Confessions of a Ladies Man-She's Not Yours, It's Just Your Turn

Confessions of a Ladies Man-Shes Not Yours, Its Just Your Turn

Your wife, your girlfriend, or the girls you just started dating is always emotionally cheating. You can bet that the vast majority of women in relationships are always looking to upgrade their current situation. They are always seeking to be with a man that has more status, money, or better looks than you. It doesn’t matter what relationship she is in or how long. She is always fielding and entertaining offers.

When a woman is alone with her girlfriend she is not just naturally flirting because she is just a flirtatious person. No. She is building a roster of thirsty guys.

Also. Women don’t cheat because their husbands or partners are bad. I have had sex with married women and I have asked them about what happened. The women said that their husbands were nice guys but they were "bored". By the way, they said they were "separated".

Guys, a married woman or a girlfriend knows the power that sex has over you. They know that you won’t leave them. They will take you for granted.

When a woman can take you for granted as a loving and trusting partner, she is more likely to break up with you temporarily for a week or two to have sex with some hot new guy that she has lined up. She will say that she needs some space to think about things or that its not working out. Then 2 weeks later she will come crying back into your arms. This is because a woman uses a breakup as a “free pass” to have sex with a bunch of guys on dating apps and then come right back to you like nothing happened.

Don’t be fooled. She has found a new guy to fuck and she wants to have her fun getting pounded by someone else. She will be back in 45 days or so. Taking you for granted. Promising that she is a changed.

Your partner is NEVER yours. She is always strategizing and plotting to be with a new guy. Always remember that. When your girl pulls away or if there is any change to her availability? there's ANOTHER GUY. She’s always talking to MULTIPLE guys who are just “friends”.

Confessions of a Ladies Man-She's Not Yours, It's Just Your Turn
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    You still at it? And still calling yourself a ladies man? Do you ever think it's not women but your negativity about women that's the problem? Negativity breeds negativity. If this was directed at one woman that did these things to you, that's one thing... But to try to label all women as that way or discredit all women is ridiculous and not very smart.
    Would you like to be labeled as a rapist or a lying cheating man incapable of being faithful to just one woman just because there is some men out there that way? I've seen you rant about feminists, but aren't you doing the same thing here? I will say there is people that try to line up someone else before they break up with someone, but that's both men and women that do this, not just women... Look there's shitty people out there, and they come in both genders... And there's also great people out there, and they come in both genders as well... You know a complete strange, a man helped me yesterday when thought list my van key, but it apparently slipped out of my numb hand and fell on seat and got locked in my vehicle.
    This man waited with me in the heat for over an hour till triple A, his. came and unlocked. We talked, we laughed, he was very respectful and caring of a stranger. Never once tried to hit on me or act like I owed him anything. And yes, I gave that stranger a hug of gratitude... Why bring that up. The person that keeps trying to have sex with me, lived less than 5 min from where I was stranded and left me stranded for hours because I won't have sex with someone that has multiple females he claims are friends but he fucks all his female friends. Same guy who once said it's like a job, you line the next one up before you quit the one you have.. Yet you want to portray only women and all women like that. And then you have me, who stayed with the same man for 20 years, who was sick and couldn't work 13 of those 20 years. But see if all women are the way you're portraying here, then wouldn't I have left/traded up the minute he got sick and couldn't work🤔
    Just because your relationships with women haven't turned out, is no excuse reason to try to poison the minds of other men against women, especially young men who don't have much experience with women who get their info from the internet and think everything they read on the internet is true.. why not use your status on here for positive instead of negative... Definitely warn young men that there is women to stay away from. But also teach them that's why you get to really know someone before sex much less giving them your heart. But you talk about sex on first date, fuck a single mom but don't date her type of sh*t, so then don't complain when it comes back to burn you...
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    • Nobody believes he’s “a ladies man“. Nobody

    • @MissGeorgia 🤣🤣

    • Prideful

      I know there is women like that but to say they are all like that come on don't make me think the world is crap.

