Confessions of a Ladies Man-She's Not Yours, It's Just Your Turn

Confessions of a Ladies Man-Shes Not Yours, Its Just Your Turn

Your wife, your girlfriend, or the girls you just started dating is always emotionally cheating. You can bet that the vast majority of women in relationships are always looking to upgrade their current situation. They are always seeking to be with a man that has more status, money, or better looks than you. It doesn’t matter what relationship she is in or how long. She is always fielding and entertaining offers.

When a woman is alone with her girlfriend she is not just naturally flirting because she is just a flirtatious person. No. She is building a roster of thirsty guys.

Also. Women don’t cheat because their husbands or partners are bad. I have had sex with married women and I have asked them about what happened. The women said that their husbands were nice guys but they were "bored". By the way, they said they were "separated".

Guys, a married woman or a girlfriend knows the power that sex has over you. They know that you won’t leave them. They will take you for granted.

When a woman can take you for granted as a loving and trusting partner, she is more likely to break up with you temporarily for a week or two to have sex with some hot new guy that she has lined up. She will say that she needs some space to think about things or that its not working out. Then 2 weeks later she will come crying back into your arms. This is because a woman uses a breakup as a “free pass” to have sex with a bunch of guys on dating apps and then come right back to you like nothing happened.

Don’t be fooled. She has found a new guy to fuck and she wants to have her fun getting pounded by someone else. She will be back in 45 days or so. Taking you for granted. Promising that she is a changed.

Your partner is NEVER yours. She is always strategizing and plotting to be with a new guy. Always remember that. When your girl pulls away or if there is any change to her availability? there's ANOTHER GUY. She’s always talking to MULTIPLE guys who are just “friends”.

Confessions of a Ladies Man-She's Not Yours, It's Just Your Turn
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    You still at it? And still calling yourself a ladies man? Do you ever think it's not women but your negativity about women that's the problem? Negativity breeds negativity. If this was directed at one woman that did these things to you, that's one thing... But to try to label all women as that way or discredit all women is ridiculous and not very smart.
    Would you like to be labeled as a rapist or a lying cheating man incapable of being faithful to just one woman just because there is some men out there that way? I've seen you rant about feminists, but aren't you doing the same thing here? I will say there is people that try to line up someone else before they break up with someone, but that's both men and women that do this, not just women... Look there's shitty people out there, and they come in both genders... And there's also great people out there, and they come in both genders as well... You know a complete strange, a man helped me yesterday when thought list my van key, but it apparently slipped out of my numb hand and fell on seat and got locked in my vehicle.
    This man waited with me in the heat for over an hour till triple A, his. came and unlocked. We talked, we laughed, he was very respectful and caring of a stranger. Never once tried to hit on me or act like I owed him anything. And yes, I gave that stranger a hug of gratitude... Why bring that up. The person that keeps trying to have sex with me, lived less than 5 min from where I was stranded and left me stranded for hours because I won't have sex with someone that has multiple females he claims are friends but he fucks all his female friends. Same guy who once said it's like a job, you line the next one up before you quit the one you have.. Yet you want to portray only women and all women like that. And then you have me, who stayed with the same man for 20 years, who was sick and couldn't work 13 of those 20 years. But see if all women are the way you're portraying here, then wouldn't I have left/traded up the minute he got sick and couldn't work🤔
    Just because your relationships with women haven't turned out, is no excuse reason to try to poison the minds of other men against women, especially young men who don't have much experience with women who get their info from the internet and think everything they read on the internet is true.. why not use your status on here for positive instead of negative... Definitely warn young men that there is women to stay away from. But also teach them that's why you get to really know someone before sex much less giving them your heart. But you talk about sex on first date, fuck a single mom but don't date her type of sh*t, so then don't complain when it comes back to burn you...
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    • Nobody believes he’s “a ladies man“. Nobody

    • @MissGeorgia 🤣🤣

    • Prideful

      I know there is women like that but to say they are all like that come on don't make me think the world is crap.

