's be independent.
Guys are the ones who have the responsability to bring food to the table. I'm not saying girls don't do this, plenty of single mothers go through this.

Things guys hate about being guys

4. Boners

You don't know when girls are horny, with guys is super evident. It happens everywhere, at school, at work, while swimming, when you wake up. It's awkward.

But hey... Boners disappear when you get old! That sucks! Gotta buy viagra and sometimes it is not enough. Poor guys, it's all about the dick.

Things guys hate about being guys

Things guys hate about being guys

3. Umm, wanna go out?

Girls ask guys out too, but it's mosly a guys job to do the approaching, they propose and we get to decide. And when a girl goes for it, most of the time they don't get rejected.

Some guys are super shy and the fact that they have to face their fears and ask their crush out sucks.

Things guys hate about being guys

2. Girls have advantage

The world is falling down, huge hurricane, amazing earthquake, the titanic is drowning, let's save the pussy!!!

Things guys hate about being guys

1. Trying to understand her

Guys biggest labor is to guess. Guys hate to guess. They can't know what we want because we love drama. Oh guys, I'm so sorry we are so complicated. I really do my best and try to be as simple as possible.

Guys have to figure it out what we are thinking, what we want... We don't even know what we want. Sorry about that.

Things guys hate about being guys

Honorable Mentions:

A. Virginity

Dude, you lost your virginity, you are my goddamn hero!
Dude, are you virgin? What a loser, you're a faggot.

Things guys hate about being guys

B. You want what??? I'm the mother and I had the baby!

Guys are dads! Guys can be good mothers too! Some of them deserve to get the child over the mother.

Things guys hate about being guys

C. Dick size

Guys never know if girls care about size or not. They worry about it!

Things guys hate about being guys

D. I can hit u 'cause I'm a girl but you can't hit me 'cause you're a guy

A girl hit a guy, nah, not a big deal.
A guy hit a girl. HE'S SO GOING TO HELL!!!

Things guys hate about being guys

Being a guy hurts too, life is never perfect.

Read this one too so you can know being a girl is not easy either:

Thanks to: @muspelhem_5 @Touglyforfemales @Eugene @front2back @DarkHumorRUs @AllThatSweetJazz @DeltaDanner @hypno-trip
You guys helped me a lot, thanks!

Things guys hate about being guys
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  • OpenClose
    Wait, is this written by a guy with an alias of a girl?

    Or is it simply written by an awesome and understanding girl?

    Thank you for acknowledging it rather than calling it simply complaining. THAT is the important part. Simply understanding our perspective.

    For instance, I don't mind buying a girl dinner or gifts when I make extra cash. But if I don't, that doesn't make me a jerk, that makes me reasonable.

    The "men don't cry" thing seems to have died down a LOT though, which is good.

    Also, this understanding is very important to understanding cultural issues regarding women as well.

    For instance, in the Middle East and Africa, where Polygyny is rampant, and most women select only the top few guys, most men are left to waste. This drives men to pursue much more violent means. In these areas, such as Iraq and the Congo, violence and rape are at absolutely pathological levels. There is also a constant need to control women's sexuality to keep tract of paternal parentage, etc. Psychology Today did a good article on the subject. Specifically number 4 in this list:

    It could be said that this is the primary nature of male violence. And you find that nations with more sexually-liberated women with higher libidos have much less male violence, such as the Nordic countries.
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    • hypno-trip

      She's a real girl she did one about girls and their problems and this one is about guys

    • OpenClose

      That's pretty epic.

    • hypno-trip

      Woods that was meant for @Pedantic...

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Most Helpful Girl

  • BumbleSuperBee
    You're so right... ESPECIALLY when rose was saved and not jack!! Gaah, plus, N every superhero movie ( well, almost) the problems in there haappen because of the girl (y'know, the girl the superhero's in love with). They're just useless n pointless...
    Great myTake! I actually feel sorry for u guys.. it's not a fair life..
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  • PiuBelloAmante
    A lot of these things make sense but, i dont agree with all of them
    I think men should fight wars, and woman shouldn't
    I think all men should learn how to use basic tools and do basic things
    Also its a mans job to be strong, if he is capable of becoming so

    I also dont mind paying for dates, i think its important a man do this
    1. Because it shows that you can provide for her
    2. If you ask her out on a date, you should be the one paying
    • I agree that many of these things are masculin traits and should be respected, there is nothing wrong with being a man. But, I do think society tends to forget that we have problems too.

    • crystalt70

      Great response! @PiuBelloAmante

      @helionthesage Society doesn't forget, we just think they do. We fail to see that the way we handle things and people is the unfair thing. I don't think anyone should be forcing their opinions of others on them or making them feel bad if they aren't hurting anyone.