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  • Anonymous
    You being a ”ladies man”, aka a degenerate asshole, has caused you to come into contact with a certain type of woman. The same kind of degenerate assholes that you yourself are. So now you think all women are like that, just because the ones you bring home to your bed are like that. You don’t meet the rest of us women because we don’t deal with your type, we’re busy being loyal to our boyfriends and husbands. I have NEVER cheated, or even thought anout cheating, nor will I ever do so. I also intend to be with my partner until one of us dies. I can also assure you I have NEVER had a guy lined up and broken up to have sex with this lined up guy, or anybody else for that matter. NEVER have I thought I need to ”upgrade” my partner. That’s some messed up stuff right there, but makes perfect sense when you factor in the degeneracy of the people you sleep around with and you radiate yourself too. So stop generalizing all women and believe them to be like your uhm… ”dates”. I’m not like that, nor is any of my female friends like that either. But then again, you wouldn’t have met us because we don’t stray from our partners.
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  • ARealHonestHuman
    Dude it sounds like you were cheated on badly and now you think every women is a slut just fuckin dudes to fill their emotional needs. I don't know where you got that information from but you dead wrong man. you sound like a little bitch wanting back your love from whoever broke your heart. I understand that its hard to tell who real with love and who just wants a better status but dont tell me that every women will cheat cause theyre emotional needs are goin down bad. If you were the boyfriend go fix it not through sex but telling her, reminding her you love, need you, trust, accept etc. Put some effort in it. My future wife ain't gonna be nobodys side bitch.
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    • Ryfyle

      Simpimus Prime has entered the chat.

  • ChristianMan21
    Ahh still posting idiotic "advice to men" eh? Still so paranoid, jaded, and salty at all women, huh? When are you going to realize you aren't a ladies man? Just some sad little man who uses a platform like this to try to brag about himself to feel good. I pity you... It's very sad that you feel the need to do this. I also feel sorry for the poor saps who listen to this rubbish advice. Literally every single comment by a woman is saying you're wrong, stupid, a jerk, you obviously aren't a "ladies man", etc. Grow up and stop trying to toot your own horn. Don't you realize that's just empty? Seriously, dude... Go get some help. Try talking to a psychiatrist.
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    • He knows he isn’t a ladies man. He doesn’t date...:which is fine. He uses the term “ladies man “ in the hope that there are guys on this site Gullible enough to believe that his statement has any credibility

    • Well said. I personally think it's kind of low to not date. Like you really don't value yourself enough to date? But also he claims to sleep around with married women, which means he's contributing to the very problem he's saying exists. If what he says is true, then he's no better than any of the women he's insulting. I just wish he would stop trolling. I just hate the idea that there are men who are gullible enough to fall for this idiotic "advice".

    • I don’t believe he does the things he claims... but I don’t think it’s “low” not to date. Maybe he had a bad experience with girls at school, maybe he values himself too much to put himself through it in adult life... or maybe he doesn’t have the courage, but that’s not necessarily his fault. Like I said, it could be down to bad experiences in earlier life.
      I went through a time when I didn’t date due to having just come out of a toxic relationship. I didn’t think of it as low. I just had other things to prioritise and needed that time to be single. The problem with never ever dating again is that you get stuck in the mindset that one person sets the bar for a whole gender and you create a life of bitterness for yourself, which is what this guy is in danger of.
      It’s a waste more than anything else... but this whole misery loves company/I’m bitter so you should be too is unnecessary.

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  • MzAsh
    This coming from a guy who calls himself ladies man? Did you think you’d deserve any better than women who also exercise their options? I certainly hope not.
    I thought you were better than this.
  • tatianamay
    Dude, don’t call yourself a “ladies man.” That shit is cringey af. I’m sorry that you got cheated on, but not all women are like that. Lol, if you’re calling yourself a ladies man, then you cheat too? So I can write a MyTake on how all guys cheat? Not everyone is the same. Some cheat and some don’t. It all comes down to personality. Cheating isn’t based on gender. Get over yourself, asshole
    • tatianamay

      You’re just a bitter good for nothing asshole who still whines about the fact that your 9th grade girlfriend cheated on you

  • BlackBeauty90
    @Apope16 - will you do everyone on GAG a favour & get lost? Find a hole & disappear.

    Okay. You date sluts, whores, prostitutes, women with no self-respect, women who are desperate & pathetic. Basically every sort of women no decent man wants and then lump these deadbeats with women in general.

