Why I Have "High Expectations" When it Comes to Men


I've been accused of being "sexist" countless times on GAG just because I have high expectations… so here's why I have them:

1) Why I prefer the guy to approach me

I want a guy to look at me like I'm the only girl in the room, like there is no other girl he would rather be with.

Why I Have "High Expectations" When it Comes to Men

For all of those saying this is a fantasy- you're wrong. There isn't a marriage that will work if the person you're with doesn't physically stand out in a crowd. That would just lead to infidelity later down the road.

That is why I prefer the guy approach me, because it shows he noticed me out of everyone in the room. I know it sounds cheesy but every guy that I've tried to take the initiative with, hasn't worked out because i end up liking him more than he likes me.

2) Why I hope he walks up to my front door to pick me up

Yeah, its a very simple gesture. Its just walking up to the door right? But it means a lot. It doesn't cost anything but 30 steps and is way better than a text saying "I'm here" or even worse, a honk.

Why I Have "High Expectations" When it Comes to Men

It appears lazy and as if you don't care when you don't walk up to the door. Ever since i was 16, my mom has not let me go on a date with a guy who didn't walk up to the door to pick me up. Even though it may appear anal, its what i grew up with and it shows a certain level of respect.

3) Why I hope he pays for the first date

I can easily pay for my own meal- i make my own money. It is simply a nice gesture and makes me feel like he is enjoying his time with me. I know this is a huge controversy on gag but i've always had a guy pay for the first date and its never been a problem. This indicates that he likes me enough to invest in me after meeting me once.

Why I Have "High Expectations" When it Comes to Men

Side note: If its a first date and I'm not feeling him- i won't let him pay. For all of you men saying that girls use men to get free meals- not the case all the time.

4) Why I hope for a text goodnight

Why I Have "High Expectations" When it Comes to Men

This means that he really enjoyed his time. He isn't playing games and likes me enough to want to talk to think about me before he goes to bed. Every guy that has genuinely been interested in me has done this. Plus, I smile like a little school girl at my phone every time it happens, haha.

In Summary:

Why I Have "High Expectations" When it Comes to Men
Why I Have "High Expectations" When it Comes to Men
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  • Maik567
    Goddamn this post just perfectly describes the hypocritical ideas some girls have about dating. LITERALLY all of your points are about making YOU feel special, making YOU feel appreciated, making YOU feel like you're worth it. They have to do all these things for you so you can feel good about yourself, but my question is that what are you giving them in exchange?

    Let me tell you something, guys enjoy feeling like the most handsome guy in the room too, guys also like knowing that you are excited for the date, guys also like knowing that you enjoyed your time with enough to invest in him, instead of just using him for his money. I mean even in the end the summary says "he wants to show her that she is valuable and worthy of respect" but in all of those examples the girl did not do a single fucking thing to show that he is valuable or worthy of respect.

    I mean how could you possibly be surprised that guys don't want to deal with this kind of entitlement, selfishness and insecurity. The hypocrisy is absolutely unbelievable where you actually think that a guy has to pay for your meal to show that he wants to invest time with you, but you wouldn't even offer to pay for your OWN share to show that you want to invest your time in him.

    I actually do all of these things myself, except I never pay for the first date just to find out if they're a gold digger or not. But it honestly blows my mind that there are so many girls who feel this entitled to these things without giving the same kind of appreciation and respect back to the guy.

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    • I never once made an entitled statement. All of the statements said "hope". I don't expect any of them- but I know if the guy really likes me than he'll show it.

      Whenever I don't expect these things and say that the guy before just went "above and beyond" I get fucked over. Guys who don't try, don't like the girl. Simple as that.

    • Maik567

      The post is literally titled "Why I have high expectations when it comes to men" and you literally admit in the first sentence that these are your expectations "I have high expectations… so here's why I have them:"

      You literally fucking admitted from the start that these are your expectations and now you say that you don't expect any of them, yeah ok.

      And if you're not entitled then tell me if guy should do all these things for you to show that he wants you and that he appreciates you, then what do you do for him in exchange? How do you show him that you care, how do you make him feel appreciated?

      And girls who don't try don't like the guy either, so how are you "trying"?

    • I put quotations around it because that's what everyone says they are. If I say that's what I hope for, they say they're too high of expectations.

      I'm a very caring person when it comes to relationships, and just everything in general. I never put myself first. In a relationship I always want to impress them, give them massages, compliment them, pay for them. I never said paying for the date is only the males job... I just hope on the first date he's willing to take the initiative. Like I said- I can pay for my own meal but It means a lot to me if he wants to pay for me.