    • crystalt70

      Sorry. Missed an l. @hellionthesage

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  • muspelhem_5
    Seriously, kudos for researching and writing this, that is pretty amazing. And funny too. I have a hell of a lot of respect for you for doing that.

    Take care (I know you can handle yourself) :)
    • Thanks a lot! <3 I'm glad you liked it.
      I'm a feminist who just want equality and that love men. Not all feminists are cruel bitches :)

    • I know. I have my own issues, so tend to lump all feminists in with the extremists. I'm trying to improve :) You're awesome. And p. s. the guy with the jar is hilarious XD

    • Well, thanks for trying to improve that :) and thanks for helping me, you're awesome too!
      PS: I know! XD, when I saw the pic I was like "LOL this guy is hilarious"

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  • godfatherfan
    I won't pee at a urinal unless I know I will be the only one in the bathroom for the entire time. But even alone, I don't think I could pee with those pictures. That would be really funny though...
    • Hahaha yeah, it's extremely uncomfortable lol I'd feel super uncomfortable having pics of guys watching me while I pee.

    • crystalt70

      Aww, come on! You don't want to pee in front that guy on the right? He's waiting for you! Lol!

  • rahul1307ghosh
    Actually guys or girls it doesn't matter.. Its hard just growing up and learing the ways of the world... We all face those adversities... All we can do is try till we die. Another nice job done... I wanted one for the boys :) ... Thanks
  • Hal2002
    I love number eight, that is one of the biggest lies women tell. No woman wants a man that cries.

    Any guy out there that has shown weakness and cried around a woman, and still feel respected by that woman? Any of you, still in a romantic relationship with her?

    The same woman that is all concerned at your show of weakness or tears. Is the same woman, laughing at you when she tells her friends what a sissy you are.
    • That's not true, I like a guy who can be brave enough to cry.

    • Hal2002

      Let me know, if you still feel that way in 10 years.

      Because every woman I know that married a sensitive emotional man, today now bitches about him being a to sensitive and emotional.

    • Of course I'll think this way. My father is very emotional guy, that's the only thing I like about him (and he's funny too), he cries with me when we watch a sad movie, I want my husband to be like this with my children.

  • Azara
    women go to war and have to depending on where you are.

    and more women die in childbirth than men die in war.

    guys dont have to open jars

    pay for dates

    or ask anyone out

    they do these things bc it perpetuates a boys club and it comes with male benefits. for example not being attached to any of the degrading views you and many people seem to carry about women you've never met before. it makes getting work a lot easier when people dont assumer you're weak emotional fragile irresponsible volatile looking for an easy ride and can't open jars.

    and women are insulted ALL the time not for being weak but for the stereotype that they are weak, just by being.

    women dont like drama. you, like drama. there's a difference.

    again if women were respected for more than wiping noses and picking kids up from school, there wouldn't be an excuse to give kids to moms. if guys are the 'workers' who is supposed to take care of the kid if the kid lives with dad. if you want kids stop defending labor discrimination against women.

    you and your friends are either genuinely clueless -which you can change so its not a credible excuse. or sexist. people who complain do it as subterfuge. you can appear as if you're against something all the while supporting that system you supposedly hate,. bc not only is complaining ineffectual,. overtime you complain you reinforce stereotypes.

    none of this inevitable its just manufactured segregation. is if guys dont like sexism they shouldn't condone it. none of this stuff has anything to do with being male. it has to do with sexism. so reject it.
    • Azara

      men are only criticized for crying bc crying is associated with women and women are promoted culturally as the 'shameful' sex. the worst insult a man can call a man is a woman. lets not pretend were talking about something else,. men face retaliation from peers for being 'human', bc women are dehumanized.

    • NovaLS

      With your comments in regard to men doing things because it is part of the boys club, why do women push this on men? I love working on cars and my roommates girlfriend was harassing him for not knowing mechanics and saying he wasn't manly because he could fix things. It goes both ways, women pin it on men. Many women are astounded (in the negative way) for splitting dates, so basically if a guy wants to get a date he Must pay. The point with war is mostly the draft. You may cry wartime equality when you have to sign up, or when it is abolished. Women are more dramatic in society, perhaps they took the role on from TV or what they perceived as social norms but honestly they do act it out nicely if such is the case. Here in college I have had the same roommates for a year and get along great with them! Never had a problem. It is very similar experience. Yet girls apartments constantly talk about their "terrible roommates" and everything else. Even the TV shows they watch are dramatic.

    • NovaLS

      This again might be the way that we all were raised. One more thought, there are actual differences between males and females (obviously...) Look at the Olympics, who holds the highest weight numbers, the fastest times etc? All men. Locally a women was angered because she failed a firefighting test that required lifting a heavy human shaped object down a ladder and was unable to do so. She claimed they were being sexist and filed a lawsuit. Fact of the matter is for a firefighter I want them to be able to move my 250 lb father out of a building. It has nothing to do with sex, but ability. If the woman could lift the weight then more power to em, but if they can't they can't. There are certainly woman much more capable than me, but there are also reasons certain jobs and areas have more men and than women and other areas more women than men.