    And I bet you seriously wonder why no decent woman would have a thing to do with you.
  • DollAlone
    Where the fuck did you get this info? FHM? MAXIM? OR stupid lonely guys who think their players dot com? Obviously the only experience you have had was with dumbass superficial bitches. What if some weak jaded bitch claimed all men are cheaters who wanna fuck porn stars. Dont let your insecurities conjure up false facts. Maybe thats why you have issues getting real women
  • Blackcupcake
    How are you a “ladies man” when you CLEARLY don’t know shit about women and how they think lol... this was quite funny to read because of how stupid you sound.
  • JustAnj
    Not all women are like this so I hope the one's who do fall for the wrong girl can one day find a girl worth loving.

    I'm love my guy we are each other's firsts and from what I know each other's only's.

    We find that really special so I do not understand any women who decide to marry then cheat, it's just not worth losing my babe.

    So know women like me still exist who are committed to one man, a lot of you guys just ended up with the wrong person. ❤️
  • Notanotherpurdyface
    So very sad that you are considered an “influencer”, when your influence is going to lead to unhappiness and emotional ruin. If men and or women (the later of which I highly doubt) are actually listening to this then I truly fear the future of relations are doomed. unless you’ve dated every woman alive today you are in no position to generalize.
    • yofuknutz

      I've seen the same thing for female Yoda, and my criticism is a stinging 1.

  • hi_it_is_me123
    I have read a post by a male gagers who explained why some women treat some guys as sextoys aka as their turn and not as boyfriend/husband material. There reason is the same reason why men sleep with "sluts" aka use these women as sextoys but marry innocent women according to this male gager. This also may explain why these people cheat on their nice husbands and nice wifes since their spouses can't satisfy them like the "sluts" and " manwhores" according to the male gager. This is NOT my opinion. I just mention another person's post since it is kinda interesting point.

    I also saw this happening to virgin muslim girls whose husband was not virgin before marriage. This also does not justify cheating but this may explain why you feel like your his/her turn. This is behaviour is disgusting, of course. Nobody should use someone's as sextoy or as their turn.
    You may think that men dont mind getting used by sex. Maybe this is true if you are young and just want to have sex like fboy but when things get serious and you want to have kids some day, you will have difficulties to find someone. And the maker of the take complained himself how men also dont like getting used for sex by women on other take
  • Ellie-V
    Right right…and if the roles are reversed, let me guess…”it’s not cheating, it’s exercising options” 😂😂😂
  • Knighted2170

    This totally and utterly wrong.

    According to research, and a new study recently published by Cornell University, a person's inclination to cheat has nothing to do with gender.

    To say that it is only the woman is false. In fact the study by Cornell showed that men are more likely to show their willingness towards infidelity than women. There is also no correlation between flirting and a desire to cheat.

    Studies have shown that a person's inclination to cheat is rooted in several factors. The quality of the relationship, the satisfaction they receive from the romantic relationship, their views on casual sex, and the desires of each persons goals for the relationship.

    To say that a woman's only intent of flirting with a person is because she is making a list of potential future interests is ridiculous and short sightedness.

    The studies showed that a person who has a more unrestricted sociosexual orientation will have a greater intention to cheat. That is both men and women, with the higher number leaning towards men. Which goes against your claim.

    Those who have a quality relationship have a more restricted sociosexual orientation which correlates to less intentions of cheating regardless of their observed actions towards another person other than their partner. This also goes against your claim that implies all women have a hidden agenda to cheat.

    My recommendation is that if you are going to make claims you know your subject matter and be able to back it up.
  • SpiderManFan2002
    Eh, no. If I was with a dude I love, I would be his and nobody else would ever get a “turn.”
    • gyaz2

      i loved your response 👍

    • Thats how modern women think. Have kids with 1 guy, then breakup and give another guy a turn

    • @MrPlentiful Let’s not put all women in one box.

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  • kmg9150
    Amen to that brother, you know as much as I would have loved to have this information years ago, I would have never let myself believe it because of the hold I was under. Its very much true. I will add one thing though, I was led to believe everything was my fault, convinced by manipulation is more like it.