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  • lumos
    I mean, sure... but wtf are you doing for him, to show him that you're just as interested in him, to show him that he was the first guy you noticed in a room, that you respect him, that you enjoy spending time with him, that you think about him before bed?
    Because, while this take is all fine and dandy since everyone are allowed to have their own standards, I can't help but ask what you yourself are doing to show him all of the above mentioned things. And I don't think "I let him pay, I let him take me out, I let him *feel like a man*, I let him do this, I let him do that" is not you showing gratitude or interest. It's you being passive and expecting him to think you're interesting for just sitting back and literally doing nothing. I'm not saying you specifically are like this, but this is usually the type of mindset I see in "traditional" girls. Like they think he'll think you're interested just because you "let" him do these things for you, and that that's somehow enough when he's basically jumping through hoops to show you the world, and you're doing nothing.
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    • lumos

      "And I don't think "I let him pay, I let him take me out, I let him *feel like a man*, I let him do this, I let him do that" is you showing gratitude or interest." *
      Didn't mean to make it a double negative.

    • It's true, it doesn't appear equal at first. But in my experience, every guy who hasn't don't these things, hasn't cared for me. I am a very caring person and I show that in different ways.. such as compliments, genuine interest in their lives (I have a bad habit of asking wayyy too many questions lol) and paying for him as well. I don't think a guy should pay for every date all the time... it should be equal, but I think it would be an awesome gesture for him to offer the first time. if I'm not interested in him, I won't let him pay.

    • lumos

      That sounds better. Although it does seem like initially you don't do a whole lot. Like you wait until later to do these things... which I do find to be unequal. Sorry that you had bad experiences in the past. Not all guys are like that, though. My boyfriend didn't run off when I paid for my hot cocoa, or when I initiated dates/conversations etc.

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  • ElissaDido
    Very Nice take as usual 👍🏼
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  • NearlyNapping
    The "Summary" reminds me of someone I was talking to. I knew her from online. She had been married 12 years. I asked if her husband opened the car door for her. She replied. "Yes. He doesn't have to, but it's sweet." There was something about the way she said it that I could almost see the twinkle in her eye and a smile while thinking of her husband. They'd been married 12 years and were still very much in love.

    It's just a gesture. He doesn't have to do it. But he does it anyway. That's what's important. If he only did what he had to do, what does that say? It only has meaning because he doesn't have to do it.

    It's all a ritual, part of courting. Courting is not about "we had dinner now let's have sex". Courting is a slow flirt that unfolds slowly over time. It seems like too many guys view it as ass kissing. Or they use feminism as an excuse to not treat a lady like a lady.

    It's more simple than that. It's just a gesture. It's a show of interest. She plays a role also. It might be more subtle at times, but she still plays a role. It might be nothing more than gracefully accepting his gesture. Like a dance where he leads, and she gracefully follows.

    Looking at it like ass kissing is the wrong attitude. If a women does take advantage of these gestures, that will come out soon enough. But in the early days, it's a fun game that they are both playing. Just go with the flow and don't over think it.
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    • Yessss yes yes. If I could give an mho it would go to you. Completely agree

    • LOL dude you are stuck way in the past. You are soo outdated, i kind of feel sorry for you.

    • @MrDetermined nahh he's really not.

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  • Truthatanycost
    Good luck with that. The juice isn't worth the squeeze and if any guy is stupid enough to court a girl in this hookup culture then the jokes on him. Here, I will hold the door open for you... on your way out.
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    • You're exactly the type of guy I will always try to avoid. Good luck finding a respectable woman

    • Generally when someone says ''the juice isn't worth the squeeze'' it means they aren't looking.

      Respectable woman? You could meet a thousand people and count the respectable ones on one hand and that's being very generous.

    • Yup and you're not guna get one of those respectable women if you continue to treat them like shit

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  • Ratiocinative
    I agree with your points, but mostly for different reasons.

    Women should never ask a guy out if they're doing it because he is too afraid, which is usually the case, he's afraid or not interested. There can be rare occasions where there is a guy who is just busy or maybe is really focused on something else in his life, but in most cases if you simply approach a guy he will know you are interested in getting to know him.

    Women approach me all the time, and you shouldn't be afraid to approach guys either. Any icebreaker will do. You look familiar is a great one. I've worked at a hospital where there are LOTS of women, so it's an easy conversation starter. However, if you see a guy looking at you a lot, and you know he wants to talk to you but doesn't, then he is a wimp and you should avoid.