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  • c00l_guy
    are you a goddess?
    you understand guys so well.
    I still can't believe cuz you know so much about us. Really, every guy in this world want a girl like you. I love you. <3 You're cool.
    I don't know, if it's just a casual writing or you really mean what you wrote, but anyways it's good.
    • I meant what I wrote and I appreciate your kind words <3

      Thanks a lot <3

  • Jonny_
    Stereotypes are the only ones that get me in all honesty, I just hate being compared to other guys and in particular I hate that being nice is apparently suspicious since other guys of course act nice to get somewhere. At the same time it's just an issue that I kill off since, if i'm truly nice it'll show regardless of how long I know a person. I don't really care about dick size as I feel thats an inferiority complex amongst guys more than anything.

    Not being socially acceptable to hit a girl also doesn't bother me, if anything I agree with it and would probably hit a guy who dares hit a girl not that I don't believe women can't take care of themselves but it's just a personal button pusher for me to see a guy do it.

    Being expected to pay? I haven't experienced that at all, all girls i've dated were more than willing to split the cost of anything but i'm more than willing to cover the whole cost because I guess i'm old fashion and frankly i'm happy to be on a date i'm not concerned about money. Same with crying, any time it's happened women are understanding about it and they can see why it happens, sure guys might have a go but emotionally women definitely got it.

    Jail? I'm not concerned about, not even going to be close to going there... in fact I am actually ex military which leads me to that bit, I don't feel a burden for what I did as it was still my own choice the only thing that bothered me about it was that the females were given and easier time. I get they need their own space and may not have the same natural genetic muscle, but when they're given easier 'tests' for something considered health and safety? I don't understand it, if it's health and safety why is the test easier for anyone, and why do guys miss out on a job for failing if they pass the womens test standard? It's also plain dangerous to hand out passes for it when in a crisis it won't go down that way.

    Boners, crying and strength don't bother me they're just something well within my own control.
  • AdoringFan
    Great job! I could relate to all of these, I myself would have added the "all guys are the same" thing like others pointed out. It's really ridiculous how some women get dumped/cheated on and go on and say that all guys are assholes lol.
  • RationalLioness
    1) I agree with 10. It's unfair that many men are incarcerated for longer periods of time than women and that black men in America are incarcerated for longer periods than white men. This needs to be changed.

    2) Don't really agree about the military part. In some parts of the world, women aren't allowed to be in the military. So that's not their fault.

    I do think that the American draft should be abolished because it's not fair that men have to sign up for it. But the whole "men only go to war" situations was started by men. I'm now glad that both genders can serve if they wish to in America.

    3) I do agree about how men are demeaned by their own peers sometimes and by plenty of women. That needs to stop. Every man should be himself, not what other people think he should be.

    4) The reason why a majority of guys pay for the date is because they approached the girl or they want to. They don't HAVE to pay--I don't know why some feel that this is obligatory based off of gender. You pay if you asked the person out.

    I don't get how people split bills on the first date--that makes no sense to me.

    5) I'm going to hurry and finish this up.

    -I feel like men should hit women when they are in fear for their life, just not in a retaliatory attack. He should definitely charge the woman for assault and not be demeaned by it.

    -Men can get raped by women too. And I think these abused and molested men need to step forward so that they can get help on the federal level.

    -Dick size is dependent on the woman. Many women want to "feel" something, but I've been told by quite a few women that small penises have given them the strongest orgasms ever.

    -Of course some men deserve the child over the mother. But this is a case by case basis as always including for the mother.

    -Per the virginity, I think that's all in the guy's head. I have heard other guys clap each other on the back for sleeping with a girl and demeaning him for not doing so, but I've heard more women do the opposite. There's nothing wrong with being a virgin but a lot of them don't want to listen so...

    -I don't think women are that difficult to understand. If you know how to make basic inferences, then you're already half-way there. If you know how to empathize with other people, you know the majority of women I believe. But it does seem that I speak a different language to a lot of guys.

    -Finally, I'm sure there are "female" advantages but I can't think of one. If anyone knows, feel free to say.
    • Frost_Byt3

      Here is a female advantage: Multiple orgasms.

  • moviedude714
    Can't speak for all guys but I'm sure I can speak for a huge portion of them, is I hate how the onus is always or usually on us guys to make the first move, approach and talk to first, ask out, be the initiator, take the lead, and I hate how us guys are so extremely judged, valued on our career and finances so much
    • Yeah, it's awful. I don't know how it would be for me, I can't imagine, having that pressure to be strong, to be the first, to have money. That sucks.

