Confessions of a Ladies Man-She's Not Yours, It's Just Your Turn

Confessions of a Ladies Man-Shes Not Yours, Its Just Your Turn

Your wife, your girlfriend, or the girls you just started dating is always emotionally cheating. You can bet that the vast majority of women in relationships are always looking to upgrade their current situation. They are always seeking to be with a man that has more status, money, or better looks than you. It doesn’t matter what relationship she is in or how long. She is always fielding and entertaining offers.

When a woman is alone with her girlfriend she is not just naturally flirting because she is just a flirtatious person. No. She is building a roster of thirsty guys.

Also. Women don’t cheat because their husbands or partners are bad. I have had sex with married women and I have asked them about what happened. The women said that their husbands were nice guys but they were "bored". By the way, they said they were "separated".

Guys, a married woman or a girlfriend knows the power that sex has over you. They know that you won’t leave them. They will take you for granted.

When a woman can take you for granted as a loving and trusting partner, she is more likely to break up with you temporarily for a week or two to have sex with some hot new guy that she has lined up. She will say that she needs some space to think about things or that its not working out. Then 2 weeks later she will come crying back into your arms. This is because a woman uses a breakup as a “free pass” to have sex with a bunch of guys on dating apps and then come right back to you like nothing happened.

Don’t be fooled. She has found a new guy to fuck and she wants to have her fun getting pounded by someone else. She will be back in 45 days or so. Taking you for granted. Promising that she is a changed.

Your partner is NEVER yours. She is always strategizing and plotting to be with a new guy. Always remember that. When your girl pulls away or if there is any change to her availability? there's ANOTHER GUY. She’s always talking to MULTIPLE guys who are just “friends”.

Confessions of a Ladies Man-She's Not Yours, It's Just Your Turn
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