    2) Are there guys who don't go to the door to pickup a date?

    3) I agree a man should pay. If a woman offers to pay I take it as a sign of disinterest, though I understand a lot of women are taught to at least offer. If she simply offers once and drops it then I just assume she thinks she's supposed to, but if she insists then the date is over at that point. I've only ever had that once. The catch is that dinner on a first date is at the end of the evening, so she has to earn it by having fun and showing she's interested in me.

    4) This one I disagree with. You may want him to text but really you just want to know he's thinking about you, and if you had a great date then of course he is. Women love a love story and part of that is the tension of not know what will happen next. It drvies you crazy, but you would lose interest if you knew the end of your own love story before it even started. Men who are most successful long term with women are the men who let the woman experience her love story and don't spoil it for her by texting her unnecessarily.

    A man should never text a woman after a date. You were JUST with her 10 mintes ago. If you wanted her to know you liked her then you should have kissed her or made out, or whatever. It just makes you look weak and pathetic.
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    • Yeah I have had guys text me and say I'm here.. theyvwere inexperienced with dating but still I don't think that's a good excuse

      I disagree with you. I don't think it's weak at all when a guy texts me and says "I had a great time , I hope you sleep well😊" something simple of course

    • Well my point is why can't he say that to you in person?

      Obviously if you really like the guy it won't make a big difference, but women usually have lots of guys hitting on them and sometimes that little difference is enough to determine if you get a second date or the other guy does.

    • He does usually, but when he just reminds me before he goes to mines how nice of a time he had I find it super cute. Most likely I'm thinking about him as well, which makes me smile stupidly at my phone. It adds to the initial giddiness I guess

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  • Tanuron
    Personally, I would figure that the number 1, would mean more if it wasent based on apperance. If you are the only girl in the room or the universe for that matter cause of your personality, not something hollow as just standing out apperance wise. Like a hunchback would stand out too.
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    • It doesn't have to be just based on appearance.

    • Tanuron

      won't be much else unless he stared at you creepy like for hours. People always wear masks, even more so in public. You show very little of what is actually the real you. Beside again, even if someone didn't find you attractive and you were in a relationship with them, it dosent mean they would cheat either, people have different morals.

  • ginny_weasley
    I agree with all of this. I feel a little awkward if a guy pays, the last time a guy paid for me I stuffed money in the tip jar later. He won that round because he bought a large coffee when I told him not to. I later realized I should let him pay for the meal because it makes him feel appreciated. I think it's good you have these expectations it means you have self respect.
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    • so when he does something for you it makes him "feel appreciated" lol

      are you serious? can you actually hear how entitled and stuck up that sounds?

    • @feminismisnarcissism fuck you. Go ahead and remove my comment. Watch me not give a shit. And you're not getting that stupid my take eyou wanted me to write.

    • I blocked him lol so he won't respond

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  • IceCubedude
    okay lets be prefectly clear, these are all reasoable expectations, however the moment you tell me i "Expect" you're getting nothing, i will do all that as long as i am not told to do it by a girl the momeny she starts telling me what i should do iam not gonna do it as simple as that.
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    • Exactly. I completely agree with you.

    • if iam doing it then i wanna do and its coming from the heart , if a girl feels a need to remind me how to be a man to her or what should i be doing its safe to assume she is not worth it.

    • Mhmm and it's also safe to assume she'll expect a lot more when it comes to actually be in a relationship

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  • Cosytoasty
    You know my thoughts on this 😝. I fear for the male gender if these are the new 'high' expectations. I mean i used to bring her a gift or write (yes with a pen no less!) her a card on the date too.

    Regarding number 2 tho... actually point 3 too haha, here's a gem from back in my day 😂
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    • Lmaoooooo 😂 So funny

    • Cosytoasty

      Oh at the part about having better experiences when you are chased. As i guy i have better experiences when i do the chasing too - I've never seriously dated a girl who's approached me, at most they've ended up being the fallback option.

      Hard to fight nature, even when we think we are enlightened enough to be above it :P

    • I agree! Men are predominantly the more forward ones therefore if he isn't going after me, most likely he really doesn't like me that much.