    • It looks worse in guys than it does in girls if a person still lives with their parents, more so if past a certain age, not financially stable

    • True...

  • matheus_mb
    Number 9 is what bothered me most. I hate living in a country with mandatory military service, when I was 18 it was a nightmare being forced to enlist.
    • Thanks for sharing honey. That's awful :/ I feel o bad for you, it's really unfair that you guys have to live with this.

      @crystalt70 THIS IS WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY, but you can't understand it, sheez woman!

    • matheus_mb

      Really unfair, it's not because we're men that we like those things. I still hope things will change here and I still hate every damn politician who doesn't try to change this.

    • Exactly, that should be different. It's awful being forced to do anything.

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  • hypno-trip
    Wow I didn't think a girl could put down out sruggled in a my take but this actually does it some justice. Yah is for doing this Amy!
    • hypno-trip

      Thanks for*

    • Thanks to you! :)

    • Pedantic

      Wait, its a real girl? I thought for sure it was just a catfish / troll account.

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  • DeltaDanner
    This was great! It really gives the struggle justice and it's a great myTake. I'm glad I could be a part of it :)
    • Thanks a lot :) I'm glad you liked it :D

      Thanks for being part of it :D

  • Eugene
    Now, when you can actually compare problems men and women face, every female problem asides from pregnancy and periods is just hilariously over-dramatized.
    • Hahaha okay, but let's be honest, both have huge problems. Both genders have awful disadvantages, girls don't have it easy.

    • Eugene

      Anything besides pregnancy and periods that is worth mentioning as a "huge problem"?

    • Sexual harassment.

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  • QooLipBite
    I would say that this definitely applies to different individuals.

    With #10, just because you're a guy... Doesn't mean this applies to you, this problem only applies to criminals and those who may have been involved in criminal situations, it just happens to be that the majority of prisoners are men. It's not the fact that you're a male that gets you in jail, it's the fact that you've commited a crime.

    With #9, isn't it legal to turn down an offer or request to join the army? Besides it's good for your development (mental and physical) to take part in military training for example discipline, being respectful, being able to think (tactful), getting strong and fit.

    With #8 I think I've come across many who had cried in front of people (including myself) but I've never come across an incident when people are like "man up, princess". They were sympathetic about it, even the most alpha'est and manliest guy came to me and patted my back and said "you alright bro?" The thing that I'm hacked about with this is that there are still some people who fail to realize that men are human as well, they have emotions 😂

    #7 i wouldn't regard the pressure for me to be 'strong' as something that I should be upset about. It motivates you to get strong and get the job done, I don't see the harm being done?

    With #6, I don't think the problem lies within being a male... The problem lies within the other people around you that are implying and inducing the stereotypes. Because if we had a totally different society but still remained as males, the stereotypes would be gone but it is a problem that many including me is hacked about 😂

    #5 Sûcks Assssss 😂👏

    #4 I wouldn't hate being a guy just cause I have boners... 😒 I mean who would? 😂 it may get irritating but the benefits outweigh the odds

    #3 I think it's the man, who's main job is to hunt for the women (gender roles). Basically, men are more suited for this role than women are (majority). Which explains the sub and dom and why if a guy sleeps with 100 girls, he's High value (womanizer/player) but If a girl sleeps with 100 guys, she's low value (slut)

    #2 yea... I kinda agree that many guys don't like being chivalrious... Sometimes it can suck

    #1 again, this applies to only the guys in some situations (like i mentioned in #10. You may get some guys who understand women and you may get some women who are understandable 😂
    • 10.- I get that having a dick is not equal to going to jail. What I'm trying to say is that guys for society are guiltier than girls.
      9.- In some countries. YOU HAVE TO DO IT.
      8.- In some countries a man crying is a weak person. Like in Mexico (I'm not saying all mexicans are like that). Mexicans are the machos, you should know about that.
      7.- For some guys it's unfair to be the one who does the hard work.
      6.- Well, stereotypes exist and for society guys are mean.
      5.- K
      4.- I'm not saying boners are the most hateful thing, I'm just saying it's awkward. Don't take the "hate" too literally.
      3.- Right, girls are sluts and guys are womanizers. But who the heck is talking about that? I'm talking about guys doing the approaching all the time.
      2.- K
      1.- Exactly, some understand women, most guys don't. And all girls DON'T understand other girls. We never know what we want XD

  • aniemist
    All of these problems are not simple, men have it bad on a lot of things I can agree with all of these, still women have to deal with just as many. The real issue is the standards of society, we love to say we are individual people and what society says doesn't matter, and yes while you can ignore some if it and go for what you believe in, which I and many others do, I am sure that deep down we all care about what society thinks because it can affect our lives. As a society we have rules and laws many evident while many others implied and we have ways to enforce this including ignoring, cajole, tease, coerce, or putting people in jail to name a few

    The gender identity that is associated with biology is one such norm of society that is not easy to change, and has been formed by many centuries of tradition. If you look at LGBT people it not so different either those who fight against what society finds as normal. People will hold to their beliefs very strongly and more often than not will refuse to deviate from this.