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  • Anonymous
    You being a ”ladies man”, aka a degenerate asshole, has caused you to come into contact with a certain type of woman. The same kind of degenerate assholes that you yourself are. So now you think all women are like that, just because the ones you bring home to your bed are like that. You don’t meet the rest of us women because we don’t deal with your type, we’re busy being loyal to our boyfriends and husbands. I have NEVER cheated, or even thought anout cheating, nor will I ever do so. I also intend to be with my partner until one of us dies. I can also assure you I have NEVER had a guy lined up and broken up to have sex with this lined up guy, or anybody else for that matter. NEVER have I thought I need to ”upgrade” my partner. That’s some messed up stuff right there, but makes perfect sense when you factor in the degeneracy of the people you sleep around with and you radiate yourself too. So stop generalizing all women and believe them to be like your uhm… ”dates”. I’m not like that, nor is any of my female friends like that either. But then again, you wouldn’t have met us because we don’t stray from our partners.
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  • ARealHonestHuman
    Dude it sounds like you were cheated on badly and now you think every women is a slut just fuckin dudes to fill their emotional needs. I don't know where you got that information from but you dead wrong man. you sound like a little bitch wanting back your love from whoever broke your heart. I understand that its hard to tell who real with love and who just wants a better status but dont tell me that every women will cheat cause theyre emotional needs are goin down bad. If you were the boyfriend go fix it not through sex but telling her, reminding her you love, need you, trust, accept etc. Put some effort in it. My future wife ain't gonna be nobodys side bitch.
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    • Ryfyle

      Simpimus Prime has entered the chat.

  • ChristianMan21
    Ahh still posting idiotic "advice to men" eh? Still so paranoid, jaded, and salty at all women, huh? When are you going to realize you aren't a ladies man? Just some sad little man who uses a platform like this to try to brag about himself to feel good. I pity you... It's very sad that you feel the need to do this. I also feel sorry for the poor saps who listen to this rubbish advice. Literally every single comment by a woman is saying you're wrong, stupid, a jerk, you obviously aren't a "ladies man", etc. Grow up and stop trying to toot your own horn. Don't you realize that's just empty? Seriously, dude... Go get some help. Try talking to a psychiatrist.
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    • He knows he isn’t a ladies man. He doesn’t date...:which is fine. He uses the term “ladies man “ in the hope that there are guys on this site Gullible enough to believe that his statement has any credibility

    • Well said. I personally think it's kind of low to not date. Like you really don't value yourself enough to date? But also he claims to sleep around with married women, which means he's contributing to the very problem he's saying exists. If what he says is true, then he's no better than any of the women he's insulting. I just wish he would stop trolling. I just hate the idea that there are men who are gullible enough to fall for this idiotic "advice".

    • I don’t believe he does the things he claims... but I don’t think it’s “low” not to date. Maybe he had a bad experience with girls at school, maybe he values himself too much to put himself through it in adult life... or maybe he doesn’t have the courage, but that’s not necessarily his fault. Like I said, it could be down to bad experiences in earlier life.
      I went through a time when I didn’t date due to having just come out of a toxic relationship. I didn’t think of it as low. I just had other things to prioritise and needed that time to be single. The problem with never ever dating again is that you get stuck in the mindset that one person sets the bar for a whole gender and you create a life of bitterness for yourself, which is what this guy is in danger of.
      It’s a waste more than anything else... but this whole misery loves company/I’m bitter so you should be too is unnecessary.