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  • akadatank44
    To me this is normal. This is something I was taught and you did it. There was no oh let her pay for the meal or don't even greet her at her front door. None of that. Really don't understand this generations of why they dont do this. I guess I'm abnormal on this site haha.
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  • TheDevilInside
    I'm more of a "be there during my ups and downs, stay true to your word, never lie to me, and speak directly instead of playing games." in short, be a trustworthy Person I can rely on and adore and be someone who can be a great role model for out potential future kids (should we decide to have some)
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    • This is just for the initial stages of dating

    • Yeah a guy who courts a girl and act all gentlemanly can be doing all that just to get into her pants.

  • gbjackalope
    Cool take. Most of these seemed pretty obvious to me, like of course a guy should be nice and a gentleman. But it's nice to know that a good night text would be appreciated and it's cool to read the female perspective on that.
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  • lightbulb27
    Reading that, I feel like you are a real lady and genuine heart. Very sweet and so agree. We males need to hear that, , not because it is a rule to follow, but because we need to know women's hearts.

    well done!
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  • DiogenesofSinope
    Lol at this shit. Having high expectations will put you on a fast track to loneliness, cats, and dildos. No guy will be enough for you, as you will struggle with any guy you do shack up or you'll end up with no one at all.

    It's okay I guess to have this high opinion of yourself at 22, but when you hit mid-to-late 20s then even into the 30s, this thinking will get you nowhere.

    Guys really don't court women anymore, it isn't the fucking 1950s anymore. Only manginas with strong social conditioning do this nonsense in the 21st century. If you want to marry and be with one of those dolts, go right ahead, but get used to disappointment.
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    • These really aren't that high of expectations.

    • Compared to what a lot of guys do for girls, yes - these are unrealistically high. I'm more inclined to date a relaxed girl than a control freak. You know, like most people.

      Maybe if you didn't judge a guys' actions before they even know you, you might have time to have a fulfilling relationship instead of time to write a diatribe instructing the Internet on how to please you.

    • I'm not a control freak.. at all lol. I'm not making him do any of these things... I just hope he does

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  • abw121290
    I love this take and totally agree with you. Not to toot my own horn, but I do all of those things because it's the polite and respectful thing to do and shows the girl that I care and that I had a great time
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    • some guys on here need to learn from you haha

    • abw121290

      Well... I'm sorry you've had bad experiences here or in actual dating life. I think and have always believed a woman should be treated with care and respect and to treat her right. Just the way I've been raised and how I've always been

  • NajemEddine
    than he takes u to the bathroom sits u on it and helps u pee and poop
    whipes your ass
    he chews food and spit it in your mouth like a bird
    he carries u on his back
    around 1400 arabs used to kill female kids by burying them alive
    now after seeing this question
    i know why they did it
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  • Tarvold
    Excellent way to handle the who pays on first date issue.

    Especially awesome how each point is phrased as a "hope" rather than a demand. This is the kind of girl that deserves everything on that list.
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  • pr3ttybr0wn
    You seem to be ladylike with a high level of self esteem. I'm sure you have dealt with some haters because of that. we live in a society where more and more people have grownup in broken homes and are excusing promiscuity. so women like you are going be seen as an enemy because you are disrupting the status quo. you're not easy
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  • ADFSDF1996
    Even if a guy that looks like this does those things, you'd still date him?
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    • Mrwoo99

      Exactly what women means is they want a tall goodlooking rich guy to do it for them.

    • uriborder

      hey, that guy should visit sluthate and lookism ASAP, he has potential. If he gets a hair transplant and grows a big beard, he is a slayer. He has god tier eye area and nose and lips

  • Library
    This is okay, these expectations are not high. I do these things because I want to show her that I'm interested in her, not because it's something that is expected of me. I wouldn't mind if she approaches me first. I wouldn't lose interest because I was approached first. If I wasn't interested in the first place, then I would decline the offer in the beginning.
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  • fairyfoxtrot
    Hey, I'm with you there! There's nothing wrong with having standards :) I love seeing a guy go out of his way for me, that's such a turn on and will guarantee that I'll put some extra effort in, too. A gentleman is so sexy.
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  • mja091
    Good take. I have done these things all the time in past dates/relationships, because it shows i'm really into her. Over time, I have approached women I think are cute, and would like to get to know better, less and less because it ends up being that I am more interested in them than they are me. And this becomes a problem because I tend to get attached to people quickly and easily. And when it's over its hard to let go and move on. It's not cheesy at all.
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  • feminismisnarcissism
    PASS... dong dong dong, entitlement and high maintenance radar going off the charts.
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    • I'm not high maintenance at all.