    She also used my adoptive son as the dAgger in my heart, soul and brain to further try and control me after the fact. Left me for my sons first baseball coach who I thought to be a good family friend and father of my sons best friend.. Which started 2 years prior during a split she made. Her timing wasn't right so i was swayed back until he divorced his wife... Then I was smeared to anyone we knew about being an abusive ex boyfriend. When I was able to free myself from the twisted mindset she had me in and saw what had been actually occurring I was able to gain a step ahead of all the hidden motives behind the crap the poured out her mouth and fictional actions carried out. This is the exact reason behind Nice Guys Finish Last. Because there easily convinced and fooled.

    By the way, you shouldn't feel guilty even if the married woman weren't seperated, because they would just find another guy anyways. Which in there bored phase could end up choosing someone who turns out to be very dangerous... 🙏🏼👏🏼
    • Nobody cares about your son story 😂 you were dumped because there must have been good reason otherwise women don’t dump men who are valuable.

    • Sob*

    • kmg9150

      Ohhh. But you cared enough to reply. Oh so Kind, by the way thanks for proving everyone OP was entirely correct with his reference about women always looking for something they think is better... and two years later they both got their just... The story wasn't about me, the story was to show how her thought to be an improvement socially and financially (was she for a surpirse😂) was more of a priority than our sons well being. In her eyes, prolly yours too, it didn't matter that she was destroying our sons relationship with me and trying to insert new douche as an overnight replacement, telling him he's gonna adopt him...

      Superficial, shallow, greedy, attention seeking, selfish, compassionless, manipulative individual that is consumed by vanity that she fails the see the roller coaster of WTF that she forced her own son on.

      Tell me, what is with you women that would make you disregard childs best interest and wellbeing all for a chance to climb a rung or two on the social ladder...

      To women, valuable is a matter compared against the individuals in her manstable that she has already been working on them to be ready for a ride when she walks up with her saddle...

      Babe is a nickname when guys dont value them enough to address them by their name. X3 and no profile pic, you must be drop dead gorgeous...

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  • Slartybartfast
    I never could understand how my ex could be so cold. I never cheated, never abused her, yelled at her etc. I payed the bills (even when it meant two 45+ hour week jobs at the same time. ) Cooked, maintained the house and cars etc. I loved her and was a good husband.

    She knew it would absolutely destroy me when she left and it did. She just didn't care.

    Women don't care about the men they destroy.
  • Sincerly_KittyCat
    Sounds like you are carrying unnecessary trauma and need counseling also it seems like your going through the 5 stages of grief, you're in the denial stage.
  • skaterman
    Not all women cheat, but they all want their man to be better. Either you make yourself better or she finds someone else better. Most women prefer the first option if you can make it happen. We don't want to see anyone staying with partners who don't treat them right.
  • Gry_Odegaard
    Oh look a guy who's as bad as the all men bad feminists
  • Account
    Here comes the long-ass misogynistic text we never asked for which no one cares about. You must have a lot of free time.
  • worldscolide
    Reminds me of these 20 somethings that won't date the guys that would be right for them, and instead choose to "Ride the cock carousel" While keeping them on the back burner.

    thank god not all women are like that.
    • TessCasie

      Right !

    • yofuknutz

      Hopefully maybe in the Star Trek world not on this planet timeline

  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    It's not so cut and dry but that's a good rule to live by. Generally women are always looking for something better because there's no reasonable moral foundation instilled at an early age through religion or self discipline by fathers anymore. They never learn how to be satisfied and as a result they live their entire lives seeking more. Men live in an objective reality where they have to consider their position in the world and their reasonable attainable maximum capacity; because of how men are biologically programmed to handle women, those realities don't exist within most women. Women operate on a system of subjective ideological possibility where men operation on realistic probability.

    The difference is that men have to learn to be adults and live in the real world, women are never held to that standard because even if a woman fails and makes all the wrong choices, the government is there to back them up, finance their lives, take the money from the men that have 'failed her' and redistribute it to her. There needs to be a restructuring of the way the government operates as it applies to taxation for the betterment of all. This happens in all western societies, and probably does in eastern societies but I can't speak to that because I haven't studied the social aspects of eastern culture.
    • Sounds like past experience has jaded you but you’re a grown up now and you can’t blame your problems on everyone else. Sorry for what you’ve been through but generalization will always leave you unhappy and ultimately alone.

    • @Notanotherpurdyface Pretty funny to hear just how out of touch most women are these days. Thanks for your verification of what was stated.