    A good example of this was another thread I posted on recently about transgender, I am a man but I can show empathy to those who feel like they don't quite belong or something about them just doesn't feel right to them, Im sure many people who aren't transgender could say they had the feeling of not fitting in at the very least, and try to understand the viewpoint transgender people have. What I got was people who really didn't care what I had to say about it or the reasoning, them trying to understand in their eyes was something they refused to do.

    I think this is the very root of the problem with much of society today, we don't try to understand each other and aren't even willing to try to. If we want a time where people can truly try to respect each other and our differences we need to teach the generations after us to be open minded and stop beating into their heads the prejudices we learned growing up. I believe this to be true of virtually any problem we are having in society. Obviously easier said then done.
  • DaniaMQ
    I totally Agree with this take ! :D especially the thing about hitting Thing , Poor Guys :/ ! No One Has The Right To Hit The Other What So Ever! !!

    I Also Agree With The Thing About Virginity !! I See Lots of Question on This Site About Virginity, They're Like " Im Virgin, Is That bad? " or " Im In My 20's And Im Still Virgin Will That be a Turn Off For Girls? " I mean really? virgin is a great thing for me ! it means that the guy is saving it for the girl that really Deserves it ! ! I dont see why if someone Saves their virginity Unti marriage people Find it wired or " Stupid" ... if I were to chose a guy I would Choose Him virgin... My boyfriend is virgin and he's 21 !! So what? ( besides our religion forbids sex before marriage, So yeah ) ... What im trying to say to guys is that dont be ashamed From being virgin... Be proud Of it :)

    Everything in This Take Is right, I bet guys r happy to know That FINALLY A FEMALE WHO UNDERSTANDS US ! :D lol
  • ilostmynewunicorn
    THAT C PICTURE IS IN PORTUGAL. It's near my home town. And I only found this out the other day. Got so proud.

    Fun post nevertheless.
    • Actually, now that I take a better look, maybe it's not. But still we have something pretty similar so it counts.

    • Hahaah so cool XD and bad at the same time lol

      Thanks a lot :)

  • shadowarrior99
    Wow. I dont think i've ever seen one of these before, and anytime I heard girls say how hard it is to be a guy, they'd laugh or something to that extent. Very good take and many are true. I would add male privilege or white male privilege as a possibility to that list, but that's just me--because it's like this gives us superpowers when that's not true.

    For the crying, as a sensitive introvert, I can say this is true. I wrote a memoir where I as a character cry a few times because I care about someone or was going through a tough time. Amazon commenters--3--mentioned that i was a "cry baby." I believe 2 of them were past enemies of mine, but still. It's wrong. We are able to cry as well for a reason. Recently I've seen a few movies, like Interstellar, where the guy actually cries, and I'm genuinely surprised; it was shown in an honest way. A movie like The Interview showed the bad guy crying in a funny way, for us to laugh at him; not exactly in an honest way to be empathetic with him, which reinforces us to laugh at guys who cry.

    Anyway, thanks for making something like this.
  • Touglyforfemales
    The only thing I didn't mention in your other take was the money part which
    I honestly forgot. Other than that its pretty accurate of what I said.
  • BiffWebster
    1) 1 in out of 100 males has been incarcerated at one point, or is still.
    2) Any woman that claims a man hit her... even with no evidence the male must leave the house or apartment, even if he owns it.
    3) sexual harassment, or rape allegation apparently doesn't exist for guys. Yet if a woman claims sexual harassment or lies about a rape, you as a male can immediately lose your job or have your life ruined.
    4) Being a white male, early 20's to 40's, i must move my seat on the airline if a child under the age 16 is flying alone in the seat next you... a female does not have to move. -_- mainly bc of the whole Pedo thing...
    5) men many times are left or forced by the courts to support a child of an ex wife who is not genetically related to them.
    6) some woman can actually sue their fiancee if he breaks off a wedding engagement (yes it is legal, and has happened).

    • Oh gosh, those are fucking great point. The number 5, omg!!! That's too much.
      2 is awful too, damn, u guys have a hard life :(

    • Yo, i'm willing to admit that women go through a lot, and they do... but it pales in comparison to what men go through. You can go look it up. The amount of violence, drug use, incarceration, poverty, and crime, its all men baby. Women get more attention, and that's nothing new, but its not about just recognizing what women go through, because if you can fix and change what men go through, then women would probably have much easier lives to share with men.