    • "You're the worst kind... your high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance."
      -When Harry Met Sally

    • you're*

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  • 8hardinches
    girls dont approach cause they are afraid of being rejected.
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    • False

    • nope, its true, girls cannot handle rejection as well as guys can.

    • @alphadoggystyle 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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  • CosmicShores
    This take could've just been three words. "Because I can."
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  • AnonRom
    This isn't really high expectations. I could argue about some of the points but honestly your personal view doesn't matter to anyone but you and your partner. Thinking poorly of men as people for not following these is bad but you wanting to date someone who does these is no different than a man saying he wouldn't date someone who was overweight or unattractive. Different strokes for different folks
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  • singlebee
    That's high expectations? Lol I was expecting something else...

    Your expectations are normal :-)
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  • Fathoms77
    Got no problem with any of those.

    Except with me, I don't text unless it's a meaningless communication (i. e., "be there in 5 mins."), so you might get an actual mini-letter as an email or a call.
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Wanting and expecting are 2 different things. If you want them, fine. Expecting dudes to suck up to you? That's another thing. The perversion of these traditional values wasn't so much because dudes were that much nicer so much as women didn't have any jobs/slash income, cars and were more viewed as property of their parents (and then their future husbands)... The residue being general entitlement. While I'll generally do those things for girls I like, just don't expect me to do those things and make me (or any guy for that matter) do all the work and stand there like a log and thinking the mere fact you're accepting his gestures is enough to satisfy him. Just like the opposite, how much are you willing to commit to a dude (or anyone) if you're comtinuously putting in the work while they'll say thanks with minimal reciprocation... Sounds like a shitty deal, huh?
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  • JohnDoe3000
    1) "That is why I prefer the guy approach me, because it shows he noticed me out of everyone in the room. I know it sounds cheesy but every guy that I've tried to take the initiative with, hasn't worked out because i end up liking him more than he likes me."

    Problem is a guy could say the same thing in reverse... All you're really doing is shift the possibility of failure to the guy: you don't like it when only 1 in 10 of the guys you approach like you back as much as you like them, so you want to just let a guy fail 9 times before he meets you. It doesn't solve sh*t either way, it just makes things easier for you.

    2) Is this a "high expectation"? Then again I could see how some guys would fear it comes across as needy/too eager.

    3) and 4) won't be a problem IF you actually look like you're having a good time and show you're into the guy. If you put on a BRF or act aloof the guy will respond in kind or just disappear.
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    • It's not fear of rejection at all. I'm actually very confuidentcin what I have to offer. I recently dated a guy from Canada and he gave me a hard time for appproaching him and said girls are way more forward here than in Canada. Women always approach the men here so I don't want to fall into that trend. I have gone up to a guy but most of the time, when I let the guy come to me, I have better results.

    • "I have gone up to a guy but most of the time, when I let the guy come to me, I have better results."

      Yes, of course, it's the same for guys. This is a zero-sum game: someone has to do the approaching and the one doing the approaching has less success than the one getting approached. So like I said, you're not solving a problem, you're just shifting the risk elsewhere. If you can afford this (and you probably can) this is a sensible strategy, I'm just pointing out that your gain is the guys' loss, regardless of whether you fear repeated rejection or just find it a hassle.

  • 3336PS
    Not high at all. It's how it should be.
    Sets him aside from others.
    Good MyTake, hope you meet him soon.
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  • noheadphones
    Seems pretty normal to me. I don't see anything sexist about it.
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    • Haha yeah you're new looking at your xper level. A lot of guys dont agree with it

    • I had an old id with xper level 5. I accidentally deleted it. I thought I was deactivating it but it turns out I was actually deleting. Lmao, I'm such an idiot. :'( #sadlife

  • Fightingspirit
    I don't think it is a good idea setting these expectations or having these desires.
    If guys would do the same your jaws will drop and you'll be saying "I'm not going to do that!". I think it has to be more about two people finding a way to come together, if they like each other. If you set standards and have high expectations you will more than likely have a very hard time finding the right one or a guy at all.
  • archiz
    look that s how I ve been brought up too
    in lebanon this is sort off the norm really and you re not a "man" if you don t do some of those stuff.
    of course each country has different expectations and culture
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  • MrShinyPants
    All reasonable, as for the walks up to the door, if he honks for you to come out thats pathetic when he can just walk a few feet to the door. I understand if it hurts for him to walk and such but other then that its only 10 to 80 feet from his car to the door, i mean come on lol
  • Only_Women_Bleed
    I dislike feminism and hypocritical women as much as the next guy but I don't see anything wrong with this take. But hey, I'm not a woman hater, so maybe I'm doing it wrong.