    • Funny I was just thinking that about you! But I’m realistic and won’t generalize men simply for your absurd point of view. 😊

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  • ughherewegoagain
    You are describing hypergamy. However, you must understand that saying that everyone’s wife is emotionally cheating, is just silly. See, smart women wait until they find the man that they have genuine love and desire for, that they can see themselves happily being with for the rest of their lives. (Typically this is a conservative woman with traditional values). There are still outliers that understand male and female nature and how it works, but don’t quite see all of the same behaviors in themselves. Upbringing has a lot to do with that. Wether he has a lot of money or a negative balance in His checking account between paychecks, she knows that no one could measure up to the person he is, and the deep connection and happiness that only he can provide her, because she is in love with HIM. Though far and few between, there are still people that look for a true deep connection with another person that goes far beyond the superficial.
  • Miah02
    Lmao, damn you must really suck.

    They get to know ya and move on because ya boring and must suck in bed with a tiny wee wee, that ya don't know how to use so they need to get it somewhere else😂
  • snackthatsmilesback
    My god it must be miserable being so paranoid. I'm sorry for whatever made you feel you need to think like this. Maybe consider some therapy? Seriously. It helps with this kind of thinking.
  • h0rnyassbjtch
    Man, it just sounds like you're bitter because someone cheated on you... I get that your hurt and all but that doesn't mean that you should make the assumption that all women are like that.
  • Dchrls78104
    I've heard that kind of talk in my country too: "She's not yours, it's just your turn". I have also heard unsettling tales of men being horribly mistreated by the women in their lives, and having no options and nowhere to turn for comfort or even a listening ear. To be honest, it has turned me off dating. I'd much rather be single forever than meet the kind of woman you have described, especially in view of the horror stories I have heard in my country.
  • tartaarsaus
    To think all women cheat is pretty misogynistic, and ironically coming from some self-proclaimed “ladies man”
  • nevernevernever
    Jesus christ you're bitter. I've been in several relationships and I've never cheated, emotionally or otherwise.
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    It's the same thing that women complained about men.

    So it's fair enough but the problem is one party always gets hit.

    Well it's life the only thing we could do is stay clear of this if possible lol.
  • sagevalentineee
    If this is your outlook on life - yeah no thanks I'm moving on.
  • TheKidsDad
    I got 2 broken ribs a broken nose and my kid was harassed by my ex. Manipulative a bit. Still love her tho. I will not date again, fuk that.. Woman scare the shit out me after 2 bad relationships. Again I luv y'all and I don't think y'all all bad but at age 36 most single people are single for good reason, so I'm good.
  • Varsity6
    You’ve basically hit it on the nail. There are good women who stay loyal to their man but that is far few. Although you can be the best man a woman can possibly want or have they usually start to want something else or to feel free again. Women treat men like they are disposable at any time they become unhappy in the relationship, for men we have to deal with it. Let’s flip the script men.
  • Francine99
    I'd say there are a lot smarter men out there than you-- emotionally and intellectually

    "Ladies' man..," I doubt it.
    You're just attracting your own kind
  • blank_expression
    You guys really go about this wrong and I sense someone being burned here. You should be happy when they leave, good riddance. You have to look at this as the hormonal high clock and it lasts say two weeks-months then over. Run with that plan. I find that when they leave I feel a load off and a surge of freedom. I look forward to just walking away and never look back. When she leaves, it is like a rebirth. The best part is when they wonder what happened and try to get back together, one after 17 years. They have chosen so poorly; and are so screwed. When I see, the disasters that they achieved know as their lives, I simply count my blessings. I don’t know what all the whining is about, they bang you a few times, then leave. Wtf is wrong with that? Life is good. If you were truly a ladies’ (plural emphasized) man, you would know to ride the hormone high then dump them when it fizzles and enjoy.
  • Likethesky
    Women you've been with aren't exactly marriage or long term relationship types so I'm not surprised by your experience
  • AdithyaR
    Oh my god, does your ignorance and foolishness know no bounds?
  • gyaz2
    dude your literally in denial go seek some help caus this type negativity and negwtive thinking would lead you to nowhere and only will be bad for you in end.
  • Interstate
    The Women you slept with that you knew were married but slept with them anyway?
  • Rachelspiks
    Wow, you clearly know very little, if anything, about women Mr. 'Ladies-Man'. God, what a joke this is.
    "I have had sex with married women...", you claim, and based off that single experience (i. e. yours), you've come to the very premature conclusion that all women must be like the ones you screwed. Gee, what a genius you are (that's sarcasm, and I'm pointing that out because I know you won't get it).
    Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, women are actually not all the same? That we're... gee, I don't know, INDIVIDUALS? That there is no magic formula that will reveal to you how our minds work?
    Holy crap on a cracker, this "advice" is shit!
    Let me guess. You're thinking of "going MGTOW".
    • He makes women sound as though we’re men. Pretty fkn sure that men are the ones wired to “sleep around” and not the other way around and women seek monogamy.

