I Can Have Your Man, But So Can SHE!

DISCLAIMER: I have written about 10 myTakes on here, and this is what I've learned; people on here (and perhaps the internet in general) are brave to say some pretty rude things. However, I can guarantee that they would keep to themselves had they known that their identity could be discovered, or if this myTake was shared "face to face" in reality. So if you're wondering why the comments are disabled, there it is.

Most recently I have been faced with the same common thing. Guys with girlfriends want to date me! One of two scenarios erupt, either these men are open about the fact that they are unhappy about their relationships with their girlfriends and want out, or they will do whatever they can to make sure that I don't find out about these "secret" girlfriends of theirs.

I Can Have Your Man, But So Can SHE!

Scenario one: "My Girlfriend is a B**ch, I want out"

I hear this all the time from my close male friends. Whether its not enough sex, or they feel unwanted, unloved etc. A common theme is that many men (and most certainly women) aren't happy in their relationships, and unfortunately some will seek comfort/or a way out.

I Can Have Your Man, But So Can SHE!

Scenario two: "I'm looking to date and see what happens"

Now these are the guys that can act shady, as they are trying to keep their current girlfriends and potential flings away from one another. They are seeking an emotional/physical escape without bearing the consequences of not having anyone as their backup to fall on if things don't work out with the other women.

I Can Have Your Man, But So Can SHE!

Common denominator: BOTTOM LINE

A cheater is a cheater you may say? Sure! But before you make a judgement consider this: In most of these cases I see the girlfriends, some very beautiful, some super funny- but why is it not enough? Because it's either the man with the wandering eye, or perhaps it's the fact that the girlfriend isn't as fun, and herself now as she was when you first met her.

Based on my conversations and personal experiences here are the most common "complaints" about the girlfriends:

1. Not enough sex

2. Too high maintenance

3. Way too emotional/bitchy

4. Not fun like they used to be

5. Because I can

*notice that cheating in my opinion is not based on the theory that men/women cheat because they can, but rather as a result of the accumulations of 1-4 and many other factors (internal and external).

So the truth is- is that any woman (me, your best friend, the girl across the street) has the capacity to replace a place in your man's heart.

Communicate, be understanding and embrace that sometimes change is a good thing.


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