    People tend to read things that aren't there.
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  • Hammerofthor
    I have no problem doing any of those things. But why are you entitled to it?
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    • I'm not entitled... but I hope it happens

  • Afrochick
    I don't understand all the butt-hurt triggered men here either...
    These weren't even that bad.
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    • Ikr.. lol

    • The issue is not that men do not want to do those things, but it is that many radical feminists have called men misogynists for doing those things and women can't have it both ways. I prefer that type of relationship but gender roles have changed and it can be confusing at times what is expected. She may expect those things but a lot of women say that only a misogynist man would do that.

    • bobbyxx

      Here come the feminazis.

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  • GoodGuyGregGGG
    Lol u call that high exceptions.

    That just normal stuff lol

    Who u been dating?
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  • 123cheesecake
    Its okay to have expectations, even if you dont meet them yourself. Essentially you're limiting your own choice and if you can live with that without blaming the other sex, then I salute you. I agree go for the best you can find- after all in the end of the day it is your life and your relationship.

    Everyone has the right to have expectations. You dont even need to rationalise it lmao. But I guess I'm sort of the minority here?
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  • America1st
    NEVER, EVER feel like what you want is anything but the right way to go. I don't know your age, but there was a time not long ago where what you want was the "normal" way things went. Because of bra burning women libbers, men decided not to do those things because this idiot women felt they were above a man pulling out their chair or other things men did to make their lasdy feel respected and special. Somehow the libbers turned that into meaning a man thought the woman couldn't do it for herself. Ever since then, many men aren't sure what they should do. Young mean today have no problem not doing these things. They have no clue what a woman gives in return when a man does these simple things. I did online dating for a while and I was amazed at how many women told me they loved the fact I treated them that way. Stick to your guns and don't let the know it alls change your mind.
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  • JustWorthlessMe
    kind of forgetting the "must be tall and good looking" part.
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    • uhhh okay lmao. that has nothing to do with my take

  • Splintercell
    I agree with all of these and practice all of them. Truthfully I have questioned for a couple of years the first one but you explaining the reason helps my understanding. Thank you.
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  • MusicLover8098
    These are all good except... I'm so shy when it comes to approaching a girl 😔
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  • 10dsw
    You seem like a decent young girl and all and I can sort of see why you might have these desires.

    Here's why you might see none of this happening nowadays however: because 9 times out of 10 this sort of behaviour gets guys absolutely no where in the dating world, and in all reality, most guys have realized this.

    It's not that a lot of us don't want to be chivalrous and all, however being chivalrous gets us no where. Showing marginal interest, showing that we care but not too much, pushing sexually... these are unfortunately the behaviours that have gotten a lot of us much further in the dating world.

    Hope this helps
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  • JoyGirl
    Just like you, I love a good gentleman.
    Well done on your take. 👏
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  • Jan1ssary_
    Thats why you will be single 4ever girl, GG.
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    • Why do you say that?

    • Jan1ssary_

      Cause your dream guy is just a "dream" that guy doesn't exist on earth lmao.

    • I've had guys that care about me so that. I agree I thought my expectations were high which is why I let the last guy I dated treat me way less than I deserved, didn't do any of those things and didn't like me as much as I liked him. Look at the other comments- it does exist.

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  • Mrwoo99
    An what do you do for men? Besides nothing... or whenever you feel your ready to blow him
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    All good only one I have qualms about is paying for first day and less slightly about guy approaching, girls can approach too.
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  • FatherJack
    As a single dad... my dating days are over. Also don't have the time , money & inclination , also due to my situation , I have a very low " market value " , well aware of that !!
    • I would urge you to reconsider this Jack... I too am a single dad, pretty broke and near your age... but I never got so much pussy since my divorce. Because I reinvented myself and made myself highly desirable. Your value is what YOU deem it to be... so decide you're the shit, and women will believe it. It's like tinkerbell: Believe you can fly and you WILL FLY.

    • @feminismisnarcissism yeah well jack seems nice but you just seem like a straight up asshole. Now please stop spamming.

    • spam requires redundancy and off-topic posts. I've done neither. I'm sorry you don't like my opinions.

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  • Dipsy
    Agreed. These things seem like a gentleman thing to. And gentlemen are good!
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