  • rcljr
    That’s the saying in Canon City Colorado , you didn’t lose your wife or girlfriend, it’s somebody else’s turn.
  • Zack378
    It's so funny to read the indignant hypocrisy of comments by women who have no other points to make than 1) ad hominem attacks on the author of the take and 2) "I'm not like others" clichées
  • Browneye57
    Yep. I'm just really skeptical you have come up with this content on your own. Are you sure you're not just copying shit from elsehwhere on the WWW?
  • Djaay
    Only a ( Beta ) guy would be in this perdictament. Lmao
  • es20490446e
    This is inaccurate for a simple reason: sexual capital isn't just about having sex, but also being more likeable by others. It can be turned into sex, or just people that like each other in a friendly manner.

    When women show up as attractive to other people they don't look at it as simplistic as males do. There is stages of sexual proximity.

    This is one of the main reasons why males get rejected: they cannot tell the difference between a woman being curious, friendly or totally into you. For a man is usually either interested or not interested, for a woman it has shades.
    • Woman can use their sexuality just to make another person feel more homey, with no interest whatsoever to have sex with them.

    • That makes you stupid for not really being able to decipher which it is.

    • @Babebabebabe No, this is pretty normal actually. Males are usually not that intuitive about social context, such ability is usually trained.

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  • SomeTrashBag
    I don't believe it, and if I did I'd probably go find a nice spot to die in. This is some seriously dark nihilistic shit. Who hurt you?
  • Feelicks
    What a bleak point of view. Did it ever occur to you that you could both just fuck who you want, shower and come home?
  • EternallyCorrect
    If you’re a beta and you choose to deal with whores, sure.
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    This is basically a copy-paste of MGTOW/Red Pill talking points. Not really your own "confessions" when I could stitch together the same MyTake from a few reddit posts and mgtow blogs.

    As to the post itself...

    While not without merit, it's an error of attribution to apply this logic to *all* women, as a blanket "default". And following this line of thinking to a tee does not produce "ladies men". It produces insecure, paranoid, insular, and distrusting men. Yes, it does happen, and yes, there's a chance that a man could get burned by a woman he trusted. But that's like saying "some people get assaulted in the ghetto, therefore everyone who lives in the ghetto must be a violent criminal".
  • ralphphilip83
    My limited experience with women is consistent with OP’s opinion.
    • That’s a YOU problem

    • @Babebabebabe It’s not a problem at all. I believe in the free market. Both men and women are and should be only as faithful as their options. If I want a great woman I must get in better shape, make more money etc. Personally I just go with escorts.

    • That’s fine but the fact that your experiences with women are not favourable, does mean that there is something not right with YOU and absolutely has nothing to do with women.

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  • Juxtapose
    Confessions of a Ladies Man-She's Not Yours, It's Just Your Turn
  • Jamie05rhs
    Sorry, but I don't participate in gangbangs. Even slow-motion ones.
  • JoJoiLL
    Disappointing post. I've not read any of yours previously due to the cringe worthy prepending titles but this one did peak my interest. I thought "Maybe this will address the issues of women being treated as male property and offer some wise words on avoiding a possessive mentality".


    All people, regardless of gender, do regularly measure up people they meet or know as a potential partner. That happens at a very deep level of our phycology and is important for survival of the species, often this will result in conscious thought too. Some people will nurture these thoughts and actively pursue them, even when they are already in a relationship - That's not shocking news to anyone. But to suggest that this is specific to a gender and applies to all members of that gender is disingenuous.