    • Yeah, I'm totally familiar with that, I know girls get more attention, I'm a feminist and I just want equality. I want awareness so the girls can know that guys can suffer too, and even worse than us. Yeah periods and pregnancy suck, but life is very unfair when it comes to guys. It's easier to forgive a woman than a guy.

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  • Alison_DiLaurentis
    Holyyyyyyyyyyy crap this nailed what I've tried to say so many times. Good job with this WhatTheHellAmy.
  • HappyToBeAlive
    Nah. I enjoy all of these. You dont like being a man, go chop off your balls, you'll be called courageous by the president.
    • Nicolás25

      You enjoy all of these? Including getting raped in jail? and getting called a brute assasin rapist?

    • No. Those things only happen if you're a shitty man. Not a man in general.

    • Hahahahahahaha.. Agreed. :D

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  • codyvham
    Being a guy can suck big time.
    I really don't think girls know what a guy goes through, but you did a great explaining the basics of what guys go through.
    It is mainly guys who get jail time and pulled over by police more often.
    At 18 to 25, by law we have to give our name to the Secret Service, women don't have to.
    if you cry in public we are called gay. It sucks when that is all you want to and can't show it
    On dates or proposing, we have to pay because it is expected. We may not always have the money to pay for a date, so it will be nice if the girl can pay sometimes or half of it. When it comes to proposing, paying for a ring that cost more than my house. I don't see why we have to pay for a ring that she might say no to pawn. Besides, what do we get in return for it?
    When we are horny, it shows. It is humiliating in public.
    Great take
    • ladymcbeth

      Not all girls want a ring worth your house. Personally, something small but attractive is good. I don't want to be robbed.

    • codyvham

      Haha thanks for the input.
      But I have heard that girls like diamonds.

    • crystalt70

      Yes to diamonds, but you are WAY off on the cost. I have friends with rings that cost between $100-$200 and then some with rings that cost around $700. Very few of them have rings that cost more than $1,500. Gold diggers want rings that cost thousands of dollars. If your girl expects a crazy expensive ring, then you are with a gold digger.

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  • Frost_Byt3
    You forgot that guys can't have multiple orgasms 😢...
    • Haha yeah I did!! That's something nice about us girls <3

    • gotc147

      Speak for yourself dude.

    • Nate_Bro

      True, but it is possible for guys. It took me years to 'train' myself not to stop after one and keep going, but even now I can't get past three. It's like there is no feeling left. But the girls like it becouse it lasts forever at that point.

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  • SilenRose
    Am I the only one who finds something wrong with the #4? Those guys look like they stuffed.
  • Aleera
    I don't believe it's hard being a guy... We live in a sexist world, that is a men's world. So... Ok guys attend the military. Big deal. Do you know how many girls would have no problem attending the military? And if they do, they get sexist comments before and after doing it. And about that titanic thing, God!!! He saved her because he loved her!! It wouldn't be any easier for her to watch him die in front of her eyes, knowing he died because he saved her... Jesus!! Relax people!!
    • For you military argument there is a big flaw to it: women are WILLING to join the military. Men don't get the right to vote unless they sign the draft, thus FORCING them into the military if needed. Women get to vote just for being the legal age, they don't have to sign there life away. Also women don't fight on the front lines, thus making their military jobs relatively safe.
      The whole titanic thing is that men's lives are valued less than women's. If a boat is sinking women and children are number one priority while the men have to fend for themselves until it's their turn. The problem wasn't that it was a big deal saving her, it's the fact that because I have a penis my life is less valuable.

    • Aleera

      @DeltaDanner Ohh come on... Well, you attend military and act like it's a death penalty! Relax!! Women feel pain! Actual pain. They give birth, they have periods on a regular basis and not only that but let's say a war (which is really not a very possible thing to happen, except at third world countries) does happen. Ok you'll die, you'll fight and you might die. I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but it is simple. Women will wait to live but when their country has lost in reality they will get raped, bitten to death or best case scenario just die. And believe me!! Just because you have a penis you don't get valued as less. In fact women are a priority for the simplest reason that they are expected to give birth to descendants. Therefore are valued many times just as a necessity for man kind to continue. Just as a necessary tool. How much value do you think is given to a "tool"?

    • DanHart

      @Aleera u need a good fuck

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  • Alexious
    Good take! I can relate to pretty much all of these.
    Especially the 'manly strength', I'm not strong at all lmao.
    • Thanks a lot :)

      Yeah, it's unfair to think all guys are superheroes...

    • Alexious

      No problem, and yeah. I'm not captain fucking America lmao.

    • U are fucking Captain UK XD

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  • NerdyBubbleGum
    Spot on! I think guys can relate quite well with this.. :)
    • Yeah, some guys just loved me for doing this, other guys told me that I have no right to do this cuz I'm a girl XD well, just douches.