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  • Ryfyle
    @Apope16 Stirring the shit again?
  • Sketti2021
  • jimmy2
    Lol your turn that a Hoe
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  • robocop666
    I love your writings so intelligent
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  • Anonymous
    LOL this dumb shit makes women out to be sex obsessed and starved beasts that don’t like monogamy. Newsflash dumbass, women are NOT wired and absolutely don’t need to “spread the seeds” as men do. Educate yourself and start dating some women before you give out fake advice.
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  • Anonymous
    it's come to this God help us and forgive us

    6 But when Herod’s birthday was celebrated, the daughter of Herodias danced before them and pleased Herod. 7 Therefore he promised with an oath to give her whatever she might ask. 8 So she, having been prompted by her mother, said, “Give me John the Baptist’s head here on a platter.” 9 And the king was sorry; nevertheless, because of the oaths and because of those who sat with him, he commanded it to be given to her. 10 So he sent and had John beheaded in prison. 11 And his head was brought on a platter and given to the girl, and she brought it to her mother.
    Matthew 14:6‭-‬11 NKJV

    Women have this type of propensity not all of them but a lot of them.
    https://bible. com/bible/114/mat.14.6-11. NKJVConfessions of a Ladies Man-She's Not Yours, It's Just Your Turn
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    • So do a lot of men. He calls himself the 'Ladies-Man'. What does that tell you about him?

  • Anonymous
    OMG When will you stop posting this nonsense. Nobody believes this personae that you have created. Get help dude. Get help
  • Anonymous
    Sounds like you attracted these kind of women. As you say you are a ladies man per se.
    i know a lot of decent women, the opposite of what you described, who would never even associate with someone as arrogant as you.
    So id say you attract distasteful women because perhaps you are,
    what a terrible piece of writing.
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    • yofuknutz

      So the Law of Attraction applies here

    • Anonymous

      @yofuknutz yes and no, it’s more that the writer has certain characteristics. Well people that don’t have those characteristics are not really Going to like this person. So the only people he is meeting are people like him as those are the only women who accept those qualities, the ones who also have them.
      Sort of like if you are in a good mood when you wake up. You are happy. You go downstairs for your morning coffee, and you see your sibling frowning as per usual. Are you likely to go up and say hi or avoid them. Most likely avoid them right.
      Well decent people like to date decent people. It’s that simple

    • @yofuknutz There's no such thing as the 'Law of Attraction', unless you're talking about gravity.

  • Anonymous
    I wish this inexperienced basement dweller would give it a fucking rest
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  • Anonymous
    god you're so cringe... realize, you're most likely the problem. also, not all girls are like this... "upgrade"? really? looking for more money? please. i make more money than my significant other. your points are absolutely useless.
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  • Anonymous
    Gotta side with the ladies on this one, you’re wrong here. Many women do this, it’s very true, but many women do not. If a woman is truly in love with you she is more devoted than any man
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  • Anonymous
    Always good for a laugh.
  • Anonymous
    So sorry someone cheated on you but if this is how you’re gonna react after it, I no longer pity you. Not all women cheat like how not all men cheat. But with your bitterness, you can only blame yourself if you end up single forever.
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    • tatianamay

      Well said, sis

    • gyaz2

      ur under age of 18 but spoke like a grown wise woman respect..

    • Anonymous

      @gyaz2 thanks lol

  • Anonymous
    You aren’t a ladies men, you’re a stupid douchebag who is just mad because he got cheated on and is now treating all women like the woman who cheated on him or he was with who a woman who cheated on their partner with him. Either way, you’re still a stupid asshole! Get over yourself, you arrogant schmuck!
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    • He’s absolute bottom tier and a disgrace to you men

  • Anonymous
    The women complaining that all women aren’t like that is true, but it’s the ugly to mediocre looking ones that aren’t really like that. I have never known a hot girl that knows she can use her looks to get the guys she wants that has not been like that. Sorry.

    Guys can literally commit regardless, even if he knows he can get other girls hotter than the one he’s with. Unfortunately women don’t stop at moral violations, they just keep going and cover everything up.
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    • Wacky_al

      Because men understand the concept of loyalty.

    • Anonymous

      Yes exactly. Men always understand the concept of goodness itself. Women just see moral behaviors as just behaviors they can choose or reject