Disadvantages of being a guy. A rant


Your attractiveness depends on things you have no or little control over such as height, jawline and hair.

Even in the areas you do have some control over such as income and muscular mass not everyone is in the position to bring them to high enough levels to compensate for lack of the qualities you don't have control over. Just think of how much a 5 foot man should me able to earn to attract a woman. being attractive is very hard for a man as highlighted by the fact that women rate 80& of men below average.

Disadvantages of being a guy. A rant

Being unattractive will also negatively impact your income. This is especially true of height with over 9 out of 10 CEOs being above average male height and averaging at 6'3'' whereas the average American man is 5'9''. A correlation between a CEO's salary and their tone of voice was also established to exist. A man value is largely based on how attractive he is to women while a woman's value is inherent.

When your girlfriend checks out or makes impressed comments about other guys there is no appropriate reaction

If you protest you're insecure and don't deserve her and if you're apathetic then you're a cuckold and not a real man. On the other hand all it takes for your girlfriend to freak out is to read your sister's name on your call history

Disadvantages of being a guy. A rant

Economically and as a whole men are required to carry society's burdens

The average woman has a negative cumulative fiscal impact throughout her life which men must account for with their taxes. The picture below is from an Australian study. Basically, men pay women to stay alive.

Disadvantages of being a guy. A rant

You can't talk about problems that affect males as a group without being smeared as a misogynist and often censored

While feminist blogs, articles and subreddits are full of sass and gloating, movements like the MRA constantly bring up good points but to no avail. simply daring bring up men's issue will automatically get you labeled as a misogynist.

Are there misogynistic men's tight activists? Yes, but you can more easily find feminist blogs advocating for the murder of all men, yet that doesn't define all feminists.

Men's health is under attack by xenoestrogens and nobody cares

In the last 20 years sperm quality has declined by half and testosterone by 20%. According to researchers this is due to synthetic chemicals in our food, air and water, which as used as pesticides, solvents, plastic components and much more. Unfortunately, since the issue mostly affects men, there is very little mention of it in the media.

Disadvantages of being a guy. A rant

Unless you're one of the very few highly attractive men you're only loved if you can provide something in exchange

While women are love unconditionally, men must deliver the goods when it comes to love or simply basic social, emotional validation. As an example of it the chances of divorce increase massively if the husband loses his job but not if the woman does.

Disadvantages of being a guy. A rant
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  • one advantage of men , no end of month "problems", and when you got to go, you just pull that bad boy out and let him rip. Women have to pulled down drawers (even though they don't have much to pull down) and squat and they might not see that rose bush. A negative for men is that we are blamed for everything goes wrong. Like she cheats on a man and he still has to pay to divorce her.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    Yes, double standards are the discrimination that the radical left groupthink refuses to talk about. What’s the point of “equality” if the roles are simply reversed? Isn’t the goal of equality for all people to be treated equally and humanely?

    A second civil rights movement is needed to truly combat these double standards.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Littlemissbrat
    I don’t get why girls are so on about the height or why they call men trash while being with a man?

    Very nice my take, this shit needed to be said.
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  • I love and respect men and they are not getting the credit they deserve.
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  • grega239
    Don't bother writing this. Nothing will change.
    Women will ignore it, shit on it or pay lip service to it for virtue points and most men will simply go on with life because they have to get shit done and don't have time to deal with these problems
  • kim45456
    So I am not allowed to to have preferences? I like tall men and i dont care whether i am shallow or not. And why are suprised about hypergamous nature of women? Women are programmed like this
    • iOoko

      if women can rant about periods i can rant life-ruining circumstances. if women complain about far shaming i can complain about short shaming

    • kim45456

      I dont support shaming. Nobody should be shamed because of their looks

    • iOoko

      good for you

  • UncleJessieRabbit
    Yeah. At least women's disadvantages get more social notice, while men's disadvantages are overlooked if not willfully spited.

    In some respects we are more sexually backwards too. Only now it's male's sexuality that is the constructed moral panic. At least traditionalists and conservatives have it more consistently, they believed both genders sexuality should be gone after equally.
  • Hyper2
    Bro all that shit doesn't matter. Just live life and things fall into place.
  • G3tAClue
    So... what you’re saying is you’re short? 😂
    • iOoko

      another thing i dislike about being a guy is that ad hominem arguments like this are somehow considered legit

  • Michael510b
    Looks like it's time to call a plastic surgeon.
  • Anonymous
    "Economically and as a whole men are required to carry society's burdens"

    This ^ is very true. As they say, women have choices and men have responsibilities.