    • Lol yea! :) tc gurl!

  • YourFutureEx
    That made me cry ;_;
    But it also restored faith in humanity.
  • Remonster
    Haha, this was quite funny! But I think 8 and 5 are slowly changing for the better.
  • GlamFelix
    I can agree that all of these are true, but it's a little sexist--at least, the last one. I mean. You can't say 'not all men' then categorize all women like that, erk. Aside from that, I'd say good job, but also... All, or many of these, are derived from sexism, and while it hurts guys, it's also hurting girls with the inverse, so please remember this is why equal rights matter.
  • Yc2K15
    That morning boner thing was absolutely hilarious. I wanna try the superman. Good take! Even if there is some criticism not often can you write a perfect article that satisfies everybody. I think its great that you are letting people know that men have issues too lol. Im ok with most. My biggest problem is girls judge me very openly often when I meet them about my job industry. When I was around 19 I worked in bars, I was making $28 an hour and the tips were insane, enough alone to pay my rent easily each week. If I told a girl I was a Bartender she would almost laugh in my face. It sucks lol
    • Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it :D

      Right, I'm getting lot of shit but I'm okay with that, I know you can't make everybody happy.

      Oh, fucking bitchezzz lol I'd like to be a bartender because I know it's a job with lot of good tips lol I was a waitress the last year and in one month I earned 1000 dollars, and I was 15 XD So I said: I want to be a bartender and with that pay my college. I want to be an actress and paying that kind of career is kinda expensive.

      Blah, don't listen to those bitchezz, BARTENDERS ARE THE SHIIT!

    • Yc2K15

      Haha yeah it isn't an easy job, you have to remember an encyclopaedia of recipe's while dealing with drunk assholes. It's a good idea to do bar work through uni, but it all depends on where you work. Aim for the high end places for a little less abuse and peace, or go clubs and pubs for big money and constant abuse.

    • I really want clubs XD I know, it's crazy, but I love clubs, they are so much fun. I want some "coyote ugly" adventure lol

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  • hellionthesage
    I'm glad some one other then me is saying this, its about time.
  • LovelyyLaura
    I wish guys would understand that they can just change this. Dates, crying, being strong, Virginity. You don't have to pay for every date, crying is okay, it's okay to be weak being a virgIn doesn't make you weak
    • Some of these are actually of a legal nature and they cannot change them. As for the others, well studies show women don't respond well to many of the things you suggest. Men who are stay at home dad are actually far more likely to be divorced by there wives. Men who do do house work like laundry and dishes on a regular basis statisticly are less likely to have sex then men who don't. The list goes on, the fact is much of this is biology and its not really something we can "fix", its as much the hardware as it is the software so to speak.

    • AdoringFan

      The problem is not what we ourselves think about it, it's how we are perceived if we would be weak, if we cried in public, admitting to be a virgin. I'm a virgin myself and don't have a problem with it, but I don't go around telling people because then I'd be "the pathetic virgin guy". So no, we can't just change those things, we'd have to change public opinion to make it accepted.

    • actually some guys did try to change this and guess what... nobody PARTICULARLY women (subconsciously) respect or want to date those guys.

  • FrenzyP0W3R
    How to pee with the morning wood made my day, haha.
    by the way Good Take :)
    • Thanks hun :)

      I liked that one too! The superman is my favorite XD

    • You are welcome and by the way The Tube and Handstand are funny too xD
      You know I never tough about how other people pee with morning wood... lol

    • Hahahaha those are hilarious lol

      Me neither, since I'm a girl lol

  • genericname85
    well at least you´re socially accepted to be very whiny about the common cold XD so that´s nice.
    • Yeah, we have lots of advantages lol

      But who cares what they say? Guys can be whiny about cold weather too, I would find that cute <3 haha

    • lol i´m actually whiny about hot weather xD i hate sweating so much...

    • Me too! Mexico is a super hot country and I really hate to sweat.

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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Fkn saved that virginity force field thing. It's pretty good, I lol'd
  • Johnyk
    Wow! That's very much true. Appreciate your kind-heartedness
  • ccp16
    I have had to perform 'the lunge' to pee occasionally. Loved that chart!
  • jackfoe_LX
    nice take overall
    finally someone said some things straight as they should be said
    bravo 😊
  • Nik1hil
    5 star for your take ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐♥♥♥♥♥ nice, you brought everything in a sequence. But 1 thing none of them told, most of the problem we deal are in childhood, and get adapted, to face them on every step! But we still fall now and then. This things cannot be removed from society but if there is someone who can stand by our side and hold us when we get dis-balanced or fall. That is all what we need a little hope, to get back on our feet. When world around us is turning against us. That is why we form gangs very often.
    And By the way where do you find such amazing set of pics to support your takes.
    • THANKS A LOT HUN! <3 I'm glad you liked it :) <3
      Well, I didn't think about childhood because guys and girls go through this.

      The pics are from google images, I just google the word and the images appear. Example:
      10# guys in jail. I remember about this awesome Schneider's movie and I said, "I have to put in here" and then I saw a pic about a guy saying "The soap, pick it up" and then I thought "Shiiit! that's true! THE SOAP!"
      Comes from the internet and from my crazy and filthy mind lol

  • crystalt70
    Too many people are worried about what other people think. Who gives a shit what "society" thinks? Live your life and be happy. Life's unfair for every single person on this earth, but in different ways. I wish people would stop complaining so much about how bad they have it, especially when it's over trivial things. People don't like your weight, sex, race, height, age, clothing, music style, dimply ass, penis size, eye color, car, laugh or big toe? Does it really matter? That's THEIR problem, not yours. Why allow their OPINIONS to determine who you are if those things about you aren't hurting anyone else? The only person hurting by allowing others to put you down or expect you to be a certain way is yourself. That misery doesn't even affect them. They also don't care that you think it's unfair that they think this way. To quote Disney's Frozen... Let it Go!
    • While that may be true, some of the things on this list do have real world consequences.

    • crystalt70

      Of course they do, but what's the point of complaining about them? A person is either going to live their lives miserably while complaining about how life is unfair for them or they're going to actually do something about it. And, is complaining about how women asks their man for help with opening jars or fixing something really that big of a deal? I'm a single mom and I take care of EVERYTHING around here. I can't afford to hire someone to come fix things when they break. My sink became clogged up and liquid drain chemicals didn't do crap. I surely did go buy a $7 high pressure tool to take care of the job myself. I climbed right underneath the cabinet, took apart the pipes, attached the tool to my house, ran it into the pipe going into the wall and turned that thing on. I sat there catching water in a pot, cleaning any spills, holding the tool in place and reattaching my pipes when done. I have also had to put a new toilet in after taking out an old one. I have had to do all my own

    • crystalt70

      maintenance around here and I didn't have prior knowledge. It's not hard to figure things out. I cook, clean, take care of a child with a life-threatening medical illness, raise 4 kids, maintain my home, repair things when broken, etc with no help from a man. That includes not getting child support or any other assistance/support from their dad when it comes to my kids. I am not saying that men have nounfair life experiences, but EVERYONE does. I just think that there are more important things to worry about than a woman asking for help from her man. Would I expect him to do it all or alone? Absolutely not. I was right there by their dad's side when he was building/repairing his boats. Him and I rebuilt this house with nobody else's help after a major hurrican came through. My butt surely was lifting and hanging 12 ft x4 ft sheets of sheetrock all over this house. I taped, floated, sanded, and painted these walls BY MYSELF. I stained and hung the cabinets right there with him.

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  • GreatnessPersonified
    I thought this would be superficial, but this has some good points.
    Thanks for this.
  • Cowboy6666
    Lol @ The world is falling down, huge hurricane, amazing earthquake, the titanic is drowning, let's save the pussy!!!
  • Unit1
    Hello again!

    A very great take you got there, keep up the good work.

    As a guy for myself I almost completely agree with all but number 4, A and C. Boner is not even a deal for me :) Virginity and the opposite means nothing to me either, seriously :D Dick size? Please. Why would the world spin around someones dick? This is the same nonsense as virginity in my opinion.

    The rest is so damn accurate and true :-/ not to mention unfair.
    and the theory, that guys do not hit girls (back) is absolutely devastating!

    Thanks for sharing! I appreciate it.
    • Thanks a lot for your opinion, I'm glad you liked it :)

  • Maverickj
    You hit the nail right on the head with every single one of your points.
  • the_rake
    lol you been reading my takes?

    still a hilarious look on things and you won't get half the shitstorm being a woman posting this!
  • FatherJack
    Are you really 16 ? It takes maturity to see the " other side " & you are one of the few pro-male ladies on here. Another downside is in Western " society " , men are viewed as something below excreta in value , the " media " forever bashes men as worthless , expendable sex crazed rapists , a lot of Western women have a very negative view of men due to " media " programming. The military service one was interesting , I ( voluntarily ) served in the British Army from 1989 - 1996 & that gave me REAL confidence ( I'm Airborne trained too ) , but my kids say I'm too much of a Sergeant Major sometimes & too regimental. At least I do the housework !!
    • Yeah, I was born in 1999 :)

      Thanks a lot :)

      Yeah, stereotypes are awful, it's horrible when women blame men over anything, that's unfair.

      Well, at least you weren't force to do it, for some guys it is a must.

      That's so cool, doing housework takes guts haha :)